Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi rescues Kiara while Pragya saves Sunny, terror attack continues

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya sitting separated by the wall. Song plays…Abhi thinks he is sensing her presence as she used to always helped him in such situation. Pragya also feels his presence and thinks he always helped her. King is with his assistant who tells him about terrorist attack in school. King gets shocked and walks out. Terrorist is about to shoot a boy, when Abhi comes and aims gun on terrorist. He beats the terrorist and rescues boy. He locks him in room and asks him not to come out until Police comes.

Terrorist gets angry on kids. Principal says she will make them silent. Kiara tells Sunny that she never saw such bad people. Sunny asks if she is talking to him. Kiara says yes and tells about hindi films. Sunny says he don’t see films. Kiara says she sees children films. She says if terrorist would have been less, then she would have pour chalk powder in their eyes. Sunny says I can help you and says he has gulel, nose spray, marbles, pepper powder etc. Kiara says you would have told me before and asks why did you bring it, did you know about terrorist attack on school. Sunny says it was for small terrorist. Kiara plans to trouble the terrorist and asks teacher to tell everyone. Terrorist Ashok Pandit calls Inspector and says what do you think that you will have medal on your chest by catching us. Inspector says I want children to be safe. Ashok Pandit asks him to arrange helicopter. Just then Kiara and Sunny throw marbles on their way and tries to escape. Other terrorist come from front, but they throw marbles on their way. Ashok Pandit and terrorist come there. He asks terrorist to lock Kiara and Sunny separately.

Sunny thinks to use pepper spray on terrorist which he brought for Kiara. He sprays in his eyes, but terrorist holds his foot. Sunny asks for help. Pragya comes there hearing him. Goon says he will shoot Sunny and her, but she throws bag on him and rescues Sunny. Abhi sees Principal and before he can talk to her, terrorist takes Principal with him. Abhi follows them and thinks where is Sunny? He thinks to inform Police that all terrorist are here.

Ashok Pandit gets angry and says helicopter is not arranged till now. He asks Principal to handle students else he will kill them. Kiara asks him not to scold Principal and says teachers are like God. Ashok Pandit says you will die without a bullet and is about to slap her, but Abhi comes and hits him. He hugs Kiara and says Papa is here. Kiara says but I called Dada. Abhi says it is same. Terrorist tells that he will kill Kiara’s friend. Kiara says he is talking about Sunny. Abhi asks where is Sunny? Pragya and Sunny lock themselves in classroom, while terrorist asks her to open the door. He says I don’t want to kill the boy and if don’t open the door then I will kill you both. He pushes the door. Sunny asks Pragya not to leave him. Pragya says she will save both Kiara and him. Sunny asks if Kiara is your daughter? Terrorist asks Abhi to leave Kiara and says it is enough of father and daughter’s union. Kiara asks will you kill us and blows chalk powder in his eyes. Abhi beats terrorists and asks Kiara to run. Kiara says I won’t. abhi says if you don’t go then I will not talk to you. Kiara is forced to go. Abhi holds the terrorist and suffocates him.

Sunny tells pragya that terrorists took Kiara back to that room. Pragya is shocked and thinks this door can break at any time. She sees a rod there and picks it up. She takes Sunny to side and sign him not to make sound. Terrorist breaks open the door. Pragya looks at him as he enters.

Precap: King invites Abhi and his family for the party. He says I want to see your wife and want to know which woman is bearing you. Abhi says I will bring my wife, but I wish my wife can meet your wife, as I don’t think no woman will marry you seeing your attitude.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ekta finally I’m asking u that when u will end ur serial?????

  2. This story looks kinda like kasam tere pyaar ki when tanuja and rishi were seperated..lol terrorist track was good …i loved kiara in her role

  3. Can’t wait to see this party

  4. Ab jab us shameless tanu ko dekhti hoon toh mujhe tanu pe nahin, abhi pe gussa aata hai…kuchh bhi ho aakhir abhi ne apni marzi se tanu se shadi ki hai…tanu ke saath saat phere lete waqt, mangalsutra pahnaate waqt aur maang mein sindoor bharte waqt abhi ko pragya ki yaad nahin aayee toh ab kyun pragya ki yaad aa rahi hai…main pragya ke liye dukhi hoon jab pragya ko abhi ki shaadi ka pata chalega… waise abhi kitna badkismat hai ki use ek cheepness , characterless aur shameless etc. woman ( tanu ) ko apni wife kahna pad raha hai…

    1. Don’t call any woman characterless y don’t u ever blame the men shame on YOU if u call a woman terrorist like Indians r always blaming women?

