Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu makes Dadi fall down from staircase and calls Abhi

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The Episode starts with Pragya sitting with Kiara. Kiara asks Pragya to meet her superhero/superman and says he asked me not to close her eyes and sang baba black sheep. I told him that he is singing wrong, he asked me not to close eyes. Pragya cries and kisses on her forehead. Kiara asks why are you crying? Pragya says you told me about superman, so I felt like crying. She thinks he is really a superman and thinks of Disha’s words. Kiara says if you meet Superman then will fall in love with him. Pragya thinks I love him, but can’t tell your or him. Tanu thinks I can’t sit quietly and have to do something. She takes marbles from the vase and puts on the staircase. She calls Suwarni Dadi and Dasi and asks them to come. Suwarni Dadi asks why is she shouting if someone died in her mayka. Tanu

thinks you will die. She tells that Dasi’s leg got twisted and is calling her. Dadi says I am coming for her and is climbing down the stairs, when Aaliya sees marbles on the stairs and calls Dadi to alert her, but Dadi steps on the marbles and falls down the staircase. Aaliya shouts at Tanu and says you are impossible. Tanu asks her to take care of Dadi first and says I have much important work to go. Aaliya calls Bahadur.

Abhi gives blood for Kiara and thinks she shall be fine. He asks Nurse about Kiara. Nurse says she is fine and shifted to ward. Nurse says your wife is with Kiara. Abhi says she is not my wife and tells that she is his daughter’s mother, but not his wife. Nurse says what are you saying? She says you must be feeling weak. Abhi tries to explain to her. Nurse asks him to go and meet Kiara and her mum and thinks they became mom and dad without marriage. Abhi sees Pragya standing from far and thinks she is Kiara’s mom. He thinks to meet her later, and thinks to call Pragya first. He looks at Kiara from outside and calls Pragya. Pragya thinks we will meet like a family. She thinks what I will tell him that I have hidden this truth from him and kept his daughter away from him. She thinks Abhi will not be angry with her and will be happy to know that she is Abhigya, although she has a different name Kiara. Abhi is coming near her, when a fan stops her and shows his son to him. Abhi kisses the boy. Boy waves his hand. Pragya turns and looks at Abhi, while he is turned. She thinks of Kiara’s words. Doctor comes and talks to Pragya. Tanu calls Abhi and tells that Dadi fell down from the stairs and is badly hurt. She says Dadi is taking your name and not letting me do the first aid. She pretends and asks if the doctor came and asks Abhi to come. Abhi says I am thinking which Doctor to call and says he is coming. Tanu thinks I have won Pragya and you have lost again. Abhi turns to Abhi, but sees him gone.

Abhi rushes home and asks Dadi how is she? Dadi asks why did you come here? Tanu says she was doing her foot massage and asks Purab to make Sunny understand and blames him for keeping the marbles on stairs. Tanu says she did the massage. Dadi asks her to take money from Abhi. She asks Abhi about Kiara’s accident. Purab is shocked and calls Disha. Dadi says if I had known that you was with Kiara then I wouldn’t have let you come. She asks him to go to hospital and meet Kiara. Tanu asks what are you saying? Dadi asks Abhi to go. Abhi says Kiara’s mum is with her and says I will be with you. Tanu says Abhi shall stay here. Dadi asks Abhi to go and be with Kiara else she will take out her anger on Tanu. Dasi asks Abhi to go. Tanu thinks I will not let Abhi go from here, and doesn’t care if anyone cries or smile. She asks Abhi not to go and says Dadi will cry once you leave. Abhi looks on.

Disha thinks don’t know why Pragya is doing this and not informing Abhi about her. Purab calls her and asks about Kiara. Disha says she is fine. Purab tells that Abhi came home as Dadi fell down from the stair case. Disha says I will come there. Purab asks her to be there. Disha says I thought Di and jiju will unite, but then he got a call from home. She asks who called him. Purab says don’t know and tells that Abhi loves Dadi and lot and she loves him too. Disha thinks of Tanu’s threat and asks where was she? Purab says I was in office. Disha says Tanu must have made Dadi fell and says she knows that Kiara is di and jiju’s daughter and told me that she won’t let me unite and asked me not to be happy. She says she did this cheap thing and stoop low. Pragya comes and asks Disha if everything is fine at home. Disha thinks she shall not trouble Pragya by telling about Dadi.

