Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi assures to break Ranbir-Maya’s alliance

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beeji telling Ranbir that Maya can’t be their bahu. Pallavi says we won’t let this marriage happen. Vikram says this marriage will happen. He says that man is very powerful Politician and if you don’t do marriage with his daughter then he will do as he said. Ranbir says I won’t let anything happen to you all. Vikram asks him to worry about himself and tells that you doesn’t know the politician’s power and influence. Pallavi asks what do you mean that we shall let Maya marry him. Abhi says he will take Ranbir out of this Maya trap. He tells that he will use more big influence and take him out of the politician trap. He takes file from Prachi and asks Ranbir to drop her. Rhea says what I had thought and what is happening? Abhi tells Rhea that nothing will happen to Ranbir and says he doesn’t love Maya. Rhea says he can’t love Maya. Abhi asks her not to worry.

Ranbir is driving the car and recalls Mr. Chaubey’s threat. Prachi also thinks of the threat and gets tensed. Later at the dining table, Meera asks beeji what Pallavi is saying that Ranbir’s marriage is fixed. Beeji says maya is not suitable for Ranbir. Vikram says we all know the reason why this marriage can’t happen. Abhi tells that he will talk to the more big politician and can break the marriage forcibly showing the double power. Vikram says he knows more big politician. Abhi says Chaubey became Politician in Siddharth Sharma’s guidance. Meera asks about his meeting with Alka yagnik. He says he will and then he has to go to Canada. He says first we have to think about Ranbir. Pallavi says Rhea came, but went being worried. Abhi thinks Rhea loves Ranbir.

Rhea tells Aaliya about Ranbir’s marriage with Maya fixed. Aaliya asks her to calm down and relax and tells that Maya knows about your feelings for Ranbir. She asks her to meet Maya and asks her to refuse for marriage. She then asks her to meet pallavi and assures that everything will be fine. She says she likes you. Rhea gets happy.

Mr. Chaubey asks the security guy to keep eye on Ranbir. He asks Maya if she is happy? Maya says she is happy. Her mother tells that it is good that her marriage with Mohit is cancelled and tells that Ranbir is far more handsome than Mohit. She says when you take him to the election campaign, people will ask who is this hero and will give more votes. Maya smiles hesitantly.

Ranbir stops his car near Prachi’s house. Prachi says sorry and says I couldn’t do anything for you. She says I failed you. Ranbir says it is not your fault, it is like someone doesn’t want to see me happy. He says Maya doesn’t want to marry me, but she is silent due to her Papa and hates me. He says I hope that she tells at home that she hates me and don’t want to marry me. Prachi tells him that she is with him and will become a boat and protect him. She says I will never let you fall. Ranbir thanks her. She asks him to take care and gets down from the car. She walks away. Ranbir thinks don’t know who is the girl behind me, because of her I couldn’t confess my feelings to Prachi. He says whenever I come to know about her, that day will be the worst day of her life.

Rhea calls Maya, but the latter doesn’t see her call and is lost in thoughts. Maya thinks to tell Dad that she don’t want to marry Ranbir. Her mum hears her and tells that her dad has agreed for this marriage. She says his reputation shall not be stained, and he reached till this position with much difficulty and asks her to remember what happened to her Bua. She says she was dear to your dad, but now nobody knows about her. She asks her to convince Ranbir to marry her at the earliest.

Prachi comes home and is upset. Sarita behen and Shahana ask what happened? Prachi tells that Maya’s family have fixed Ranbir’s marriage with Maya. She tells that Mehra Sir has said that he will make everything fine, but I don’t think this is possible. She tells that her heart is shakening and she couldn’t stand. She goes. Sarita behen tells Shahana that Prachi is in love and very much worried for Ranbir. She thinks Rhea is the vamp between Ranbir and Prachi.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Maya is not picking the call. She asks did you know that Maya is a politician’s daughter. Aaliya says she didn’t know and couldn’t understand why a MLA’s daughter agreed to do their work, as they are very image conscious. Rhea says may be she didn’t think that the matter will become worse. Aaliya asks her to meet Maya and threatens her not to marry Ranbir else she wants all her money back. Aaliya thinks the problem is small, but Rhea is worried.

