Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Destiny to bring Abhi and Pragya face to face

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The Episode starts with Sushma and Pragya coming to the office. Sushma introduces Pragya as her daughter with another surname. The business partner says I heard so much about you. Pragya says I am sure that you have heard right and tells that real confidence comes when a person is self made. They praise her. Pragya says we are here to discuss about the properties which we have acquired. The properties image is shown on the projector screen. The partner asks someone to move this bungalow image and tells that this is our bungalow and is under renovation. Pragya asks how did you get it? The partner tells that it was on sale and we bought. Pragya says she wants this bungalow and recalls marrying in the house and getting kicked out by Pragya. Pragya offers three properties inexchange of this bungalow. Sushma asks Pragya what is she doing? The partner thinks she might give her studio too and asks her to give the three properties and the studio too. Pragya says you said right that it is not that worth and tells that she will buy only if you give the property on market price. Mr. Thappar’s son agrees and gives the property papers to her. He says I have bought this house on half rate and tells that you have done bad business. Pragya tells that she would have given him entire business and tells that he has lost it. Mr. Thappar asks what is it? Sushma says it was a lesson for your son.

Siddharth comes to Prachi’s house. He tells Ranbir and Prachi that he is jealous seeing their love. Prachi gets ready to go for meeting. He gets a call that Pallavi got heart attack and asks Ranbir if he is coming. Sushma appreciates Pragya for her business. Pragya tells that she got grah pravesh in that house and then she was kicked out. Thappar’s son is impressed with her. Thappar tells that they didn’t want to sell the house, but she convinced us. He tells that he shall get the folder from her purse and plan to acquire her factory. Pragya comes there and asks them when she can get the bungalow keys. Mr. Thappar’s son tells that after the renovation. Pragya says ok. Mr. Thappar’s son tells that they shall find out about her connection with the bungalow.

Abhi, Sumit, Prashant and other friend are sitting to play carrom board. Sumit’s wife comes there and tells that she is going with her mother. They tell Abhi that his wife is going from there. Abhi says she is upto something. Sumit says you don’t talk to her, but knows her. Abhi says Police also knows the thief. He drinks.

Pragya and Sushma come home. Pragya tells that Manager called and told that car will be ready. She asks her to see the things. Sushma finds Priyanka’s pics and says she had forgotten this in Australia. Pragya says how can I forget it and tells that she requested Mark to give it to Brandon and he brought it here. Sushma gets emotional and says I will see them. She says just as the car comes, we will go to boutique.

Sumit is repairing Pragya’s car. Abhi comes there and asks him to play final match. Sumit tells that he has to work, as reminds him about repairing the car outside the hotel. He says they called him to repair their car and the boss is impressed with his service and doubled his salary. He says you will not get Rani. Abhi picks the call and says I love you Rani. Sumit asks what did you do? Pragya looks on. Abhi tells Sumit that he didn’t pick the call. Pragya asks Sumit not to waste time and bring the car to her home safely soon. Sumit tells Abhi that she was scolding him and asked him to value time. Abhi says I will talk to her, call her. Sumit says it was get to scolded by her, there was love in her scold. Abhi recalls Pragya’s scolding and says she was like her. Sumit repairs the car and sits in the car. He gets his wife’s call and tells Abhi that he has to go with her for his child’s vaccination, asks Abhi to deliver the car to the lady’s house. Abhi says I am drunk and stinking. Sumit asks him to eat pan and deliver the car.

Sushma looks at Priyanka’s pic and gets sad. The Servant comes there and tells that food is ready. Sushma asks about Pragya. The Servant says she is upset due to some mechanic. Sushma says mechanic hasn’t brought the car. Abhi comes there and says he came to give the keys. Servant opens the door. Sushma asks him to give the car keys to her daughter. Abhi looks at the food kept on the dining table and tells that his Dadi used to make food for him like this. he says Dadi is no more, just her memories are left. Sushma asks him to eat the food after giving car keys to her daughter. Abhi is about to step on the stairs when Sushma asks him to give keys in Pragya’s hand. Abhi says Pragya.

Precap: Sushma asks Pragya what has happened? Pragya informs her that the mechanic was her husband and the lady whom she got arrested is his wife Tanu. Sushma is shocked and asks if they are the ones who attempted to kill her. Pragya is teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Is Pragya purposely avoiding Prachi or is she just too obsessed with her revenge??

    1. K.Lakshmi lavanya

      We don’t want maa and papa drama it is finished before leap. So stop we want abhigya fresh love story only

    2. Exactly!! I mean they will meet of course but at least she can mention her daughters and talk about how much she misses them.

