Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi to help Pallavi in organizing Purab-Aaliya’s wedding anniversary

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Disha leaving after saying bye to Pragya and Prachi. Prachi says you didn’t tell that you have a sister. Pragya says she is your Mami also and tells that you have a family too. Prachi asks did you meet my Papa? Pragya says no and goes. Meera looks at the album and thinks of Abhi. She thinks of mitali’s words that aaliya also loves them. Pragya writes in her diary about Kiara and writes if you would have been alive then we wouldn’t have been separated. She hugs and kisses her pic and cries. She comes to the window and thinks even today she feels the same pain and loss which she felt then. She thinks even now he is still angry with her. Song plays….abhi comes to the window and thinks don’t know if I am waiting for my death or to meet her. He thinks he remembers the time when she left him. He says when he thinks of Kiara, he gets angry. He says he don’t know if he will feel love or anger and asks the moon to make him meet her, tell that he miss her. Pragya also asks moon to give her love to Abhi and that she misses him. Song plays…main bhi na soya….

Aaliya and Purab are in their room. He tells her that he never saw her doing his work and asks her not to act. He says we hardly talk and behave happily only on party occasions. He says there must be something today so that you are acting. Aaliya says I am happy. She thinks she needs him in the weekend as they had their anniversary.

Purab comes out. Vikram asks him to thanks her just like that. Pallavi says if he told you and says she has planned his surprise anniversary party. Vikram says he has won the 10000 Rs. He asks her to give money. Dadi says you ruin the surprise. Pallavi says everyone will attend it and it will be grand celebration next week. Dadi asks Purab to be happy seeing others happy. Purab says I am doing the same since many years. Abhi comes to Disha’s office and says sorry. Disha says mistake was of mine. He asks about her. Disha says she is fine and feeling important after many years. She says it was difficult to come here. Abhi says yes and says he took permission from Vikram. She says I know you were trapped in brother and sister’s relation. He says but I couldn’t do anything for you. He says you know how much you matter to me. Disha says I know that’s why you came to meet me. He hugs her again. She says when you and di separated, everything was finished. She cries. Abhi says I will be always with you. Someone calls Disha and asks her to come to CM’s office.

Pallavi calls Vikram and asks about the decorative stuff. Vikram says I don’t know and teases her. Prachi hears and smiles. She says I know where these stuff you will get. Pallavi asks her to come. Vikram asks her to go. Prachi leaves from office to go to meet Pallavi. Disha comes from her office and sees her. Prachi says she is going to boss house as his wife called. Disha offers to drop her and asks her to sit. Prachi sits in her car. She asks Disha when she met Pragya. Disha says she met her in her sasural. Prachi thinks if she is my Maasi then how she is my Chachi. Disha asks if she wants to know anything and can ask. Disha’s car stops. She calls mechanic. Prachi says I will take taxi. Purab is going from there and stops the car seeing her. Prachi says she is going to meet Pallavi. Purab says he will drop her. Prachi says someone else is also there with her. Disha and Purab see each other.

Precap: Aaliya tells that the party is high profile and doesn’t like Prachi doing the arrangements. Prachi calls her Bu ji. Aaliya says only Rhea calls me Buji, but not you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ok now I rly wanna know what purab did to disha and how he ended up with aliya

  2. There is a possibility that Aaliya drunken/ drugged him and set him up to break his marriage with Disha. Aaliya was always inviting herself to the couple’s bedroom to interrupt them. So she found a way to get intimate with him. However, he is hurting all these years , does not love Aaliya but loves Disha. Abhi is such a fool to have been fooled by his sister and took her side against Disha. He was never fair minded towards Disha and Pragya because of Aaliya and Tanu. Now we see Meera trying to get close to him. So waiting for the wedding anniversary to fail for Purab to leave Aaliya and go after his real true love and wife Disha. What happened to Sunny? We are only seeing the second son.

    1. S he hadn’t give value for his wife pragya tiol these yr it’s pathtiec to watch him as if he cares for others rather than his wife who. He hadn’t supported till date pursb is the real love of disha seriously these two deserve to be with each other because never saw purab happy with Alia unlike abhi who was happy with tanu b*t*h at the starting and then ended up as if he loves pragya .at least purab is blaming himself that he betrayed disha he isn’t even interested in Alia really th ereal love f disha .but this abhi till date he loved tnau only not even single instance he loved pragya .but I don’t know y they are egiving imp to others more than these two cries

