Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya dance together in the engagement party

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he can’t see her getting ashamed infront of anyone. He says I can’t give you problem or let problem come to you, as I care for you even now. He says we both know Tanu, if I had asked her not to tell then she would have told King, so I took reverse psychology. He says now she will not tell King. He says it is my right to care for you and even you can’t stop me. He walks off. Allah wariyan plays…

Tanu comes to King. King asks do you want to say anything. Tanu recalls seeing Abhi and Pragya together and thinks of Disha’s words. She says she wants to tell about Abhi and Pragya and says they both….she then thinks of Abhi’s words and says they made Neha and Tarun unite, and says I am really proud of them. King says I will use the word “best” to describe Pragya. Someone calls King and he goes.

Tai ji asks Mitali to attend the function and agree for the alliance for Neha’s happiness. She asks her to meet the guests. Mitali and Chachi come face to face and recall each other taunts. They think why the other agreed for the alliance. Dadi and Dasi ask both of them to hug each other. Chachi hugs Mitali and says she hates her daughter and don’t like this alliance. Mitali says the same about Tarun. Pandit ji comes there and says he came on mahurat. He says if the mahurat goes then they can engage after 7 months. Neha comes and hugs Pragya. Tanu thinks to kill Pragya and keep her idol at home. Abhi tells Pragya that when he saw Neha and Tarun then he thought…he says I will tell later. Pragya says I want to say something and says what you said just now, and says I will tell later. Abhi asks are you copying me or taking revenge. He asks what is that smile? Pragya says I will tell you later. Abhi walks away and smiles looking at her. Song plays……

Tarun’s friend Akash tells that before the engagement, they can do something good and asks for music. Purab says today we will dance too for the love marriage couple. Dadi says who will dance? King says couples like Pragya and me. Tanu smiles. Pragya smiles seeing King coming to her. He takes her hand in his hand. Aaliya signs Tanu to dance with Abhi. Tanu comes to Abhi and says sorry. She asks will you dance with me. Abhi says no. Dadi and Dasi smiles. Abhi asks Aaliya to dance with him. Aaliya asks me? Abhi says why can’t brother and sister dance. Aaliya says sure. King-Pragya, Abhi-aaliya and other couples dance on the song Nazdeekiyan….Disha looks happy. Abhi and Pragya come to each other when the partner’s change. Aaliya gets hurt as King steps on her foot. She sees Abhi and Pragya having an eye lock. Tanu gets jealous and thinks to inform King, whatever may be the consequences.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she can’t bear now and will tell truth to King about Abhi and Pragya’s relation. Aaliya asks if she is mad and says you will tell him and he will believe you. She says King will get angry on you for interfering about them and says he is very possessive about Pragya. Tanu says I will show the proofs to Pragya. Aaliya tries to stop her. Tanu comes to King. King asks where was she? Tanu says she couldn’t dance with her husband as Pragya danced with him. Aaliya comes and says I was dancing with you. Tanu says you didn’t see what was going on between Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks King to go as Abhi wants to talk to her. King says ok and goes. Aaliya takes Tanu to side and says King will think you wants to harm his relation with Pragya. Tanu says I have proof and shows the pic. Aaliya asks her to delete the pic. Tanu says no and says if you stop me then I will show the pics to everyone in the party. Aaliya says Pragya is hidingly romancing with Abhi, if she gets exposed then she will romance with him open. She says this time is not right and says Pragya is very important to him. Tanu says I will make him remember what happened because of Pragya.

Abhi tells Pragya that he can feel the truth and know it. He says I can’t stop myself now and can’t control my emotions. He says I want to say that in my heart….Pragya says I know and understand, you don’t need to tell. Abhi says once this engagement happens, everyone will leave, but your memory will not go. King comes there. Abhi says we were discussing about tarun and Neha’s marriage arrangements and she said that we shall call a joker. He says I disliked her idea. Dadi likes Pragya’s idea. King says she is right. Abhi asks King to let Dadi take his side and asks if he will steal her also. King says I don’t steal, but accept, if you leave something then someone else have to accept it.

