Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Neil coming back to his factory in the morning and seeing his goons sound asleep. He wakes them up and sets fire into his factory.

Ugly minded Aaliya and her puppet filthy minded Tau see Bulbul sleeping on Purab’s lap and get irked. She breaks glass purposefully and wakes them up. Purab asks what happened. Aaliya says she came to pick Abhi’s diary. Purab gives her diary and leaves. Bulbul thinks if ugly Aaliya broke glass purposefully. Daadi and Daadi meet Purab and ask him to rescue Abhi and Pragya. Purab says they are fine. Daasi says they know Abhi has gone to rescue Pragya and is under kidnapper’s clutch. Purab asks who told them. Daadi says it is not important and says he is very intelligent and should do something to save Pragya and Abhi.

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Abhi and Pragya wake up smelling smoke and get tensed seeing fire allover the place. They come out and see Neil with his goons. Neil laughs at them and says still they are yet to be ablazed. He pours more petrol into fire and asks his men to get ready for Abhi and Pragya’s antim samskar/last rights.

Daadi sees temple lamp blowing off and holds it. She tells Daasi that something wrong will happen now. Sarla on the other side also gets worried for Pragya and cries.

Abhi tries to find a way out, but falls on ground. Pragya asks if he is fine, sees his hand burning and blows fire off. She gets panicked. He says he will not accept defeat easily and will find out a way soon, asks her to stay there until he comes back. She thinks when god had to end their love story like this, why did he united them.

Ugly minded Aaliya tries to change her sim card to call Neil. Bulbul comes and asks if she is calling kidnapper. She and her puppet get tensed. Purab tries to stop Bulbul, but she continues. Daadi also comes there. Bulbul asks Aaliya to speak in front of Daadi. Daadi asks whom she wants to talk. Bulbul says kidnapper as she heard her talking to kidnapper. Aaliya says she did not. Bulbul asks then how does she know, Abhi is with kidnapper and kidnapper wanted to kidnap her instead of Pragya. She asks why was she telling not to harm Abhi and told she spoke to Abhi when Abhi’s phone is not reachable. Aaliya says she was talking to detective to save Abhi and says Purab told her about Abhi going to kidnapper’s den, starts her acting and cries that she loves her brother a lot and tells Daadi that she is worried about Abhi and Pragya and wants them back. She asks if she has not forgiven her yet for her mistakes and continues her drama, asks daadi to call police and get her arrested. Daadi believes her and says Bulbul that Aaliya is telling truth, she can do anything except harming her brother. She says knows she would have alleged Aaliya by mistake, but she should have thought well before hurting anyone’s feelings. Mitali thinks Aaliya is a chameleon and can change her colors anytime, she should be careful.

Aaliya goes to her room with puppet and yells how dare Bulbul is to provoke her. She calls Neil who tells he has set his factory ablaze with Pragya in it, but has released Abhi. He sends her pic. Tanu also sees pic and gets happy that Pragya is out of their life now.

Abhi asks Fuggi not to panic as he will find a way out at any cost. She says she is worried about him than herself and says she wants tell him something. She expresses her feeling for him. He stops her seeing a bike and goes to start it, but it does not without key. He reminisces once his mechanic starting bike without key and tries starts it. He asks Fuggi to sit behind him. Neil’s men get happy thinking Abhi and Pragya are dead and asks him to throw a party for them. They hear bike sound and panic. Neil asks them to find out where the sound is coming from. Abhi comes out on bike.

Precap: Abhi escapes on bike with Pragya, Neil and his goons follow him on jeep and bikes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode today

    1. For the % of you that think this is “good or excellent”!!! ….I truly feel bad for you because you have NO idea what good entertainment is.
      This is Not about the actors …..but the story line LACKs Imagination and Creativity. There is No way this absurd kidnapping drama should STILL be going on. The storyline should have Moved on to another situation by Now!! This is a POOR excuse for entertainment. It started off with promise but it Quickly went down hill and has STAYED at the bottom. Read a good book or something because this is TV writing at its WORST.

