Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya to invite Mr. Mehra and family for dinner

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The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about Prachi’s mum and thinks of Vikram’s words that how can this happen that she couldn’t know that he is Mr. Mehra. He says he is not confused about Ms. Anuradha and thinks he talked to her via message and found her to be sorted and good. He thinks Vikram must have not told her intentionally and was enjoying her scoldings. He thinks why someone will bear the scolding and says only Pragya used to scold me. He thinks who is she and thinks to see her Display image on whatsapp. He sees nature’s pic and thinks she is a nature’s lover. He gets a call and says file is with Purab, and thinks where is he?

Purab asks where to drop? Disha says it is your favorite word. Purab says you left me, I didn’t leave you. Disha puts the sudden break and gets down from his car. Her dupatta get stuck in the car door and she tries to take it out. Purab comes out and says what do you think of me, that I am a goon who want to take your advantage. He says I just want to drop you to your home and asks her to see the place and says nobody is here, if something bad happens. Disha says what worse can happen now. Purab asks her to let him drop her and asks her to take out her anger next time, says let me drop you. She goes back to car and sits in it. Purab comes to car and sits, thanks her. He starts driving and thinks these emotions are getting them trapped. She says sorry for her behavior and says I was very angry that your good words seem bad to me. he says I understand. She says you don’t. he gives her tissue paper. Halla song plays…..

Aaliya says I hate this weather and says she don’t want to be late, gets stuck in the traffic. She sees Purab in car and thinks where is he going? She sees Disha in his car and thinks what she is doing in his car. She thinks it was Disha, but with Purab.

Shahana says Maasi has become broad minded. Prachi says Maa always surprises me and says she says that no work is bad, bad is just thinking. She says I love my mom. Shahaha says I love my Maasi. Prachi gets a call. Shahana asks her to sing lullaby for her boss. She sees Rhea’s call and gives call to Prachi. Prachi picks her call. Rhea says my reputation became bad today because of you, says my dad likes you so takes your name back from the competition. She says I did a mistake to call you, would have let you humiliated. She says it is her goodness that she called and says nobody has won from her before. Prachi says she will take part and don’t care about her victory. Shahana says Prachi will only win and then you will forget to wear fashionable clothes. Rhea warns her and ends the call. She says this madam don’t care about her reputation.

Hritik is waiting for Disha outside her house. Purab brings Disha there. Disha comes out of his car. Hritik asks Disha not to thank him for getting lift from Purab. He asks him to come out and thanks him for dropping Disha. Disha asks if you are done and asks him to come. Hritik asks Purab to come to Disha’s house and says he will make them have the best coffee. Aaliya sees them and gets angry.

In the house, Hritik tells Purab that Disha is rude, but she is not rude. He goes to make coffee. Purab asks Disha if she stays alone. Disha says did I ask you where you stay with Aaliya and says you are stranger and be that. He says you are not stranger to me. hritik calls her and asks for coffee, sugar. She gives him and asks what’s more. Hritik asks her to make coffee and says I know, but not tasty as you. He says sorry to Purab and says I will make you drink my coffee later. Purab gets jealous seeing Hritik with Disha. Disha senses his jealousy.

They come out. Hritik gives coffee to Purab. Disha says you had some work? Hritik tells Purab that he came to see if she reached or not. Disha gets a call and says wrong number. Purab offers to give lift to Hritik. Disha asks him to leave. Hritik says you are behaving as if he is your ex. Disha says she had no past. Hritik says he is not interested in relationship else would have..Purav says she is not your type. She shouts at them asking them to leave. They leave.

Pragya asks Sarita behen to have medicine. Sarita behen says you don’t love me and that’s why scolds me. She emotionally blackmails her and asks her to do as she says. Pragya asks what? Sarita behen says my shona..Triple M., My triple Mr. Mehra. Pragya says you give him names daily. Sarita behen says I want Mr. Mehra to invite for dinner and then you apologize to him. Pragya says I scolded Mr. Kohli. Sarita behen asks her to call Mr. Kohli also. Pragya says she will call Mr. Mehra and Mr. Kohli with their family. Sarita behen says they are rich and might not come with family. Pragya says she will invite and call them. Sarita behen thinks now they will meet, plan successful.

Precap: Disha tells Aaliya that love doesn’t end, but it is hidden. She says feelings is developed for Purab and asks her to stop it if she can.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Then Abhi will meet with an accident and not make it to the dinner or a fire will start while Pragya is mysteriously locked in the kitchen. Abhi will be there but won’t see her because of the smoke. He tries to rescue her and both of them pass out and will be rushed to the hospital without seeing each other. Lets drag this on as far as possible so that we die of boredom. I’d rather poke my fingers in my eyes for entertainment……lol..

