Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi sings song for Pragya, Rhea challenges Ranbir

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that later she liked his songs and had become his number 1 fan. He asks why did you leave singing? He says the reason was that there was no reason left in life, no happiness, romance and inspiration, so what to sing. He says a singer can sing without mood, but not without inspiration. He says that’s why he left singing. Pragya says life is stable now and asks him to sing today for him. He says no. Pragya goes behind him. Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room and says I hope I am not disturbing you. He says no. Rhea says where is Prachi, if she is with Sid. Ranbir says yes, they are working together. She says I didn’t see such a stupid guy before. He holds her hand. She gets happy. He says I will not scold you as you called me stupid. He says I tried to make you understand, but now I will make you understand in a different matter. He says I would have not bear if anyone would have said this. He says I know that there is a tension between Sid and you, and that’s why you think that he likes Prachi, which is untrue. He says if they are seen together, then you will think that something is going on. Rhea says do you think that they don’t like each other. He says they like each other, and says I like you, as you are my brother’s wife and wife’s sister. He says Sid and Prachi like each other as they are friends and not because there is something between them. He asks her not to think much, else she will get mad. He asks her to take out all the bad things and sleep. She says if you think that I shall not doubt them, then you are doubting my intelligence. She challenges him to prove her wrong or she will prove him wrong. He says Prachi said that you are changed, but you are still same. Rhea says I don’t think like you by heart, and says whoever thinks by heart gets betrayed. He asks what do you think that my trust is my eye blindness, and tells that he will prove that he is not wrong. Prachi tells Sid that she will go and see Ranbir. He might put AC on. Sid says he is not a kid. She says she likes to work, but she is not career oriented and don’t want to get money, she started working to support Ranbir for his start up and that’s why I had started earning money. She says we are not husband and wife, but partners. Sid says you are that of girl who wastes talent for her husband. She says I am from that kind of girls who likes to hear lullaby in childhood and fairytakes when grown. She says she wants to give so much love to Ranbir. She says she will go and see Ranbir. Sid tries to stop her. Rhea hears them fully. Prachi comes to the room and covers blanket on Ranbir. She touches his forehead. He says you woke me up, now you will make me sleep, by resting on my side lovingly. She rests beside him and keeps her head on his head. She closes her eyes. Ranbir looks at her. Phir kabhi song plays…..She kisses on his cheeks and sleeps.

Later Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to get up. He says what happened? Pragya says you can sleep when I ask you to sleep on sofa, and says I am the owner of the house, and I spoke to you so nicely and you showed your back to me and came here. He says he don’t want to sing. Pragya says I am your owner and is my personal singer too. He says your request changed into demand. She says you have to sing song and asks him to sing. He refuses. Pragya goes. He thinks she will change her clothes and will sleep beside me. Pragya brings guitar for him. He says I held it after so many years and gets emotional. He then keeps it on the table and says I don’t want to play music. She says you can forget to hold it, but can’t forget to sing the song. She says what do you think that my entertainment will not happen, if you don’t sing. She takes guitar and tries to play music. He gets up from bed from hearing the noise. He says you are insulting guitar, I can bear my insult, but not of any musical instrument. Pragya says now you got the reason to sing and asks him to play music. Abhi plays guitar and sings song. Tujhko song plays…Tanu thinks if Abhi is singing song or playing his song on the music player. She thinks to go and check. Aaliya also comes out of her room and looks at Tanu.

Pragya recalls their moments and smiles, hearing his song. Aaliya says Bhai is singing song? Tanu says voice is of Abhi and it is coming from Pragya’s room. Abhi continues to sing and sits beside Pragya on the bed. It is her dream. He is sitting opposite to her. Aaliya and Tanu peep in their room and gets surprised. Pragya looks at them and tells them that it is personal concert, shall be personal and closes the door. Aaliya goes from there. Pragya thanks Abhi and says thanks you very much. He says I shall thank you for making me meet my two old things, one is of my guitar and other thing is my old office. Pragya says I want to make you meet yourself. He goes from there. Song plays…..

Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi is falling in love with Pragya again. Aaliya says that doesn’t mean that he is in love, as he sang song for her. Tanu says he had never sing there. Aaliya says he is happy and relaxed seeing Dadi happy in this house. Tanu says she is sure that Abhi will keep distance from Pragya, but she doesn’t believe Pragya. She says they are coming near infront of me. Aaliya says something is not in control, and tells that Abhi will trust Pragya only, and he will go far from you, you don’t exist for him. Tanu says you are worst sister and a bad friend. Aaliya says I can’t lie to please you. Tanu says something it is good to lie.

Mitali tells Aaliya whatever she has made. Aaliya says you shall make Tanu have sweets, as she is very angry. Tanu says she is listening everything. Mitali says Aaliya is right, I shall make some sweets in breakfast. Abhi comes downstairs and asks where is Pragya? Mitali says she must be coming. Tanu says I need to talk to you. Pragya comes there. Abhi asks what happened, if I can’t ask where is she? Pragya says you can ask. Mitali says he always ask where is Pragya? Tanu says you are behaving as if you are falling in love. Pragya smiles. Tanu says why are you behaving as a teenager. He says even if I am in love, then who are you to ask me. Tanu says I am your wife and stayed with you during your bad times. Abhi says you was staying in my house, but you was not my wife. He says Pragya is my divorce and I had never divorced her. He asks her not to show right on him, and says I had never given you right to show on me, as it is just of Pragya. Pragya looks on.

