Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir realizes his jealousy, Abhi slaps Rishi

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beeji asking Prachi to make a cup of tea for herself and Ranbir too. Prachi nods her head. Pallavi stops her and says maybe you have noticed or not and tells that he is looking lost since yesterday evening. Prachi says he is calm and there is no noise here at home. Pallavi says I think he is in love with someone and asks her to ask her. Prachi asks her not to worry and says guys become such due to over pampering and says they need attention. Pallavi and beeji look at her. Prachi says I mean over sensitive. Pallavi says my son is over sensitive.

Rhea thinks to know what type of songs Ranbir likes and thinks to call him and ask. She then thinks to go and ask him directly. Purab is in the house bar and turns when the glass falls down from the table. He thinks Hritik

had told that nothing is going on between them, thinks Disha might love Hritik and he is unaware of her one-sided love. He drinks and thinks how she can love someone else, we both…? He thinks of his moments with Disha. Dil toota main plays…… He is shattered.

Ranbir is in his room and thinks of Prachi asking him to do judo and karate. Prachi comes to his room and asks him to take the tea. He says I will not drink as the poison must be in it. Prachi asks him to drink tea and make his bitterness less due to the sugar in the tea. Ranbir says you must have surely added something and tells that he will not drink. Prachi says sorry and asks what is the matter? Ranbir says you…Prachi said me sorry. Prachi says so what and says you talked nonsense. Ranbir says a nonsense person is standing infront of me. Prachi tells him that Pallavi had said that he is looking sad as if someone girl is rejected him. Ranbir says there is no such girl who can reject him. Prachi says there is a girl who can reject him. Ranbir asks her to show the girl who can reject him. Prachi makes him see in the mirror. Ranbir laughs and says you don’t have qualities of a girl, it was boring and irritating. Prachi says feelings are mutual and asks why do he make his family upset and why was he sad? Ranbir says I thought you feel Rishi as good looking really? Prachi asks if he is thinking about Rishi still. She says it is my choice to talk to whom. Rhea comes there and hears them, thinks Ranbir is getting jealous of Rishi. Ranbir says if your literally choice is such then you have to leave the company. Prachi says I have one word for you and says bye. Ranbir drinks the tea and says not bad.

Rishi brings Priyanka to a restaurant. She asks why do we come here? They sit on the chairs. -Rishi says I didn’t want to talk to you at home and in the taxi, says he knows what she did last time. Abhi is also there for the meeting and gets up to go. Rishi says he knows that she is angry. Priyanka says she is not angry. Pragya comes to the restaurant and sees Rishi there. The manager tells her that he was waiting for her and asks her to give the sample to Raunaq. Priyanka asks Rishi to be clear. Rishi asks her to stay away from Shahana. Priyanka says she came in your life and asks when you are going to share the bed with her, and says I will oust her from our life. She gets up to go. He follows her and holds her hand asking her not to say anything to her. Abhi sees him holding his hand and slaps him. He says you are an intern in my office, you are fired. Pragya sees Abhi slapping Rishi, but don’t see the former’s face. Abhi takes Priyanka with him. Pragya comes to Rishi and asks about the man. Rishi says we shall go home and talk.

Aaliya comes to Purab and asks what happened, why is he so drunk? Purab says I don’t want to stay here? Aaliya asks what do you mean? She makes him sit on the bed. He says I don’t want to stay here. Aaliya asks where you want to go. He says he will go on a business trip. Aaliya says you had said that you don’t want to go. He says he wants to go. Aaliya asks him to lie down and says I will make arrangements for our visit.

Rishi tells Pragya about Priyanka and tells that she had not come to meet Nani here. He tells that we have to stop her, else she will do something wrong. Pragya asks about the man slapping him. Rishi says I think even he doesn’t know about Priyanka’s truth. Pragya hopes that the person realizes Priyanka’s truth. Priyanka tells Abhi that Rishi likes her and even she likes him. She asks him to forgive her and bring him back to the job. Abhi says I think that he was misbehaving with you and was angry. Priyanka says he is possessive about me and convinces him to get him back. Abhi says Rhea, you and one more girl take advantage of my innocence. Priyanka thanks him and goes. She thinks to make Shahana go out of Rishi’s life.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room through the window when he is sleeping. Ranbir wakes up and gets shocked. Rhea keeps a hand on his mouth. He switches on the lights. Rhea tells that he is impressed with him. Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir was asking her if she thinks Rishi is good. She says she never thought why he didn’t fall in love with anyone till now as he is self-centered and loves himself. Rhea tells Ranbir that she is impressed as he acted to be jealous of Rishi. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir is jealous and likes her. Prachi says he said that I am safe with him. Shahana says he means that he wants to be with her all life. Rhea tells Ranbir that he was acting for her and Prachi will think that he likes her, seeing his jealousy. She tells that she will prepare for their first date dress which she thinks is coming soon. She thinks about telling Ranbir about Rohit/Sanju but thinks not now. Ranbir thinks of Rhea’s words and thinks he was not acting to be jealous and was actually jealous. He gets thinking.

Precap: Purab tells Abhi that he went to meet Disha and asked her to move on, but she said that she loves Hritik. Priyanka threatens Pragya that she will commit suicide if she doesn’t get her married to Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So now Abhi and Pragya are being used to tease us. “They will meet! They will meet!”, we are being told. But it looks like that they will be both kept busy dealing with all their family… offspring. And what is wrong with Purab? He married the queen of kardashion klothing. He has no right to be deciding what Disha may or may not be feeling. The offspring are very efficiently being lined up as either victims or tyrants. Mini-Aliyah we knew about, right from the beginning of the leap. The rest are being painted into their corners. I am tired of the boxing matches on this show. they are always rigged. And this is still without Kiara/Sunny. Are they also disappearing Aryan? Why is Aryan not aware of how troubled his father has become?

