Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tunu asking Aaliya how did she execute her ugly filthy plan and trapped Purvi. Aaliya reminisces going to Bulbul home and in ileu of going to washroom going to Purvi’s room and keeping money and pics in her cupboard. Tanu applauds that she is beauty with brains. Aaliya says now she is relieved and Bulbul cannot point her now. Tanu gets sad and says Abhi is with Pragya since many days, Pragya must have trapped him in her love.

Police catches corporator goon and asks what is he doing in jungle. He says he did not do anything and did not kidnap anyone. Inspector says he did not tell anything about kidnap and asks where is Abhi and Pragya. Goon says again he did not do anything. Inspector says he will speak out after third degree torture and drags him to commissioner.

Pragya looks at Abhi shyingly and reminisces their romance in jungle. A song plays in the background….

Tanu cuts her finger thinking about Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks what happened to her. Tanu says she is worried that Pragya may do black magic on Abhi and trap him in her love. Mitali comes and says she is telling right, black magic works more in jungle and asks her to imagine what they must be doing near lake inside hut. Tanu gets afraid and says they both fight a lot. Mitali says like in hindi films, love happens after fight and says even Aaliya used to fight with Purab and now she loves him so much that she create this mishap. Aaliya says Mitali is right and smirks. Tanu gets worried.

Sarla cries and says she did not know Purvi would kidnap Abhi and Pragya and gets worried for Abhi and Pragya. Janaki comes and tells Biji if she should get her cough syrup instead of tea. She says Abhi and Pragya will be fine. Daadi says she is worried about Purv. She asks who Purvi and says she is dead for her and says now she has to work alone and goes to kitchen.

Constables bring goon to a hotel for tea. Tea vendors identify goon and think they can get 1 crore reward if they handover goon to Purab. One of them drops tea on constable and takes him to washroom. Another fellow takes goon with him. He calls Purab and tells he got the kidnapp er and needs 1 crore in reward. Purab asks him to come to Abhi house. He then happily tells Bulbul that kidnapper is coming to Abhi’s house. He then calls commissioner and informs that he found a kidnapper. Commissioner says he must be the one who eloped from custody and asks where is kidnapper coming. Purab says a man is bringing him to Abhi’s house. Commissioner says he will send his time and asks him to be careful.

Aaliya peeps at Abhi from behind cot and sees him sound asleep. Mai tenu samjhawa…….song…. plays in the background…She goes near him shyingly and checks his wound. Abhi turns, she hides under bed. Once he falls asleep, she gets up and checks if he is asleep. She then gets hot sand bag and massages his wound.

Purab waits for man and kidnapper with Abhi’s family. Tanu asks what if kidnapper identifies her. Aaliya says let us see if he is genuine or fake. Man brings kidnapper home. Purab asks where is Abhi. Kinapper says he does not know. Purab slaps him. Akash starts his turn and continues slapping and hitting him. Tanu says what if he tells everything.

Precap: Mitali and Taiji promise DID Super Moms serial on sat-sun at 9 p.m. No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode except for the purvi part

  2. This rockstar don’t have brains….hmmm I wonder who the f**k made him star

  3. From tuesday spoliers that are telling that abhi and pragumya will be back home bt still no improvement…. Draggingggggggg

  4. What a total anti climax episode after the beautiful confession! I can’t be bothered to watch the wrongdoings of Aaliya and her peers! Too much screen space allocated to them!

  5. So sad,for purvi
    That scene really make me cry
    I hope this Aliya to die and get bitten up by ABHI

  6. Bullbul is the fault of the story

  7. we are really bore of this aliya pls do sumthing nice of this seriql its geting too worst how can sum1 do lyk this worst to his brother

  8. I think Aaliya has mental disorder.How long will she take revenge? No wonder Purab loves Bulbul.She don’t deserve his love.

  9. this aliya is wicked she didnt even spare purvi so sad but the caught the kidnapper so he should talk out that aliya n tanu is partners with him in kidnapped pragya n abhi so that puvri would prove innocent

  10. I am telling you, these indian shows can have people turning on their own trusted and loved ones in 2 seconds. Bulbul & her mother believing that BS about Purvi. Why in god’s name would Purvi suddenly turn villian when the ones who have already proven themselves to be evil slithering snakes always lurking around eavesdropping roams around with clear name…

  11. And the super crap continues!!!

  12. Wish ZEE also get some brains and stop telecasting this serial.

  13. What rubbish

  14. Gr8 episode except for aliya not getting caught & putting blame on purvi

  15. No creativity

  16. Same boring story

  17. Instead of writing Pragya peeped your writing Aliya…..kya huwa??

  18. When is this gonna end now. Its just dragging on. Real annoying.

  19. I abhi to confess his love for pragya soon…..And throw that ATM out.

  20. I wish abhi to confess his love for pragya soon…..And throw that ATM out.

  21. Wat the hell


  23. How can they play a love song in the forest where there is no music.It should have been Abhi singing to Pragya live.Aaliya and Tanu are not far from a mental case.No time to waste on them.Her face is so paited with make up ,it makes her devilish ways show up more.The episode was ok.

  24. Despite Pragya and Abhi scenes cannot really enjoy it because of lies and deceptions by Aliyah. If writers wanted to give Purvi airtime as one viewer suggested then they should have had her and Suresh have a love connection. I honestly do believe that this will happen at some point. Furthermore why can’t writers have Abhi and Pragya consummate their marriage since they have so much time together in the wilderness.

  25. Bulbul is the worst of this serial…even u pair with bulbul n suresh …aliya n purab…thats gud ….bulbul s stupid shit…her char s totally irritating the viewers…i start the serial to watch bul n purab…now i hate them pls separate both…dumb idiots…in jungle itself pls murdered pragya n abhi….idiots

  26. Draaaagging….now de story reached evn in purvi (as kidnapper)

  27. bht nice ha yeh drama i like it verymuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  28. de episode waz superb except us viewer r bored wid kidnapping DAT doesn’t end… be serioz n let de movie rock as it used to be……..

  29. What are these writers doing….aaliya needs to get a beeeg f’n boot…I cant stand to watch her lying scheming face…n sooo typical of purvi’s family to turn on her WTF!!!! where are they all gonna put their faces when they realise the truth that the f’n b**** aaliya framed her… the lies that come out of her filthy mouth….but simply falling in love with abhigya come on writters we need a class love story….get rid of aaliyan n tanu

  30. This is ridiculous. . I don’t even care to watch it anymore, it’s Stupid Aliya, whore bag ugly Tanu and retarded Mitali, running the show now.

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