      1. For the Thumbs down group…The Truth Hurts, But Face it – Anyway!!

      2. Hey,
        Just because you don’t like it it doesn’t mean you have to be a paarty pooper and ruin the fun for the rest of us. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it – simple!

      3. Hey, it is NOT me that is ruining it for YOU…It is the Writers!! If it is bothering you than you must realize the truth in it. Get OVER it. I can express my thoughts whether you like it or Not!!!

  2. Thank god she didnt finish her sentence

  3. v r watchng AbhiGya more than three weeks in same clothes..when will end track end so that they cn chnge their clothes???

  4. v r watchng AbhiGya more than three weeks in same clothes..when will this track end so that they cn chnge their clothes???

  5. Finally pragya expressed her feeling good episode there is a special dance of abhi and pragya on holi I’m very excited

  6. Ohh god kab khatam hogi yeh kidnappers ka drama so boring

  7. Thank god at last woh log bach ke nikal rahe hai. Ab toh kuch achcha hoga?

  8. Hmmmm. NEXT!!

  9. Abhi still doesn’t know that Aliyah and Tanu are behind kidnapping so how will they be punished? I hope this time Abhi and Pragya does escape and expose Corporator who in turn exposes Aliyah/Tanu/Mitali

  10. It was totally filmy scene.abhigya scene was very short but i loved it.biwi ko le kar bike pe bade ache lag rahe ho. Good episode made us delighted.

  11. I do hope tanu and aliyah gets punish and not forgiven like all zee tv other soap please

  12. YAWN !!!!!! Really, he found a bike and rode out of the fire, who else feels like they are watching an Amitabh Bachan Movie 30 years ago… Such poor writers, its really a shame that these writer and producers have no talent..the viewers like myself are hopeful but they do not deliver, hence the reason i have stopped watchin so many…

  13. Abhi and Pragya could have been home a long time if Abhi had stop acting as a jack when he had the gun.Oh,Lord I am tired of the same crazy ness every week.This is the longest kidnapping in screen writing.I think the writers write as the story goes along because I cannot figure out why there is no essence in this long drawn out crap.What is the purpose Aliyha and Tanu serving in this story ?Let them just get to hell off the show.

  14. Apparently Pragya and Abhi are kidnapped for 3 days? So it is ok to see them in same clothes but Bulbul,Purab and kidnappers are also wearing the same clothes!!!!

    1. You mean 3 weeks.

  15. OMG..How long they drag ds kidnap scenes..Writer forget the story so nly he did like ds…give the conclusion….very boring…Every time stupid alia n tanu escaped…very cheat process…dumb

  16. Omg watched the show after 2 weeks nothing much has changed
    abhi pragya where they were
    bulbul and purab too
    aaliya and tanu still up to their monkey tricks

  17. Really guys,this semes too bowring.ONLY becaus of the keednap case.

  18. Shocked that people are complaining about a 3 week kidnapping, that’s supposedly 3 days. At some point Pragya was drunk for more than a week, that was meant to be a night or a couple of hours. These dragged out scenes are not new to this show and they’re going to continue because the die hard fans love stupid, illogical, dragged storylines. If you watch the show and feel strongly about it, whether for or against it, get used to this stupidity.

  19. Naveed munavar

    finally they escaped…

  20. Where the hell is today’s episode’s WU?

    1. Kidnapped!!!

  21. Where s today episode

  22. Where is today’s epi???????????

    1. It’s been Kidnapped!!!

  23. Hasan plz update todays episode….fast

  24. simply bakwas ….I mean plz get some originality to indian dramas ….bring an indian I nly njoy zindagi gulzar hai …I mean at least in terms of dramas …the Pakistan is ahead of us ……n these crab storylines even makes it worst …..

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