Beeji and Pallavi are worried for Ranbir. Rhea comes there and tells that she will not let anything happen to Ranbir. Ranbir comes home. Beeji goes to Ranbir and hugs him. Pallavi asks Rhea if she loves Ranbir. Rhea smiles. Pallavi says I understood. Rhea looks at Ranbir and goes. Pallavi tells that Rhea told that she will take you out from this problem. Ranbir says Rhea is behaving strangely, she can’t help herself, how she will help me. She says Chief will help me.

Pragya asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says she is thinking about Ranbir and tells that he is stuck in another problem. Shahana says even I am worried. Prachi says I wanted to find out who is making Maya do all this, and tells that the person is very cheap and wants to ruin Ranbir’s life. She tells that if Ranbir marries Maya then all his life will be ruined. She says people will think that the case is real.

Precap: Ranbir tells Maya that he is very happy to get married to her. Prachi records their video. Ranbir hugs her. Rhea slaps Maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just can’t understand why the heck they are not closing Maya’s chapter?? And does Ekta have a thing for a dark past of every gray character?? Maya’s dad doesn’t seem this dangerous, instead I found him a dumb and a brainless character.
    Someone pointed out a few possibilities that may lead to Pranbir marriage. But right now I have endless questions.
    The thing is, if somehow Pranbir marriage happens or somehow Rhea marries Ranbir then isn’t her dad gonna hold grudges against them?? Why does it feel like this track is gonna stretch long (maybe will take a whole year)???? He sent his people to keep an eye on Ranbir, what if he finds out Ranbir’s love for Prachi??? Will he kidnap Prachi for Ranbir to marry Maya?? Will Maya expose Rhea?? Why did Maya act so greedy if she was this rich?? Where are Priyanka and Rishi?? Is their case closed?? Why isn’t anyone mentioning them?? He was supposed to be a part of 3 triangles. What will Maya’s dad do when he will find the truth?? Will Abhigya ever know of their daughters?? Where are Kiara and Sunny?? When are they gonna come back?? At least I’m this sure that both will bring a storm in their sibling’s life and there will surely be love triangles between them.
    This episode was more of a filler episode to me, and the most confusing one ever. Vikram guessed that Ranbir loves Prachi, Abhi and Pallavi think that Ranbir and Rhea love each other, Puran, Disha and Hritik have vanished somewhere, A case starts and ends midway, without any conclusion. What nonsense is happening?? They are fooling the audience since 5 years and is still one of the top 5 shows of the country. How?? How can anyone bear this junk?? Why does anybody watch this?

    1. you should not apply logic in this drama. nothing is sensible in this one.. so be prepared for some more stupidity and senseless episodes… now every character is this drama has become annoying and dumb and idiotic…..

  2. after seeing Prachi today shaking her head a lot I agree with viewers that I did not like Prachi even for one bit but now its getting very annoying seeing head shaking of Prachi

    1. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      Anitha your correct she doesn’t know single expressions.very pathetic and horror expressions.all most one year is completed still she never attract the viewers.day by day her wrinkles is increased.most worst dragging story with new faces

  3. y do I get the feeling Pallavi is going 2 be another villain in Prachi and Ranbir’s love story. Yeesh their love story has more villains that Abhi and Pragya….This track is so much like Pavitra Rishta it’s not even funny, I bet ik wat’s gonna happen near the end Ranbir will confess Abhi will hate him and every1 except his dad and grandma will go against him and then so on so forth idk abt Pragya since it looks like she cares more abt Rhea than Prachi I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked Prachi 2 forget Ranbir 4 Rhea’s sake…