Precap: Inspector comes to arrest Abhi. Aaliya asks why? Inspector says he is accused of 6 persons’s death. Rhea tells Ranbir that anyone can bear to see relation breaking, but can’t see heart break or trust breaking, and says one can’t bear it when he loves that person a lot. Ranbir gets angry and says I don’t want to say anything from you regarding this. Rhea says whatever I said, I will prove that it is right. Prachi comes there and asks what she will prove to be the truth?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hmmmm will Ranbir be manipulated by Rhea and end up buying her words and doubting Prachi wat do u guys think???

  2. This rhea is impossible. First I thought Prachi will see Ranbir holding rhea’s hand and she will suspect him but fortunately that didn’t happen.

    1. Wat do u think will Ranbir end up believing Rhea and doubt Prachi…?

  3. Wonder if Ranbir will believe Rhea at some point and get manipulated by her and end up liking Prachi tho I’m starting 2 suspect Sid might end u liking Prachi

  4. Ranbir should have put Rhea in her place once and for all, telling her not to interfere in his and Prachi’s life, but he repeats the same mistake, succumbing to Rhea’s provocations. We have already seen this when Rhea asked him to fall in love with Prachi, and then leave her and he agreed. Now Rhea asked him to prove that she was wrong and there was nothing between Prachi and Sid, and he agreed again. It used to be easier because Prachi was just a girl who needed to be seduced and abandoned. But now Prachi is his wife and he is going to test her feelings, although he knows her very well. Now his family life with Prachi is at stake and he decided to prove that Rhea is wrong. If Rhea dribbles on his brain every day about this, Ranbir will definitely have doubts about this, even if he does not have these doubts now. From the last presap, where Prachi finds Ranbir and Rhea together and if they can’t answer Prachi’s question, what exactly is going on, then Prachi will begin to have doubts, and it is not yet known what she might think. Although Prachi can hardly think about anything, it takes her too long to get it. Rhea’s selfishness and obsession has crossed all boundaries and she is determined until she drives a wedge between Ranbir and Prachi. Although I read somewhere that Prachi will find the truth about Rhea, but will not be able to expose her in front of everyone, at least not in the near future.

    1. Exactly!!!!! The real ? Is will he fall 4 rheas manipulations and doubt Prachi or turn against her is the real ?!!! Wat do u think??

    2. Definitely Ranbir will continue to believe and support Prachi for now. But we all know Pranbir will seperate sooner rather than later as when Abhigya reunite Pranbir will seperate because there’s no way both couples can stay together happily. We know Abhigya are getting closer their reunion is soon and on the other hand Rhea will not give up until she makes Prachi lose Ranbir’s trust so Rhea will continue her games until one big drama she creates and Ranbir will have to believe her and that will be the reason for Pranbir separation.

    3. @YY
      In the short run I’ll happily settle for at least Prachi knowing and acknowledging it that her dear sister is again fooling her , that she has not changed at all.

      Even this acceptance of truth will be a huge milestone , for the current gullible and easily fooled Prachi.

      Knowing and accepting the truth will at least set Prachi on the right path , as right now she is not even suspecting that something’s wrong.

      In my opinion it’s much much better to know that you are being fooled and failing to expose the duper , than not even being aware that you are being duped

    4. @Sumo
      I still maintain that PRANBIR will not separate the way ABHIGYA did , since in KKB long separation of a lead couple is always followed by a leap : the makers never show the people living separately uneventfully.

      Each separation of ABHIGYA i.e. after Dadi’s death , Kiara’s death and Pragya’s death was followed by the leap , and we were never shown them to be living apart in daily detail.

      PRANBIR are also a lead couple so their major separation would also have a leap , and this is too soon after the last leap to introduce another one so PRANBIR most likely will not separate.

      There will be misunderstandings , but the misunderstandings are not actual separation

  5. I think Prachi will find out the truth before anyone else as she is already kind of suspecting and I’m sure her suspicions will continue to grow after the precap. But she won’t be able to expose Rhea in front of everyone and instead she will be blamed

  6. ranbir holding rhea hand 3 times in the episode , it was so disgusting & one more thing has ranbir forgotten about rhea past crimes of killing prachi , because he was saying i like you , saali aadhi ghar-wali hoti hai bakwaaas like rhea was a normal sister of prachi , i am so irritated with ranbir behaviour today

  7. Ranbir is irritating me his behavior is so gross he’s saying Rhea didn’t change and yet is acting so close with her and holding her hand wat the heck I’m wondering if he’s gonna get manipulated now and doubt Rhea btw I heard Prachi will find out the truth abt Rhea but will Ranbir believe her is my ?

  8. Why is Rhea getting fatter day by day? And Her face make up is too bad. I saw her some fotos she was a black nice indian girl

    1. Pragya and Abhi’s scenes were satisfactory.
      The shameless witche was told once more who she is

    2. From the time of janmashtami’s shoot pòoja’s scenes are being shot with dup

    3. Prachi has to make up as she did in her first days in KKB. She is a baby face, makeup damaging her natural beauty.

  9. I hope Ranbir finds out the truth about Riya better than Prachi because no one from the family will believe her.

  10. Abhigya is so beautiful their every moment is magical✨✨💖
    Rockstar is back 😍😍

  11. What was that dialogue between Sid and Prachi ??
    ” Sid says you are that of girl who wastes talent for her husband ”
    I have not seen the episode yet and only going by the written husband , but the tone of that dialogue seems to have sinister undercurrent : It’s as if Sid’s indirectly telling Prachi that she deserves someone better than Ranbir……..

    I know the background music plays a big role in setting the mood of the scene so this dialogue might be their normal light teasing , but the words alone are conveying much different meaning

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