    1. I am too fed up with this madness and definitely a tease .

      Purab’s behaviour irritates me. He not only married but to the one person who is absloutely undeserving and caused him so much pain personally, and to make it worst they have a son.. a son. Now he wants to go on a business trip, where we can only imagine he will drink his eyes out and be “out of his mind” in grief that Aaliya might get pregnant again.
      Why has the spot light shifted to Priyanka and Rishi, thought they were just curve balls and possible complications not the main show.
      Further I say not

      1. Me too, Nandini. This has become a recycling plant. They watch the viewers reactions and do whatever they think will get the most reactions. Even babies get tired of some games.

  2. Why can’t disha move on??? Purab is a coward because he maried the wicked witch but claims to love disha…yeah right

  3. Why all the Boyz in the series r so gud looking 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍rishi and Priyanka r teenagers….how come they r divorced? Next week the track is gonna be more boring by Priyanka putting molestation charges on rishi and getting him arrested? And this time also ekta will drag and 80% chances r their that rishi would be found guilty 🤦🤦🤦🤦ufff ekta!!!!! U really suck me up man
    😭😭😭😭😭😏😏😏😏It’s unbearable to read TG I don’t watch it🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. I have wondered why she chose two baby-faced actors (Ranbir/Rishi). Is she going to get rid of one? Ekta has claimed that she wants India to progress forward. She forgot that this requires herself to progress forward, first. It appears as if Ekta would like her viewers to remain in an India of 200 years ago. Do you think perhaps that Ekta is one big talentless liar, who used her money to buy her celebrity? Oh no… her parents gave her celebrity. She really has created or earned nothing, has she, all by herself?

  4. purab was soo desperate to get married but why Aaliya?? Couldn’t find anyobe else thn her??

    1. So right Kitty! Purab fought so hard for BulBul and for Disha. He has battled evil (Abhi, Aliyah, Tuna-fish and that goonda that wanted Disha) and was characterized as the one sane male on the show. But I don’t think that Ekta has an appreciation for a real heteros*xual adult man. He had to be destroyed. By a greedy, criminal rich brat who needs a different designer to do her clothing. I bet she would look great in sports wear. It would suit her very well, as she looks like a capable athlete. I just wonder what the specific poison/drug that Aliyah used to do the job. I feel sorry for the actor. He is not given much opportunity to show his skill. None of the actors are. But the script is written at a cartoon level of plot. Very basic/elementary and repetitive. the promised story is limited by a lack of imagination from the creator of the show. She’s stuck herself. How can the show move beyond her own limitations? Her gold is so bright that it has left her blind, deaf and dumb.

  5. Why is the show not revealing about sunny ?? How did the boy suddenly disappear from the show after the leap !?

  6. Why is the show not revealing about sunny?? How come Sunny disappear from the show after the leap!!

    1. Anamika, SUNNY is supposed to be the pair of KIARA, so he would make his utimate entry when she until then it should only disha who really knows where her son really is

      1. But Sunny is not the pair for Kiara but her brother right !

  7. Leisa s morris

    Another psycho in d form of priyanki .. yippee! I was wondering how she could blackmail pragya then I remember she thinks pragya and rishi r family. These ppl r crazy forcing themselves on others and trying to get married to them even though the individual doesn’t love them,it started with Aliyah,then tanu,meera,Priyanka,goin and nxt rhea. I’m just gonna sit back sup my coffee and let d crazy continue

  8. Priyanka reminds me of Alya mental disturbed character
    Purab unpredictable who doesn’t know what he wants either Alya or Disha
    Disha as well if she has lived for long without a man why lie to Purab that she loves Hritik
    as for our so called hero Abhi why just slap Rishi
    Anyways the Promos give me a bad vibes lets hope our MAHANTA Pragya doesnot follow what Priyanka want

    1. Hullo Karan. Purab is easily controlled through guilt. That’s the basis of his relationship with both Abhi/Aliyah. A doctor warned Purab that Aliyah would ‘die’ if Purab left. So, he has taken ‘responsibility’ for the psychopath. No one has bothered to imagine that Aliyah has done this to herself and should be left to die. She’s earned her position. I think Disha is smart enough to know that you don’t involve yourself with a married man, no matter what he says to you. Playing games with a married man/woman is like asking for pain. Married men/women do not leave their marriage, especially when they can have a lover … while still being married. Disha understands that Purab MIGHT have a right to talk to her…. after he’s divorced and that’s not going to happen. Disha is trying to preserve her sanity. and Abhi? Well, when there is no one around to tell him what to do/think then he jumps to false conclusions. Abhi is not the smartest guy in ANY room. His trainers (Aliayh/Tuna-fish) made him into a useful tool for themselves. He’s so habituated to that position that he will not change. Look at what he does to Pragya every time they come together. First he says, “I love you”, then he crushes her life … usually with Aliyah whispering in his ears. Must be horrible for some women in India. It’s not just about the man you marry but also how much his sister, mother control his life. Horrible.

  9. @Anamika : I don’t think Sunny is anyways Kiara’s brother because Purab and disha have no blood relation to Abi and Pragya,,,even though they accept each other as brothers and sisters.

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