Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi voices his feelings towards Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya searching something above the cupboard. Abhi comes there and calls her name. She falls on him. He holds her…Song plays……tere bin nahi lagda…..Pragya opens her eyes and looks at him. Their moments is shown…..She asks him to leave her hand. Pragya asks him to leave her. Abhi says I forgot all past talks and separated it from my present. Pragya says Past is the moment which comes in present and future and says whenever we talk, our past comes between us. Abhi says I won’t let anything come between us and asks can’t we get back together like before. Pragya asks what do you mean and asks him to go. Abhi says I will hear your eyes today and says we will not fight, but will talk with love. Pragya says I don’t want to talk, leave me alone. Abhi leaves her and

she falls down. Pragya asks if anyone does like this? Abhi says you have done same thing with me.

Sunny calls Kiara and asks her to send notes. Kiara says I will send it with superman. Disha hears them and says chucks will bring Kiara home. Purab meets Dadi and tells that Pragya freed them. Disha says Abhi went to Pragya’s house. Dadi tells that Abhi shall bring Pragya home as he loves her a lot. Purab says we have to just wait for 7 days. Abhi helps Pragya get up and says if he made her fall then will pick her too. Tere Sang Yaara plays………Abhi says if I made you far then will make you closer to me. He tries to get closer to Pragya. Pragya asks him to leave her. Abhi says you shall slap me for misbehaving with you. Pragya asks did I slap you ever? She asks what do you want? Abhi says you couldn’t understand me and says first I will tell you about myself. He asks did I tell you that it was my life’s biggest mistake to throw you out of my life, did I ever tell you that it was difficult for me to stay without you,.and says he feels her love the more she hides, when she told that she loves her husband while playing cards, you were referring me as your husband. He asks her not to say anything, just see and keeping looking at him. He says all your duties, responsibilities and honesty is with King, but love is just for me. Allah wariyan plays..He says I want to hear my answer from you and says I saw you fighting for me, you still cares for me and asks why don’t you tell me that you loves me.

Kiara comes there and tells that she is playing game with Dadi. Abhi says do you know what is in the game and asks if she asked her to tell what they are talking. Kiara says she is spy in this game and Dadi asked her to tell what they are talking. Abhi and Pragya are surprised. Aaliya is in the meeting and thinks of Disha and Purab, she calls off the meeting. Abhi asks Kiara to tell Dadi (Chachi) that superman eloped with her mother. Pragya says he is not Superman. Abhi asks what nonsense. Kiara says he is Superman and has saved me from goons many times. Pragya says Kiara will not say this and asks her to tell that they were talking. Kiara says I will tell what Superman had said. Abhi hugs her and tells Kiara that he will take her to his house. Kiara says yes, I will come. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words that he will prove that Kiara is his daughter. Kiara says she will give notes to Sunny. Abhi asks her to tell Chachi that he escapes with the things he likes. Pragya says you are crossing your limits. Abhi says I will. Pragya says she is King’s daughter.

Abhi says the more you say that Kiara is King’s daughter, the more I feel she is my daughter, like you are my wife. He says that Pragya who came to Police station is my Pragya, for whom I am everything. She says Dadi used to call you Savitri. Pragya says but I am not your wife. Abhi says you regard me as your husband. He says if you wanted, you would have won the challenge and filed FIR against me, but you have fought with Police officer and was worried for me. He asks why didn’t you remember your daughter and was more worried for me. why you forgot your challenge that you gave me in party. He says I used to think that you are married and will not cross its boundaries of a married woman, today I have seen you crossing your limits, and this happens if you are not happy with your marriage or if there is no marriage between you both.

Abhi tells Pragya that once he wins the challenge, he will make one thing more from their way and then will take her home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We all know it’s going to be ages before the Truth comes out because many of the old stupid already used distractions will come out…..temper tantrums, blackmail ,bribery, kidnaping, attempted murder by goons, Nikhil or arson, falsified records or DNA tests (again by the already mention of bribery, injury ie coma, dropping chandeliers or vehicle hit and run .. what a JOKE. Have I forgotten anything??? It’s been a week since I have even bothered reading the updates.

