Kumkum Bhagya 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Police arrests Abhi and Purab for theft charges

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling that he has caught his friend. Abhi stops. Purab tells Inspector that he is innocent and belongs to a decent family. Abhi tries to explain to him and asks Purab to stand up. He tells that we came here to…Inspector says you are Abhishek Mehra, the rockstar. Constable says yes. Inspector says your money will not work infront of us. Abhi says I was telling that…Inspector says he is Inspector hari singh and talks wrongly about him. They arrest and take him to Police station. Inspector calls on landline and tells that he wants to talk to Purab’s wife. Dadi asks who is he? Inspector tells that they have arrested Abhi and Purab. Disha is shocked and asks Dadi herself. She takes the call. Inspector tells her that he has arrested Abhi and Purab for stealing in school. Tanu hears them. Disha tells Dadi that there is a confusion and she will go and take them out. Tanu asks why did Police arrest them. She says Abhi is my husband and asks her to tell why Police arrested them. Disha thinks of Purab’s words and tells that they have to free them rather than knowing the reason. Tanu says she will also come there and goes to change her clothes. Disha thinks Purab had said that Tanu shall not know and tells Dadi that she will go. She goes. Purab feels bad as they get caught. Abhi says our arrest news shall not to known to Pragya and says what Kiara will think if she comes to know this.

Purab tells Abhi that he tried to stop him, but couldn’t infront of Disha. He says we will go home and I will see Disha. Abhi asks how? Purab says Disha will come here and will get us freed. Abhi says if Pragya comes here first then she will get me jailed for 6 days as I took the 7 days challenge. Purab says di will free you, being a woman as they don’t keep the condition. Abhi says how can you say that and says she is married to King, not giving me daughter, how she will give me love. Purab says when you had chilli during truth and dare game, she brought honey for you as she couldn’t bear it. Abhi asks then why did she lie? Purab says there must be some helplessness. He asks do you love her? Abhi says yes. Purab says then why you are with Tanu. Abhi says first we have to get out from here.

Dadi calls Pragya and tells her that Inspector called and said about Abhi and Purab’s arrest. She asks her to free them and tells that they were caught in the school. Pragya thinks he must have gone to steal the form from the principal’s locker and thinks it is good that he is arrested. Disha comes to meet Abhi and tells him that bail will happen in the morning. Purab asks her to give bribe and free them. Disha says it is wrong. Purab says look..who is saying this. Abhi says I hope Inspector don’t call Pragya. Disha says Inspector called Principal, who called Pragya. Abhi worries if Principal tells Kiara then. Disha says school authorities don’t tell sensitive things to kids. Abhi says Pragya will get me arrested for 6 years now. Disha says Tanu might be a big problem for us now. Tanu thinks she is sure that Abhi and Purab are arrested for some reason and Disha must have known. Abhi says Tanu will come here, shout and go. Disha says Tanu will create problem and will not let Kiara enter your home. Abhi says I will tie her upside down if she does anything to my daughter. Tanu thinks to find out why they are arrested. Abhi thinks what to tell. Purab asks him to tell Abhi that they teased a girl and then says flirt with a girl. Disha says it is weird ideas.

Pragya thinks my mind is saying they shall be in jail and my heart is saying that they shall be freed. She thinks of Dadi. Abhi says when court will open. Disha says Inspector called Principal here. Abhi says we didn’t steal anything, that form was of my daughter. He says I will try to convince principal and says I will agree to her sayings. Tanu comes there and thinks I know you left me intentionally. She says I will talk to Inspector and free you both. She asks did they write FIR. Purab says no. Tanu says she will talk to Inspector and goes. Abhi tells disha that he just wants to take Kiara home. Tanu comes to inspector and asks why did you arrest my husband. Inspector asks so you were the one who didn’t pick my call. Tanu says she don’t pick up unknown number. Inspector says you shall pick the unknown number when your husband is not at home. Tanu threatens to expose him. Inspector tells that they get enough salary by govt and tells that he arrested them on the charges of stealing and says they went to Purab’s son school, they went to steal exam papers. Tanu thinks Abhi must have gone to steal Kiara’s paper.