King asks Abhi if he saw the girl like Pragya. Abhi says there will be no Pragya or no Abhishek Prem Mehra ever. King looks surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When will he find out about kiara

  2. Well paced episode. Neha has made it down into the celebration, so that didn’t require several extra episodes. Tuna and her paranoia were kept in check by Abhi and then Aliyah. Yes, Aliyah is being set-up to be reasonable which could be a prelude for a grand performance of ugly or we are to forget that Aliyah is the worst type of criminal, only effective because of her access to ready cash. Mithali and Chachi hug because they are told to do so and each of them whispers their warning and battle cry to the other. Three conflicts have become more secured. These three conflicts were evident several episodes ago. They are the same conflicts that always occur. Tuna hurting Pragya. Mithali having a rage because she doesn’t get her way. Aliyah pretending to be a normal human being as she considers what she really wants before making her plan to achieve her goals. Abhi may be sprouting tiny tendrils of maturity. It’s too early to be certain. And of course Abhi and Pragya who are used to keep the ratings up remain the unchanging backdrop for the Tuna, Aliyah and Mithali show. That would be the ‘How to be Evil’ show or ‘Evil people get to wear nice jewelry’ show. Abhi and Pragya finished the conversation they had begun at the end of the last episode. Abhi is trying to tell Tuna that her time is finished. Let’s hope that the awaited ‘drama’ at this function sees Tuna being tossed out of the Mehra Mansion just as Robin and a bunch of police officers arrive to arrest the murderer of John. One can hope. The tiny bits of plot which we do get to see are sadly forgotten or ignored because the producer has a problem finishing stories. She just doesn’t bother. And why does Aliyah repeatedly have people stepping on her feet. Has this become a signature Aliyah move?

  3. Hi Naz and Jayashree girls how are you doing, good i hope and that alls well with you all, i watched kum kum bhagya last night and could some body tell me why this nonsense is still showing my gosh when these writers start writing good mature scripts and stop all the repetitive childish storyline there is no difference between how the child kiara is acting and the way the grown up are also acting; i must say has taken its course of STUPIDITY and it is time to bring it to a close now; please writers kum kum bhagya has gone through even with its ratings you know something i cannot say which is worse kum kum bhagya or kumdali bhagya because they both contain the same shit storylines and with no resolving of any of the mishaps or problems taking place in these two ztv serials and as for that imps prithvi and dow dow head sherlyn they sure take the cake everyone in that serial is just weird with the way they are thinking and as for sherlyn by now she should be four months pregnant so if she gets married to rishab what will be the case you dont think he will want to know how her belly is so big when it is time for them to consumate the marriage then again most of the time they dont consumate but again there will be a problem and that is if he never consumated the marriage how the ASS she got pregnant; see what i mean these writers just aint thinking the go to sleep when the night comes with a pen and paper in their hands and just start writing hence the reason we receiving on this pack of Crap on the other end. Please writers end these two serials now because they are too Repetitive and Monotonous and we the viewers demand that they are taken off so that we can keep our SANITY and not end up in the Loony Bin thanking you in advance.

    1. Sapphire, you never fail to make me LMAO. …this is Ekta’s project, what else can we expect? There is never logic in these Indian serials and I’m not watching any more new ones, too much stress to start with. I’m doing well Sapphire, how about you? I don’t watch kundali bhagya…i don’t even want to put that in capital letters..I’ve seen a few flashes during the episodes and the man who is paired with the said Sherilyn you mentioned is one weird looking guy, I just switched to another channel, so no kb for me… You know why I come up here, it’s to de- stress ,this is where I get my comic relief, just seeing the man-child Abhi and Pragya behaving like their juvenile daughter, is enough to make me LMAO!!…and don’t talk about Tuna…yes, Tanu got a new name courtesy another viewer and it’s Tuna…slimy and fishy all the time, plotting murders and cutting chandeliers with her lifetime partner Aliya…. I just don’t understand how Tuna could get away after committing so many murders!! What a circus this serial is but I’m still here and you now know why. I understand your frustration Sapphire but no matter how much we criticize or point out the crazy ass mistakes, Ekta keeps going, going till she will get gray.. it seems like. Take care dear, I know you will take another vacation and then come back here hoping to see another serial in its place.. So, until then, keep good. ??

