Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi announces Kiara to be his daughter

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The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about the moments spent with Kiara and thinks now I understood why I called her fuggi that day. A fb is shown, Abhi tells her that she is like his fuggi and gives her pet name fuggi. Kiara asks what is the reason to give her pet name fuggi and gives example. Abhi says you are like my fuggi. Kiara says my mum tells that I am like my father, but I don’t think I am like him. She asks him to call her doll. Abhi says ok and tells that he will call her fuggi also. He asks her to tell about her Dada. Kiara asks him to find out. Fb ends. Abhi says you are my daughter, and says you are my child, I love you. You are just like me. He cries. Disha tells that she can see that their happiness is related with each other, but you all are not getting happiness. She says she will unite them. Pragya says I don’t understand what is your helplessness and says my heart cries seeing Kiara away from jiju. She says jiju is a good husband and will be the perfect father. She asks her to tell Kiara that Abhi is her father. Pragya asks her to stop and tells that Kiara is my daughter, and tells that everyone knows that King is her father and Kiara too regards him as her father. Disha says she understood and asks Pragya not to stop her. She comes to Kiara and asks what is she doing? Kiara tells that she did drawing and shows it. Disha sees superman, supergirl and supermom. Kiara says she made her super family. Disha says we will play a game and know eachother. She asks what do you like? Kiara says she likes to sleep rather than bathing. She says tiger hunts and sleeps. Pragya reminisces Abhi asking her to let him sleep. Pragya asks him to take bath. Abhi says if tiger takes bath, he hunts and then sleeps. Fb ends. Disha says interesting answer. She asks if she likes coffee or tea? Kiara says coffee and says don’t know why. Disha says she likes cold coffee or hot. Kiara says hot.

Pragya recalls Pragya making coffee in the kitchen and Abhi romancing with her. She puts ice in his tshirt. Abhi tries to take it out. Pragya keeps ice in the grinder and says she is making cold coffee for him. He says he needs hot coffee. Pragya says she is making for herself. Abhi says you have to give compensation and asks for a kiss. Pragya refuses. He pulls her closer. Disha comes there and says sorry, I will come later. Pragya stops her and asks Abhi to go. fb ends. Disha says someone will understand with your answers. She tells that she is carbon copy and anyone can tell. She asks Kiara to sleep.

Abhi is in the bar and drinking. She says I want to hear dad from Kiara’s mouth, not fake dad, but my dad. Naina song plays…………………..He gets teary eyes, thinks he wanted a daughter like Kiara always, she met him, but was not with him. He is upset with Pragya for hiding her truth and thinks now I understand why her talks, behavior, likings are like me. She is my carbon copy, I never thought she is my daughter as I never thought Pragya will hide the truth. The bartender asks Abhi to tell about his trouble. Abhi says this is not trouble, but happiness. He says this is his life’s biggest happiness and says I am very happy and these are tears of happiness. He says my dream is fulfilled, I am a proud father of a lovely daughter. A man there congrats him. Abhi says you are the first man to congratulate me and says I will not forget you. He says this is secret, don’t tell anyone. Man goes. Abhi thinks why secret and says this is the matter of happiness, and everyone shall know. He announces that he is a rockstar as they know, but you don’t know that I have become a father. He says I have music till yesterday, but now I have a daughter too. He says I am a father of a beautiful and lovely daughter. The customers in the bar congratulate him. One of the customer asks about his age. Abhi says 6.5 years. Customer asks if your wife didn’t tell you and says you must have adopted her. Abhi gets angry and says she is my daughter. Abhi thinks Pragya snatched the initials years of Kiara’s life from him. He says I am a father and going to meet my daughter.

Pragya brings Kiara home. She thinks Mr. Singh is not also here and misses him. She thinks of Disha’s words and thinks of Abhi accusing her for Dadi’s death. Pragya thinks how I would had given him the news of his daughter’s birth when he snatched my rights of his wife. She thinks I would have told him, but how to forget that Aaliya and Tanu are in the house, and they will do the same thing which they did with me. She thinks I have many reasons to hide truth from you.

Abhi comes to meet Kiara and kisses on her hand. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi lifts Kiara and is taking her out. Pragya stops him and says you can’t take Kiara. Abhi asks her to move back and says I can do anything for my daughter. He takes Kiara with him. Pragya shouts and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lolalois

    Is there any mention of Anjali and Rahul in Kumkum Bhagya? I was checking the list of casts and the names popped us as casts since 2018 and I really can’t remember either of them or are they new casts to be introduced?

    1. Was that the couple where Pragya and Abhi attended their marriage separately but then helped Rahul and Anjali marry… when Rahul was supposed to be marrying another woman of his mother’s choice. The other woman even helped Rahul and Anjali marry.

