Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya coming to her mother’s house crying vigorously. Whole family gets worried seeing her and asks what happened. Bulbul worriedly wakes up and it is her dream. She goes out of room and checks if Pragya has really come back and realizes it was her dream. Purab calls her and says he wants to meet her right now. She hurriedly tries to walk out of room. Daadi asks where is she going as she is still having fever.

Abhi touches Praygya lustly and asks if she does not feel anything if he touches her. She thinks she can let him touch and take this memory with her when she leaves. Abhi tries to French kiss her and she closes her eyes and opens her lips. He backs off and says he just wanted to see if she has feeling for him. He says she is so desperate that she let double battery/Suresh sleep with her and says he is Abhi the rock star and he tests girls instead and she should be lucky to be his wife. He says he can understand her condition and now he allows her to divorce him now. He gives A/C remote and asks her to switch it on as she is sweating. Pragya reminisces his touch and thinks she can feel only his touch and she wanted to tell him once how much she loves him before parting ways.

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Two ladies come in search of Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall and asks a person address. He shows Sarla and says she is marriage hall’s owner. Ladies meet her and say they need a bahu/daughter-in-law and wants a bahu who can adjust with 7 mother-in-laws. Sarla asks how can a girl adjust with 7 MILs. Ladies says she will find answer if she watches Satrangi Sasural from 3rd December at 10 p.m. Sarla says she will definitely watch it. It is Satrangi Sasural serial’s promotion by its actresses.

Tanu and Aaliya start partying, get inebriated and dance thinking Pragya will be finally gone out of house. Abhi comes there and asks what are they doing. Tanu says they are partying as Pragya will get out of their house soon. Aaliya tries to change words. Tanu says she showed Pragya her video. Abhi asks what. Aaliya changes words again and asks him to forget everything and start partying with them. He joins them.

Purab informs Bulbul that Abhi went to lawyer and asked to prepare divorce papers. She gets devastated hearing that. He asks her to control herself. She says did has started loving jiju and she cannot live without him. He is surprised to hear that. She says when Sarla got heart attacked, Abhi took care of her like a son and Pragya fell for his good qualities. She says we know how it is to separate form loved ones.

Abhi comes back to his room inebriated and says Pragya that he will not touch her as he is happy that she is going away from him. He sees a shadow and starts following it. She asks what is he doing. He says he is catching shadow and falls on floor. She asks if he is fine and not injured. He starts getting diplopia, falls back again and asks where is he. She says in his room. He falls asleep. She starts touching his face romantically, gets conscious but falls asleep on his chest next to him.

Purab calls Bulbul and asks her to meet him right now. She says what will she Sarla. He says it is very important. She says she will come. Sarla comes and asks whom she is talking to. She says Prayga and wants to go and meet her. Sarla asks if she is telling lie and hiding something. She says she is not and asks again if she can go. Sarla agrees but hears her speaking to Purab before leaving and gets irked.

Precap: Sarla takes Purbi’s mobile and SMS Bulbul where is she. She replies she is at Jiju’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When wil d truth come out?

  2. how sad Pragya you suffer a lot

  3. hey natasha i found you in nisha aur uske cousins site

  4. why r they taking soooo much time to tell truth??????

  5. huh 2dy also no improvement chi…its beter only 2 read d precap 4m wr itself v can knw wt gna hapn..tome waste 2 read al d bldy boring stuf

    1. yes , nothing is happening in this serial
      other then he goes here, she goes there. he talks to her she talks to him. really no story at all.

    2. You are Right!!

  6. yup…expectng somthng gud has become a crime 4m these soaps…dr’s hardly any soap vch is dng wel xpct EHT…rest all r dragingggggg…may it be QH,KB,DABH,JA,YHM etc etc etcccccc…..
    no entertainmnt,no moral values shwn huh wt else can v expct 4m dese soaps dn ???yes if there’s nythng 2 b drawn dn it is draging,making viewers bored,vexed up wid same old issues agan n agan in almost all d soaps…

    hope atleast 2dy in QH dose twins r 2 b shwn infrnt of ahil,rehan n rest of family…..haya,fiaz track is like a dustbin,nthng more 4 d shw…it adds nthng 2 d shw….

  7. What the hell is diplopia???

    1. wow hasan you are a dr ? you know the technical term for doubal vision 🙂

  8. sarafatima838

    wats going onnnnnnnnnnnn

  9. When will the truth come out?????

  10. Writer just dragging the story nothin else becomes boring now…

  11. Btw after purab helping pragya and her family a lot… If he n bulbul r nt getting married then it ll really be a bad thing n tis serial… at least the director can make o e real love couple to get marry happily…

  12. Frankly I am tired of this show its like watching children play charade withot understanding what they are doing so pls cancel this dumb show so I can stop wasting my money and time.

  13. Writer just hav no respect for marriage, what shiT!!! This serial is givin me creeps, not even bothered watching this program.

  14. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop this wit tanu and tat witch aaliyah

  15. Get to the point , this story is being draggeD toooo long now

  16. And to ur Question re : Suresh an Pragya, NOOOO she will NOT marry Suresh

    1. the story is just hitting a dead end.
      whoever Pragya marries or diverse , i really don’t care now.
      Just feel like telling, “please do something” , else bring new charterers and make new storyline .

  17. Aur kitni der lagegi sachai sabke samne lane me

  18. The most boring drama stop this nonsense evn kids dramas hv some stories n btw y the Whole family dont bother about Raj? His wife shown so happy n his mother n father n brother??how is it pissible ?writer forgot that this drama not just play in mental hosital bt a huge audience :p What a fake writer i guess no writer at all jis ka jo dil chahta hy a k act kr k chla jata hy rubbish

  19. Evn a kid can write better story stop updating such crap n what a heart attack tgat is treating at home n dafi is like in Quma :p that she remain unconcious all the time n what about her sister they are also senseless with dadi thst tgey never come out of room to c whats going on :p what a continous torture such plays n writers should b banned seriously in our country such dramas cnt onair n such writers they will never allow to write kids dramas rubbish channels

  20. Same nonsense again…save yourself from this roller coaster ride

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