Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi finds Kiara’s birth certificate

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi searching proofs of Kiara’s birth truth in pragya’s room. He looks at her pic and thinks you forced me to do this, you made me thief, first in school and then at your home. He says he is excited about the result and thinks you are trying to make me busy, but I will not come in your talks. You can just see me, but not stop me. He sees her pic and thinks if she is hypnotizing him, and thinks he will win eventually. He thinks from where to start. Just then he hears someone coming there and thinks if King returned. The man puts hand on his shoulder and he is none other than Purab. Abhi shouts and says he got scared. Purab says thieves are brothers and tells that he came to help him. Abhi says Pragya stopped her from the pic. Purab says your aashiqui will not end and asks where did you search? Abhi says that room. Purab says just a room. Abhi asks him to search fast then. They search in the other room, but couldn’t get it. Purab asks him to fold the clothes and keep in the wardrobe. Abhi says he don’t know how to fold. Purab asks why you wants to give chance to Pragya to doubt. Abhi asks him to fold the stuff and keep it. Purab asks who needs a daughter and asks him to fold the clothes. Abhi tells that it is of less hardwork and asks him to fold the clothes. He goes. Purab folds the clothes and keeps it. Abhi sees a suitcase on the cupboard and recalls Pragya keeping it once. He thinks she might have kept important documents in the suitcase. He opens it and finds his pic inside. He gets happy seeing it and gets emotional. Pragya also thinks of Abhi. Abhi checks the album and finds Kiara’s pics right from her birth. He gets emotional. Tu jo Mila….plays…..

Pragya thinks if he is near Kiara. Abhi then checks the file and gets Pragya’s passport in which her name is Pragya Abhishek Mehra. Pragya thinks why she has a mixed reaction. Abhi is surprised and thinks Pragya didn’t change her name and thanks her. He finds birth certificate file and keeps the suitcase back leaving the album down the bed. He calls Purab and goes out of room. Varun tells King that Kiara fell down while running. Kiara cries and tells King that she wants to go home. King tells the organizer that his daughter fell down and that’s why they want to go. Pragya comes there. Kiara asks him not to tell her truth. King makes an excuse. Pragya asks him to say truth. King tells that Kiara wants to go home. They leave.

Abhi tells Purab that he got Kiara’s birth certificate. Purab asks him to show. Abhi says I will show directly to Pragya and says your brother has done it. He says we will go home and celebrate. Purab says he will call Disha and takes Abhi’s phone. Disha asks if the work is done. Abhi tells that he found the birth certificate with much difficulty. Purab says I was with him. They argue. Disha asks him to show the certificate. Abhi says I will prove with the certificate that Kiara is my daughter. He looks at the certificate. Abhi says my name is not there on father’s name, and says how I will prove now that she is my daughter. He gets sad. Disha asks him to check if King’s name is written as father. Abhi and purab say no. Disha says this means that when Kiara was born, King was not around and that means she is your daughter. Abhi says you are a wonder and praises Disha. Purab says you got sad. Abhi says my sister is not like you. Purab comes out to talk to Disha. Disha tells that Sunny saw a bad dream. Sunny says he saw ghost holding him.

Purab says I am coming there and thinks to talk to Abhi and call him. He thinks to call Abhi on the landline, but Abhi thinks who is calling again and again. He thinks to change his voice and tell that thee is nobody at home. He tells that there is nobody at home. Purab asks him to come out and tells that he is waiting outside. Abhi asks do you want to show off that you saw a bad dream. Abhi asks him to go and says I will come later. He says I will search Kiara’s passport and then come. Purab says don’t take risk. Abhi says I will not come without getting it and asks him to go for sunny. Purab gives him a phone kiss on Sunny’s behalf.

Purab goes. King, Pragya and Kiara come home. King asks Kiara if she is feeling well now. Kiara says she is feeling pain in her throat. King asks what did you eat in party? Tarun says she had icecream. Kiara says you don’t know how to keep secrets. They ring the bell when Pragya couldn’t find the keys. She says Servant must be inside. Abhi thinks Purab came and comes to open the door. He hears Kiara coughing and thinks how did they come so fast.

King says good night to Pragya and Kiara and asks them to knock on his door if they want anything. Pragya says she will go and get it. Abhi thinks they stay in different rooms.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate you abhi to the core rely you shouldn’t deserve prabha and kiara plz go away plz you plz live with your garbage shameless i didn’t think that i might hate you this much grounded level sori abhi till episode and serial last my hard will be for you

  2. Wow. Like every abuser, Abhi’s choices are blamed on Pragya. Sure, the blaming is done in a ‘loving and playful’ way. All behind Pragya’s back, without her knowledge. This is not loving or playful. It is abuse. It is a crime he is committing, not an act of love. How convenient that it is Pragya’s fault that he has become a thief with Purab’s and Disha’s blessing. This wrong behaviour is all Pragya’s fault. I’m sure it’s Pragya’s fault that he married Tuna fish as well. This all so much fun… that Purab arrives at the crime scene. These people are convinced that Pragya has so little meaning, so little dignity that it is always o.k. to use her, like a thing. It never matters if Pragya is hurt or if she suffers. That has never mattered. Purab and Abhi have fun while they criminally destroy Pragya’s home. What else is there to say? The producer and her herd of writers/crew etc. continue to normalize crime and abuse. These degenerates think that abuse and crime are fun. “It’s just a show” “I’m just doing my job” And abuse of women, and that all Indian men are stupid, idiotic criminals becomes enshrined in the psyche of innocents. A good woman and her family are destroyed so that a plastic doll with pumped up BJ lips and fake boobs can buy more jewellry. Wow. How Indian. Ekta’s vision of the perfect India. All, so some narcissistic Indian sister can get over herself as she proves to herself that she controls her brothers life as well as everyone else’s life. Yet she can’t even control her own weight problem. Would you trust her with your mind and heart?
    Abhi married Pragya in order to destroy her life and make her suffer. He hasn’t finished his game as yet. This is not a love story. This is Ekta Kapoor playing a profitable game with every viewer’s emotions. Those viewers, so easy to control and lead around.

  3. Totally agree with you akituster.

    1. Thanks Marie. I am so glad that others are seeing the abusive and criminal nature of Ekta Kapoor and her purposeful productions. Social Engineering becoming perfected. It must be stopped or at the very least, understood.

  4. Abhi cheated on his wife from day one of marriage with his girlfriend. seems as if cheating has become his norm because Pragya always accepted him although she knew he was a cheater. Pragya is wrong for everything in his eyes that’s hate NOT love. He sticks up for everyone else but not his wife.

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