    3. Meme maybe she has haf the belief that since prachi and ranbir are married that they would either be living with abhi or the kholis. Remember she didnt know how pallavi felt about prachi

  2. Ranbir’s cousin is giving me the stalker creeps his stares and his comments not 2 mention always trying 2 be with Prachi yikes and let me guess Pallavi and the Kohli’s have been in shatters since Ranbir left and Pallavi has been like this since Ranbir left correct will she use emotional blackmail again and wondering who’s gonna notice 1st abt Siddarth’s clear affections 4 Prachi will it be Ranbir or Prachi but srsly tho is Pragya mad at Prachi or something y isn’t she even mentioning her

  3. wait I though Vikram got a heart attack not Pallavi?

    1. Sidharth told chachaji got heart attack

  4. Dolly sohi (sushma) posted something like an accident sequence will happen in her instagram story… Who will be injured??
    Also does that mean abhigya will meet on Monday? Won’t she confront him and how is she going to arrest tanu? The precap is mysterious… Cuz these many things can’t happen in one episode… Kkb always dragggggsss

  5. #Hits&Misses: UPDATE

    1. Call. 21st June
    2. At Bar. 22nd June
    3. Passing the hotel. 22nd June
    4. On the street after Bar. 22ndd June
    5. At Hotel (Tanu) 23rd June
    6. At Hotel’s parking (Tanu as thief) 23rd June
    7. At Hotel’s Parking (Mechanic) 23rd June
    8. At Hotel’s Parking (Mechanic) 24th June
    There were no crowd, altough only 4 people around a car they
    can’t see each other
    9, Pragya’s car passes by Tanu 24th June
    10. Abhi is singing by whistling on the street. 24th June
    11. Abhi passes Pragya’s house 25th June
    and wind brings Pragya’s scarf to Abhi
    12. Abhi picked up Pragya’s call 26th June
    but Pragya didn’t speak

    1. They met finally

  6. Yeh the heart attack drama is either a plan to get ranbir back home or it will lead to emotional blackmail by lead by Pallavi 🙄. So I think Pranbir will move back to the Kohlis 😭 they are better off alone in their own little house where it’s peaceful and they are so happy!

    I’m excited now to see what happens so Pragya knows Abhi is working as a mechanic so she’ll find out their living condition. She better not feel bad because right now it’s been a week and even though she’s planning revenge she actually hasn’t done anything to avenge herself.

    1. @Riya
      But for it to be a plan , the Kohlis have to be knowing that Siddharth is in contact with PRANBIR , right ??
      Siddharth said he’s ‘hiding’ Prachi from Vikram , that means Kohlis are not aware that Siddharth and Ranbir are in contact

      Also I doubt the emotional blackmail will work this time. This time Prachi is just not his girlfriend or ladylove , she is his legally wedded wife , and Ranbir is not going to choose anybody over Prachi this time.

      Most likely this is another instance where Prachi will end up in hospital to see his father in law and get insulted , yet again.

  7. where is prachi’s friend com sister
    where is Rhea

  8. From what I remember, Vikram was in a different city when Ranbir’s marriage was fixed. He could not join his son’s wedding in the afternoon because of his “work priorities” but he is there, in the second half of the day, to disown his son. Wow!

  9. Eesha1

    How many mothers will pragya have?
    1. Sarla maa
    2. Sarita behen and now
    3. Sushma
    4. Will be revealed in future if this show continues🤣🤣.
    Where is sahana, Sarita behen ,purab and Rhea??
    If mehra’s are poor then they could have ask help from purab right???.please bring back purab along with disha..I miss disha so much 😔

    1. you forgot one (shahana’s grandma) who took pragya in after she left mehra house with baby prachi. I think purab divorced alia and might have severed his relationship with abhi after abhi married tanu and seeing how he hated pragya after pranbir marriage. ( purab always loved and trusted pragya, so maybe finally he took a stand for his di). I really do hope he reconciled with Disha and Sunny. Aryan seemed to be rich (his clothes and Pranbir landlord taunting him that he shouldn’t be living on his dads money) so clearly he stays with purab. Shahana could be living with sarita behen or returned to her grandma. I really do want to know where rhea is.

    2. We may add
      5..the nurse (she was Shana’s grandmother) who saved Pragya from the street after the death of Kiara.

