Kumkum Bhagya 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling ladies who have gathered for karvachauth fast function that he went on date with a girl 1 year ago. Two girls start fighting that Abhi went on date with them. Tanu says Aaliya that Abhi went on date with her and these girls also wanted to go with him, so he went with them separately first and then went with me later. Daasi asks ladies to stop fighting and sends them out. She asks what was he telling. He says he wanted to tell that he spent time with Daadi and these girls before telling that started fighting. Dasi twists his ears and asks him to stop joking.

Tanu is very hungry and thinks how people will fast for such a long time. She sees chocolates and starts eating them. Pragya sees her eating chocs and says she knows she is acting as fasting and says only she has right to fast for Abhi, says if she would have really loved Abhi, she would have fasted for him, says she will not tell Abhi about it as she wants Abhi to be happy always. Tanu thinks why only Pragya could see her eating.

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Ladies gather on the terrace to sight moon and break fast. Mitali brings her thali and stands next to Pragya. She sees her stumbling and asks how can she fast even after feeling so weak. Pragya says it needs determination. Daadis hear her words and praise Pragya for being so determined. Abhi sees Daadi stumbling. Dasi says she is worried about Pragya and did not have her medicine. Abhi forcefully takes her to her bedroom and asks her to rest, but Daadi says she wants to see Pragya breaking fast. Abhi says he cannot see her like this. Daadi asks him to be with Pragya then and take her care of her until she breaks her fast. Abhi agrees but thinks Pragya is acting and Dadi is ruining her health believing Pragya, he will teach her a lesson.

Abhi throws Pragya’s thali and asks her why is she making a drama and troubling daadi. She says she is not acting. He says he just cares about Tanu and had gone on date 1 year ago with her, says Tanu is fasting for him by heart and not making drama like her. He says when we both are not happy together, then why is she fasting. He says our love in front of daadi is all a drama and she has to get that. He says she has to understand that he loves Tanu and hates her. He takes out her glasses, says when he sees in her eyes, he feels like…..She asks what. He calms down and says he is seeing moon in them. Daasi calls all ladies to break fast. Abhi asks her to go and continue her drama. She thinks how did she see moon in her eyes when he did see real moon at all and thinks that means he is made for me. He thinks how can he see moon in her eyes and thinks she must have hypnotized him.

Abhi goes up to terrace. Tanu takes him to corner and asks why is he roaming behind Pragya instead of her. He starts looking in to her eyes and says he is trying to find out moon. She says moon comes in sky and not in her eyes. He says then how did he see it in Pragya’s eyes and says she must have hypnotized him. She says he will break fast with Pragya in front of everyone and she will have to wait for a long time. Daasi drags Pragya and Abhi and asks them to dance.

All ladies wait for moon sighting. Tauji scolds Taiji for not fasting for him and eating all the time. Dasi says though moon is playing hide and seek, they can dance and enjoy till it comes out. She drags Abhi and Pragya and starts dancing around them.

Precap: Daadi asks Abhi to break Pragya’s fast and stop joking. Pragya stumbles and falls on ground.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi ur such an ass……. How many eyelocks u had with prags n still u dont fall in luv with her !!

  2. I heard that Tanu is going to be pregnant…..or act pregnant. Really!! Why can’t they just have Abhi and Pragya finally be a couple.

    Purav to marry bull bull….. instead the word is she is going to marry suresh and purav will marry aliya? Really!! After all that. Common ekta….. I hope that is not true.

    1. I think the story line changed when the viewers kicked up a fuss….not sure how much of it was changed though

  3. Abhi should get his eyes checked or else til d end of d show he wil just see in her eyes n wont fall in luv!
    Lol 😛

  4. I fine they have pragya actin naive and gullible now that she have fallen in luv wit abhi….no sense of direction or common sense used in tis script and the spoiler of abhi finally seein pragya worth well I still waiting to read that happen maybe that ll happen next mth since they draggin tis fastin thing so long already….the new tanu dont suit the vamp roll and bein a model which shes protrayin. …and well abhi still dumb like shit. ….I dont like the role pragya is headin too I miss the outspoken no nonesense pragya now she actin like a dumb blonde…..hmmm then again she and abhi make a great couple

  5. Abhi looks more like rickshaw puller, not rockstar!!!

  6. Why is there no jealousy in abhi’s life.I mean if there comes someone in pragya’s life who is much better than abhi or if abhi comes to know about that kamini tannu then it will b fun to watch this

  7. I like all the characters taken in this serial. Why the character of tanu is changed? New tanu is not acting well. She doesn’t suit for this role. Please abhi love to pragya soon. Purab plz marry with bulbul only. Close the suresh’s chapter now

  8. I like new tanu cutie and sweet voice too than old tanu

  9. The old tanu was way better it is going to take some time getting use to the new tanu

  10. Plz shw smthng new in dz serial like abhi falng in lv wit pragya den it makes dis show intrstng.old tanu is far betr dan d new one.

  11. Abhi is a big a*sh*le and the character doesn’t suit her….stop this shoe zee tv

  12. Tired of this one sided love story. If Abhi wants to be a comedian he should star in sitcoms not soaps.

  13. suresh&bulbul?nooo Plz dont do this. I want purab&bulbul together!oh comeon they love eachother.

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