Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiara’s truth surprises Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Disha talking to Purab on phone. Pragya asks if everything is fine. Disha thinks she shall not tell Pragya di about Dadi. She ends the call and tells that Sunny reached home late and was crying about Kiara. Nurse comes and tells Pragya that Kiara called her. Disha asks can I go and see. Nurse says after one hour. Disha says ok. Pragya comes to Kiara. Kiara tells Pragya about Nikhil kidnapping her and then when she tried to escape, he hit her with his car. Pragya cries. Kiara says Superman didn’t let me do anything. Pragya says we have to tell Police. Kiara asks her not to worry. She asks her to be with her always. Pragya says sorry. Abhi comes to the hospital holding the balloons in his hands. Tu jo Mila plays……He takes lift to come to Kiara and recalls moments with

her. He thinks even Dadi understands his feelings and that’s why sent her back. Kiara asks about Abhi. Pragya says he went for some work. Kiara says he didn’t wait to meet me and says I will not talk to him. Pragya asks her not to say that and says he gave you blood and will be with you always. She says he is best Pa…and then says person. Kiara says you said right that he did so much for me and says I will love him always. She says I called him from my heart and he will come running to me. Pragya smiles and says yes. He thinks Kiara likes balloons a lot.

Tanu searches for Abhi in his room and knocks on his bathroom. She thinks where did Abhi go, if he went to hospital and thinks Suwarni Dasi have gone mad. She thinks Dadi must have sent him to hospital. She thinks Abhi will not go leaving Dadi alone, and asks herself not to be possessive about him. Disha prays to God and asks him if he will be quiet like Pragya di. She says you made him father, but he didn’t know about it. She says why they can’t live as a family and asks to unite them. She asks them to do miracle and unite Abhi, Pragya and Kiara. Abhi is coming to there. Pragya tells Kiara that he will come if you call him. Kiara says you didn’t see him and says he is sweet and handsome. She tells that nobody can harm her as she is supergirl now. Pragya says you have his blood always as you have his blood. Nurse tells Abhi about the ward number. Abhi thinks Kiara’s mum must be upset with him and thinks to cheer her. He asks a woman to give one rose. She identifies him and gives rose from her bouquet. Abhi comes outside the ward and sees Pragya sitting with Kiara. He thinks Pragya came to meet Kiara as I told her. He thinks where is Kiara’s mum, she left her daughter alone. He asks Nurse where is Kiara’s mum. Nurse says the one who is sitting in saree. Abhi says she is Pragya. Nurse says she is Kiara’s mum. Abhi is shocked and drops balloons and rose from his hand shockingly.
Tanu calls Abhi loudly. Dadi asks Dasi to tell her else she will blast the house. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Dasi says he went to hospital. Tanu says you should have told me. Dadi asks Dasi to leave her. Dasi warns her and goes. Tanu thinks I should have killed Dadi, atleast Abhi wouldn’t have gone to hospital. Purab hears her and says you are the one who did Dadi’s accident. Tanu says you know who am I and who are you? She says this is my house and you are guest. Purab says you are guest here and when Pragya and Kiara return here, then you will ask yourself. Tanu asks him not to cross limit and holds his collar. She asks him to apologize else….Purab says you can’t do anything and asks her to treat her brain. He says if they don’t meet then I will unite them, and will make sure. He says psycho like you have no place in Abhi’s life. Tanu gets angry.

Abhi says Kiara is Pragya and my daughter. He gets teary eyes and thinks Pragya can’t be her mum as Kiara showed someone else as her mum. He thinks both the times, I have seen different ladies as her mum. Allah wariyan plays….He thinks to hear their talks from the other door of the ward.

Abhi hears Kiara telling Pragya that she is fine as Superman’s blood is in her now, and now she is super girl. She calls her mamma and asks not to cry. Pragya promises that she will not cry and says Kiara’s mum is a super mom. Abhi thinks Kiara is my daughter, but why did Pragya hide this fact from me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lolalois

    Finally, now let’s wait for Abhi’s outburst and Tanu’s manipulations. Things can’t work out smoothly in Mehra house. It’s good to see Purab put Tanu in her place, she’s such a b…h

    1. Sorry, but putting the fish in her place would require that she fall down the stairs and her face should meet something sharp and damaging. the only thing that would disturb this character is to have her one quality destroyed. Her face. And on her way down the stairs she should land on Suresh, so that everyone knows that she’s been having an affair with Suresh. Or she could land on Robin who’s just returned and Robin can kill her for murdering John. I would love to see Purvi and Paneet come back to do Alia in, for good. The writers are trying to make Alia pleasant. Alia is a psycho and will remain a psycho. Most real psychopaths are pleasant people. This attracts their next victim. Save King from the Amazon psychopath!

