Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

– The episode started with Bulbul introducing Pragya to Purav stating that she knows everything about them and that her sister wanted to speak to him about their relationship. Bulbul leaves both of then alone to speak to each other.

– Pragya was happy to know how simple Purav is and stated that she is is happy for him and bulbul. She also told him that as bulbul is the youngest she has always been protected and now that she chose the best guy for herself she is ready to get them married.

– Bulbul took Suresh’s call who was worried for both of them still out at night.

– In the meantime Alia came to meet purav to ask him about his indifference in behavious when she banged her car with bulbul’s scooty. She insulted Bulbul by giving her cash for the damage and angrily marched inside the office.

– Seeing Purav and Pragya and misinterpreting their conversation she thought Purav was in love with Pragya. She fumed and went out promising to remove Pragya from his life. Alia almost ran down Bulbul in the process.

– Bulbul pleaded Pragya not to disclose about Purav at the moment and that once Pragya’s marriage is done she can disclose.

– Alia met Purav in the house and challenged him about his relationship with another woman. She also asked him to forget her and once again be with her. But Purav very clearly announced that he can never forget the girl he loves and he will die if he cannot see her everyday.

– Pragya meets Abhi in the shop and once again started fighting over their meeting. They banged their head against each other while trying to pick up a mangalsutra which accidentally fell from Pragya’s hand.

– Pragya’s mami sees Suresh with some other woman and tries to plot him.

Precap : Mami sees Bulbul’s picture inbetween Suresh’s papers.

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