Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Mitali that she has accepted Tanu as her bahu. She says you gave Pragya’s place to Tanu so soon, very fast. She tries to see her face and tells Dadi that she is happy with her decision. Dasi says I thought you are stupid, but you are clever. She says Dadi called Tanu here to bless her. Dasi asks why did you come here? Mitali says some special pandit ji came here and wants to talk to you. Dadi tells that she will come after getting ready and asks her to go. Mitali comes back to Pragya and whispers in her ears that she did right to take Dadi’s blessing. Dasi makes her go. Purab tells that when Mitali couldn’t figure out she is Pragya then nobody will. Dadi eagerly waits for Pragyas grah pravesh. Nikhil calls his goon and asks him to come to Mehra house with other goons. Goon agrees. Nikhil thinks your baraat is coming here…Pragya, this Diwala (himself) will take her.

Abhi recalls their love confession. Mrs. Mehta tells Abhi that there is a small problem. Aaliya tells Abhi that rituals and customs are important in Indian wedding. She tells Mrs. Mehta’s Guru ji told that the marriage is incomplete if baraat don’t come. She asks him to agree and says they will arrange horse. Abhi asks them not to force him else he will rethink his decision. Mrs. Mehta gets angry. Aaliya takes her to side and asks her to keep her voice low and says you are giving him a chance to think about Pragya. She asks her to understand and says marriage is more important than rituals. She says if Abhi changes his mind then he will not agree under any circumstances. Mitali comes to Aaliya and tells that Dadi is busy blessing Tanu. Aaliya says you are mistaken. Pragya tells that she saw Tanu in Dadi’s room and tells everything.

Aaliya says you have a misunderstanding. Mitali says even blind can tell who is bride today. Aaliya doesn’t believe on her. Mitali asks her to go and check. She goes. Dadi, Dasi and Purab are ready. Pragya says lets go. Purab says if anyone gets doubtful seeing us. Dadi asks Pragya to come and says we will make her sit on the mandap. Dasi says we forgot that Tanu is also here, and says if Aaliya brought her to mandap. She says how to stop Tanu now. Dadi sits sadly. Pragya says if that Tanu is already seated in the mandap. Dadi says then we can’t stop the marriage. Purab asks Dadi not to worry and says he will make her unconscious and lock her in room. Pragya worries about Abhi’s anger. Purab goes. Dasi asks Dadi to apply mehendi on Pragya’s hands so that nobody can doubt.

Mitali tells Raj that Mrs. Mehta was scolding her and was acting as if she is owner of the house. Raj asks her to leave it. She goes to get cold drinks for Guru ji. Aaliya asks Mrs. Mehta where is Tanu? Mrs. Mehta asks Aaliya to bring her. Aaliya says she is strange, I asked her to come within half an hour, but…she is about to go. Purab hides. Aaliya couldn’t see her. Pandit ji calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya asks Mitali to bring Tanu. Purab comes to room and sees it locked. He thinks what to do. He knocks on the door. Tanu thinks Nikhil might have called his goons. She opens the door. Purab asks what you are doing here? Tanu says it is my room. Purab asks her to return the gift which Dadi gave her and says it is needed for pics. Tanu asks when did she give me? Purab says I will search and thinks to do work fast. Dadi and Pragya are tensed.

Tanu realizes Purab’s intention. Purab comes to Dadi and Pragya and says Tanu have almost caught her. They ask what happened then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ada pongada

    1. ??Here too Same Feeling…

  2. This is amazing…
    I think the marriage will be on next month?????

    1. Ur mistaken manu.. it will happen next year… How can u forget every twist happens a year later in kumkum bhagya?

      1. Ya ur right shreya.. It will be on next year..

    2. ya…u r correct..how long

  3. As usual worst , no sense
    Only giving disappointment and sadness to the audience
    Today’s episode and hereafter coming episodes will also be full of disappointment
    No use of having hopes
    In this serial only evil wins while truth will win only for sometime that also doesn’t stay long only for one episode

  4. how many days took kumkum bagye marriage oh my God ar this pple playing.

