Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya returning to India, Tanu tortures family members

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya saying to Servant that they have to change the room designs. She tells King that she will tell him news which will make him mad. She asks him to promise that he will not take punch. She tells that he is one among the six selected singer for the international album. King gets happy and says I have been waiting for this day. He asks her to ask anything. Pragya says you have already given me much and says they have some conditions. She says you have to go to India and stay there for few months.

Aaliya asks Dasi what you were telling Abhi, and says she won’t let anything happen without her wish. Dasi says Abhi will love her always. Aaliya says Abhi has no time for all this nonsense and says his assets are increased 10 times more because of me. She says Abhi is changed now. Dasi says he is in pain and you made him stone. She says he feels need of Pragya and is lost in her memories all day. She says he can’t be like you, and is hiding his pain and loves her only. Pragya says I can’t go as Kiara is here. King says I will not go without you, and says he will get Kiara admitted in a good school. He says you have to come with me.

Pragya says I will come with you to all countries and cites, but not Mumbai. King says he was a loser to lose you, and says your boyfriend was stupid to leave you. He says if you was not my manager then I wouldn’t have punch in my life. Pragya tells him that she became pain of his life and became reason for Dadi’s death. He says if he wanted to mingle then he would have chosen her, and tells that he can’t break many girls’ heart for her. Pragya agrees and thinks if she is doing this with her return. Dasi tells Aaliya that Abhi loves only Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to dream this and says Tanu is his wife now. Dasi says Abhi has married Tanu, but don’t let her stay in his room or let her sit with him. Aaliya says if Abhi hears them. Dasi says that’s why they don’t discuss this and says Pragya might return.

Dasi, Tai ji, Mitali and others talk to Dadi’ and Dasi’s sister Maasi. Maasi says I will come there. Dasi says Abhi got house build in Delhi. Maasi asks about Pragya and then Tanu. Tanu comes there and gets angry on Maasi. She asks her to come there and see. She then scolds Taya ji and asks him to go to office. She then insults Dasi and stops Robin from giving something to Dasi. She threatens Dasi and says she is not Pragya. Dasi asks God to send Pragya back. Aaliya comes to Tanu and asks her to change her behavior towards family. Tanu speaks rude to Aaliya and asks her to do her work. Aaliya asks what is wrong with her and says everyone is ours. Tanu acts arrogant and tells that she knows that Abhi gave Dadi’s position to Dasi and that’s why didn’t cross her limits. Aaliya asks her not to be egoistic. Tanu says I don’t need your suggestion as I am Mrs. Abhishek Mehra, and says you can take my advice whenever you wants. Aaliya says you are dumb now itself and asks her to handle time and ego, and asks her not to forget that she is better option for Abhi than Pragya. She says when you are in trouble, then you will come to me for help. Tanu says we don’t want to clash after Pragya is gone.

Pragya, King and Kiara are going to Airport. Kiara tells that she couldn’t meet her friends and asks driver to take car back as she forgot rocky and cookie toys. King asks driver to take the car back. On reaching back, King asks Pragya to go and get the toy. Kiara couldn’t find her toys. Pragya says she will get same toys. Kiara goes to her room and checks. Pragya asks her to check behind the pillows. Kiara finds doll behind the pillow and thanks Pragya. Pragya sees toys and sees its resembles to Rockstar and Fuggi toys. Song play tere sang yaara plays………

Aaliya tells Abhi about the international concert. Purab asks Abhi to see king’s face. Abhi says what I will do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They deserve many more insults actually I am liking it. Let me be egoistic I want abhi to suffer much more and whole Mehra family. Where is purub and Disha, have not seen post leap, did they also have problems due to Aliya. I haven’t seen them speaking to each other

