Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mitali gets King arrested

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The Episode starts with Purab and Disha’s conversation. Pragya comes to Tarun’s friend house and enquires about him. Chachi comes to his brother’s house and asks about Tarun. Her sister in law tells that she didn’t know and asks who is the girl. Chachi goes worriedly. Abhi thinks of Neha and gets worried. Pragya hopes Neha is found. Abhi thinks Pragya can be angry with me, but can’t do anything wrong with them. He thinks anyone else would have taken revenge on me, but not Pragya. He thinks of his moments with Pragya. He recalls Mitali’s words that Pragya got her daughter kidnapped because he had insulted her. Chachi comes home and asks King if he asked Tarun’s friends. King says he met his friend. Chachi says I would have told you. King says I think I shall talk to Abhi as same issue is happening in his house. Just then Police Inspector comes there and says Mr. King you are under arrest. Pragya asks on what charges? Inspector says he has helped Tarun to make Neha elope from her house. Pragya says Neha went with her wish. Inspector says she is a minor girl. King asks him to let him talk to Lawyer. Inspector says this is India and asks him to come first. Pragya thinks someone from Mehra house have filed FIR. She asks Inspector if he will leave King if the person filed FIR take back the complaint. Inspector says yes. Pragya calls Abhi. Abhi doesn’t pick the call.

Chachi says he will not pick the call as he sent the police. Pragya asks Police to sit. Police says we haven’t come here to sit. He takes King with him while Pragya tries to stop him. King says I am innocent and is getting trapped. Inspector says everyone says the same. Pragya argues with the Inspector and tells that the complaint is wrong and asks him to give some time. People clicks people. Pragya asks them to go. She asks Inspector to understand and says there is no kidnapping. Inspector refuses and takes King in jeep.

Aaliya and Tanu talk about Mitali. Aaliya asks her not to tell her how to talk to her bhabhi. Tanu sees Mitali and asks why did she shout like a mad? Mitali says you people can’t understand when a daughter goes far from her. She taunts both Aaliya and Tanu and tells that you both doesn’t know how it feels when her child leaves the house. She says she is feeling utmost pain and says if something wrong happens with her then I will not leave her. She says you both are also responsible for Neha’s move. Aaliya says I will not hear anything now. Mitali says you thought me foolish etc, but today a mum is standing. Tanu says enough. Mitali says your fake love can’t be big than my love for my daughter. Tanu asks her to taunt King. Mitali says I have filed complaint against him and Police got him arrested, now King have to tell his whereabouts else Tarun will come running with Neha hearing about King’s arrest.

Pragya searches for the phone. Chachi asks if she is mad to call him. She says Abhi will benefit to get music album solely. Pragya says he will not do such thing for a music album. Chachi says you might be the reason and says he is jealous seeing you with King and that’s why made King arrested. Pragya says he can’t do this. Chachi says he can do this and had told that he will not leave King. Pragya says it is not like that. Chachi says I have many reasons to accuse him, but you don’t have any reason to prove him innocent. Pragya says it is your misunderstanding. Chachi says Abhi is a devil and not a good man.

Disha thinks of hearing Mitali telling that she has filed Police complaint against King. She thinks to talk to Abhi and then thinks Purab asked her not to get involved in home affairs. She then decides to talk to Abhi and asks Servant. Abhi is playing drum in the music room and thinks of Mitali’s accusations. Pragya comes to Abhi’s house. Disha sees her. Pragya asks where is he? Disha says he is in music room and says she needs to talk to her something important. Pragya says I will talk to you later, first need to clear something from him. She goes to the music room.

She comes to him and asks why didn’t you pick the call. Abhi says may be it is in room. Pragya says it is here. Abhi says he didn’t hear. Pragya tells him about King arrest and asks who got him arrested. Abhi asks whom? He thinks Mitali telling that King must have known that Tarun’s whereabouts.. He thinks of her words. Pragya says Mr. King is innocent and he shall be out of the jail. Abhi says actually I….Pragya says it means Chachi is right, you got King arrested.

span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap:
Pragya says you can’t see King and me together and sent him to jail. Abhi says yes, I got him arrested and I am jealous. Pragya says I was hoping to get him freed with your help. Abhi says so what?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As usual boring

  2. Today, was the hook. The faster pace (for KKB… normal for normal producers) the faster music. We even had Mithali remind her fellow aquarium tank dwellers that they caused problems. We are reminded that no one actually thinks in India. Everybody only knows how to be reactive, jump to conclusions and make life infinitely worse. So, I repeat, from yesterday,
    “Remember, it is Ekta’s world. All women are either stupid or evil or both. Men are ineffectual dummies. Everyone who is a professional (teachers, journalists, police, doctors etc) are dumb and corrupt. Everything runs around fast in a circle. No one will ever be allowed to leave the circle. Ever. Although, once in awhile you may become rewarded by wearing some pretty clothes. If Ekta likes you.
    This is Ekta’s mind and the limits it has embraced and solidified into rock hard reality. This is it. This is the size of her ability. It doesn’t get better, as I have been reminded.”

  3. BTW it just happens to be full moon (monday). Notice, a pattern here?
    Miss Kapoor is definitely talented at throwing a party. Making things look pretty. But it ends there. Her parents should never have taken her to ‘work’. She does not have creative talent. She doesn’t create. She uses other people’s ideas and sells the same idea over and over again by using pretty people. Any decent teacher learns the limits of their student as displayed by their efforts and submitted work. Examine Ekta’s work from that point of view. The quality level of her work becomes clearly obvious. Pinning a pretty pink ribbon onto the assignment doesn’t improve it’s quality.

  4. There goes abhi again.. No mind and opinion of his own. God he is a thick headed person.. Can’t think rational… But again misunderstanding and instead of addressing the issue he has complicated it more.. Gosh pragya get your devi avatar back and just like u used to save abhi, save king, it’s tbe best u can do for all that king has done for you ans Kiara… Teach the bloddy mehras a lesson they will never ever forget. Have tanu and aliya in jail and the stupid abhi guess need some. Psychological help. Calls himself a man, off late even kids are more rational while taking decision.. Abhi, abhi tak ek doodh pita bacha hai… Child trapped in a man’s body……… Pragya u are better off without abhi

  5. How can anyone love Abhi after he has proved time and time again that he is an idiot… I hope Pragya chooses King, he is a better man than Abhi. Haven’t been around, been catching up on Wynonna Earp and my BTS RUN episodes.

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