Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya get married finally

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The Episode starts with Taiji coming to Abhi’s room to decorate the bed when a thorn pierces in her finger. She says it is inauspicious. Aaliya asks Soha to decorate the room and tells that Vikram’s family has come. Meera feels happy seeing Abhi happy and thinks she has no regrets, she will be happy that her name will always be taken, when his marriage incident is talked about. Aaliya calls Meera, but the latter don’t pick the call and says she doesn’t want to miss their marriage. Aaliya and Pallavi want to see Abhi and Meera married. Pallavi says I wish I would have seen them married. Tai ji says they must be taking rounds and that’s why not picking the call. Purab stops himself from telling the truth. Abhi asks Meera to call Aaliya and ask her to gather all the family members. He says he wants all the family members to see Abhi and Pragya’s marriage and wants them to know that their love is back. Meera calls Aaliya and asks her to call everyone to the hall, says she will make video call to her so that everyone can see the marriage. Aaliya says she wants to see them getting rid of Pragya. Meera ends the call. Aaliya asks Raj to bring the projector to share the screen. Meera videocalls Aaliya and happily shows Abhi and Pragya taking rounds. Purab hugs Vikram happily. Abhi and Pragya take the rounds. Purab says your love won again. Aaliya is shocked and asks Bhai whom you are getting married to. Abhi says I will tell and asks Meera to mute the call. Purab calls Dadi and asks her to make a video call to Meera. Dadi makes a videocall to Meera and sees Abhi and Pragya’s marriage. She blesses them. Abhi and Pragya happily take the rounds. Aaliya, Raj, Pallavi, and Tai ji are upset. Pallavi says if Meera is happy with this marriage, then it means that she wanted this marriage to happen, I am also happy for her. Aaliya goes. Purab says I will make Aaliya understand.

Pandit ji asks Abhi to fill Pragya’s maang with sindoor. Abhi fills her maang/hairline with sindoor. Pragya smiles. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji declares their marriage rituals complete, blesses them, and asks them to take elders’ blessing. Meera wishes them a happy married life and hugs Pragya. She leaves from the temple. The shooter comes on the bike and doesn’t see Meera going.

Aryan tells Ranbir that Pandit ji wanted tea and that’s why he brought it for them. He tells that he has convinced old ladies to bless them too. Pandit ji comes and returns his phone, says he has memorized everything. Aryan makes an excuse. Ranbir says lets go. Aryan asks him to thank him.

Sarita behen gets emotional and says she is missing Abhi and Pragya. Dadi says Ram and Sita met after vanvas and remarried. Sarita behen and Dadi complement each other for their thoughts. Sarita behen says we shall go there and bless them. Dadi says Meera is with them and will help them. Abhi hugs Pragya and tells her that he is very happy. The shooter climbs on the tree and shoots at them, but just then they bend down to take Pandit ji’s blessings and the bullet hits on the pot. Abhi gets alerted and asks Pragya to come. They start running out of the temple. The shooter realizes that they are about to leave.

Aaliya vents out her anger that Abhi married Pragya. Purab comes there and confronts her for her misdeeds. He tells that he wants to see her failure and Abhi-Pragya’s victory. Aaliya says you are making me angry. Purab says you can’t harm them now and asks her to remember that evil is dead and Abhi and Pragya’s true love has a new start again. Aaliya says I will not leave you. Purab says you have done many sins, and it’s very hard to wash away these sins. Aaliya says that very soon your imagination will end. Purab says your dreams are broken.

Pandit ji asks Ranbir, Jai and Aryan to meet the Dadis, and tells that till then he will bring the havan ingredients. Jai comes to Dadi and Sarita behen and thanks them for agreeing to bless his friend. Ranbir and Aryan stop hearing Dadi and Sarita behen. Ranbir hides his face with the turban and comes to Jai, talks in a different accent, and tells that his face got an allergic reaction. He takes Jai from there. Sarita behen tells Dadi that they will help them and they go back and sit. Ranbir asks Aryan to ask Pandit ji to set up the arrangement for marriage behind the temple. Abhi and Pragya come out of the temple. The shooter shoots again and again and the bullet hits pots. Pragya says why someone is breaking the pots. Abhi finds the empty bullet there and asks Pragya to come. The shooter thinks to kill Pragya first. Abhi realizes and tells Pragya that someone wants to kill her. The shooter shoots again.

