Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Shahana reach college

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pragya takes the phone from Bee ji. All at once, it begins to rain in Delhi. Abhi couldn’t hear clearly as Pragya asks Abhi how he got Prachi’s call. There was a disruption in the call.
At home, Chachi tells the girls they didn’t cook anything special. Chacha ji however promises to make them Gobi K Parathay. Chachi ji goes to answer the door bell. Chacha ji leaves. Shahana was curt that they have so less daal for them. Prachi loved eating from the same plate. Chachi brings their cell phone and scolds the girls for being irresponsible. Shahana goes to kitchen to look for pickles. Prachi tries to call her mother but the call doesn’t connect. Prachi feels for Abhi who favored them, and feels ill for her father who left her and her mother helpless.
Bee ji comes to the room and tells

Prachi that due to weather, landline couldn’t connect. Prachi sat upset and was worried what if Prachi tries to find her father. Bee ji assures Pragya that Prachi knows well how her father is. He left his daughter and wife. She reminds her of an argument between them as well. Pragya recalls a flashback of her conversation with Bee ji. Bee ji had told false things about Abhi. Pragya tells Bee ji she will tell Prachi about everything. It was their fate to part ways, they would have continued to blame each other for Kiara, and else Abhi is a nice man. Bee ji asks her to tell Prachi about Abhi, then Prachi will begin to visit Abhi and she will lose her daughter.
There, in the car, Abhi thinks the voice wasn’t clear and far away. But still he felt some connection. Meeting Prachi already reminds him of his own daughter, his second daughter must also be old enough. He still remembers the day her mother snatched her from him and left.
Pragya discuss with Bee ji that the voice on other side sounded as a known one.
Prachi and Shahana reach their college. They were excited for their new courses and degree. Shahana asks Prachi where they must go. Prachi replies, towards life. The college was crowded by young students. Another girl Ria reaches the college in huge car. She was boastful of her talent, and looks and numbers the boys in a queue. She joins a group of her friends who were hopeful that their college will win the next fashion show as Riya is leading. Rocky comes to Riya and points towards a corner where new students were being ragged. Riya feels for the new students, but Rocky says they aren’t hurting anyone. They spot Prachi and Shahana as new students, goes to meet them, introduces themselves and asks about their introduction. Prachi excitedly says they belong to Hoshiarpur. Everyone laugh. Riya challenges her to go and slap a nerd. Shahana tries to object, but Riya was rude and tells her to speak only on her turn. They warn that if Prachi doesn’t complete the challenge, they won’t allow the girls to take even the first lecture.
Prachi says this isn’t right. Shahana tells Prachi they can make it right. She challenges that if Prachi actually slaps the nerd, Riya must kiss him. Riya replies no way. Shahana challenges if she really got the guts she must take it. The crowd chants for Riya. Prachi tells Shahana she can’t do it. Shahana tells Prachi to use her brains, she can do it. Riya takes the challenge. Prachi walks to the guy.
Prachi asks the nerd Rahul about his name, then the girl Riya. Riya sends her friends to hear their conversation. Rahul was excited to get a kiss from Riya and was ready to do anything for it. Prachi says she only needs to slap him, then Riya will surely kiss him. Rahul was ready and takes his glasses off as well. Prachi slaps Rahul hard on face. The crowd clapped for Prachi while Riya stood curt.

PRECAP: Shahana tells Riya she shouldn’t have accepted the challenge if she can’t accept her defeat. Riya was about to slap Shahana but Prachi comes to hold her hand in midair. Prachi asks her to remember the lesson of her own disgrace next time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pragya’s responses and expressions to Abhi on the phone are the responses of a young, brand new mother. These are not the responses of a 45-55 year old woman responsible for a household. The 45-55 year old woman would have earned at least the beginning of some wrinkles. 20 years of a full time job and full time cooking leaves it’s mark. Especially on a teacher’s income. Pragya looks like a beautiful mid 20’s woman who may not have even had children as yet and has very regular appointments with a beautician. Her skin looks more youthful than right before the leap. And she remains horribly stupid in believing that Abhi is a nice man. Abhi still thinks that Pragya ‘took HIS daughter away’ from him. Once a jerk, always a jerk. Rhea does not look like a fresh college girl, in that outfit of hers. Come on! College girl? Dressed like she is ready for a nightclub or a striptease… that she has been attending for some years!? It looks like ‘Rhea’s’ acting skills are about the same as ‘Aliyah’s’. Oh joy. So, looks like they will distract from the acting skills with nightclub clothing. Rhea does have nicer legs compared to Aliyah.

    1. Only this series does everyone seem to have amnesia and forget who did what and why…..totally laughable; especially Abhi’s line. Who’s brilliant idea was it to separate the girls????….lol.

      1. Very much agreed Tango. It’s like the script is for drugged up ninnies who’s memory and rationale disappeared. Will Mrunal Thakur return? I think I’m coming up to the end of my attention, here. The ‘glitter’ is interfering with normal breathing.

  2. i love the current track

  3. Ranbir(krishna kaul) ki entry ka bs wait hai ab toh???dying to see his encounter with sisters and plz waqt ke sath pragya ko thoda beautiful toh dikhate..it’s not like that old age mein insaan wrinkles ki wajah se acha nhi dikhta but age ho Jane ke baad aankhon mein ek alag hi innocence dikhti hai woh feel nhi aaaa paaaa rha hai pragya mein ???or abhi ke baare mein mujhe kuch nhi kehna

    I hate him??????

  4. Abhi is not Pragya’s well wisher. Abhi and his sister both made Pragya’s life as difficult and miserable as possible. Abhi never treated Pragya with love and respect. Now that he has daughters would he like if a guy disrespects and insult his daughters? What a goon! hope story takes a turn to teach him a lesson in his old age to respect his wife.

    1. What’s sad is that is likely too complicated of a thought process for Abhi to figure out. But you have a good point. Would Aliyah get jealous if he thought too much about his daughters? Does Prachi get to inherit anything from his estate now? Will she get a monthly allowance? Will he buy her an apartment so she doesn’t have to live with the aunty who wont feed her properly?

  5. i really want his famiily members to ditch him to feel ,i had heard a proverb “karma is a b*t*h “but i think it doesnt have any role in abhi life whatever he done will just vanishes off. everything seens to be easy for him but his wife how much struggle, hadnt received wife rights from him ,hadnt got good respect and love in that house,didnt get any one who had support twds her evernthogh she had a big family shw was suppose to be made alone like someone guest in the house.i want abhi to get insulted for what he did to pragya even if his daughters insult him also k ,since these days his disha and purab were there they handled his every even and then problems in him but now who will ,plz someone saying him a looser really i will be happy if i hear this.because i had never seen any husband this much egoistic really .if he done mistake he should apologize for that but here not even a single percent this man is .blamming and blamming his wife only not himself.i had never seen anyman being potrayed lie this cheap behaviour .

  6. Wow. The sister have had a bad start. Hopefully they get along.

  7. Now everyone has to forget kira so unfair why don’t they jus bring her back home ..let nikil n tans gets what they deserve..this what I was waiting for

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