  3. I won’t celebrate an anniversary if the marriage was as acrimonious and distasteful as Purab and Aliya’s…coz there’s nothing there to celebrate!! A couple like Pallavi and her husband, well yeah, there’s something to celebrate!! Never mind their love looks like puppy love at their age, it’s still love!!! Even Abhi and Pragya have no business celebrating their anniversary coz love between them is upside down…These writers trying to emote an occasion that doesn’t exist between a couple, that’s how hard up they are for material to write…

    1. Well Naz, aliyah has made so many enemies through the years. This is a fiction…I would not advocate violence in any way in real life but as a response to a ‘creative’ project which celebrated violence daily and celebrates lies, cheats, whores, corporate malfeasance, abuse and murder as a matter of course perhaps we’ll get lucky and some, rather many enemies of aliyah can all show up and shoot the pretend woman-like object right between her eyes. Abhi will never be happy until that woman-like thing is dead. Do you see anyone happy when the woman-like thing is around? No. They sure picked the perfect ‘actress’ to characterize her. And you are aware that I don’t buy for a second that this actress is acting. She is ‘sharing’ a part of her real self with the audience. One doesn’t practise and perfect that transvestite look and manner. One is born that way. (Look at how hard that ‘lady gaga’ persona tries so hard to look like a woman.) Aliyah was like ‘that’ from day one of the show. The only person who I have met who could easily match and blow Aliyah away was a vicious, cruel drag queen that I used to know. (Yes, I knew many wonderful, beautiful and talented drag queens as well.) And the drag queen didn’t have to lie, cheat, steal or murder to earn her power. She/he was power. Aliyah is a big loser nothing that is able to survive by stealing other people’s lives. She is a demon that needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Perhaps the actress can explore another side of herself with a new job. but you have to wonder if there is another side to this actress.

      1. Aliyah is an expression (one of several) of Ekta Kapoor’s own need and desire for power and status. The role sure tells you a lot about Ekta Kapoor. Brilliant at putting talented people together. No brilliance when it comes to creativity. Her story…they still claim it’s based on Sense and Sensibility and I do not see how… is all copy paste and then adding a whole number of pointless scenario’s (often copied word for word), using too many flashbacks and even fake flashbacks, Ekta Kapoor is a lot like Aliyah as seen through her ‘creative work’. although apparently aliyah actually had s*x in order to produce a baby.

      2. Who is that lady Gaga Dr do you think abhi and meera will be married again .because if u see shabir is treated diff with diff ladies in his set with sriti he is Neve given imp he just hated and blammed her that it just he was used as Tom and never happy once for a while but when he was tanu he was given much imp like he celerbated everything with her in including anniversary ,I think after sriti exit from mm ,realy i think that house turned rich really costumes given to sri to is pathetic seriously others are ven given younger lok in this leao more than this lady don’t know what s ths partiality .

  4. Akituster, I’ve taken notice of Mrunal Thakur aka Bulbul, who left KKB and had a few decent characters in big screen movies and is now appearing alongside Hrithik Roshan in their upcoming movie Super 30 I think it’s named ?…. I tip my hat for this young woman who ran away from Ekta’s toxic wings, if only she had remained in KKB, well she would have died a slow screen death like what’s happening with Pragya. If one remains too long with Ekta, chances for survival in the mainstream filmy world becomes slimmer for other projects and this also gives her leverage to make or break you, see what happened to Arjit Taneja? She set him up nicely in Kaleerein and then dashed him ruthlessly in his mysogistic character as Vivaan…what happened after? The serial died off but it left its mark on him, I’m happy if he gets a more worthy project away from Ekta’s influence.. So, here we have Sriti Jha, she got old-er before my eyes, right in my living room area and with her years of working under Ekta, by the time KKB bites the dust, her career in lead roles would go to younger actresses, while she was able to do too less in that capacity as Pragya, she could have forayed into different and challenging roles to highlight her worth as an excellent actress. I don’t care about Shabir coz I don’t like his acting, it sucks…the others can stay right where they are.. One thing I’ve noticed, when Rhea uses less makeup, she looks younger and when she dresses like a little tramp, she looks older, I assume the seamstress runs out of cloth whenever she’s sewing clothes for the actress while Prachi is always wearing too much, don’t you think salwar kameez in morden styles would be more appropriate? She looks like a nanny…no offense meant.. Soon, Pragya would have to watch out, Mira would end up being the next Tanu and the nice goody two shoes behavior would disappear when she realizes Pragya is Abhi’s eternal love.. Aliya would team up with her to get Abhi coz of her hatred of Pragya and the merry go around would start all over again..