Precap: Abhi holds Pragya’s hands and says he will never leave her and asks her to promise that she will also not leave him. Pragya promises him. The shooter comes there and says I fulfill the last wish of the person who is about to die and aims gun at Abhi. Pragya looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Y do I get the feeling Abhi will leave the house with Pragya if he does great that house is insane but Rhea won’t go with them due 2 selfishness and hey does any1 know if pranbir will get married cuz every1 is saying yes or no so I’m so lost I think it’ll be a half marriage but idk

    1. I want pranbir marriage

  2. Next I would like to see a divorce track between Purab-Aaliya. 😁
    I don’t know why Purab still hasn’t signed the divorce papers and sent them to the court, Aaryan will surely support his father when he finds out the whole truth about his mother.
    a track between Purab and Meera would also be interesting both fall in love with each other💖,a new support team for Abhi and Pragya 👍

    1. But Disha is still in the show.

  3. Now the show has to end by solving Aliya case without creating any more exaggeration

    1. Je suis d’accord avec vous

  4. J’ai vu une vidéo sur YouTube montrant abhi à l’hôpital et pragya dépassée à côté il y a rhea,je crois que la balle va atteindre abhi et non pragya.attendons le mardi pour en savoir plus.

  5. I’m not happy that we in Africa didn’t have an
    Opportunity to see Pragya getting married to Abhi .

    Bring my favourite back.

    1. I am a Nigerian, and I watch all the latest episodes on Instagram. So being an African is not an excuse for staying up-to-date with what’s happening around the world. Internet is just at your finger tips. Besides, Abhigya have always been there, they never left.

  6. It’s about time they get married I hope they stayed together and Aaliya get aressted!

  7. @Ravi
    really show me an episode with her.
    She is only in flashbacks and Purab’s dreams still on the show, same as Bulbul.

    1. Before quarantine she was in the show. But after the show started up in July she didn’t come back. I also want to know if Aryan is Sunny or not.

    2. Henrietta Loock

      I think the one giving the shooting orders, is Sunny

  8. No

  9. @Matthew
    I don’t think Aryan is Sunny, because there is no reason for a name change. Disha not in the show but still alive so there is also no reason why Sunny should consider Aaliya as his mother.

  10. The show is not ending soon because there are lots of questions the show skipped that needs to be answered.

  11. Samaila

    My questions:
    1) where the hell did that whore tanu go?
    2) At this point, Ekta should just let Dishrab, Abhigya, Arhana, and Pranbir run away with Sarita and Baljeet (optional: Meera).
    3) After 20 years leap I thought Ekta will showcase KDB forwarding 20 years as well, but turns out her plan of keeping alternate timelines is just making KKB and KDB seem in different universes.
    4) have Prachi, Rhea, Ranbir, Shahana and Aryan graduated from college? Cause it doesn’t seem like they ever go to college.
    5) Rhea uve turned against Aliya, can’t u just make Aliya confess all her misdeeds and make a recording and show it to the police?
    6) Where the hell did Disha and Sunny go?
    7) It seems like Anil will never give us the mystery track of “Is Kiara Alive?”.
    8) Did Shahana’s grandmother die or something?!!
    9) seems like after Maya track, maya and Rahul died or something. Can’t they just come to Mehra Mansion and clear this shit of Prachi trapping Ranbir in a molestation case and Expose Aliya and Rhea?
    10) Where did Saloni go?
    11) Where is King?
    12) Y is Vikram acting like he is Pallavi’s slave?
    13) It only makes sense that Meera hired the shooter, if not Meera then what is Ekta’s logic?
    14) Abhi and Pragya are 57 or 60. That makes Baljeet 108-115, but she’s still alive.
    15) Ya how amazing, y not make Pragya ignorant of Bulbul, Preeta, Srishti and Sarla!(claps for ekta’s stupid idea)

  12. Abhi you get married to pragya I am very proud for you.
    aliya if you do like this plan I don’t like it never impossible I don’t care at all aliya shame on you.
    pallavi if you talk like this to pragya now see what I will do now keep it your mind enough you are rejected x your wrong understand that.
    aliya you know that purab he gets upest because of you aliya think like that.
    pranchi you must say sorry for ranbir.
    pranchi please try to understand that.

    1. Ivan oru yelaveduthavan yeppo paarum edho andha show la ulla oru charactwr maari unaku purinjidha nee ipd panna kodadhu adha idhu nu sollitu.. Loosu maari tha olaruran.. Ipd oru aal ah vaazhkai la paathadhu ila..

  13. Who wants to kill Abhigya???

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