Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya (acting as a joker, supposed to be a sensible professor) asking Abhi why these 2 guests (Tanu’s parents) here instead of attending lohri function. She says if he does not tell, she will tell Daadi about them and bring her here. Abhi says they are his client and have come to talk about business. She says she will help him crack the deal, goes and sits with Tanu’s parents. Tanu’s mom asks if she is Abhi’s wife. She says yes and asks Abhi how does they know her. He says she is rockstar’s wife and everyone obviously know her. Tanu’s dad says Abhi was right, you are very cooperative. She says they can crack the deal today itself if they finalize the price. They think she is eager to get Abhi married to Tanu. They asks when will the function happen and if it will be indoor or outdoor. She finalizes June and indoor function. Abhi says she is right. Tanu’s mom asks howmany guests they can accommodate. Pragya asks Abhi what guests. He says they call client as guest. Dad asks if the deal is finalized. Pragya says if they finalize amount, they can. Dad and mom shockingly asks what money. Abhi asks why she wants money from them. Pragya thinks it must be a charity event then.

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Bulbul and Purab start pheras around lohri. Aaliya (ugly minded vamp) gets annoyed seeing them and tells her puppet Tanu that she cannot see them together performing pheras. Tanu says she has a plan to punish Bulbul and tells about it. Purab and Bulbul happily finish pheras. Sarla gives Bulbul coconut and asks her to break it in front of lohri as a goodluck. While Bulbul goes near lohri, Aaliya silently pushes her and she is about to fall on fire when Purab rescues her and gets his hands burnt instead. Aaliya vamp and puppet Tanu gets irked seeing their plan failed. Sarla thanks Purab for rescuing Bulbul. Purab says Bulbul is his responsibility and he cannot let her in trouble. Bulbul hugs him emotionally.

Tanu’s parents thanks Pragya (still in a joker mood) for agreeing the deal. Pragya says she will go and feed Daadi her medicine and says Abhi that she wants to talk to him after that. Once she leaves, Tanu’s dad praises Pragya that she herself is getting her husband remarried and is unique. Abhi says she is unique.

Aaliya (vamp) angrily says Tanu that their plan failed and Purab got his hands burnt. Tanu asks her to calm down and says they will hatch some big plan now.

Tanu gets tensed thinking it is very late since Abhi and her parent’s meeting started and she should go and check. She sees Pragya coming from house and asks why did she go in. Pragya says it is her house and she is an outsider instead. Tanu asks why did she go in. Pragya says she went to meet her husband and has come closer to him after she cracked his deal and says she should forget about marrying Abhi now. Tanu thinks what did she tell her parents.

Precap: No precap. Pragya promotes upcoming serial Hello Prathiba.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Purab and Bulbul scenes are the only treat to watch in the show.

  2. Yet again, 20 excellent (5 starr) reviews….what is pleasing about this episode? I would really like to know. Again, I am not bashing just curious. Because this seems why the reason this show is not changing at all, people are loving it. Please explain why?

  3. Wat the hell is going on with Pragya n why is abhi being a moran

  4. No one is liking the way this serial is going why cant the makers realize that before everyone gives up on the show i watch it now once a week and that is enough

    1. Minna ,I think although we are making these logical comments on this page, it is not been referred to the right people.If I have away of writing to the directors one and one I will send my comments to them.When we make comments they are for the improvement of the show ,so that their ratings can go up.

  5. Purab and Bulbul just need to get married.!!!!!! Plz ekta surprise viewers…and don’t seperate them..!!!

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