    1. All right Tango. I am working to understand the viewers. Please help me to understand… and anyone else who reads this. What is the attraction? What is the feeling you have when the decision is made that you will check in on this page. What is it that motivates the curiosity? I’m not talking about the show itself. We know that the show/the story is designed specifically to attract us, all. But what is it from within, that so easily answers that call? How does that feeling become a habit? I’m seriously asking. Please take a moment to ‘feel’ it out… not think but rather ‘feel’ it out. and please, please comment.

      1. ango
        2nd Jan 2019 – 7:38 pm
        Akituster : Hello. Sorry for the delay in my reply. The biggest feeling I feel is frustration. I am always hoping that this story will change for the better. I want to come to the updates and have that frustration turn to elation. Does that make sense? So I stay away because I hate the feeling of being disappointed. Unfortunately, this series is still disappointing.

  2. The new highlights on Pragya’s hair are pretty. Abhi begins with words of love and promises. Pragya is suspicious. We all know that Abhi’s sincere words of love are all lies. When push comes to shove he drops Pragya, he hates Pragya, he hurts Pragya and he kicks Pragya out whenever instructed to do so by Alia and Tuna fish. Pragya being hurt is a matter of moments. Pragya always is made to be hurting. As soon as Alia or tuna hear about Abhi wandering away from their control. Or when Abhi drops her out of his arms. Abhi doesn’t care about anyone else’s pain. Only his own. Like every criminal bully, of course he knows how to behave ‘nice’ for a short term. Abhi has found his prey. He teases the prey and allows her to fall down. Then he helps the prey. This is to gain sympathy and fool the prey into believing that he is sincere and loving. We get a glimpse of the piranha Mithali eavesdropping on Swarni Dadi and Purab. We are assured that the Alia/Tuna monster mess will be activated into action immediately. Abhi admits to the prey that he made the biggest mistake of his life. Gee… where have I heard this line before? Throughout his marriage, with the prey, that’s where. The man is not even smart enough to change his lines. And we know that the prey is truly a grade one “A” plus victim/prey. She’ll believe the bullshit. Abhi changes his tune as often as the rest of us change our clothing (daily). Miss Ekta continues to teach that the position of prey is a good position. Prey should be strong, so that they will survive any attacks and still be available to beat up the next time that Abhi needs to hurt someone. Always better to have prey living with you. Much more convenient. Saves on the gas budget. The Pragya prey becomes totally trapped in the words of love (entrapment) coming from the bully’s mouth. The abhigya theme music plays very appropriately, indicating that the prey…Pragya has lost her mind again. Abhi will soon bring home Pragya and her daughter to be abused at the Mehra Mansion. Alia /Tuna fish/ Mithali can end their boredom and will be able to hone their killing and torturing skills again. The little girl Kiara arrives to insure that the viewer receives a feeling of family and love. The producer tries very hard to teach each viewer that this IS love. Hugs and cuddles further the false belief that this is love. Pragya, the prey, has a moment where she remembers how dangerously the predator Abhi can behave. He and his family have murdered, destroyed, tortured and stolen everything that Pragya has. Abhi reminds the Prey, Pragya, that he wants the obedient, ‘loving’ original Pragya back in his arms. The Pragya that would do anything for him. Abhi wants the game to start all over again. He enjoys the hunt. He enjoys the thrill of his capture. And at home he has the 3 monsters all ready to eviscerate, to bludgeon, to humiliate the prey. He’s all ready.
    And Pragya? The prey? She has not grown up enough, she has not found the courage to close the door fully on her past. Pragya will never know real ‘love’. Prey can’t love. There is never room for love when one is still behaving like prey. You are too busy trying to survive the predator. All those feelings? Needy dance of desperation between prey and predator. This is not love. And the confirmation? Abhi begins to talk about the challenge he has made to Pragya. Still playing dangerous games, he is! Not love! Pragya shows her fear on her face. This is truly a sick (albeit attractive looking with all the pretty clothes and music and jewellry) dance and display of abuse and threats. Not love. Loving compassion is the opposite of abuse. Love does not allow for abuse or control over the life of another.

