Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi looking at his torn t-shirt and asks fuggi/Pragya if she did tried hankie pankie on him. She says no. He says he is a rockstar and handsome (good joke) and anyone would like to get intimate with him. She says she will not. He asks if she has clothes. She breaks cupboard’s lock and gets clothes for him. He says why did she steal. He says things got easily are not considered stolen and asks him to wear it now as no one is around except her. She lifts him up and turns back. He holds her shoulder and changes clothes.

Aaliya’s puppet man tells Purab and Abhi’s family that he has a detective agency and gives his card to Purab. He says he and Aaliya have found who the kidnapper is. Aaliya says she did not want to identify the person without proof, now she got a proof and says Bulbul was right, a family member has done it. Pragya’s biji asks what does she mean. Aaliya says she is her family members. Bulbul asks her to mind her tongue. Aaliya says culrpit is though family member, but is an outsider and points at Purvi. Purvi asks how dare she is to allege her. Aaliya says Purvi has a bosyfriend who demanded her to help him kidnap Abhi and Pragya for money. Janaki says Purvi can hide things from her but not from Pragya and Bulbul. Bulbul says she knows Purvi from childhood. Aaliya says she will get proof from Purvi’s bedroom. Sarla says let us check. Purvi says she is sad that Sarla is doubting on her for a stranger. Biji says she is not doubting her, but wants to clear her name from allegations and takes everyone towards house.

Abhi asks if they will get fish. Pragya asks him to stop dreaming and says she is going to bath and asks him not to come in. She then peeps out and asks him to give towel, but does not find him. She gets ready (with lipstick and make in jungle) and sees him walking out holding stick. He is about to fall when she runs and holds him. She asks why did he come out, his blood flow stopped with difficulty and it will start again. She takes sticks and goes to light them (surprise..already a stack of sticks are readmade arranged for her). She pours kerosene from lamp on sticks and lights them. She then asks why did he come out in cold. He says he came to enjoy cool breeze. They both come in front of each other and start looking romantically. She asks what is he looking. He says she is looking pretty. He gets conscious, goes and picks his jeans and finds letter in it. She says there is nothing in this letter. He says if it was in his pocket, he will decide it. She says there is nothing important. He asks if he knows. She says no. He asks then how does she know. She says looking at paper’s condition. He says its condition is better than theirs.

Abhi reads letter and asks if she is teacher. She says yes. He asks her to fill in blanks in this letter as words are missing. She gets nervous. He asks her to stop getting nervous and read it. She says she cannot. He says why did she wash his pant without reading and says because of her, he cannot read what is in letter (too selfish, did not value her sacrifices)… Pragya thinks she should tell what is in her mind, else her condition will be like letter, thinks god has given her a chance to speak out her mind. Dunya ko bhooljawoon….song.. plays in the background. She goes near him and nervously tells she knows what is written in this letter as she wrote it for him. He acts as confused (dumb actually). She tells in her life, only 2 things were important, one her mom and second books, mom bought her up an books showed her way of life, nobody can take mom’s place but someone took book’s place. She continues expressing her feeling while he dumbly listens to her. She says she wanted to tell what is in her heart, but did not have courage, today will tell as she will be happy at least she told it to him, says I love you, I really love you very much. He is surprised to hear that and starts staring her. She looks at him romantically.

Precap: Pragya says he not only touched his heart but also mind and she will continue loving him her whole life, though he may not love her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally proposed abhi… Uffff

    1. kahan ka propose..uska dream hi hoga..

  2. So sad purvi.. 🙁

  3. Idiot Aliya hope she dies soon
    She is always escaping……….
    Sweet romantic scenes abhigya

  4. How will purvi escape from that b*t*h aaliya.. Abhi shud know about aaliya and thanu…

  5. Stupid episode. Somebody please kidnap that Aliya.

    1. I loved your common. yes someone needs to kidnap Aliya then she will calm down with her dirtiest and selfish mentality!!!

  6. Finally she proposed but wat about ugly minded aliya..??

  7. ohhhhhhh my god finally pragya u done it yar but very sad of purvi I thought aliya pained every one bulbul pragya and finally now purvi hmmm so sad.

