Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi singing Awara hoon…song.. in a husky voice during antakshari game. Bulbul says he sang a wrong song. Daadi says he should drink cough syrup/alcohol as punishment. Abhi says he will not. Purab says he should drink. Abhi says he is his friend first and jamai next. Purab says as a jami he should accept punishment. Abhi drinks cough syrup and feels inebriated. Pragya then sings Lagjaa gale..ke phir ye hasin raat hona ho……song.. Bulbul takes Purab to a room and says they should make Pragya drink cough syrup to make her forget her inhibitions and propose Abhi boldly. Purab says it is a good idea. They both come back and see Abhi missing. Pragya says he had an important meeting and left.

Purab and Bulbul sing songs next. Pragya asks what she will have to do if she loses. Bulbul says she will have to drink cough syrup and forces her to drink it. They continue antakshari game.

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Abhi joins Tanu and her parents in a restaurant for dinner. Parents ask if he is inebriated. He says no and says a person who made accident was holding alcohol and it spilled on his cloth. Dad asks if he got injured. He shows hands and says he got internal injuries. Dad says he should get doc checkup then. Abhi says he is telling right. Tanu takes him to the corner and asks why is he telling lie and asks her to tell if he is inebriated. He says he is. She asks why did he come late then. He says he got stuck. She says he must be with chasmish and says he is fooling her and her parents and the fact is he does not want to leave chasmish and is betraying her and her parents. He says he loves her and wants to marry her as he thinks she is different, but she is arrogant and he made a mistake that he came to meet her. He says he was with Pragya and she sent him to meet you, she is very understanding. He asks her to mend her ways, else he will chose someone else, maybe even Fuggy who understands him well. He asks her not to force him to take a harsh decision, thanks her for spoiling his mood and walks out asking to enjoy her dinner.

Pragya gets inebriated after drinking cough syrup/alcohol and acts as a puppet. Bulbul asks her what will she say Abhi. She says she will that she loves him. Bulbul asks Purab to call Abhi and asks him to come back. Pragya in a puppety voice says ok.

Abhi sadly comes back to Sarla’s home. Daadi asks why is he sad and offers him cough syrup. He says he will finish whole bottle. She says he will get hangover else. He says he does not care and continues drinking. He thinks of going back home but thinks he cannot go back without Fuggi, so he calls her. Purab and Bulbul come there and Purab asks him to sleep at Sarla’s house. Bulbul says his Fuggy’s room is other side. He shouts Fuggi and gets into her room. She is busy practicing proposing him. He walks toward her with a wobbling gait and says he has kept her name with so much love, but she does not understand it at all. She sees him and says she wanted to tell him since many days and says she is…. but stops realizing he is real and not her imagination.

Precap: Pragya gives Abhi a coin and kumkum to apply it on her forehead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I now know only one thing that aafter all the difficulties my Rabul is facing they just need to get married…asap…no more twists!!! Otherwise goodbye to this serial forever….lot of patience we Rabul fans have shown..and one thing more can we have more screen space for Rabul…..cvs are you listening!!!

  2. pragya is mad…she always adjust stupid abhi…i thought 2018 nly pragya proposed abhi n 2020 nly purab married bulbul(may be 10th mrge).when is smart n common sense hero will entry in ds show? n marry pragya….pragya give tight slap to abhi n divorce him to mry a smart hero like rudra pratab…abhi mrd nly tanu…pls writer unite stupid tanu n foolish abhi & Men aaliya n female suresh

    1. I guess pragya herself is the most stupid character!!!! She doesn’t deserve anyone good!!!!!!! Abla nari are of really no good to society.

  3. in the begging it was fun watchin but now? my gosh this shit instead of entertainin it gives headache .wat are the writers trying to do ?next they ll make aaliya the torturer of pragya after that what another woman 4 abhi?or plz if u don’t know how to take this show forward just end it please…

    1. Alia iS not actually behind pragya.that ugly minded woman is all behind bulbul and purab.now there will be acid attack on bulbul by her.somebody kill alia plz.

  4. Pragya’s personality needs to change
    Drastically!!! This boring one is all tired out..make her bolder and brVer plzzz!!!

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