Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragya misses meeting Abhi and gets sad

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking how dare you to say this. Sanju says you became my savior and now saying this. Aaliya asks how much money he wants? Sanju says his father is very rich and he don’t want any money. Aaliya asks why he walks like a poor guy and says if you go and tell Bhai, then he will never believe you. She asks him to go home and forget for now. Sanju says Prachi has slapped me twice. Aaliya says I will help you to take revenge, but go home for now. Sanju says if I go home, then Prachi will become of Ranbir, as I know he started falling for Prachi.

Prachi applies warm cloth therapy on Ranbir’s injury and asks him to be serious. He says I wish I could tell you about which thing I am serious. Prachi asks him to see how many fingers she has. Ranbir asks her to apply the warm cloth on his forehead. Prachi massages him with the warm cloth. Song plays…..He says I have your bracelet. Prachi asks him to return. He says it is not with me now. He says you can be a good doctor as Doctor makes an issue out of small things. He falls down on the bed. Prachi asks him to get up. He gets up. Prachi throws thing at him.

Ranbir tells Pragya that Prachi is trying to hit him. beeji says Prachi don’t treat him like boss, but as a friend. Pragya says Prachi troubles him a lot. Pallavi asks her to give Prachi and take Ranbir as she likes him. Shahana says both guy and girl’s sides are here. She takes Prachi from here. Pragya says we shall go on a coffee date. Beeji says you should have informed me that you are changing your girlfriend. Ranbir praises Beeji. Sarita behen says Pragya was about to go somewhere before your call came.

Abhi and Purab wait at the café for Pragya. The manager comes and apologizes to him regarding the guy. Abhi says I can’t tell you why I got angry. Pragya and Ranbir come there. Ranbir asks if this is your choice. Pragya says she saw it’s reviews good. Ranbir says mom and dad must be in the parking lot and beeji must be scolding dad. He says what Sarita dadi is doing? Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir to go and park the car, as Beeji is scolding Vikram. She says Beeji shouldn’t have done this. Ranbir says you must be laughing holding your stomach. Pallavi says this was too much.

Purab gets a call from client and goes. Prachi and Shahana see Abhi and start talking. Shahana asks waiter to tell their family that they met mehra sir. Waiter says ok. Prachi tells that they came with Kohli family. Abhi apologizes to them for not catching Sanju. Prachi invites him to have coffee with them. Abhi thinks he will drink coffee and then will meet Pragya. Waiter informs Ranbir that Prachi and Shahana met Mehra sir. Ranbir says what chief is doing here? Pallavi says he has a meeting to attend here. Pragya sits down and searches for Abhi. Pallavi asks whom you are searching. Pragya says nobody. Abhi looks at the flowers and says it is found only in the bypass road. He goes out to buy it. Shahana comes back and says I was seated in the other table. Sarita behen says ok.

Rhea comes down the car and hits Sanju. Sanju says I am not afraid of anyone, and tells that her father is dangerous type. Aaliya asks him to shut up. Sanju continues talking. Rhea asks why did you come to college and ruined my hardwork. She says when dad saw him in college, all my plan failed. She says I thought you was dead and I was very happy. She says what you said that Ranbir loves Prachi. She says Prachi loves how to play games and she loves seeing the money. Sanju asks why are you saying this and tells that Ranbir is lucky to get Prachi. Aaliya says Sanju’s condition is worsed than you and says if Bhai comes back. She asks him to hold the pen as holding knife and keep on Rhea’s neck, seeing Abhi coming in car. They sit in the car. Abhi stops his car and then sits again to follow Aaliya’s car.

Vikram comes and sits beside Beeji. Beeji says you was parking as if he drove for the first time. She says what people will say that I didn’t give any values to my son. Sarita behen says your grand son is having sanskar. Beeji says my grand son can park anywhere, but my son shall ride only cycle. Pallavi laughs. Vikram says what she will think hearing this and finds Pragya lost in thinking. Pragya excuses herself. Purab comes after meeting and calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick the call. He calls Pragya. Pragya tells that she is going to the table. Prachi gets up to get sugar.

Ranbir comes to help Prachi and asks where is sugar? Prachi says sugar is in small sachets and says she doesn’t need his help. She slips and he holds her. tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera plays…..Prachi makes a sound as if she got hurt. Ranbir says sorry. Prachi says she enjoyed fooling him. Pragya comes to table no 9 and thinks where is abhi? She thinks he should have called her if busy.

Precap: Pragya tells Sarita behen that she is feeling hurt for not meeting him. Sarita behen hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good job on the camera angle and distance used to minimize the snow cone effect! Wouldn’t it be easier to simply change her outfit? Or better yet, dispose of or replace the character?