      1. Lolalois

        Amazon psychopath indeed, you’re right. I won’t mind if the tuna fish takes a tumble down the stairs, let her feel how ‘sweet’ it is. I really want Robin back though

      2. finally finally shark for dinner lol yes ,

  2. You are bang on. Now Abhi will throw his tantrums and once again blame Pragya. Such a wimp. And Pragya will once again meekly just shed tears and move away leaving the field to the two b*t*hes aliya and Tanu to run Mehra mansion and kill and harm all around one by one. The serial is not even worth commenting
    They are promoting evil for the last 4 years and now they have not even spared the kids and the elderly. As I have mentioned earlier that thus serial is a prime time serial watched by all and what morals are we imparting,that it is ok to kill the kids as to harm the elderly and leave them to die .fail to understand why such cheap serials are being tolerated and no action is being taken on the content that’s being telecast. God Pragya someone tried to kill your daughter it’s high time you get to the bottom and get the culprit behind the bars and then give Abhi the answer to his question as to why you kept him in the dark regarding kiara birth as Tull aliayab and Tanu are free and moving around in Mehra mansion neither you nor kiara will be safe. Please dump the so called man child abhi and go with king he is such a gentleman and so cute and handsome

  3. He is going to be angry and try to take Kiara away from Pragya…..because that is what they do here in this serial: lie, cheat, murder, accuse, insult, blame, hurt, abuse ….I think that about covers it all. LOL

  4. Lolalois

    Aliyah is looking more beautiful these days, no doubt taking mercy on her so that she doesn’t become an old maid although I should say she’s already on the shelf since little Neha is already engaged. I like King, buy Aliyah for King, well, they are determined to give her a happy ending

    1. I do not like the image of Pragya losing Abhi to Tuna fish and then ‘losing’ King to Aliyah. That is insult after injury. I don’t understand why anyone would feel that Aliyah deserves anything excepting jail or a group of vigilantes who would make her life very threateningly interesting. If evil is not stopped that does not mean one should award the evil. She already has what she really wanted. What she always chose first…. Abhi’s stolen wealth. Those were her choices. She still has not learned that you cannot own people. She still owns Abhi. Why send an innocent man, like King, into certain hell? Would you just watch if your best friend was falling for a criminal type of person? If anything Pragya should tell the truth about the whole Mehra family. She owes him that much. King is intelligent. He can make his own choices. One of the worst betrayals of friendship is withholding information. Especially when the information, the truth would have changed your decision. But we do know how Pragya shares the truth with everyone. She doesn’t. Miss Ekta requires that all characters are complete idiots. When are the Dasi’s going to retaliate against Tuna fish? She should be pushed down the stairs and have boiling water poured all over herself. Please remember, I am simply replying to the low level thinking of this production. I personally do not think in this manner.

  5. Oo la la… Finally… Finally, Abhi knows that he’s a daddy… Coming to Tanu… Does Tanu really think that she can keep Abhi tethered to her…the man’s a bull these days, looking to graze in older familiar places….i can imagine her frustration, when you have a man, who never desired you, wanting to go to the woman who you stole him from, yeah, I can imagine her frustration…good!! It’ll be so satisfying to see Tanu’s temperament when the shit hits her….her porcelain face which is never without makeup, would shrivel and disintegrate into pieces…that is, if the man child named Abhi, uses his testicular strength to bring the house down on Aliya the old virgin and Tanu the murderous slit…let’s see what happens when he confronts Pragya… One thing I liked today, was Purab putting the wicked witch in her place… That was hmmmmm satisfying!!!

    1. Oh Naz, he’s never tough enough! She wears high heels mostly. It would be so easy to arrange an accident… especially when she’s drunk!!
      And Zo! Too much! first a tuna fish, now a shark and I keep seeing these piranhas swimming around. I can’t make up my mind if they are Alia’s (the sharks) goondas or if they are all the people she has hurt, terrorized or destroyed coming back to harass her!! Eat up the tuna and shark, please…little piranhas. Maybe we are the piranhas!

  6. Read somewhere in some KKB spoiler that Tanu will go to the hospital and threaten Pragya with harming kiara and so Pragya will again move away from Abhi. This is too much,fail to understand why Pragya has to hide things from Abhi and king. By doing this she is encouraging more crime and asking for more trouble. Off late Tanu really looks villainous,guess being evil over the last 4years has got into her skin and she has really started believing that being evil is her second nature. Also what abt Abhi where he promises kiara that he will find the culprit and have them punished. Guess this will also take a back seat like all other investigations. So again EVIL TRIUMPHS AND GOOD FACES DEFEAT. REALLY WONDER WHY THE CONTENTis not being censored. The spin off of KKB , kundali Bhagya is also going on the same track the evil Prithvi and Sherlin are winning all the time and her pregancy track will go on for more than 1 year as it did in kumkum Bhagya. blo*dy shitty serial??

    1. Hi Alka, I saw her on Saregamapa as a guest and she does look like a brainwashed psycho, like if she’s conditioned to be evil, I imagine the role has become ingrained in her so deeply that she can’t look like a delicate doll anymore.. You see how no matter what, writers take one step forward but two steps backwards… When we think that Pragya could at least try to liberate her mind and fight back the ugly wretch Tanu, she will borrow down into her hole once more and let Tanu win over her all over again… I cannot understand Pragya at all…

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