    1. We still think alike and for the same or similar reasons. I agree about their acting careers. I believe that Arjit Taneja has a new show coming out and I plan on taking a peek. but you are correct, Ekta Kapoor is a punishing machine. I suspect that she ‘gets off’ on the power that she assumes she has a right to own. Look at Sriti Jha. Her branching out is all about her literary interests. People like Ekta like destroying beauty, talent and balanced hearts. They tend to uplift mediocre humans who obey orders well. When Bulbul left, I was hoping that Pragya would follow. The actress, however seems to be a well trained Indian person. Obedient to the last even though they are watching their life drain away. Remember when the poor girl was actually defending that 2-bit actress who played Tuna-fish? I’ve had the same thoughts about the two WOMEN who are playing Pragya’s daughters. I have seen some beautiful tattoo’s through the years. Art, supreme, well thought out and matching the individuals personality, although I would never tattoo myself because of the energetic commitment and repercussions. Real tattoo’s are an act of ceremony. I cannot stand people who are dumb enough to arrange for those tacky fashion tattoo’s just so they can say that they have one. I see Meera’s and Rhea’s tattoo’s as exceptionally cheap and tacky. A series of stars on the shoulder? Sure, if you are five and Mommy can wash it off at the end of the day. That tells me a lot about these two women. No grace, no thinking ability beyond the next 24 hours. These kinds will do anything to be a member of the ‘cool kids club’. Since Ekta has the money and power she demands it would appear, for people to debase themselves in order to earn their daily bread. Just like Aliyah. Ekta Kapoor, it appears, likes to destroy that which is healthy and normal because she will never be healthy or normal, herself. Since she’s convinced herself that she’s a queen of something, her subjects have to be like her. Cheap, tacky and a large dash of malevolence tossed in to keep life moving. That’s why the whole crew has to spend so much money and time with the makeup, surgeries, astrologers, brain mapping, and even more game playing because deep down in their hearts they know who they really are. And it is the stuff of nightmares. Ekta Kapoor is a superb manipulator because she has money. If she didn’t have money, she would be the creepy neighbour, whom everyone stayed away from. Somewhere in her heart, she knows this. that is why she will never be without money. Just the same for all the ‘too rich’. They know what they are and cannot face that truth. And Abhi? Well I’ve never really like him either. His acting has improved since the beginning. However his character and it would appear in his real life he is just so useful to women. Too easily manipulated, by women. He’s not an adult male. And clearly he traded in a bossy mother for a manipulative and bossy wife. That’s probably why he plays the role of a p*ssy-whipped male, so well. Just watch… I’ll check… whomever reads these comments from Ekta’s staff, will within 24-48 hours put out a whole bunch of vids describing how wonderful Ekta has become. I wonder if her baby’s nanny is actually Ekta’s real life ‘wife’. Why doesn’t Ekta make a show about her own little ‘family’ life? We could all take nausea medication before watching.

    2. Oh. And aliyah finally having s*x? (Sort of like Ekta wishing and hoping she could get that Johar fellow into bed) Aliyah only managed it… I’m sure… by drugging Purab or using some other trickery. Typical Ekta style! Trick them! Manipulate them! Who cares which lives are destroyed! Hurt someone so you can take what you want. After all, these kinds of injured and deranged humans believe in that ZERO INTELLIGENCE phrase that “all is fair in love and war”. Very commonly heard in Ekta productions. What can one expect?

    3. I agree about Prachi’s clothes. But giving her old fashioned clothes just helps to keep the image of Pragya being a down-scale person. Meera is too ‘not pretty at all’ to compete with Tuna-fish. First Tanu was beautiful. 2nd Tuna-fish was pretty and couldn’t act that well. Her lips became an advertisement for a s*xual device or a clown faced botox job. They would have to give Meera a nose job as well as botox treatments. Maybe Meera could contact whomever did the work on Aliyahs jaw, to help out. Remember how Aliyah looked better each time she had come back from a ‘holiday’. Yes, I’m being ‘mean’ but that is the ‘standard’ that the show itself creates each day.

    4. SHANKI

      My question is Why does aliya hate Pragya? does she even have a reason? the reason Abhi married Pragya was that aliya thought Pragya instead of her former sister bulbul was in love with Purab so to take revenge he helps his sister? and he tells rhea not to be angry with Prachi wow Shabir Ahluwalia you deserve to be removed from this show you are the main reason of problems in your life for 2o yrs Abhi n Pragya were separated and nothing happened to them but when they came face to face the rock hits them? Abhi blames pragya for kiara’s death? does he realize that she managed to take care of kiara for 8 yrs and it didn’t take 1 yr after abhi – pragya’s reunion that kiara fell of cliff.

