Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Tanu waking up Abhi. Abhi sees her greets her goodmorning and says good she came. She asks him to pick his mobile. Abhi says it must be from home and does not want to go home and see Pragya/chashmish’s ugly face. He then hears Pragya’s voice asking him to wake up and pick his phone as she is getting irritating. Abhi picks call and speaks to Tanu who asks him where was he whole night, if he was with his wife and if they did something. Abhi says she tried her luck, but could not suceed and was in balcony whole night. Pragya silently hears his conversation.

Taiji’s bahu asks him husband/Raj if he going to work. He says yes and asks if she needs something as she is trying to be romantic. He asks what she wants. She says her papa’s friend’s file came to him and asks him to approve it. Raj says he cannot approve it as it has irregularities. She says we will get 3 flats in that building if he approves it. Raj says he cannot do wrong and he stopped talking to his mother as she wanted him to handle Abhi’s work. He walks out silentl while she frowns that he is too loyal.

Aaliya says Abhi that she has to go back to London for her convocation ceremony. Abhi asks what about Pragya and Purab. She asks him to wait for sometime and not be intimate with Pragya. Abhi says he hates Pragya a lot and will be hating whole life as she broke Aaliya’s alliance with Purab. Aaliya gets happy.

Sarla calls Pragya and asks her to come to her house with Abhi for pagphere ritual. Prya says she cannot come as Abhi is busy. Daadi hears her conversation, takes phone and says Sarla that PRagya and Abhi will come for sure. She asks Pragya to get ready soon.

Abhi finishes his exercise and asks his servant to bring coffee. Servant says Pragya is bringing coffee for him. Daadi prepars coffee with herbs and asks Pragya to learn it as she has to take care of Abhi from hereon. She gives coffee mug to her and asks to give it to Abhi. Abhi drinks coffee and says it is very horrible. Daadi comes there and asks if that coffee is horrible, he did not tell like this till now. Abhi asks if she prepared it, then it is very good. Daadi scolds Abhi for talking rudely to Pragya. Abhi says he scolded her as he wants Pragya to make better coffee. Daadi asks if he trying to make her fool. Abhi says no and asks her to forgive her. Daadi says he has to go to Sarla’s house for pagphere ritual. Abhi asks howmany rituals he has to attend. Daadi angrily says she will not talk to him if he does not agree. Abhi says he will feel this torture for her. Daadi asks why is he calling ritual as torture. He asks her when to die then. Daadi says right now. Abhi agrees angrily.

Neighbours gather outside Sarla’s house and says Pragya is coming with Abhi for Pagphere ceremony. Abhi and PRagya reach home and see crowd. Abhi waves hand to the crowd. Ladies among crowd say Pragya is luck to have a husband like Abhi. Abhi says she is lucky to have husband like him and people are saying that. Suresh comes there and says people are waiting for Pragya and Abhi is lucky to have wife like Pragya. Abhi angrily gets in to the house. Purbi informs Sarla that didi/Jiju have come. Mama/mami and whole family introduce themselves to Abhi. Bulbul asks if Abhi will meet her friends. Abhi nods yes. Sarla asks them to let Abhi breathe. Purbi jokes that Abhi’s breath is Pragya and asks them to get in. Bulbul says she will treat him so well that he will back often. Pragya’s chacha/uncle comes and forcefully introduces himself to Abhi. He says his whole family is his fan. Abhi jokes it is a small family and says he wants to give him something. He autographs on chacha’s hand and says it is just for him. Chacha says he will not bathe to keep his autograph intact.

Purab is tensed thinking about Pragya/Abhi’s marriage and thinks of going to Sarla’s house to ask them personally.

Whole family forcefully overfeeds Abhi while Pragya angrily watches that. Sarla asks Abhi not to feed Abhi so much as he is a rock star, not a wrestler. Abhi thanks her for taking his side. Purbi says she has to eat her gulab jamoons, else she will not talk to him. Abhi thinks as if he is dying to talk to her. He says he wants to go to washroom. Sarla shows him Pragya’s room with attached bathroom. Abhi starts angrily walking in the room burping after overeating. Once Pragya comes, he starts scolding her. Pragya gives him jaljeera. He asks her where is the rest of room and says bed is very hard. He asks where is AC and opens window, sees Suresh look at the window. Abhi greets Suresh. Suresh shyly gets back into his room.

Purab comes to Sarla’s home. Sarla says she has seen him in Abhi’s reception and asks him to get in while she brings them. Purab thinks whom she wants to call. Sarla informs Bulbul that Abhi’s friend has come and to attend him. Bulbul sees Purab and gets tensed. She informs Pragya that Purab has come in and is in hall. Pragya thinks if Abhi gets to know that Purab loves Bulbul, he will create a scene.

Bulbul asks Pragya’s opinion to select Abhi’s dress. Suresh from behind says his suggestion. Bulbul scolds him for interfering.

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  4. N now bulbul will come to know abt pragya’s mrg n to make her sister’s life happy she will ask suresh to marry her may be Aliya will tell her… It’s a guess … I no abt these serial… Same routine story…same old twists…

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