    2. Sapphire, hullo! I have suspected that Miss Ekta is using a very simple manipulation in a strange…signature way. Perhaps it’s cultural. Perhaps it’s an experiment. ; ) She wants us to remain curious. Every good story keeps you wanting more. Her very messy, incomplete thinking as shown through the inability to finish a plot, really defines her signature level of creativity. A very high number of dead ends. Dead ends tend to appear for people undergoing challenge. I wish this woman would get over herself, grow up and produce something of value, a good story. After all, as low as she goes, it does indicate the potential for how high/well she is capable of creating higher heart/mind stories. Knowing her potential, it is shameful that she continues to choose the ‘low’ road. The arrogance inherent in her ability to continue producing this base quality of ‘entertainment’ does serve several purposes. Unfortunately the benefit does not tally with the viewers. It makes her feel important which is a polite way of saying that in her heart she really doesn’t feel important at all. Broken ego, possibly. Hidden well, since every wounded human tries to hide their brokenness. I continue to wonder how this person is toasted as being talented. Manipulative, yes. She’s a ‘genius’ because of her access to cash/position/power. How about adding cruel, childish, s*xist, elitist, sociopathic (Tuna hurting children and elderly, murders etc), degrading and I know you can add more to the list. Although she’s a woman, she shows that she’s a complete misogynist. In real life she claims that she’s trying to help India modernize. Right. For whom? Certainly, not the female population of India. Normalising the worst possible behaviours into the next generation. Worse still, I believe that she knows exactly what she’s doing and loves it. Millions of people on a leash. Thrills. Don’t go to the looney bin, Sapphire! Figure out, what Miss Ekta is up to and have some good laughs! Think of her as a clown who’s trying to get your attention, through this production. It’s Tom and Jerri. and it’s funny watching how hard she tries. p.s. the degrading issue is both male/female, not just with females alone.

  4. Cathy, just to let you know that I chatted with Lakshmi and she has asked me to convey her best wishes to you, she looked for you on ISA and AKAJS forums but didn’t find you… You can exchange your thoughts with her on Yeh Tere Galiyan if you would like to …..

    1. Naz, take a risk with Krishnadasi. It only lasted for about 10 months. I do hope it somehow magically returns for a Season 2. I was convinced (because of the timing of the episodes) that KKB was stealing ideas from Krishnadasi. And I have watched 4 Pakistani serials. Three were absolutely wonderful. One was really great. I don’t usually have much watching time but made the exception for KKB because of that project challenge. I checked in on Kaleerein (it’s simply disjointed and weird) and KB where I really like the character of Rakhi and enjoy watching her but could not become excited over the ‘child’ of KKB. It’s another ’empty’ show, from what I’ve seen. Heck, they even have a Tuna look-a-like, who’s a bit smarter than Tuna and actually has a heart, albeit rather twisted. Scary stuff they teach about India. More than half the families living there are criminals or corrupted. Good message, wouldn’t you say?

    2. Akituster, Cathy and another dear friend of mine recommended the Pakistani serials and I don’t regret watching at all, although I’ve now finished one serial, it’s a precursor to what there is out there ,we don’t need to watch serials which makes our BP rise or puts us in a state of depression and I also recommend others to try elsewhere too. You know, at the end of the day, people come home from work and want to relax and spend a little time with the family watching some entertainment and if you are a lover of Indian serials, well crapaud smoke your pipe because most of these Indian serials aren’t fit for family entertainment anymore. The women are too whorish, too many murderers lurking around and getting away with it, black magic and ghosts visit us during every full moon, and the in laws are just plain nasty and selfish, how are we supposed to watch these crappy serials with our families?? No uplifting social messages are there for us, no one is ever happy in Indian soapland at all… Anyways… I finished watching Pakistani serial called Bashar Momin and what a baptism that was in terms of actors, acting, directing and dialogues…it was a treat to see people dressed without lavish costumes and gaudy makeup, for the first time I could feel two people touch without actually touching, the chemistry, dialogues, body language of the cast members were astounding and the male lead oozed charisma, s*xual potency and even if you wanted to hate him, you just couldn’t. I’ll have to check Krishnadasi and as you said it’s a finite series so that ought to be good. Don’t even talk about kaleerein, that one was lost in the Bermuda triangle some time ago , nothing appeals to me there anymore. You know what I enjoy? I prefer shorter stories because my mind is bored easily and when a story drags on for longer than I like, I lose interest. So when these serials go off on a tangent, detouring from original direction by buying time with silly plots, not to mention lack of detailing and logistics, that’s when my attention is reduced to giving up or taking a break. These days I’m here for sarcastic and comic relief and to chat with those who see through my lens…

    3. Cathy

      Thanks Naz!! I’ve given up that show when they cancelled the leap into adulthood, i’m not a big fan of shows centering on children being badly treated by adults. i’ll go say hi though. 🙂

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