      1. That was tuna-fish and aliyah who designed every single problem in KKB, with the help of mithali and nikhil. Abhi is OWNED by his ‘sister’. He will never have a life until the witch is dead or Abhi works out what a pea-brain, useless man he is. He is his sister’s obedient dog. ALIYAH HATES PRAGYA BECAUSE PRAGYA ‘STOLE’ ABHI’S ATTENTION AWAY FROM HER. Remember it was Aliyah who brought Tuna-fish into Abhi’s life…. because she could control Tuna-fish and she had to find a way to provide for Abhi’s s*xual needs because she knew (just like Ekta Kapoor could not sleep with that Johar fellow) enough not to sleep with him, herself. Tuna-fish was easy to control (just satisfy her gold digger side and somehow survive, her 3 year old giggles/behaviour) and Aliyah could continue to easily control Abhi . Aliyah keeps talking about ‘class’ and ‘middle-class’ because she was born LOWER than middle class. She can’t let anyone remember how low-birth she is, so like a badly bred child or new money-no class type of people, she must talk about class all the time, because she controls her brother’s money. Aliyah probably figured out that no man would ever come near her because she is so ugly physically, emotionally, mentally and spirit? I think any spirit she might have had, died when she was less than middle-class. Aliyah is a cancer on the world. Using chemo-therapy (poison) or surgery (violence) she needs to be permanently excised in order for the humans to live. Until she is dead, the humans will continue to suffer all the horrible things that cancer does to one’s body. it eats you alive.

      2. Hw would have been the one who would have made purab and alia mrg since he wishes that wasn’t he the one who sent out pragya for being responsible for dado death knowing she won’t do that by hearing manipulative words from his sis what kind of man he is just he will do anything g ti his wife and blame het and hate her and sent her out of the house buy he cant se others around him who are not even his family worry so called worrying for disha after making purab marry alia

  5. This is so true, KKB, is becoming very boring. The repetition of kidnapping, armed robbery, accidents, comas, loss of memories, marriage breakups, misunderstandings ,people getting away with lies are too much. They portray India like such a corrupt country. Only poor people get imprisoned . The rich get bailed out the same day or in a few days. I am tired of watching the same things over and over again Writers,please sit up and stop beating round the bush. It would have been better to stop after season one. I am really ashamed for you.

    1. India is a very corrupt country. and yes, it is not uncommon (more so in Northern India, I am told, where the population was more affected by the 1947 independance and murders), for families to treat their children as objects and workers. Supposedly, the generation was so brutalized that they brutalized their children, in turn. that’s all they knew. There are so many dramas like this because all children are taught be obedient and useful to their parents. the demand for status is so great that many are corrupt in order to fulfill that wish and crushing others is nothing compared to reaching the desired status.

  6. Dear Ishu, good to ‘see’ you again. Look up early images of Lady Gaga. she is an entertainer who actually wore a meat suit. yes. strips of dead animal on her, instead of cloth. She was a ‘shock and awe’ entertainer and recently has been working to become a normal human. Her current ‘look’ has obviously been ‘enhanced’. People thought that she was a transvestite when she began her career. I don’t know if she ever looked like a cadaver the way Aliyah has looked, recently in KKB.

    1. My question is abhi doe really love pragya ot acting as if he loves her because he was the one who married tanu and celebrate his liFe victory with jet previous year ethu would have been to even honeymoon to spend theit life but wouldn’t because fans slamming isn’t there amy diff in .Do u know something ekta and kanchi friend is that new caretaker meera that is ashley.sp.simce they don’t want shipping of Tisha and abigya they had butchered them and these new entries seriously y disha came.here even .When abhi can find disha address.and office y can’t eh find put pragya address.i can’t understand that many say blamming is type in which they express love really i can’t understand .This man will threw her and again marry her do everything and when his sis say anything against her he believes her and send pragya outside .

