Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Purbi telling Pragya that Bulbul got injured during lohri rituals. Pragya rushes towards Bulbul and asks if she is fine. Bulbul says yes and says Tanu pushed her into fire, but Purab rescued her. Aaliya hears that and thinks it is good for her that their attention is on Tanu now, she can easily execute her plan.

Cousin daadi’s see Tanu’s parents and asks who are they. They say they are Tanu’s parents. Daasi says they came late as lohri function is over now. They say they came to talk about Tanu’s marriage. Daaasi looks at Robin servant and asks if they like the guy. Mom/dad say they liked him a lot as he is very talented. Tanu sees them talking and asks what are they talking about. Daasi says they are talking about her marriage. She asks if they approve her marriage. Daasi says she wants her married and stop interfering in other couple’s life. Dad asks what does she mean. Daasi says nothing.

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Abhi clashes with Pragya and they start a healthy argument.

Tanu while driving car asks her parents if they liked Abhi. Dad says yes and says his wife is more understanding tham him. His mom says she was very boring and her lifestyle is very different than Abhi, only Tanu looks good with him. Tanu gets happy hearing that.

Pragya back comes to her room and boasts in front of Abhi that she will make him more rich by handling his deals. He says he did not see a bigger fool than her. She says he should thank her instead for cracking his deal well and says even daadi considers her as his lucky mascot. She prepares her bed and sleeps. He thinks he liked her baffoonery today somehow and goes near her and starts looking her face. She wakes up, thinks he needs his pillow back, and says she will not give pillow and falls back asleep.

In the morning, daadi is busy performing pooja. She gets a phone call and daasi informs that Sarla has called. Daadi takes phone and asks if everything is fine. Sarla says yes and says she wants to talk to her something. Daadi asks her to speak hesitantly. She says when she distributes Bulbul’s roka sweets to her neighbours, they got very happy and want to meet Purab, so she has arranged a small function tonight and wants her to send Abhi and Pragya also. Daadi says she will send them. Sarla asks her also to come.

Abhi gets Tanu’s call who talks to her romantically. He promises that he will meet her in the evening. She says if he does not come, she will come there with her mom and dad. He says he will meet her for sure and cuts call. Daadi comes there and asks if he is going out tonight. He says he has important client meeting. Daadi asks him to cancel it as she has to go to Sarla’s home with Pragya. Abhi says his meeting is important. Daadi says she will apologize Sarla then and ask her to talk you directly hereon and emotionally blackmails that she is not important to anyone here. Abhi asks her not to say that and says he will do as she says. Daadi then calls Pragya and says she has to go to her mom’s house in the evening.

Abhi gets tensed and nervous in his room and thinks if he should inform Tanu that he is not coming, then thinks she will come here with her mom/dad here. Pragya comes getting ready and asks if he is ready. He says he is not fine and has fever. She checks his forehead, he says fever is in stomach. She says fever does not come in stomach. He says he is tensed. She asks him to speak out, she will solve his problem. He says he has an important meeting to attend. She asks if he has to meet Tanu and says he can walk with her to her mom’s house and can go from there.

Precap: Tanu tells Aaliya Pragya did something to her mom/dad that they ar praising her a lot. Aaliya says let them, they can plan something big now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This program is becoming from bad to worst. There is absolutely no strory line. The episodes seems to drag on on. I do not believe that in todays day and age a women will tolerate her husbank flirting with another women openly. Scripwriters please bring the program back to reality.

  2. wat is de background song name when abhi stares at pragya on his bed? i really cant find out

  3. Pragya is so stupid!!!! Your sister’s life is in danger and she is like do we have proof??? Like what??? What are they waiting for? Oh I guess she is waiting that bulbul at first place gets killed and then she can have a chance to slap tanu!! This girl is such a doormat…..
    Now only Purab can save his Bulbul!!……no hopes from this worst sister!!! She can never do anything for Bulbul..!and this pretty girl always ready to sacrifice everything for her mean sister..!

  4. Wtf my husband tells me he wants to meet his girlfriend and I’ll accept that ! Never

    1. Accept it??? Oh No…She helps him to go do it!!! Really….

  5. So tired of this dumbness portrayed by Pragya. What kind of woman tolerate such nonsense. If Abhi wants Tanu she should just let him go.

  6. Candacey Rose

    Pragya knows exactly wat Tanu is up to n jus playin wit them she is so smart

    1. I am getting so fed up . Why the writer have to show that Indian women is so stupid pragys need to get a little b*t*hy to nice. Throw him out of his bed for a change.. why u always have to be the one to sleep on the chair.

  7. Abhi is so blatantly foolish that he does not know truth from lies even if truth slaps him in the face.His wife is
    an intelligent clown .Tanu that home wrecker has taken her sinful ways from her mom.Mom you should be teaching your daughter some lady like morals.Ladies,young women ,do not take this example as an adulterer to
    be a good example.God says thou shalt not commit adultery.This is wrong,wrong ,wrong.

  8. what is this its disgusting that rock star abhi cant see the truth and falls for nasty people leaving such a lovable life

  9. I can’t believe its actually gotten worse 🙁 its one thing what Abhi is doing, but Pragys being such a big fool, is it necessary..

  10. I think aliya will make soe trick and marry purab instead of bulbul. Hope that my fear will not come true.

    1. What Trick….Purab does NOT want the psycho b*t*h.

    2. No Alia just need to be caught in her own plan…..this girl is a mere nothing who is not even faithful to her friend Tanu…I just hope now Tanu in order to teach alia a lesson play a Cupid for rabul.

  11. Nonsense upon Nonsense

  12. Plz ekta let Purab and Bulbul get married!!!!! Plz for once surprise all the viewers and break all this shitty trend of seperating the couples!!! no no big twist on wedding day….no no plz.!!!!
    Want Rabul to get married…just and bring all the misunderstandings after they get married and drag the drama…

    Spare these two…..they are adorable together!!!

  13. Naveed Munavar

    pragya dont be so fool….see the reality & propose Abhi otherwise u vl suffer

    1. If she is so undestanding of Abhi’s relationship for Tanu then leave and let him go marry her.

  14. Pragya… are you fine or you have some mental illness that you aren’t seeing the truth!???!??

    1. Absurd Readings

      Pragya needs to just give Abhi a divorce. He is a liar and she is a BIG Fool. What sane woman helps her husband go to meet with his girlfriend??? This has become absurd. I can not continue to read such nonsense.

      These writers are idiots and they must think everyone else is too…..

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