Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Purab coming and saying Abhi that he wants to talk to him. Abhi says he was just remembering him and asks him to go to his room till the consoles daadi. Purab sees Aaliya in Abhi’s room who asks him why did not he pick her call. Purab says he does not have her number. Abhi and daadi come over there with daadi and says as planned 1 year earlier, they both should marry now Purab gets sad hearing that and remembers one year’s back incident when Abhi asked them if they want to marry each other and they both agreeing to marry. Aaliya says she was waiting for Purab, but he did not pick her calls at all and says he would have got 1-2 girlfriends by now. Abhi says Purab is busy always handling his girlfiends as he believes Purab than Aaliya. He takes Daadi from there. Aaliya says Purab that she missed him and hugs him. Purab gets Bulbul’s call who asks her why did not he call her. Bulbul hears Aaliya’s words that she missed him a lot. Purab cuts the call.

Suresh says he saw something wierd in the market today and says he saw Bulbul speaking to a man there and she told he was her boss. Arvind asks if he is angry because he is her boss or she spoke to him and says he is marrying Pragya now and should not think about Bulbul. Suresh says he promised Pragya to marry her and will fullfill it. He cuts his finger by mistake. Arvind thinks something wrong will happen.

Sarla tensely searches money and jewlry. Pragya and Suresh come there. Sarla says bulbul and her jewelry and money is missing. Suresh asks if she is sure she kept it in cupboard as things are in order. Suresh thinks then thief knows well where jewelry and money is kept and thinks someone from house must have stolen it. Maami says key was with Madhavi. Sarla says she believes Madhavi more than herself. Maami starts scolding Madhavi for her carelessness and starts acting. Pragya asks Madhavi to calm down and says jewelry and money is not stolen because of carelessness, someone stole it. Bulbul says we will inform police. Sarla says she will not call police. Pragya convices her to call police. Suresh says Pragya is right and goes to call police with Pragya. Pragya says she does not know what to do as even Bulbul’s jewelry is stole and she cannot leave Bulbul’s reponsibility on Sarla. Suresh asks her to calm down and come with her to police station.

Maami starts acting and says panditji’s words are right, even before marriage, jewellery and money is stolen and from where will Sarla get money now. Mamaji asks her to shut up, mami angrily goes from there blubbering.

Daadi says Aaliya if she will marry in her village in Punjab. Aaliya says she will marry in Udaipur palace. Abhi comes there and says Aaliya will marry in Mumbai as he wants to show the world how Abhi will celebrate his sister’s marriage lavishly. Purab comes there. Abhi says Purab will fulfill his promise made 10 years ago and says he is perfect for Aaliya.

Madhavi eagerly waits for Suresh and Pragya. Suresh comes home. Maami thinks she will prove pandit’s words are right and will kick Suresh out of the house. She goes to her room and packs money and jewelry and asks her son to go and keep it at home. Son says he will go in the morning.

Servant asks Pragya for dirty clothes to wash. Pragya says she washed herself. Servant sees Pragya stitching saree falls and asks her to give it to her. Pragya says she is having off today, so she will do her work herself. Suresh brings fixed deposit certificates with 50% money in Rachna and 50% in Bulbul’s name and gives it to Pragya. He says he wants to share all her responsibilities. Maami sees them together and thinks she will have to do something with which they should separate at once.

Tannu meets Aaliya and says she will handle her marraiage preparations and asks not to worry. Aaliya thanks her and asks how is it going between her and Abhi. She just smiles. She asks about the shopping plan. Abhi asks Purab to handle it. Bulbul calls Purab and says Pragya is marrying, so she cannot meet him. Pragya comes there and snatches phone from Bulbul. Abhi snatches phone from Purab on the other side. They both speak to each other and introduces themselves to them. Pragya introduces herself as Pragya. Abhi says he is Abhi.

Precap: Mama finds jewelry and money with Mami and snatches from her to give it to Sarla. Suresh sees them fighting.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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