Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya blames Pragya for taking revenge on Rhea

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The Episode starts with Ranbir crying hugging Aryan and thinks of his love confession to Prachi, Pragya’s acceptance to their alliance, Pallavi warns him not to take Prachi’s name etc. Aryan asks him to cry and tells that you are a fighter. Ranbir asks what to do? He says I don’t want to lose Prachi and mom, tells that he is trapped. He says Prachi is waiting for my call. Aryan asks her to talk to Prachi. Prachi thinks of Abhi confronting her, Ranbir’s love confession and tying her friendship band. A song plays….rabba…Ranbir calls her. Prachi asks how is Rhea? Ranbir says she is better. He asks if you are crying? Prachi says no and tells that she really doesn’t know that Rhea loves you. She says many people are having tears in their eyes because of me, Rhea is having tears in her eyes because of me. Ranbir says Rhea never gave me impression that she loves me, he says if I had known then would have told you. Prachi says Rhea tried to commit suicide because of me. He asks who told you? Prachi says Mehra sir. She says just like Mehra sir started hating me, even your family must be hating me. Ranbir says no. Prachi says yes. She tells that she can’t bear Mehra sir and his family’s hatred. Ranbir tells that he is feeling alone as everyone is against him. Prachi asks him to take 2 back steps and asks him to do as his family says. Ranbir says my family is asking me to break off with you and never sees your face. Prachi asks him to agree and tells that Mehra sir warned me to stay away from you and your life. She says it is not sure that everyone works as per our thinking. Ranbir asks if you are scared or my love got less. He says our love just started and you are backing off. Prachi says Rhea is sensitive and asks him to think of her happiness and feelings. Ranbir says what about my feelings? She says this is only right. Ranbir says I love you and don’t give right to anyone to snatch my love from me. Inteha song plays……

Sarita behen comes to Prachi and asks her to drink milk. Prachi asks if Maa came? Sarita behen says she will come and asks her not to worry. Prachi says I did a mistake that I shouldn’t have told Maa. Sarita behen says what your mom taught and tells that you have done right. She says Pragya can’t be wrong. Prachi hugs her.

Abhi asks how is Prachi? Pragya says she is fine. She asks about Rhea? Abhi says she is not that bad as you think. Pragya tells that she is not bad, but got diverted from the right path. She says Rhea tried to kill Prachi and hired tempo driver. Abhi refuses to accept that Rhea attempted to kill Prachi and tells that she is just like him, stubborn, aggressive etc, but can’t take anyone’s life. Aaliya smiles seeing them arguing. Abhi says may be that driver said wrong, he might have trapped Rhea. Pragya says Ranbir had caught the driver. Abhi says you trust driver and not me and says she is my daughter. And then says our daughter. He says if Rhea would have been with you then how you would have felt. Pragya says sorry, I can understand. Aaliya says continue fighting. She comes to Abhi calling him. Abhi tells her that Prachi is his real daughter and Rhea and Prachi are real sisters. Aaliya says this was to happen and tells that now she understands everything. Abhi says you can’t talk to Pragya like this, both are sisters. Aaliya says Rhea is in this condition as you loves Prachi much. Abhi says she is my daughter too. Aaliya says Rhea doesn’t know that Prachi is her sister and blames Pragya. Pragya asks what did I do? Aaliya says when you left home, Bhai regretted to let you go. She says Rhea was alone even though Meera was her caretaker, but I gave her mother’s love which nobody can deny. She says whom you have left.Abhi says you knows well that Pragya didn’t go with her wish. Pragya says she curses herself for that day and thought I should have stayed there. Aaliya blames Pragya for not remembering Rhea and not coming to meet her.

Pragya says where I would have come? Aaliya we go to meet the one, whom we love. She says you don’t know about our house. Abhi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says she knew where we stay and also knew that Rhea is your daughter. She says Pragya must have thought Abhi will come to take her, but he didn’t go to bring her and her anger increases with years. She returned but didn’t come to meet him. She says Bhai’s anger comes and goes, but Pragya’s anger is strong and tells that she was taking revenge from Abhi, by not meeting Rhea. She tells that Bhai takes out anger and says you was taking revenge from Bhai and Prachi was taking revenge from Rhea. She says she didn’t let Rhea arrested when she did her accident. Pragya says she don’t want to spoil her life. Aaliya goes on blaming Pragya and Prachi. Pragya says Prachi didn’t know that Rhea is her sister. Aaliya asks didn’t you search Rhea on social media and asks didn’t you ever check about Prachi’s office employer. She says didn’t you know when you came to our home for catering on Diwali Day. She asks didn’t you see Bhai performing. Pragya says I saw him, but didn’t know that it was his house. Abhi says Pragya was not knowing. Aaliya emotionally blackmails him and tells that Rhea tried to commit suicide because of Prachi. Pragya says Prachi is innocent. Aaliya says you are saying one girl guilty and other girl innocent. Pragya says I didn’t come for revenge. Aaliya asks why did you come here? Didn’t you know that we stay in Delhi. Pragya says I did know and that’s why I told Prachi….Aaliya says you got her ready against us.