  5. We can expect only disappointment and sadness in this serial which is available in all episodes
    While happiness and love that we can see only for one episode
    I feel like beating abhi with a heavy stick so that he will remember pragya
    But you know what guys we can’t blame pragya and abhi alone completely
    We must scold both pragyapragya’s mother and abhi’s dadi as both of them are only thinking about their own children life not about their relation
    Sarla wants pragya to unite abhi but she never came forward to help her instead she feels only for pragya’s safety
    Same with dadi also she also expects abhigya’s union but she only gives solution in last minute which is an ultimate problem and hate that pragya will receive from abhi
    But even then also we are seeing this crap only in a hope that abhigya will unite or abhi will get his memory and support pragya against those evils

  6. I am sorry if I hurted anybody’s thoughts or feelings by expressing my views

  7. WOW The longest day in histroy. How boring can one show get?

  8. i commented on yesterday’s episode and TU did not see it fit to publish my comment WHY!!! i do not frikkin know apparently priorities are given to certain individuals this is going to happen in KKB pragya is going to get marry to abhi because instead of nikhil kidnapping pragya he kidnaps tanu instead and abhi is going to be very furious with pragya for betraying him and guess what he is going to ask pragya for a divorce can you guys believe it what is happening to ekta i hope this do not happen cuz it will be one frikkin cunt hole

  9. Msteeew so annoying……

  10. 5-6 episode aur betado yeah shaadi dekjane mein then aur ek sal divorce dekhane then Aliya Tanu’s planning and same history repeats…….

  11. shru(not real name)

    Abhigya ss – I fell for your eyes Byplssssss guysss dont always blame abhigya yaar its not shabir (abhi) sriti (pragya) or leena (tanu )shikha (aliya) mistakes … if u r truely fan of kumkum bhagya na then u will watch kkb witout problems with cvs n i know they r dragging much but its not means blem actors. always calling abhi as dumb i dont like tat who call abhi. as dumb aur aap logo itna hi kkb dekhne se boring or crap lagta hai plzzz dont watch itt…sirf warnimg dete rehte hai ki mein kkb nhi dekhunga or dekhungi … isse bolte hai aur dekhte hai aur comments karte aur mythili, i am very hurt by ur wordstowards pragya n abhi u said u feel to beat abhi with stick its so crap yaar if u want to beat then beat urself for watching kkb n

    now i am going to post all ur comments to shabir ,sriti ,shikha , l.eena ,vinrana every team of kkb …… tat how they r fan of ur …they always thnx u n u here give such crap comments on themon there work etcc….


    Oh god when they are gonna end this marriage track…This is really getting very irritating…

  13. Because of circumstances I missed 28 episodes. Came back here to catch up, and what the f#@$, it’s like I didn’t miss anything. Nothing has friggin changed. Seriously???

  14. They do not want to end this serial on a good knot. Now they will make Prgya marry abhi and abhi will not accept her saying this is illegal marriage and this drama will go for 1 more year

  15. Any lady here please hit abho with BELAN on his head so that he get his memory back….

  16. Why this director delaying the marriage.i think the marriage will come on next 2years. am fed up of this kumkum bhagya. i will stop watching this episode

  17. Im not even watching anymore, i just read the update, your comments…sad, i used to love this show.

  18. Hey guys I came back here after so many months having a doubt in my head that pragya and abhi (phew.. I remember their names) must be expecting a child together or something like that but….. Nevermind….I salute u peoples patience… Anyway catch u guys next year…..