      1. Get real. There exist both men and women who are characterless. The characters Tanu, Aliyah, Mitali and a whole bunch of others are all characterless.
        Where do you think the conflict comes from? You know, the conflict required to write this program. I’m not saying that the writing is good. It’s not.

        There are characterless people everywhere. And yes, many of them are women. If you can’t see that then you do not understand “Women Power”.

      2. Dear Women Power,

        Characterless women as well as characterless men exist. Tanu is a character portraying the behaviours of some real live women. They exist. How immature to believe that only men can be characterless.

      3. The ‘hero’ Abhi, is pretty characterless himself. He may have a good heart but his emotional immaturity coupled with his ridiculous and dangerous temper tantrums and his complete inability to deal with Tanu and Aliyah qualify him as characterless or a complete and total wimpas he is controlled COMPLETELY by two CHARACTERLESS WOMEN.. Mithali represents an extremely characterless woman and you think this type of character doesn’t exist in the real world? People…. earn their derogatory names because of their repeated bad behaviour.
        You remove power away from women when you are not honest about reality.

  5. Ab jab us shameless tanu ko dekhti hoon toh mujhe tanu pe nahin, abhi pe gussa aata hai…kuchh bhi ho aakhir abhi ne apni marzi se tanu se shadi ki hai…tanu ke saath saat phere lete waqt, mangalsutra pahnaate waqt aur maang mein sindoor bharte waqt abhi ko pragya ki yaad nahin aayee toh ab kyun pragya ki yaad aa rahi hai….main pragya ke liye dukhi hoon ki jab pragya ko abhi ki shaadi ka pata chalega….waise abhi kitna badkismat hai ki use ek cheepness, characterless aur shameless etc. woman ( tanu ) ko apni wife kahna pad raha hai…at least yeh toh confirm karna chahiye tha ki abhi-tanu ki shaadi ko Kitne saal hue…. ( ek saal toh confirm hai )

  6. Abhifan

    A kind attention to the people who are commenting here people those who don’t like this serial please do not comment like this please please………

    1. Just in case you are referring to my comment I am speaking to the characters not the actors at all. I very much admire the cast who play Abhi, Pragya, Mithali, Dasi, both Purabs and BulBul, etc. I’m looking forward to watching the dev’l of King Singh. There are other things that I enjoy about this program. I am offended by the normalisation of abuse. I keep waiting for the writers and producers to redeem themselves. To have some message, in order to make the plot intelligent or purposeful. The comments I read about copying a plot verbatim from another serial, I find distressing. Is the producer truly limited to this level of discourse? Where did ‘Sense and Sensibility’ go?

  7. Abhifan we dont like serial cause its not realistic. We like the actors playing that character/s its not their fault or anything that they have to act out that kind of roles. The storyline come on…unless u love watching that kind of storylines and use that in real. Now thats corrupted. Its ridiculous as i said US series move fwd not 20 yrs back. I think you are young you dont understand the reality and what is happening in the world. You need to face the reality not living in serial world. I only read now the reviews of episode. I know you love the show it was fine good going. Now ekta is copying storylines from other series. Which is back Square one….

  8. leisa s morris

    So u tellin me bhi and pragya in d same place recuing d same kids and dey still aint c each other? Amazing! Anyway go on writers and do ur ting. And pls dont tell me not to watch dis serial i here long before most of u and have d right to voice my displeasure wen i c crap. Likin a serial doesnt mean u say nothing wen u see crap goin on…its like bein a parent we luv our kids but wen dey goin wrong we dont just say we luv dem so let dem do as dey want…no we voice our displeasure and try to correct their mistakes. Kkb is makin alot of blunders and deserve our scolding so leave us b

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