Pragya gets emotional meeting Abhi. She asks if he can bring 7 years back, and says she will not forgive him. She says this can’t happen. Abhi asks her to tell what happened to make this possible.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Neato! Supporting Cast members are forever changing roles. From goondas, later they become police inspectors. Waiters become CEO’s of some company. We’ll call it a fun game… who were they cast as the first time, the 2nd time… As the conflict is being built up, Tuna gets even more demanding about HER husband. The one that does not love her and was supposedly forced to marry her. Tuna’s outfit is not appropriate for the police station. Why does Tuna wear evening gowns from breakfast to bedtime? How many designers has Miss Ekta made a deal with, anyway? We eavesdrop on the conversation between Purab and Abhi. We are duly reminded of all the acts around their sordid story. As usual, there is no reason offered for why Abhi is with Tuna fish. Hasn’t everybody already figured that out? Abhi is a very stupid easily manipulated man who has a tuna and an alia attached to his nether regions. These two will never allow the sorry wimp, to behave as a real adult male. by this point he has forgotten…if he ever knew… how to be a man. Remember Alia has been grasping Abhi since they were children. Pragya must be losing her mind. She has to focus to figure out what might have happened. She should have been able to understand immediately. She’s the smart one, right? Back to Abhi. And here it is! Even, the hoped for relationship with ‘his’ daughter begins with lies. and will be based on lies. Nothing like a bad man trying to ruin a little girls life and force her to visit and live with criminals.
    Tuna is being shown as she spirals into crazy land. A new version of crazy land. Let’s face it, this girl was deranged from day one. Jane Fonda said it best, “They shoot horses, don’t they?”. When is Tuna going to be eliminated? The sometimes petite princess is pointless. And of course she plies her wares (half-dressed for a police station) to the inspector and it doesn’t work. Then we see yesterday’s pre-cap as todays pre-cap … again! That’s just to remind us that the writing crew has not changed their methods, even if they sped things up for the last few days.

  2. Abhi ne kaha – ” agar tanu ne meri beti ko kuchh kiya toh main use ulta latka doonga”. Jhooth…abhi ne apni wife ( pragya ) ko marne ki koshish karne wali ( tanu ) se shadi karli…toh beti ko marne par abhi, tanu ko as a wife accept kar lega ( sab kuchh jaante hue bhi )….

  3. Such unnecessary drama! Did Abhi forget that he is the one who sent Pragya away and banished her from his life? What does he mean that she kept his daughter away from him? He didn’t want anything to do with Pragya. At that time, why would she waltz back into his life to face more humiliation and be accused of trying to save her marriage because of a child? Pragya was right to keep her daughter away, especially when she thought about the possible harm that Tanu and Aliya could cause Kiara. Abhi missed out on Kiara’s childhood because of his own stupidity. KIng stepped up and saved the day. He did what Abhi was supposed to do. He supported Pragya and Kiara all the way. Should Pragya forget his kindness and support? So Abhi now wants to take Kiara from Pragya. Who the hell is he to want to take her from her mother whom he abandoned? King has as much rights to Kiara as Abhi.

    1. Fay you are absolutely correct. I only disagree with one point. You said, “…possible harm that Tanu and Aliyah could cause Kiara.” It’s not “possible”. It is guaranteed. It’s already begun! Tuna fish has hurt Kiara twice already, before she even knew that this was Pragya’s daughter. Nikhil, Tuna’s ‘convenience only’ lover and crime partner has already hit the child with a car. Now that she knows that this is Pragya’s daughter what else will this devilish excuse for a human, do to the child. After the child is dead she will try to comfort Abhi and tell him that he is better off without the child and Aliyah will tell him, “Tanu is right, it is time to move on. Our lives are good. Here have some drugs, it was Pragya’s child. We don’t want anything to do with that bad woman. Pragya nearly ruined our family, once” Of course by ‘family’, Alia is referring to her control over Abhi and his money. Abhi will obey his sister and ‘fake wife’. Let’s face it. The only real wives Abhi has ever had are the sl*t Tuna fish and his sick sister Aliyah, who is being portrayed as being smart. She is not. She only wins, when money, she has not earned, but stolen, is being used to buy what she wants. She has stolen the money from her ever obedient (to her) big brother. That’s one of the reasons Abhi is such a low-class, really dumb bully. His unconscious anger over never being allowed a life, has to go somewhere. That will always be Pragya and eventually Kiara. Guaranteed. Abhi always says nice things to start with. Then he hurts, you. Pragya/Kiara will never have a chance as long as Tuna, Alia, Mithali remain alive. Disha and Raj have become enemies as well. Pragya and Kiara are ‘dead meat walking’ as long as the Mehra’s exist. Women are far worse bullies than men are. Men straight out, bring harm. Women bullies prefer to play with their prey first then twist a knife to enjoy and savour the pain they are causing. Like Tuna and Aliyah. They ‘get off’ on pain they have designed for others.

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