Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi to accidentally meet Pragya in restaurant

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The Episode starts with Hritik asking Disha to come with him. Disha says don’t know how I bear you. He says you bear me, but others love me. Disha asks him to go to Jaipur and give her some peace. Prachi and Ranbir come to office. Ranbir flirts with the receptionist. Prachi thinks he will get the company closed. Purab meets Dr. Kiran. Dr. Kiran says Aaliya is good health wise, but she is mentally depressed. She says I thought Aaliya’s suicide reason was that lady whom you brought, but later came to know that the lady is married. Purab asks about Disha’s husband. Hritik takes Disha for the check up. He says we are friends. Disha says you are selfish friend as you make me do your work. He says I don’t flirt with you so that you do good work. Disha asks him to show if he can flirt with her. He says he can’t take the risk else he will have to handle the hospital alone. Kiran tells Purab that she thought he is her husband hearing their conversation. Hritik comes there and says they are waiting outside. Doctor tells Purab that he is Disha’s husband.

Abhi thinks to call Prachi’s mum and then thinks to call Sarita ji. Sarita behen and Pragya are outside the house. Abhi calls Sarita behen and says he wants to talk to her about work for Aaliya’s anniversary. He says he wants to give catering order to her. Sarita behen says they are outside and calls him to the hotel, says prachi’s mum is with me. Abhi says ok, I will come there. Sarita behen comes to the hotel with Pragya. The girls tell dialogue about dilli darlings and collide with Sarita behen. Pragya scolds them. They promote the show. Pragya says it is reality show. Purab comes out of cabin. Hritik says patient came out and calls Disha. Disha goes to get something from her mobile. Purab gets upset.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she saw him telling sweety to Receptionist and tells that he shall be impressed with her work. Ranbir says she told her name as sweety. Prachi says she is veronica. Ranbir says she told her name as sweety. Prachi says you are lying. She asks about the other girl in party. Ranbir asks are you jealous? Prachi looks at him. Vikram comes there and hears them talking. Ranbir says Prachi can never praise me and will talk bad about him. Vikram tells him that he is an employee here and not boss. Ranbir asks when your knees will be fine and says I want you to be fine soon. Vikram says Abhi will not adopt you as he has to end friendship with me which he will not do. He says you have to be with me. Ranbir says I don’t like you Prachi, as Dad trusts you more than me. Prachi asks him not to create image of a bad boy and says you are a good son and asks him to be, the way he is. Ranbir gets touched by her words.

Pragya and Sarita behen come to the restaurant. Manager asks about their reservation and show them table. They sit on the table. Pragya says we will order in sometime when waiter asks. Sarita behen says she saw the hotel from outside most of the time. She says she is nervous. Pragya says I am with you. Sarita behen says when you are with me, then will do one work. She asks manager if they have thepla. Manager says no and tells that he can arrange. Sarita behen gives him a business offer. He says I will talk to owner. Pragya says she is nervous about how to thank him and tells that she scolded him last time. Abhi comes inside the restaurant and calls Sarita behen. He says he got late to park the car. Sarita behen says she is sitting inside Abhi tries to look at them as it is dark.

Precap: Abhi asks the people in the restaurant about what the love is? Pragya sees him and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Well, I’m out of here. Too little, too late. All I can say is that I hope that Ekta Kapoor doesn’t use the same method of ‘timing’ or creative scheduling for the care of ‘her’ baby. The baby’s life would be at risk. Oh that’s right! She doesn’t actually take care of ‘her baby’. I have a list of questions I’d like to ask and may come back later today to post them. This show otherwise is not ‘time pass’. You get something out of ‘time pass’…relaxation or mental entertainment. This show has become a waste of time, for too long. Boredom then ugliness (Aliyah, mini- Aliyah, Meera), Boredom then hatred and lies (Aliyah and mini Aliyah). Boredom then tacky ridiculous criminal activity and stupid police, colleges etc. Too many meaningless stories going on, with all of them going nowhere. This show represents an abusive relationship. The show has been abusive to the viewers for too long. There is no honour in allowing yourself to be abused. Ekta Kapoor is an abusive personality and has easily found many victims as she laughs her way to the bank. I truly hope that India’s majority viewers wake up. I’m not holding my breath as India’s elites are not allowing that to happen. What did happen to Modi’s improvements? Did one of his large-br*asted assistants distract him. for too long? Or was it all the goodies from the western world enriching him?….not India. Just him.

    1. I don’t know how she rid even getting award and award and been recigined has one of best women and so called critezina something for her serials I don’t know when she iwl get everythinh back to her .really this story is relaly worst from starting I don’t know how did these two idiots signed up for this seired die to whom this has been successfully till know but it’s purely by these two characters only not all story I can’t accept that .i didn’t started watch this serial for stpry except fr these two cha aters abhi and pragya that it now I couldn’t able to come out from this rediculous show seriouosy .trp isn’t decresinh it’s all alwz high it doesn’t even seem to air off really .o am waiting for the day for this seired to end or anyone to quit the show either shbair or sriti but I think most probably either some will quit or next yr this series would finsih already sriti seems to be not interested but she is focussing her direction in others .her dressing and costume and her way of characterization explains everything .fel pity for her the most suffered women is sriti only in this series

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