      6..The doctor who took care of Pragya when she was shot and dragged down the river

    3. And how many dadis’ do abhi have? 😂😂

  10. I don’t get this why Pragya is only behind Abhi why is she not bothered about Prachi she knows that no one knows about the truth of the deal and no one in the family is going to believe her then also she is not bothered to know how she is…
    And by seeing Sidharth I am getting a feel that he is going to turn negative to get Prachi and might join hands with Rhea…
    But the thing is where is Shahana she is seen no where and no one talks about her also…In one episode One of Abhi’s friend ask her to join the mechanic job so that he get get mint and pay the fees of her daughter there are chances that Rhea may be hospitalized (don’t know how as if she was critical then how the doctor don’t know that he came and tied banded on her head and then left….but anything is possible here) and if Kohli’s and Purab are rich why are they not helping Mehera’s….In one episode the Land last said that Aryan is only wasting his dad’s money this means Puran is rich then why Alia is living in chawl does they god seperated (Kash ye sach ho) and there are chances that there may be fight between Kohli’s and Mehera’s but what about Purab…
    I don’t like one thing they are showing very less Pranbir scenes which is max to max 5 minutes only please show some Pranbir scenes also…
    One thing I like in Pranvir is that they have great trust on each other…Prachi was trying so hard to make Ranbir realise that she doesn’t love him but he had not accepted even he doesn’t accepted the MMS (with Parth) after she told him that it is true…but in Abhigya case once Abhi saw the marriage video of Pranbir he lost his trust from Pragya and when Pragya heard Anhi’s voice in call she lost her trust…thus Pranbir trust each other more than Abhigya I like Abhigyan also but the thing I don’t like is that they always say that they will not leave each other, they will always trust each other etc…but when it comes to prove it they fail….
    I am missing the old Vikram he was good but in this story he was supporting Ranbir not fully but was with him but after marriage aaise palat gaya ki mai kya kahu I thought that after Pranbir’s wedding Fida and Pallavi will hate them but now I think that Dida will support Pranbir….

  11. Steupssss, same old bs in KKB, never any changes, imagine showise, they’ve know each other more that 20 years because the girls are twenty-something-ish, there was Kiara before them, rite? Always and NEVER have queen Alia let them live together in peace, always instigating “bhai” whom she hates so much and even tries to kill him too, he is always blaming Pragya for his stupidity, like in Kiara’s death and ALL other times.
    KKB has gone around in circles so many times and still Pragya and Abhi cannot live together due to Alia most times.
    Now with grown up children and still cannot do anything right.
    Pragya always boasts about being strong and can do anything to save husband maybe children but still always same old crap.
    So now where is Shahana and Sarita (previous) mother after 20 year leap? Another leap of 2 years and a different mother? Did she ever go to Sarla (real) mother?
    I really dont know WHY this serial is still ongoing, all storylines are boring, always the same only now with children who can never be allowed to live together with parents.

  12. I’m waiting for bhagya lakshmi love story 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 are kdb and kkb related to bhagya lakshimi?

  13. Okay, the episode was better than this week’s episode.
    The new guy either it’s the music, his smoky voice or the father, it creates a negative vibe. No matter, it looks like he is a good rival for Abhi.
    And for once there was almost no Pranbir scene today, because the scenes are annoying. And why does Ranbir have to constantly mention that he loves Prachi, is he obsessed with the 3 words ILY?🤦‍♂️

    Precap is confusing – Tanu arrested?? 🤔

    1. Edit-I prefer the mansion where Pragya and Sushma live, it is bigger and Pragya’s bedroom looks bigger than the one in the EX Mehra mansion.

  14. #Meli, Tanu is a thief. In past she had stolen someone’s life, now she has been running on the streets to stole some pieces of valuable objects

    1. I didn’t see Tanu today and this woman (where Abhi’s buddy thinks she is Tanu) didn’t look like Tanu from behind.

    2. That is what I deducted from the precap

  15. @STRYwrt
    okay 🙂

  16. Makers should mind these points
    1.Mehras’ are bankrupted not Purab then why Aliya is not living with Purab and why Purab is not helping them?
    2. Abhi’s recent Dadi is not his own Dadi she is Daljeet dadi’s somehow sister. Even she might have her own family, still she is living in such way.
    3. Tanu have her parents but they are nowhere now.
    4. And the most important part is Tanu is living in poverty. Can’t she just run away with some rich guy… Lol 😂😂(jokes apart)

    But we have to overlook all points after all these happen in real life not in Ekta kapoor’s show😂😂

  17. Finally Pragya to meet his mental husband Abhi.Hope she will not have sympathy for him revenge only

    1. Malavika

      I hope so too

  18. Guys, Breaking News:

    1. The actress portraying Reha will be substituted again by a new one

    2. Tanu’ll be jailed and Pragya’ll be on bargain with Tanu.

    – – – – – -‘Confession VS Freedom ‘- – – –

    1. omggg wait so the Actress playing rhea quit and they’re getting a new 1?? y did she quit

    2. Yes there are some speculations in that manner

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