    1. Are you kidding….replacing the character would mean they would have to do some creative writing and not just blow the dust off old scripts….LOL…

      1. LOL. Nice to see you here, Tango. Naw, I disagree. there is no dust on those old scripts! They have never been stored in a cupboard. They are on the desks and being used continuously!! I think they only replace characters…or do a dusri-pidhi if Evil Kapoor’s circle of friends is demanding changes. You know, like when Abhi’s real wife decided that Sriti Jha needed to be demolished or at least spied on. Thus the Meera character, a friend, and a part of Evil’s inner circle. The snow-cone looks like Aliyah’s real relative. Highly suspicious. Another ‘hire’ likely based on ‘who you know’ versus the quality of talent. It makes you wonder if the real qualification for being hired is ‘ willing and happy obedience’. Not so much about ability.

  2. How many times r abhigya gonna hit n miss😡😡. Why don’t the writers add arhana. Aryan just disappears n then comes back😦😦. N prachi doesn’t understand any signals by Ranbir, sarita or shahana🤨🤨 how dumb of her. God knows when is Ranbir gonna propose prachi??

  3. They will meet on the last episode and…..the end of kumkym bhagya.

  4. cant under stand why are creatives concentrating on old generation while the show is on a leap for a while and getting annoyed by this hit and miss of Abhi and Pragya concentrate on Shahana and Aryan only or bring bach Rishi track and Shahana because the rest are full of crap

    1. They needed to concentrate on the old generation. the majority of the fans are abhigya fans and are truly upset by this ‘leap’. I loved your words, “on a leap for awhile”. I hope that leap ends soon. the trp’s are what tell the story. When they concentrated on the leap, the trp went down. When they give viewers abhigya then the trp ratings go up. This is supposed to be a production for the story of abhigya. Also the reason for the leap was resented, by abhigya fans. Let’s face it… the new actors are not as skilled as abhigya. Granted that also has to do with the script they are offered and the amount of time an actor is given to ‘breathe’ their character. But gee, good actors (abhi, pragya, indu dasi, mithali, robin, ….) didn’t seem to have that acting problem. the two daughters of abhigya were mis-cast and hopefully will leave the set for good. sooner the better. maybe take Meera with them. and aliyah.

    2. @Sumeira Shah and @Akituster
      I agree more with Sumeira👍👍👍
      Because even though Abhigya magic❤️❤️❤️ and Pulbul’s chemistry 🥰🥰🥰 gave the show a wonder hit once🙄🙄🙄. The old generation is not working it’s magic anymore!!!😣😣😣
      Because all that is happening in Abhigya’s story is constant hits and misses 🥴🥴🥴which is CONSTANTLY ANNOYING the viewers👿👿👿.
      It would be better if the show focuses more on YOUNGER GENERATION as Sumeira said 😌😌😌but not with Pranbir👎👎👎, coz it’s is the f**king couple Pranbir which is actually pulling down the trps of the show😅😅😅.
      Again, as Sumeira said I’m sure there will be wonders in the trps if the storyline focuses on ARHANA and RISHANA👍👍👍, whichever they want, tho personally I feel ARHANA is the best!!!🖐️🖐️🖐️
      If there is more of screen space and better storyline given to ARHANA😉😉😉, then surely Akituster, this show will get back to the TOP✌️✌️✌️.

      1. Or, the trp will rise as the dp people are lost and the story is about abhigya! the dp people are known as ‘freeloaders’. they are benefiting from the hard work that abhigya did in building this production for over 5 years. the dp people are convincing themselves that it is themselves that carry the show. Not so, the trp goes down when they perform. MOST people want abhigya, and the matured ‘love’ that they share. LOL Even I know that is a joke. They share an abusive relationship. However, I too see the dp cast, especially that sleazy reality star who is far too vain for what she is able to offer, as being the new staff who are claiming that they have ‘built’ this show into a starring show. What a lie! the show was better without them. Again the reason for the dp (personal politics between Evil Kapoor and her desperately needy friends) is repugnant. If you think your husband is cheating then damn well deal with your husband!! Don’t go to his boss and insist that the boss change the whole workplace just to suit your pitiful jealousy issues. What a coward Shabir A. is married to!! What kind of ‘woman’ does that? Evil Kapoor and her desperate girl gang. They really are troubled girls in adult bodies , with too much money. This girl gang behaved like they were urban barbarians. Oh. and that brainless sleazy girl who thinks that she is so hot? any girl who exposes herself in photographs (it’s not her job) in order to look s*xy so that she can become popular is not using any ACTING SKILL to make her mark in the world. She’s using her private parts to get viewers. Yeah. that’s an acting skill. (rolling my eyes). there’s a song by Carly Simon called “You’re So Vain”. It could apply to the snow cone girl. Even aliyah (actress) does not display this quality of vanity in her being/presence. Though I cannot stand the character of Aliyah, the actress has a natural professionalism. The actress has some dignity and a lot of inner strength. But the screaming banshee, snow cone, sleaze girl? No way. Desperation, all the way.

  5. Verma4

    More misses than hits, like an out of form batsman. I love this Sanju character , he doesn’t give a shit about the bansee (#Akituster) Rhea and b*t*h Aalia . Aakhir bakre ki maa kab tak khair manayegi.

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