  2. Lolalois

    The precap is probably Pragya’s imagination. I agree with Pragya, with the tuna, shark and piranha in the house, Kiara won’t be safe.

  3. Oh boy. I was only joking that Abhi would take Kiara away from Pragya but now it looks like it’s true…..SO SAD. I really, really hope that I am wrong. This would be so depressing. If he brings her to his home then her life will be in danger from the 2 dragons and he will be completely clueless ……and blame Pragya for that also…. *sigh*

    1. Leisa s morris

      Nah I believe its pragyas imagination cause no matter what pragya is her mom and abhi is d one who threw her out of his life. He cant take her just so but will have to have a discussion on d matter with pragya

  4. Aaaah, the magic of flashbacks. Disha does a good job of playing a game with the child Kiara in order to punctuate our minds and thoughts into real true belief. Over and over again we are reminded that Kiara is clearly Abhi’s child. 11 minutes (thus far) into the production we are still being reminded. Sweetly, no less, but there is nothing new here. This is called ‘dicking around’ with the emotions of the viewer. It’s like setting up a child with candy to keep the child quiet so the game/distraction can keep going on. For the next few minutes we watch Abhi garner sympathy for being a ‘new’ Daddy. No where does “Daddy” remember how he destroyed Pragya, the manhoos thus never allowing her an opportunity to tell Abhi. No where does ‘Daddy’ remember that he married a murderous whore, the best friend of his psychopath sister and his Mithali Bhabbi. No, we are to fully sympathize with this immature and DANGEROUS jerk. Oh! Not even four minutes left in the production and the anger is directed to Pragya
    begins! And Pragya begins to worry, remembering what Abhi did and concerned about Kiara’s safety just as the crazy *sshole steals Kiara to bring her to her inevitable torture and death. This show has always been about hurting Pragya. This show has always been about the whore and the amazon killing and hurting others. Stealing everything from Pragya with the constant and confirmed help of Abhi. Abhi is a mere tool. Abhi is a creepy jerk WHO ALWAYS BRING PRAGYA …AND NOW KIARA RIGHT TO THE TUNA, SHARK AND THE PIRANHA. THAT’S ALL HE DOES. HE SUPPLIES CRIMINALS WITH MONEY AND PRAGYA OR HER FAMILY MEMBERS AS SACRIFICiAL VICTIMS FOR THE PLEASURE OF HIS MASTERS. And now it will be the whore’s turn (yet again) to play her killing games. Oh joy. Which real mother, just stands there and watches her child being taken? Another Ekta Kapoor production. Lot’s of foreplay. No climax. In the West, we call this a c*cktease. It’s not a compliment. Nothing like having someone attempt (Miss Ekta) to play games with the minds and hearts of viewers. This not about telling a story. This is about Miss Ekta’s need to control the minds and hearts of others, so she can forever have your attention and push whore’s and psychopaths into your reality. Because you see, it is likely that Miss Ekta believes that every woman is a whore and a psychopath. Likely, Miss Ekta needs some counselling regarding her own relationship with her own mother.

    1. Hey…. Amazon’s are symbols of female power… Aaliya is more like a shemale LOL.
      I have been away for a long while, doing this and that living my life, looks like this show is still at the same point I left it at months ago… I’ve actually found Turkish soaps to be quite a treat, they are so interesting and unique. Abhi is a loser, his sister has attempted murder multiple times a bigger loser is Pragya as she failed to have Aaliya prosecuted (I forget there is no law and order in Ekta’s universe). Ekta should actually be jailed for allowing a fictional child to be run over – what in the name of cucking fhrist is she thinking! EK the face of Satan’s something that rhymes with OR. I seriously can’t stand the absolute rubbish she produces, she probably sacrifices actual children to the devils or something to stay in power. Ekta is the enemy of female empowerment, who knows maybe she’s actually a man underneath it all.

    2. Cathy

      Kalika, i to love Turkish t.v series my favorite is “Kara Para Ask” I started another “Cesur ve Güzel”

    3. Hey Kalika It is a delight to see you here! I have been hoping that you would check in! I want to be there when you meet Ekta in the street! When people work out the depth of her crime, I do not even know if jail would be safe for her.

      And Cathy I have wondered where you have wandered off to? Glad to see you!

  5. Why all the series from India a wife always has to suffer and prove herself to her husband… Pliz change the writer if this series we love it but the store is only about killing and getting away with murder… Why always dragging the stories and evil Always win… Are u telling us African viewers that in India the police does not do their job? Or wives are there just to prove themselves to the husbands?