    1. Yes you are right.. They deserve all the insult.. At the same time tanu should insult Aliya so much that she realizes what mistakes she has made by getting tanu married to abhi.. Above all abhi should realize how tanu is treating his family and live in guilt throughout.
      Meanwhile I guess due to all the negative comments from the viewers the writers are trying to show that though abhi and tanu are married, they are not living like husband and wife.. But that does not really matter.. This spineless abhi and the writer have treated pragya like filth and have shown that evil wins.. Now with the fear of TRP going down they are again trying to fool us viewers with a hope that abhigya will be together.. But I don’t care… Want to see the entire Mehra family rot in hell and pragy being happy with king.. After all he stood by her and her daughter when they needed him the most and gave them everything they wanted a different most important respected pragya

  2. What the hell this story is based on now no one can understand this and ekta this is irritating yar please yar end the serial as soon as possible and ekta I’m really sorry yar but pls end this serial

    1. Shanu

      I don’t like this kumkum bhagya plot hey why ur not at all ending this serial. Iam fed up with this. I don’t understand your naagin serial completed early than kumkum bhagya and naagin 2 also completed but kumkum bhagya is not ending. I think our next generation also will see this serial not ending

  3. Please don’t make abhi & pragya reunion… Pragya must not leave king… If she does she’s doing the same mistake as abhi did b4 7years .. now pragya must not leave king because of abhi… Pragya must stay with king life long & Kiara too… If she’s Abhishek’s daughter whatever… Don’t make pragya reunion with abhi

  4. You go Ekta you just do not know when to stop aren’t you ashamed of getting ridicule so much? Gawd woman there is a limit to stupidity but you comes first girlfriend.Just stop with your nonsense now what ever little self respect you have left keep it intact.Pull the damn serial off air I mean no one is telling me to watch but lawd man enough is enough.

  5. Good episode.abhi should meet his daughter fast.no more negitivity.only love and love.

    1. Yes I agree with you Abhi should meet his daughter then only he will be knowing what he missed in his life, he should also know how Pragya and his daughter suffered in this 7 years and how Pragya committed suscide after him throwing her out. He should know how adorable his daughter who is behaving exactly like him. He should die out of guilt being a dumb minded spineless man he is. Pragya should not forgive him she shouldn’t fall week before him. Aliya will be knowing about Pragya in Mumbai will definitely attempt to kidnap or murder but king should be strong support for Pragya he should be much more powerful than abhi and Aliya. Abhi should not know that Pragya and king were acting as a couple he should see them as a real couple. His heart should bleed seeing them together like Pragya heart bleeded at the initial stages of their marriage as abhi used to meet tanu and their relation ship. Every emotion Pragya felt with abhi till now be it a betrayal or hatred or ignorance or extra marital affairs or doubting her character etc . He should be extremely guilty, I haven’t seen him apologising Pragya till now for all his deeds, he should remember each and every moment he accused Pragya in this track.

      1. Cathy

        Totally agree Suma.

  6. Since 5ye6 they day they don’t have same room y they are married that makes me laugh cheap so much I dont know u ekta is taking these kinds of serials wh8ch has no love no respect no trust in understanding I didn’t see any serial of ekta except kumnkum bhagya I driven crazy fr kkb if kkb deserves awards it’d mainly only due to our beloved couple but u made viewers yell don’t want reunion if abigya and ket it be itself just ashamed ekta mam u made sriti out from mm and leena in mm itself what us thus not nice we can’t every digest tani is in mm now we can’t even see abhi does with tanu as married. Couple this serial is joke of such nonsense really hands of y msfe fans say dint want abivya union I think do I want only that

  7. I agree with Leena we want happy ending of Abhi,Prgnaya,Kira enouhh tragedies seen no more tragedy let the people like King introduced the middke be disbursed.