  2. Leisa s morris

    Y d hell did disha leave purab? Come on writers clear d air now pls thk u

    1. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

      @Leisa Morrison, It’s preety obvious..Aaliyah drugged purab and slept with him.. Disha catches them red handed.. Disha feels betrayed.. Disha leaves Purab.. there u go!

    2. Oh yah, SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan, of course, we all have figured that part out from Day one. It’s the details that matter. What was Aliyah’s set-up? How did Purab possibly fall for such a stunt. Where was Disha/Sunny to let this happen? She was ‘at home’ 90% of the time. I am sure that Leisa is like many other viewers, just wondering about the story part of it. You know what I am referring to, I’m sure. Just watch out for spelling errors. I think that abbreviations and those emoji’s do not count as correct and proper writing.

  3. Is this for real bad serieS the writer is stupid i stop watching for long time and the story the same nothing change

  4. Mini-Aliyah’s constant, “Oh. I was lying. This is a plan to destroy you.” , has become insanely boring. One-dimensional character for a one-dimensional actress? Aliyah being presented as a sympathetic figure is certainly a, ‘are you kidding me?’ moment. The actress has improved, since her last effort. Or is that the editing and the fact that she would have several attempts to get it right? Leisa is correct. Withholding why Disha had left has become another taunt to the viewers. Not knowing is supposed to bring excitement, questioning. Not frustration and irritation. I don’t believe that Ekta Kapoor will ever get over herself and her need to control. Balaji should be changed to Brainwashing. And interestingly enough a twitter commenter, a political analyst has brought up the subject of Ekta Kapoor, needed regulation and the damage she is doing to Indian society. Finally.

  5. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

    Rhea character really confuses me???.. sometimes she talks normally then now she insults Prachi then some other time she will be kind of good? Bipolar or what? If writers think pushing people off mountains, cutting chandelier ropes, paying goons to kidnap, attempting to murder someone countlessly is normal, then I have no words. Tanushri, Aliyah, Nikhil was all like this but Mini chopra? Did Abhi teach her this? He knows how Aaliyah is like then why does he let her teach Rhea to become like her? why is she even in this house? should be rotting in Jail, abused by other physo’s

    1. Rhea/Mini-Aliyah bipolar? She’s not really manic or depressive or schizophrenic. She is definitely a narcissist, has sociopathic tendencies and her character could be easily developed into a psychopath. She’s very one-dimensional. One track mind. She flounces around a lot. Sort of like a dumb bunny or a drugged bunny. I’m not referring to bunny rabbits. I am referring to playboy bunnies. Or she does a Vogue pose. I do see where you would choose the term bi-polar. I still maintain that the writers are held back by the creative power of the producer. The producer clearly has a preference for one-dimensional work. Oh. And remember to be careful! There is a grammar police-person on the loose! I noticed that you had some spelling, grammar and syntax errors! This person has forgotten that on this site no one is writing in a professional or academic manner for their comments. Most are simply speaking from their heart and spewing. Like you. And me. But watch out, be a little careful, unless of course the grammar police only chose to pick on me. Gee, I wonder why they would do that? This of course is referencing your comments from
      last Thursday, was it?

    2. ???…nice one, love the dialogues… This is the worst serial ever in terms of detailing…..and oh yeah Akituster and Leisa, I’m also wondering and scratching my head thinking how the heck did Purab grow enough balls to lie on a bed to conceive a baby with the amazon woman!! He must have been drunk! I’m noticing, dear Akituster, that Purab is softening his mind towards Aliya somewhat, all the while still hungering for delectable Disha.. Writers are now giving Aliya a conscience, trying to make us sympathetic towards her, saying that she has a delicate frame of mind, something worse than imaginable can happen to her if Purab doesn’t pump enough love into her!! So you see, same old bullshit of not holding toxic characters like Aliya, to face the brunt of the law…in these serials, it’s better to be a villain than a hero, heros sucks!! As for Rhea, words fail me to describe this character, but you’ve nailed it shortly and precisely, I need not say more at this time… Akituster, I have high hopes that Aliya would one day head for the mental hospital, how deserving is that!! If Purab goes back to Disha, anything is possible in this make believe world…won’t that be enough to send Aliya bonkers!? I am hoping that one day we’ll learn that Aliya faked her pregnancy, stole someone else’s baby and passed Aryan off as her own! You just never know! These writers have us thinking up our own conspiracies!!

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