Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi handles Tanu smartly

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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya if she is looking at him or making mms. Pragya says no. Abhi says such a waste and asks her to turn. Pragya says did you change your clothes? Abhi says just needs to wear pant. He says I am ready fully. Pragya turns to him. Abhi asks how is he looking? Disha comes to Purab and tells that she is happy today. She tells that she saw Abhi and Pragya playing hide and seek like children. She tells that Tanu and Aaliya came there, but couldn’t see her in Almira. Tanu hears them. Disha says we don’t have to make any efforts and says they will unite for sure. Purab says if Aaliya or Tanu have seen then? Disha says she would have fought with them and says even King can’t separate them. Tanu thinks she will not leave Pragya. Abhi and Pragya come out of room talking.

Pragya slips. Abhi holds her. Allah Wariyan plays……Tanu gets jealous seeing them striking romantic pose. Allah wariyan continues to play. Tanu takes their pic in her phone. Pragya asks what is his problem? Abhi says it is your problem and asks her to figure out why insects in him wakes up and becomes macroorganism seeing her. Pragya smiles. Abhi goes.

Tanu comes to Pragya and asks her to come with her. Abhi turns and thinks where did she go? Tanu asks Pragya to stay away from her husband. Pragya says even my husband is here and I don’t want to have any affair with your husband, as I don’t want any money. Tanu says I know you were in Almira. Pragya says you would have asked me. Tanu threatens her for having extra marital affair with Abhi and tells that she will tell King. Pragya says King will never believe her and says I will tell King before you. Tanu says you are playing mind games with me and tells that you are getting scared of me. Pragya says I don’t want Tarun and Neha’s engagement to ruin. Tanu says you have to answer everybody and says married people are answerable. Pragya requests her not to do this. Tanu says your truth will be exposed today, your character etc. Pragya says I really don’t care and asks her to tell. She says I am truthful and your lie will fade in front of my truth. She says I was stopping you for Tarun and Neha and tells that King will believe her as their relation is standing on the truth. Tanu says she will tell everyone in the party. Pragya thinks she wanted to tell King about it, but Tanu will tell in a wrong way.

King calls Chachi and asks where are they? Chachi and Tarun come there. Tarun hugs King. King says Neha haven’t come till now. Tanu thinks to inform king about Pragya’s past and present and collides with Aaliya. She is about to inform Aaliya that Pragya was in Almira, but then she sees King. She excuses herself. Pragya thinks Tanu can’t spoil Tarun and Neha’s engagement. King asks Chachi to smile. Chachi says she came here as a guests and don’t care about anyone. King says when everyone is happy then why you are not happy. She searches Abhi. King says I know what you think of Abhi and Pragya, but I trust her. He says if she had to leave me then she will tell me. Chachi says you are going to lose her. King says I believe everything will be fine. Aaliya comes to King. King looks at her. Abhi asks Tanu why is she upset? Tanu says you are having love for Pragya in your heart and asking me. She tells that she is searching King as she wants to tell him all the truth.

King tells Aaliya that Chachi is upset with Pragya as she helped in the engagement. He says Chachi is not happy about that. He says you heard about Abhi and Pragya, so I will not repeat it. He says I blindly trust her and tells that everyone has to right to live his/her life with her wish. He says if Pragya likes someone then he will not stop her as his happiness lies in her happiness. He thinks he is not Pragya’s husband to stop her.

Abhi gets happy and asks Tanu how much happiness she will give him in a day. He says this is best and asks her to go and tell King. He says when you tell this to King then he will break up with Pragya and will throw her out of his life, then I will enter in her life. He says I want to hug you, but I will save it for other moment. He says we are husband and wife, but you know how our marriage happened? He says we can come out of our marriage and says now time has come when I can get out of the marriage. Pragya hears them. Abhi asks her to go and tell King and says he is there. Tanu looks tensed.

She goes. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks why did he send Tanu to King. Abhi asks her to come to side and asks her to calm down. Pragya says you don’t care for the result and enjoys troubling me. She says Mr. King will think me wrong and he will have problem as our relation is build on trust. She says what Mr. King will think now. She says she wanted Neha and Tarun’s engagement to happen without any problems, and says everyone will blame me now, you don’t care. Abhi says I care for you and don’t see you getting ashamed infront of anyone. He says I won’t let you to have any problem as I love you even now. Allah wariyan plays…..

Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to tell her something and says I will tell you later. Pragya says whatever you did just now and tells that she will say later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tuna meets with success and always has because of her constant eavesdropping. All the characters should be aware that the woman is not smart but rather she is one huge cheater. Sneaky. This is a nothing character. This character is evil in every aspect. She has not one single redeeming quality. It is a waste of clothing/costume to dress her up so that she can believe that she is a part of the human race. Cannot the writers find alternatives? This little hateful, suspicious, paranoid dolly needs to be stomped on and permanently broken. Are the writers and producers so completely talentless that this doll is the best they can do? Again, I ask…. which writer or when and where is the producer having an affair with this doll? There is no other possible reason for this actress to be on the production. If there is some ‘good’ reason for the dumbest doll character ever, to remain… then what is that reason. We know the producer has no problem replacing people as she cruelly did regarding Bubli to Neha. What we don’t know is, who benefits by keeping this ludicrous character in the show. Retire her. Kill her off.
    Just think, the ratings might pop up if you kill the dumb doll off. Especially if the doll’s demise is shown in the promos. Does anyone know of real women of this nature who are not in jail, in a psyche ward or dead? What exactly is Miss Ekta getting from her precious little ugly doll? By the way, the one good quality… her dress was fitted properly, is not true today. So what is it? Is the actress losing or gaining weight… today? Some actresses should not be allowed to pretend they’re a princess. Some just aren’t good at it. So what is this doll giving to a writer or the producer in order to stay in the show? Oh. Good job to Abhi, for giving the doll a dose of reality. We’ll see if it works. Miss cheap fish dolly may not understand, keep eavesdropping and find a new reason to get angry at her world. She’ll never look at her own actions and responsibility. No. Not ever. I’m sick and tired of the Tuna show. If King is not going to be with Pragya, at least find a beautiful character for him to be with. Introduce a new character. I’m sure it will take only one cattle call. Of course the producer and her writers would actually have to work to create an actual story for Pragya/Abhi. We can only hope that it would be better than this repeat doll hell, that somebody is benefiting from.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Im afraid it kooks like dey r trying to put king and aliyah together which if u tink about it isnt a bad ting.
      1. He would have no reason to b angry at pragya thereby turning bad.
      3. He will always b in kiaras life even if its as an uncle.
      3. Aliyah would finally leave purab and disha alone.
      4. Aliyah would no longer help tanu and instead help pragya.
      5. Tuna will finally have to leave Meera Mansion.
      So all in all it could b a gd ting. Oh and wen is abhi gonna learn dat tanu is d one dat got his granny killed, just asking

      1. Leisa, I do have to agree with your points. On the other hand she’s a murderer, thief, is very good at hiring murderers and for entertainment she builds malicious plans to hurt Pragya and her family. She has gone unpunished. She hates Pragya venomously. Can you imagine that crazy tuna dolly continually bothering Aliyah to “do something, I want back into the Mehra mansion”. There’s my problem. The worst barbaric behaviour should never be rewarded. Further, the actresses role has been diminished on purpose. The actress does look attractive in still shots or poses. But as soon as this actress gets moving and or speaking especially if she’s emotional then the hyena look comes out. Not attractive at all. King is an A plus type of character. Why should an A plus person get stuck with a psychopath? Not fair. Psychopaths can ‘pretend’ when necessary. But they are always going to remain a psychopath. What will be her next game? Teaching King to hate Kiara? Oh no! That means King will be reduced to stupidity, like Abhi. this production likes all men to look pointless and useless and all their females to be raging, hormonal criminals… or victims of the criminals. The production, I think, is coaching viewers to learn how to forget past history and to always re-accept characters that should be dead, in jail, in a psyche ward or in the case of Aliyah and Tuna fish, characters who need to be dropped of at the nearest terrorist army base to become ‘comfort women’ for the terrorist soldiers. They will be with their own kind of humans. And King’s life will not be sacrificed for a useless POS.

    2. If you know I would say something she said that her favorite character in her show is shabir and sriti alone and the way she desperately said she wants to dance with him very much MI’s him like ethag in zee rishety wawdd fiction when she was asked rapid fire questions I think someone is behibgd her supporting her character I don’t know whether you are recommending about this serial watching of Just reading the story ,but if you see the vidoe I don’t know what you even feel about someone act with someone really regourous you know as u said before someone three members in the set are just playing games with each other like that I would see that in off screen being the video

      1. I’m not surprised at all… if I understood correctly. “to act with someone really regourous…” hopefully you’ll read this and can tell me what regourous means. I wasn’t sure. I haven’t seen that video but I will keep my eyes open for it.

  2. When will tanu stop this nonsense with pragya

  3. Please let abhi and pragya finally come together.

  4. Yes Cathy I viewed the episodes on Samiamits times, some of them at the beginning, then I realized that other links were showing up but then I had already made the mistake and it’s only way down did I realize that I was looking at a pirated version of the serial because those episodes looked as if they were somehow recorded in front of a TV….can’t really explain it na…however, I’ve patiently researched till I found Samiamits times and I added the episodes to watch later so that what I’m doing now…

  5. Oh yeah foolish Pragya you should have told King that you were married to Abhi before…she’s now thinking of this !! Then she says to Tuna that she doesn’t want her husband but then she’s frolicking in the wilderness with him, what a liar!! I’m just going to say that for once Abhi proved that he’s a man by standing up to that piece of trash he took as a bride…

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