      1. I see both pragya and Abhi loving each other sincerely. Their script has repeatedly shown that. Every time they have been together, the Aliyah cancer and the smelly tuna-fish greed, has immediately opposed the love. The whole story is about the CONFLICT OF ABHI AND ALIYAH. This is not the story of Abhi and pragya. Abhi and pragya are sidelines to keep viewers coming back. Who are the two powers in the show. Abhi, well really his money and Aliyah. Aliyah is the one person who gets what she wants. Thus my constant reference to Ekta Kapoor being mirrored through aliyah’s personality. This is a power struggle between Abhi and aliyah. Aliyah wants Abhi’s life, his everything. Let’s face it, just like Aunty Ekta, she is one big zero without Abhi’s money. Abhi is a stupid victim and continues to allow his life to be destroyed by the whispers and lies of Aliyah. It is called ‘learning’ the first one or two times you are duped or fooled. This excuse for a man doesn’t learn. He obeys aliyah like a dog. Sure he’s fought back here and there like any good victim does. Ultimately he is simply a wealth creating tool for the evil cancer that is Aliya. she has no shame because she has no consciousness. And the actress who has played her cards very smartly on set or at work, interestingly enough, also gets everything she wants. Just like the character, she does her homework and makes sure that she is in control. Again…. these actors have been hired not for their acting skills but because their personalities really do match the characters they play. Albeit likely not to the degree of stupidity that the script offers, us. I still wish to believe that living humans aren’t as ridiculously stupid as the characters of KKB. Abhi and Pragya love each other very much. They do not have bad luck. They are not cursed. There exist a bunch of criminals that both Abhi and Pragya have never brought to justice even though they could have done so. Pragya should have and could have arranged for the death of Mithali, Nikhil, aliyah and the smelly Tuna-fish. She did not. Abhi awards every criminal by paying for their lavish life and he basically sh*ts on his wife relentlessly because his sister and his whore keep telling him to do so. Abhi is a perfect idiot. Lovely story, right?

  7. Dr love between them is one sided pragya love for abhi mot abhi love for pragya .abhi character changed after munni.totaly he wasnt like 2014 real lover after munni track .Was there any point is showing tanu and abhi celebrating anniversary atleast purab isn’t happy celebrating anything he isn’t happy from the first day since he married alia unlike abhi who was happy dancing with that both and acting as if he doent like tanu.wasnthe happily celebrating with that women for 2 days and describing about her everything but stopped after fans slamming ,but purab wasnt butchered like abhi na .

  8. Only solution…is…stop watching these toxic idiotic senseless daily soaps…these shows runs..bcoz they got trp….no matter how typcial regressive and stupid shit they make…if people are watching it…these show will run. Audience needs to change. Ekta kapoor ho yaa rajan shahi…sb paisa kamane baithe hain…phirr chahe unka serial kittaaa hi ghatiya kyu na ho…trp aaygi to serial chlega.
    Stop watching this shit..they will stop making such shit.
    And its not only about kumkum bhagya..be it kundali bhagya or kasauti..or yrkkh….it applies to every stupid indian t.v serial.
    Frankly speaking…indian t.v shows are full of shit. Only people who can operate without using logic and common sense..those can watch these pathetic shows. These shows focuses on 2 type of audience..1) Aunties..jo addict hain t.v serial dekhne k…phir chahe show kitna hi bekar ho…unke saamne bss 8-11 t.v chlte rhna chahiye…they dont think aout story line..logic…character development..acting skills etc (like we youngsters do think about all these things..thats why more nd more youngsters are watching online content and hate t.v)
    2)Blind fans of lead actors…who, no matter how bad the show is…but still want to see their faces.

    Indian t.v should start adopting limited episode concept..like american,u.k,pakistani shows…only then these serials will become more logical,a nice story to remember…not something to cringe about…not something that goes on for years and years…with no real storyline.

    1. First….There are actually some wonderful Hindi serials. Look for Krishnadasi. However Ekta Kapoor purposefully uses her projects, to manipulate and instruct society. Much like the gov’t approved work of Joss Whedon in North America. Joss Whedon’s work helps to prepare young people to choose the military as a career. The gov’t keeps looking for more young men/women/confused people to fight wars so american corporations can have more profit. In India there is a need to keep women servile and the general population believing that they are less than the elites. Gotta’ keep that caste system functioning in order to keep the slaves in line! That helps the elites to keep becoming richer by keeping most Indians poor. That’s what Ekta kapoor is helping to accomplish.
      Secondly, on a personal level, with guidance and a set protocol, a production like this can be utilized to process old emotion and release those burdens permanently. What it does for most viewers (99%??) is through the repetition, through the depth of the pain expressed by the characters, this imprints the behaviours into the viewers psyche. it normalizes the behaviour and actually trains the viewer to adopt and accept some of the attitudes. These types of shows do this very efficiently without the viewers knowledge. Ekta Kapoor knows exactly what she is doing and is laughing all the way to the bank. This allegedly helps Modi and is helping him and his friends create their ‘personal’ wealth, while Indian majority continues to suffer. The little girl Ekta who didn’t get the friends she wanted when she was a girl is still very angry (she has that reputation) and is punishing everyone and making money just like the character Aliyah.

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