    1. Yes, it’s true. Families like this do exist where women are treated as things. Many families. This is leftover from the British Invasion which really hasn’t ended. The elites of India do not want to see this change because the current status is too financially beneficial for them. So, publicly the producer of this show claims that she is interested in ‘modernizing’ India, but everything she produces continues to teach that women are either crazy criminals (greasy, slimy Tuna fish, amazon shark Aliyah, stupid piranha like Mithali) or very dumb although highly educated, victims like Pragya. Yes, smart women choose victimization in order to keep their husband happy even when he is a very stupid 12 year old in a man’s body. Ekta Kapoor is like a dehumanization machine. She is honoured in India for her ‘fine’ work. Isn’t Africa lucky? African viewers being taught to continue to dehumanize women

    2. She’s honored because of who her Daddy is. If her father was a nobody no one would even know her name. There isn’t a single positive thing she’s spun out of her retched mind. Even Naagin, women must sacrifice their power if they have it and become basic bishes to suit the idea that women must remain weaker than men. If I saw Ekta in the street I’d punch her in the face, yes I’d go off to jail but she’d need surgery to remove her nose from her cranial cavity

  6. What the hell is happening in this serial. I don’t think this is how things happen in India. I really love ur country. But this serial makes me sick

  7. Pathetic. Pathetically pathetic. Will I get to see something mature from abhi’s side? This dumb behaviour of him is making me sick. Yesterday he didn’t have the guts to confront pragya… Instead overheard their conversation and left the place screaming of pragya’s betrayal. And then we get to see him on a freaking cliff end where he tries his best to hide how he threw pragya out of his life behind his useless tantrum of being betrayed, but in vain it was. And today we see him in a restaurant declaring he’s a proud father, trying to grab sympathy for the useless him. And then he is running to see Kiara! oh just go kill ur self u pathetic hooman. And We had some freshly brewed flashbacks not to forget disha’s not so clever atyaachar to pragya. And that’s it. The epi is over. Like seriously? *sigh* That scene had so much potential and I m sure both sriti and Shabbir are capable of playing the part with justice. But no, the writer plays the other way round where he doesn’t have to pressure his incapable brain to bring out the perfect script… Abhi shud hv confronted, at least after dragging pragya away from Kiara nd Pragya SHOULD hv boldly accepted that Kiara is their daughter and told him to go **** himself. Wouldn’t we love to see pragya like that? I would.
    And the promo, if it was true, I m sure many will abandon this show, And if it’s pragya’s dream, it’s clear how much the lead pair trust each other*shrug* Either way, it’s a bad move. The writer’s digging the show’s grave himself.

    1. Pragya’s personal pathetically pathetic-ness! All hers. All the time. : ) Mind you, I don’t think pathetic-ness is a real word.

  8. In the precap, I think Pragya is dreaming, I think Abhi has to summon his balls to confront Pragya about Kiara. Guaranteed Abhi is happy finding out he’s Kiara’s father but he comes across a bit tacky telling everyone that he’s a father, why don’t he tell that to Tanu or the almost toxic Mehra family… Friends, there’s a certain kind of reverse psychology in Pragya revealing the Kiara’s paternity if she had done so when Abhi was in a good mood but too much cat and mouse games were played, too many irrelevant scenarios…in all this is a good man named King, how is he going to handle this situation too… Pragya even hid this huge secret from him, she’s interacting with him years ago and didn’t find it worthy of confiding in him about Kiara? If she had done so, King would have kept her and Kiara away from the toxic Mehra family, Pragya wouldn’t have been worried about her safety today …wouldn’t this look like a betrayal to him too? As things stand now, I’m of the view that Abhi knowing about Kiara, would have guaranteed her protection from stinking Tanu, bitch Aliya and the pothound Nikhil..no one would have been able to touch her.. I blame those convoluted shit on Ekta’s brain… She fashioned herself into the characters Tanu and Aliya to make her fantasy come true, I’m sure this is how she is in real life… Akituster, this serial is a cocktease and Tanu and Aliya are as well… I know the expression very well, we use it here too..

    1. Thanks Naz. I like it that you see the connection. How Tuna/Alia are a reflection of Miss Ekta’s own personality… manifested obviously in a different environment. I’m afraid I’m one of those who only realized that it was a dream, after the fact, when the character realized that they were dreaming. I have no idea whether this a dream or not. When they have used this device in the past I find that the dream does come true albeit sometimes much later and through slightly different circumstances. I know that Kiara is smarter than Abhi (she has Pragya’s brains) but really I would have left Delhi so fast because I would not want the child to dev’l Abhi’s type of thinking. Abhi lost his right to a relationship with the child when he kicked Pragya out. Pragya owes him nothing. Who would want their child to grow up influenced by a controlled man who’s not so smart at all? and I am curious about the fruit! : )

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