Abhi sees Pragya with Kiara and asks Nurse where is Kiara’s mum, he wants to meet her. Nurse says the lady in saree sitting with her is Kiara’s mum. Abhi says she is Pragya and says I am asking about Kiara’s mum. Nurse says she is only Kiara’s mum. Abhi is shocked and drops the balloons and rose from his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lolalois

    Finally, if a silly twist does not come in again. Abhi might think Kiara is King’s, but if he has a modicum of sense, he should realise she is his. Aaliya is not so evil anymore these days, no doubt it stems from the fact that she is preparing herself as King’s would-be wife.

  2. I wonder how many dasi’s and dadi’s are going to begin having serious ‘accidents’ in India during the next few years. Now that we know how the Indian government trains the youth and general population to respect other humans. Use them. They exist to satisfy the ego’s of sl*ts and murderers. And here, right on evening television is a training video on how to commit crime. Mind you, we are being taught that those Indian people sure are a wily bunch, with a tuna type and Aliyah type in every home. It would appear that the good people of India have been well trained to accept and protect and nurture their criminals in order to keep a facade of a ‘happy’ home.

    1. Hi Akituster… I couldn’t just slip in and out and not say hi to a wonderful person… I’m here all this time but incognito… I was waiting for the precap, like holding on to the moment of climax…just a little while again and I hope that it isn’t someone’s convoluted dream that Abhi has discovered who is Kiara’s mom…

      1. Hulo Naz! I have been keeping my eye out for your comments! Good to see you back!
        I had a few comments about Bashar Momin… omigawd… I am finding great difficulty in watching but will continue. On episode 12 currently. Incognito? Does that mean you have just been reading or commenting under another name? : )

    2. Josephine Engel

      Akituster, I agree with you. Looks like those guys have been trained to do wrong and pretend that everything else is fine to the outside world.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Finallllllyyyyyyyy some gd news lets sit back and see how d writers screw dis up

  4. It’s simply astounding that Tanu the robotic sl*t could envision the precise moment of luring Abhi away from finding out the connection between Pragya and Kiara by causing dadi to fall down the stairs!!! It’ll only prolong Tanu’s stress levels longer because sooner or later Abhi would find out the truth as we can see in the precap unless writers are giving Abhi a hallucination…

    1. Tuna fish keeps herself busy with either brown nosing “Look! Look! I’m massaging Dadi’s feet like a loving good wife, sitting here in my Princess dress and trying to keep my happiness hidden that my latest attempt at harm has succeeded!” I’m waiting for her stress levels to explode into a shower of tiny bits of pink floss, sequins and her doll parts landing on the mehra mansion floor so that Aliyah can slip and fall and become a vegetable so that small mean children can torture her and allow rabid dogs to bite her. Revenge is sweet when it is a story, right?

      1. Mithali should be assigned as her sole caregiver, inside of a jail cell.

      2. I’ve been reading but not commenting although my fingers itched me to type… Please Akituster, continue watching Bashar Momin, it’s only about 32 or 33 episodes thereabouts….yes, that’s right!! I know how painful it is to see the abuse but Bashar’s actions become justified and you will feel sorry for him… I’ve never come across a serial where you can feel the s*xual attraction and tension between two people like Rudaiba and Bashar… Cathy and my dear friend Lakshmi used to chat about it before I had started watching so I had kept an open mind with his character….all the angles were eventually tied up neatly…the fact that all episodes were 3/4 HR long minus commercials, shows that zeetv serials and Indian serials on the whole could achieve the same if they wanted to but no they prefer to stretch their stories and leave off certain details thinking we would forget…

  5. I also want to know the same thing as Disha… I want to know what f**king excuses Pragya would give to Abhi as to why she hid this from him… Seriously, Pragya deserves everything Abhi would tell her eventually and I hope he doesn’t go easy on her, she needs some blasted blowout… Of course she’s going to say it was for Kiara’s safety but Abhi didn’t know and how safe did that keep her?? Pragya is like the most unimaginative woman ever, nothing she ever did came with good results…and writers better not give her an easy way out…