  8. I think they will take one more year to expose aaliya oh god how boring this show has become ono yr for kidnapping and one more yr to expose aaliya

  9. I think that Abhi will discover the truth about his sister

  10. Seriously, if the writers make it that everyone believes Aliya, then the writers really need to get some lesson on writing good story…how out of the blue poor Purvi, who is as much a sister to Bulbul and Pragya, arrange her kidnapping…so stupid. Hope they make Aliya falls flat on her face with her lies.

  11. Finally kuch toh achha hua

  12. Nw….wht will be the reply of abhi?….waitin 4 tht:-)

  13. Pls put a fullstop to the game of aliya…. Kidnapped episodes are so boring….

  14. update writer full tapa hua hai abhi per. 🙂

  15. Finally Pragya 🙂 I JUST HOPE IT’S NOT A DREAM

  16. I agree 2 u katherina by the way i think they have no story further so they r just Draggggggggggginggggg

  17. I think Abhi and Pragya are both hallucinating.Where are they ?when will they get home.I cannot believe Aliya did this to Purvi.Writers where are you now ?Are you doing Easter bunnies or painting eggs.Please get some- thing good to write or end this wahala.It does not make any-sense what you are writing..How Aliya could just accused Purvi and every- body believes.No-body has some common sense to know that this is a set -up.Writers come on I am no that gullible because I stretch my imagination very far to get to the middle of the story.Abhi was dying from a gun bullet to the chest and,lose a lot of blood and comes back to his senses with no repercussions talking about hanky panky and rock star. Bring them home and expose the culprit .Let them take a good shower because it is over a month now ;change them up and feed them so that they can consummate their marriage.What is the damn keep back.Take us away from this boredom.This used to be a good soap .what is wrong now.

    1. Can’t agree more! Lots of wahala for nothing!

  18. Please cast the story make sense. There’s no reason to keep ragging the story. Aliya put a blamed on Purvi is unnecessary scene.

  19. please stop the kidnapping procedure or you will lose the very few viewers itself . likeus

  20. first i started to watch in tamil. then saw the original version and finished watching fully with such an interest but seeing the kidnapping pprecedure dragggggging like anything ifeel like tostop watching..please put an end to this kidnapping.

  21. What is the porpose to drag the story so long in a kidnaping adventure. From old buildings, then in the jungle, fallen from a clip they didn’t die and right now they try to wake up the love story between Abby and Pragya, that doesn’t make sense. Aliya again is not expose. Come on guys. What is going on with the Indian daily soap. I love Indian daily soap but in the last year what you see is only the evil person win in the story or they drag the story toooo long on the same issue or black magic In the last month is a part of most of the Indian saop. Come on guys.

  22. I thnk its pragya dream

  23. Viewers I forgot to mention—-Did you all notice that Abhi and Pragya changed their clothing.Pragya is wearing lipstick and blush in the forest.Now how did they get those clothing? These writers do not realize that even though it is a story, they suppose to make it believable.They could have shown that someone used to live there and they were able to utilize what the person had in the hut.This is what you call strategic writing.Please make it believable.

  24. Oh shit..idiots they dont have brain…will aliya caught episode1200000..year 2100 ,original died n her grand daudhter come n will caught…che…very boring…never abhi n pragya live together;never purab n bulbul married;never alia n tanu caught…show gng on gng on gng on…………………….till 2100…they check our patience..i thought change the channel n mess with some other show….stupid writers n very boring serial…dumb hero ,foolish heroine,waste supparting actors,mental director,idiot producer,useless channel..

  25. evil aaliya kisi ko nahi chodeg poorv jeise ek nnocent ladki ko b nahi choda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Shabbir jesa koi act nahi kar saktha .OMG , its awesome

  27. bullshit the serials draaaggggggggging story makes me feel bored.first they escape then get caught again escape the got caught and finally they are free in a beautiful set getting ready to be caught again……………….On the other hand there is f****** aaliya with all dramas and crocodile tears and new lies…
    koi toh uss director se bolo ki aaliya ka chapter katam karne ke liya varna show nahi chalega….yeh mera aur hum sabka vaada hai:):):)

  28. haaaaaaaaa……….atlast thing wat hapening is gud…………….wow

    1. Its bore to saw the kidnapping episodes…..viewers will become tensed….

  29. Guys if I have today’s episode track it’ll be great please someone narrate the pragyas proposal here I still haven’t got the update of kumkum bhagya please

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