  3. Rubbish show. Will never improve. Reading the written update after many weeks. The story has nott progressed further. Stupid Abhi; just because he is a rock-star he thinks he can get what he wants when he wants and discard it when some crazy thought gets in his low IQ brain.

    1. Every character in this show is dumb. Viewers are led to believe that Alia is smart. Even though her plans mostly fail. Alia is dumb as nails. The only reason she is able to pretend to be smart is because she has enough of Abhi’s stolen money to pull off her lame-brain stunts.
      The producer likes dumb people, young inexperienced and under-educated people because they are easily fooled. I call them innocents. The producer is not able to make characters that are smarter than herself. Thus the low-level of intelligence of all the characters. Alia is likely modelled from the producers own life and personality. You know, the mover and shaker that Alia/producer both are. All because of a relative’s money. The producer is very good at creating stories of abuse. How can she create a story of ‘love’ when very likely she has never experienced honest adult ‘love’ and compassion? Abuse in any relationship indicates the couple is running a typical, desperate union based on NEED. This is not love.

  4. Claudia Ottley

    Please offer some happiness in this show.The plot is very sloppy with no justice ifor the demons .l am joping that tjis predicted twins segment never takes place.Pragjya is a key figure woth many responsibilities
    .Deal with thoze challlenges. And make the episodes realistic.You van fo it

  5. I know king and pragya share no relationship but he is good to her and father her daughter yet she allows abhi to disrespect him by walk in his house like he own it wtf what kind of a woman is she that’s why i don’t feel sorry for her she allow abhi to use her as a doormat….where is the maturity in these characters writers….where is the common sense in these serials maybe you all should just make them syfy cause the crap that’s being shown is out of this world i know these shows are fiction but ekta takes it to a different level of stupidity

    1. Ekta appears to come from that group of people who only feel whole and safe when they have more power or authority than anyone else in the room. Generally, children of rich parents and other humans with arrested emotional development. (That’s majority humanity.) These types of people people only feel safe when they are in control. That’s great if their motivations are to support ‘life’, their community, the earth etc. (Do you know anyone like that?) These people have likely earned their authority/power. Weak-minded people (they never had to do anything) rather inexperienced/emotionally wounded people may easily become tyrants/abusers and the more people they can control, the more they can convince themselves that they are important or ‘special’. We are bystanders and/or participants in Ekta’s efforts to convince herself that she is more special than majority humanity. And she wants to keep things the way they are. Using and indoctrinating innocents, into regressive beliefs about love (nurturing) and hate (abusive). And you are right. Pragya is a well-used doormat. Victims who escape most certainly can revert into old behaviours when once again in the presence of their abusers. Pragya just stands there and allows Tuna to hurt her without complaint. But Ekta will stretch this out for as long as possible and then abhigya will be together and everyone will understand that the false beliefs ‘His/her abuse will lead to love’, ‘He/She gives me love when they hurt me.’ ‘It’s the only time when they are really with me’ ‘I can survive this. I’m strong. It’s my job. they love me’ …are all true. ‘So ..I might as well leave things alone, ‘cos this is love even though I’m so unhappy.’ Women can also be vicious abusers. Ekta knows how to do it on a grand scale.

      1. You are 100% right ….ekta behave like a narcissist and we the viewers her pawn and she uses our fav or well liked actors to draw us in…not even gul khan belittles her actors to that extent

  6. Akituster : Hello. Sorry for the delay in my reply. The biggest feeling I feel is frustration. I am always hoping that this story will change for the better. I want to come to the updates and have that frustration turn to elation. Does that make sense? So I stay away because I hate the feeling of being disappointed. Unfortunately, this series is still disappointing.

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