    1. Please remember that Pragya suffers from Stolkholm Syndrome. Being thrust into Delhi and realizing that she was not going to be able to avoid the criminal Mehra family likely brought back some old behaviours. I agree that Pragya could have been honest a thousand times more to prevent so much nonsense but first the victim is destroyed and if the victim has the audacity to heal a part of their life, the tormentors will come back and re-destroy. The tormentors want us to forget their original storms of abuse, humiliation, theft etc. I say, sure Pragya should be held responsible for her stupid silence AFTER Abhi, Mithali, Tuna fish and Aliyah are held responsible for their criminality. Fair is fair. They created the silent and beaten Pragya from the years of torture, murder of loved ones etc. Abhi remains a brute. Why? He’s still paying Tuna fish and Aliyah to hurt people. The claim that Pragya remains in love with this fiendish and incredibly stupid man is what I think indicates Pragya as brain-damaged and unable to recoup her old strong, thinking adult self. Especially as Kiara shows similar personality traits to Abhi, it would be even more important to keep the child away from the criminal family. Until Tuna fish, Aliyah and Mithali are dead, Pragya should keep herself and her child away from criminals who would likely kill the child. Tuna fish cannot stand to have Abhi’s resources spent on anyone else. Her need for ballgowns to breakfast in, creates an expensive habit. As does the booze, illicit affairs and constant hospitalization of her victims. She was not interested in Abhi, ever. She has only been interested in Abhi’s wealth…just like his so-called sister. Criminals pretending to be normal is not change. It is their latest strategy to keep their stolen goods in their own hands. Abhi is a criminal. Marrying the sl*t sort of sealed his fate, regardless of the reason. Abhigya died and will not resurrect until Tuna fish/Aliyah/Mitahli are dead and both parts of Abhigya have the chance to heal. Not going to happen. This ‘creativity’ comes from the limited and injured space of what’s masquerading as Miss Ekta Kapoor. Criminals do not stop being criminals. They get better at hiding what they are and they love to re-visit old victims to insure that their old handiwork remains intact. Can’t allow a previous victim to thrive, ever. You may notice that gov’ts, elites and transnational corporations work in the same fashion.

    2. But Naz, how can anyone achieve good results, regardless of your brains, creativity, understanding and effort when you have a pack of creatures destroying anything you attempt? The creatures being Abhi, Tuna, Aliyah and Mithali. You don’t have a chance. They hide in the dark and don’t even inform you that they are attacking. Original Dadi had the same problem. She didn’t understand that her beloved Abhi was one of the monsters she was fighting against.

    3. Marie Raphael

      Naz, let all take a moment and realize Pragya has 1000 reasons to hid this truth from Abi. We can all agree yes she should have told him. But considering the situation throwing her out his life and declare her dead. Doesn’t put him in the right either, he called her inauspicious, declared her murder of his dadi death, saying his dadi was the reason for their togetherness and with her death comes the death of their relationship. How does abhi expect her to muster the courage to tell him such truth?

  6. Leisa, you did touch on something on Friday’s episode and I’ve also been saying that same thing, how big is the Mehra’s house and how many people reside there and how many guests were there for Divali celebration for Pragya, Abhi and Kiara not to meet simultaneously? The cat and mouse scenario was frustrating and madly hilarious at the same time…how Pragya was able to appear and disappear in between father and daughter is enough to burn brains out..

    1. I think they have stolen the idea from Kundali Bhagya. In the last few episodes the whole show is centred around people walking through the same hallways over and over again. Not much else happens. I have to stop dipping in to see that show. The female lead is less insipid than she was in the past. When productions are dragged like this we are just reminded about the lack of creativity by writers and the producer. Looking up and down picturesque hallways does make it easier to write a script. Funny, how tricks like this would get you a reprimand in an educational institution yet in the real world are applauded (money earned) for their success.

  7. Again same question which sound track is that has been played in today’s episode ?? Still can’t find it

  8. Pragya is going to tell Abhi that she is Kiara’s mothers’ friend, not her mother….LOL

  9. …..let’s see. How can this secret be dragged on even further???? hmmm. “no, Ahbi, your mistaken, I am the best friend of Kiara’s mom. Her real mother is away on business but just like you feel you are her “father”, I am her “mother”……. next…..

  10. wait…even better.. here’s another stalling tactic ….”LOOK!! a COCKROACH!! Everybody RUN!!!

    1. Lolalois

      You’re making me laugh. This is Kumkum Bhagya and ridiculous things happen, even I am waiting for what the writers will do to make sure Abhi gets the identity of Kiara’s mom wrong

  11. LMAOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Josephine Engel

    Akituster, I agree with you. Looks like those guys have been trained to do wrong and pretend that everything else is fine to the outside world.

  13. Just like we know abhi will misunderstanding pragya and will thinking that kiara is king and pragya daughter

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