Precap: Aaliya asks Pragya to go from there and give her the price of her upbringing. Abhi asks why she will go and says you have no right to say her anything. Pragya goes from there. Rhea calls Maa seeing someone (Pragya) going from the hospital ward..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This movie is annoying, why do they even chance to that so called Aliya to talk rubbish..someone should have slapped her please

  2. It’s just amazing how the cat tends to catch pragya’s tongue when she needs to let it loose. Forget Abhi who is a lost cause, this fight is strictly hers. She came there full of rage and ended up leaving without the perfect response to Aliyah. At this stage, after what, 40+ years, she knows better than to cower in front of Aliyah. Even when Aliya admitted to giving Rhea motherly love, it should be clear to her the reason she turned as such.
    To an extent I agree with some of Aliya’s insinuations as to how she never knew Prachi’s employer or searched for Abhi”being a celebrity”/Rhea, catered in their home… it’s assured actually. I guess the writers just like making Pragya’s character stupid.
    Abhi says she believes the driver’s confession, whatever happened to Rhea admitting to everything, oh dear🤦‍♀️! Perfect time to have a temporary amnesia 🤨.
    I give up on this series. If they need it to be this long, they should plssssss come up with something realistic and worthwhile. Just when u think, “yeah, we are getting somewhere”, they just draw u back to episode1.

    1. Hi I think they show real life matter, all this is happening to Pragya because she’s a middle class woman. If she was as rich as them neither Abhi nor Aliya would dare to treat her this way. Abhi when his daddy died was shown throwing Pragya literally out. If she was rich, such act won’t fit. She takes most of Aliya’s insults & keeps silent & Abhi also is feeling his sister is in a position higher than his wife again because she is of a lower class.
      When Pragya’s sister died, it was no big event in the couple’s life unlike dadi’s death!

      Pragya all the time gets furstrated & angry then ends up going out & while that she’s always told by Abhi (to never come back) he would not dare to tell such phrase to woman of same class. Her family will punch him & his sister Aliya in their faces if they to dare to insult their daughter lol
      Wives all the time do such acts (I want to leave, I want divorce, I am not staying here) but “good” husbands stop them by handling them kindly & showing love to them out of fear on them & out of love for them also.
      Pragya whenever left Abhi’s house by her will or thrown out she’s always ended up in the street & some people had find her & gave her shelter… first sing king then that woman who found her in street at night under wind & rain with newborn then sarita…how he loves her? He’s obssessed of himself. Pragya is crazy, she was in love with the man who liked hervsister at the start of the show. Then he rejected her then she married abhi & had to love him…Pragya is shown as a homeless weak begger character of wife. Until now after she got old..7 yrs passed then 20 yrs..means they should be like 50 yrs old? . The writer doesn’t understand what love means & what husband means to a wife. Husband is the home & safe-shelter of the wife, wife should find her husband available to hide behind him when she’s faced with difficulties in life, Pragya spent all her life alone facing most difficult moments alone, even on the rock when she got shot, Abhi let her die on the rock alone & run after the goons then they shew her floating like a turtle lol how was she rescued btw? Lol they didn’t also show how she was rescued when abhi threw her out & she was on a cliff thinking to kill herself after dadi’s death….that miserable woman pragya…. but aside from these last points….
      It’s not logical that she still loves him until now…unless she’s a robotic feelingless woman -_- ! And all the time he almost tells her, you’re a liar, right in her face..first with the boy & that girl that was throwing herself on him & pragya went to court with him to court against abhi & the girl…. then now, although he knows his sister hit disha by car & he knows his sister controls rhea completely, yet he told pragya “shut up what do u know? u ll believe me or the messages of rhea u saw in drivers mobile, he didn’t gave her a chance wven to explain” & she said sorry!
      A wife would show kindness, love, respect to a husband who has always been there for her, protecting her, listens to her… Aliya uses logic now & says why u didn’t see abhi on social media? why abhi doesn’t use such logic & think about evilness of his sister..