  19. what the hell….. I was fan of this serial but now this serial s irritating ? ??‍♀️

  20. hey shru[not real name] why don’t you take a chill pill who the hell are you to critise us? it is our opinion we are entitle to our opinion and who the hell are you to warn us lmao you are going to post our comments to the actors/actress of kkb do that so that they get to know what ekta is doing to them oh please please do that na man she is making them into scapegoat and if you cannot spell properly stick to hindi never mind i do not know a cunt about the language and by the way give an example of a crap comment as you so put it please stick to your comments and do not pick on others and the way they are commenting dig

  21. sorry once again i did not see my comments that is why i bash you guys up i stand up and apologise SORRY i am getting hyper too quickly sorry

  22. I dont know tell when this marriage will happen may be after one century.

  23. Only perverted persons can see this serial from now on. The writer and director are sadists who wants to see their viewers in pain in each and every episode. This is how the Indian homes are breaking up.

  24. Its really a realistic show. From 2 weeks, Shadi ho rahi hai, magar abhi mandap tak nahi pahunche. Waise phi is serial ke 1/2 gante alot hai aur ek din 24 ghante ka hota hai. Keep on going, es rate main 4 weeks to lag hi jayenge.

  25. my point of view,tanu will come to mandap to take all rituals..surely abhi will get his memory back seeing that mangalsutra and take 7 vows this happen means surely his love is real love,finally he realize all and punish the tanu

  26. Shru you are welcomed to post my comments
    I won’t bother or tell anything but after seeing that they will feel that they are somewhere lacking in story and at least if they change the story after knowing my comments I will be happy
    So you post them
    And this is a website where we can express our comments so I expressed
    Again I am saying sorry if I hurted your feelings but I can’t keep my thoughts myself

  27. I have actually stopped watching Kkb. I used to luv this show but it’s all BS. Just read updates now, even that I might stop soon. Nothing new or interesting.

  28. Thank you jayashree
    I am mythili
    I also replied for shru but don’t know y it didn’t appear
    I don’t have any problem if shru posts my comments and also I am also a fan of abhigya and I also love them which doesn’t mean I should not express my views about them
    And also I mentioned its my view and if it hurts anyone I am sorry
    But I can’t keep quite by hiding my views

  29. Very bad and monotonous so boring and repetitive

  30. savita bhabhi

    Jayashree,aap bahut sahee hain.main unhen pyaar kartaa hoon,arhaat abhishek aur pragya but they shouldn’t even be proud to act such bakwass yaar

  31. savita bhabhi i am so sorry but i do not know hindi and i know exactly where you are coming from abhi and pragya should say to ekta enough is enough she is only going around in circle and in that way she is making clowns outta them and they both deserve better ekta has ran out of a story line that is why she is prolonging this serial i mean no one is forcing me to look at it but come on man why don’t she show some kinda progress now i read they both will get marry and he will ask for a divorce does that make any sense? stew and no hard feelings hun i just stated my opinion friends right

  32. Thankgod i was about to watch the episodes but then again tot of a while first il read updates and if anything intresting i will watch the show,but asusual dragging!!dragging!! dragging!! the word dragging itself will commit suicide if it watch kumkum bhagya serial.My god one scene the only marriage scene has been dragging from 1n haf week nd 2 nd week also gng to finish, nothing was moved from its place.Ufff please god save people frm dis crap.i really pity myself and other sincere followers of kumkum bhagya for expecting some miracle to happen in this serial but dat never happen.
    KumKum bhagya Sucks!!!
    sorry if my feelings hurt any1 who still love dis serial!!

  33. Its frustrating for the fans…its not as if we want kkb to end but some new blood and plot line added and not same crazy dumb stuff from the trio. We cant blame or be angry with Ahbi and Praygya because all they do is follow the script. We also know KKB is trying to deviate from others serials of the same genre, but they exaggerate because we have been waiting for the union between Ahbi and Pragya for too long. At least they should also comfortably unite as husband and wife with junior on the way, and fight monsters together, and also instill some element of trust so that Ahbi doesnt quickly doubts his wife.Also DONT give too much VOICE and POWER to some characters and reason why we dont know

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