    1. @Keke
      I had once mentioned the track being similar to Pavitra Rishta, and now I agree with you that it is going in the same direction. I doubt that Pallavi will turn negative, but possibilities are there as Aliyah tried to brainwash her once. Abhi will not hate him knowing he loves his other daughter, and he will surely be inclined towards Prachi, after finding out the truth, which will make Rhea more devilish, same will happen with Prachi, Pragya will be more inclined towards Rhea after finding out the truth and may ask Prachi to forget Ranbir, as you said.
      What I feel is that everyone accept their alliance, and just like Ovi kept condition for Purvi, that her mum will get all the deserved rights as Manav’s wife and their mum, if Arjun marries her, so, it may be possible that Rhea keeps the same condition of accepting Pragya forth Prachi and, our mini Mother India (As everyone calls her) aka tyaag ki devi Prachi will sacrifice her love, so that her mother gets back to her family.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Even if pragya were to find out dat rhea is her daughter i doubt very much dat she would choose to let prachi ignore her feelings for ranbir just to make rhea happy. We are talking bout a woman who had seen wat unrequired love does to someone how it affected both her sister and her life and i cant see her going dat way knowing dat ranbir and prachi loves each other,after all wasnt she d one who let him realise his feelings and allowing prachi time to realise hers. It would b very hipocritical of her to fight down aliyah for wanting a guy who doesnt want her then to come and allow rhea. I know maternally she will b confuse but as a mother u want bedt for both of ur children and she cant force ranbir to accept rhea when he loves prachi. She herslf knows dat will cause more pain to rhea in d long run. But dis is a zee series and dey do wat dey want so imma just sit back and see

  4. I’m fed up of commenting 😂😂

    1. Verma4

      Same here. I just read the header and the precap and decide whether to watch or let it go thru to the keeper. My time is more valuable than this bull shit.

  5. So the confrontation about the necklace with Abhi and Rhea end he has no suspension at all on Rhea none nil nothing at all…..you know what f**k it this shit will stress a person with common sense to f**k out… Please someone tell me what qualification do India serials writers need or they just pick them off the streets you know what it’s not even their fault because once Ekta’s involve I should not expect anything better just really pity the fact that Shabir and Sriti and Manit(Rishab) from Kundali still in these crap show because they are the only true and credible actors they are just wasting their talents honestly

    1. @Sam
      And the worse thing is that these incredible actors get the least screen space. I would also add Aparna (Shahana) and Zeeshan (Aryan ) to this list. As I feel that these two have great potential to come up as leads, and they are a cute couple.
      Shabir and Sriti have acted as leads in the past also, but, Manit deserves to be the lead of a good show, as he has more versatility and potential than the lead Dheeraj.

      1. Yes I agree i don’t understand how Dheeraj or even the girl who play Preeta gets awards her acting is similar to Prachi I may be wrong but for someone who has been in other serial as whatever Preeta real name is her acting in Kundali sucks big time and Dheeraj…. Ekta really influences those awards show because they sure as hell not fair too many qualified believable actors out there for most of the awards to be going to these shows

    2. Absolutely agreed, as many of my previous comments have said. I can’t bear to watch the nonsense any longer and am weaning myself from commenting. Evil Kapoor is an agent of lowering humanity in every way possible and her elite friends join her, in the laughter. Does she pick out the trophies herself when she buys herself more awards?

  6. Yes I agree i don’t understand how Dheeraj or even the girl who play Preeta gets awards her acting is similar to Prachi I may be wrong but for someone who has been in other serial as whatever Preeta real name is her acting in Kundali sucks big time and Dheeraj…. Ekta really influences those awards show because they sure as hell not fair too many qualified believable actors out there for most of the awards to be going to these shows

  7. Amal


  8. Adelabu. Kafayat

    Just to use this medium to tell the Hindu to stop the killing of muslims in India.The wrath of Allah is real.

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