      Every time I watch this show I feel sorry for women in India, I truly hope this is not how their life gets when a middle class marries a rich man.. hmm I think it’s a lie anyways, rich men there don’t marry middle class!

      There’s one weird thing in this show though, Hindu Indians understand what (Allah) means? Because the song they play every time has this word?

      It’s Arabic word & it means God, the One Sole Creator of this universe & whatever & whoever above it, in it, beneath it..everyone everyone, God is the Creator & everything else is God’s creation, including our sir Jesus peace be upon him.

      But is it just Arabic?

      Please translate the word God here from English “obviously” into Aramaic:

      Or you can use any other dictionary..

      You will see that, God in English = Aalaah in Aramaic.

      Guess who spoke Aramaic? Yes, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him did. And God will resend His Prophet Jesus again as a Prophet.

      Come on my fellows children of Adam, let’s join the ship of Oneness of God, Allah the One & Only. It’s the only ship heading to safety. This life is a test. Its pleasures, its miseries, it’s just a test. The say we die is the day we are told, put your pen down, your test time is up. Let’s worship Allah, do good as we can & avoid bad deeds…hoping for Allah’s mercy to enter paradise.

  3. I don’t even know why Pragya and Abhi keep waiting for the stars and fate to bring them together. If they love each other, which they’ve proved by still staying single for the past 20yrs, why don’t they take a step and make it work???
    Aliyah is still in charge cos she’s a go getter, a devilish one by the way! Her main aim is to remain and single handedly rule the mehra house and she has taken all the steps to maintain that. She even fought for a man she will keep in that household cos she never intended to leave it even for marriage.
    Pragya should take a cue and grow a pair😖

  4. Nonsense….the worst show of the year…its looking all fake…the devil always win…m fed up of these Hindi soaps.. Seems like the directors have lost their minds

  5. Arayn that ranbir he was carrying Aryan please hug for ranbir.
    pallavi you hurt to ranbir you know that pallavi you go near to ranbir please because of you pallavi shame on you.
    pallavi you know that ranbir gets upset so fast you can’t believe that you have problem pallavi please try to understand that pranchi she didn’t do anything for you pallavi.
    aliya why you talk like that to pragya and abhi.
    pragya mother and abhi father.
    Aliya if you talk like this otherwise now see what I will do now than abhi gets upset for you aliya keep it your mind your language remember it.
    don’t change your topic please for god promise.
    pallavi if you go near ranbir he will not talk to you pallavi you just think like that.

  6. Abhi has always been the worst husband and now he is the worst father also. He is so gullible that Aaliya keeps feeding him all kinds of garbage.

    1. Yes, he is the worst husband..its sad to see to see how he kicks out pragya whenever he wants and expects her to come back even if he himself doesn’t make any effort to bring her back. It also sad to see how he is still brainwashed by aliya after all these years, he doesn’t have brains to think for himself.. He’s just like a brainless fool being controlled by his sister for over 50 years..

    2. Not only only worst an idoit one for that matter. Always bringing down his wife in the presence of people and allowing his stupid useless sister to have her way all the time. I don’t even know why the show is still on

    3. So my question to the writer of this show.
      1. When will Aaliyah be expose for all her doings? She collected someone’s husband
      2. How is she the real mother of Aryan because we don’t get to see her responsibility on her son rather on someone else daughter
      3. When is the misunderstanding between purab and disha going to end
      4.where is purab and disha’s son Sunny?
      5.Where is king?
      6. When is Rhea going to be expose since Abhi did not believe pragya.

      If they don’t want the series to end. Instead of given us nonsense answer a the questions in the series and extend it

      And I guess producers don’t read viewers writer up to see how annoying it is for viewers

    4. Amal


  7. Abhi I think and must silence him .. Well a little fed up that the role of aliya is such a hold on the life of abhi and rhea .. Damn you are the man .. Stop being mediocre and weak in front of your sister .. Pragya opens your mouth for once and silences it stop criticism and belittling .. Until when should we put up with her .. Tired of this woman .. Besides, she is one of the worst actress of zee . TV .. Anyway

  8. Issath

    Why don’t they finish this series. Even abi same as after years and years. No brain to think on his own. Both meets then separated for stupid reasons. I think this will continue till the world end.

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