    1. I accept with you subhadra and leena???
      But until we get that tanu permanently out of this show we can’t expect happy family of abhigya and kiara and also now aliya is taunting tanu to enter abhi room and i want abhi to show tanu that he and tanu are just husband and wife for outside world but in house they are just strangers

  8. Vijay Malpani

    Now it is very boring to see

  9. Could someone tell me what the hell went on in kum kum bhagya my gosh a grown man like abhi acting like a child and Pragya the damn man made you promise him not to leave the house yet you break your promise and do the opposite and dadi herself you are an old woman what you could do to save pragya why on earth could you not stay home with the oldies and let pragya stand the consequences for disobeying abhi and breaking the promise but still abhi did not have to act like a jackass and insult her so after all she did for him and continue to do my gosh these storylines are way too messed up. please could someone tell me what really happened didnt pragya walked off the cliff so you want to tell me it is the same old storyline of reincarnation again my gosh Ekta we are fed up of the same nonsensical repetitious storylines when will you stop doing this and give us some good scripts that we can say well yes this is a good serial to watch. please something needs to be done concerning the writing of these serials imagine abhi could not get anyone else to marry but wicked ass tanu for all the wrong she has done she should be the one to leave the house and for abhi to insult. i have had enough of these serials i have had my fill with the same storylines over and over again with no positive change to the scripts. No at least Alliah is going back to London but tanu that gold digger with now Scrupples whatsoever remains to see what she could get out of the whole situation she and alliah created and is now casting all the blame on pragya. i agree pragya should not have broke her promise but that was no reason for abhi to get on like a low sleezy gutter rat, I am so disappointed in this serial because up to now everything have been going wrong for abhi and pragya and when you think there will be a happy ending and they will live happily together and daddi will see her great grans nothing of the sought happened and so sad for ekta to do something like that again like in all her serials they never get to consumate their marriage; imagine Disha who now entered the house after marrying purab got what she desired and wicked ass tanu is getting what she always want that is to marry dotish ass abhi and alliah who created a lot of mischief in the house hold for her own gain also got off with her wickedness and the most dedicated and devoted one PRAGYA nothing but verbal abuse that she was the cause of dadis death and in return was pushed to do something so dispicable; took her own life by walking off a cliff my my my so sad; i could have written a much better storyline for this serial and i am not a professional. This comment is long but viewers please read it and see if you agree.

    1. I agree with you dear????
      but seriously do you think these directors will listen to us they will only again show the same crap and you know what i don’t what you want but i want abhigya and kiara as a happy family and i have a strong belief that abhi and tanu didn’t get married and they are just acting and i feel after pragya and kiara return to delhi then one by one they will reveal the reason of abhi tanu relationship and king and pragya meeting i know abhi made a mistake but that doesn’t mean pragya should leave
      My only Request to fans don’t conclude anything about tanu and abhi relationship without knowing whether they actually got married or not
      I don’t know may be i am believing too much but i feel abhi tanu didn’t marry because if they are married then y they have to show like abhigya meeting again so i believe abhigya will leave as a happy family with their daughter kiara and about storyline we have no other option other than stop watching the show or watching the show or reading written updates

  10. Mythili what i cannot understand and i will like it to be explained is did pragya walked off the cliff because that was shown clearly after abhi verbally abused her left right and centre lol and this kiara where she arose from because abhi and pragya never consumated their marriage so kiara cannot be abhis child not in this birth and if pragya died when she walked off the cliff and now she is back all saucy and s*xy that means only one thing REINCARNATION so where did kiara came from??????????????????? come on Naz and Jayashree i am waiting to hear your input concerning my questions

  11. You go girl friend each and every word of yours is like a punch right on spot damn girl Sapphire man you always nailed it you may not comment as often AS YOU SHOULD but when you do hmm…….

  12. They did consummate their marriage Sapphire. it was on the day they celebrated abhi’s bd… that night after finding that bomb thing. so, its juz a leap, not the stupid reincarnation drama nd kiara is indeed abhi’s daughter. wat left to be explained is, hw on earth did king save pragya if he was living in london and hw the heck did aaliya convince abhi into marrying tanu… did abhi forget every single thing that b*t*h did? another thing is purab…hw cud he support abhi even after all this! wasn’t he the one always roaming behind pragya calling di di di? whatever, I seriously am not Happy with any of these. the only thing we cud do is to wait nd that too only if u seriously hv that much patience to bear it… and I guess I cud, fr some more time coz abhi gv a lil hope that he still didnt accept tanu as his wife.

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