Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi questions Pragya, sensing the injured man is her father

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the Nurse asking Pragya to let the patient rest seeing Pragya with Abhi. Pragya is about to leave, but Abhi holds her hand in unconscious state. Pragya keeps his hand back and leaves. Jab tak jahan me…plays…Aaliya is searching for Abhi and is coming towards pragya. She asks ward boy about accident patient and reception. Pragya asks someone about temple and goes. They don’t see each other. Rhea tells Tai ji that she never this to happen. Mitali asks Tai ji why she is scolding Rhea so much. Tai ji asks her to be quiet. Mitali says Vikram is like Abbi’s brother and Meera is like Rhea’s mum and our family. She asks if this is the time to scold Rhea. Tai ji says I never interfered before and says she is called for parties, but when she is scolding Rhea, everyone is upset with her. She says this family is because of Abhi and something happens to him then..Aaliya comes out. Rhea says sorry and hugs her and cries. Aaliya asks who scolded her. Tai ji says I scolded her. Aaliya says if anyone tells her anything and warns her. Tai ji thinks Aaliya is spoiling Rhea, it is good that elder daughter is not with them. Prachi donates blood. Nurse gives her juice and asks her to take care. Prachi asks shall I go. They ask her to go. Aaliya takes everyone inside. They ask receptionist about accident case. Vikram shows Abhi’s pic. Receptionist says the patient needs blood and is shifted to ICU. Prachi comes out and thinks why they didn’t let me meet the patient, they should have let me meet him, I gave him blood. Just then medical equipments fall on the ground. Prachi sits to pick it. Just then Rhea, Aaliya and others go past her, but they don’t see her. Prachi sees dupatta falling and makes Dadi wear without seeing her face. She asks nurse about her mum. Nurse says she is in temple. Dadi turns and looks at Prachi while she is going.

Pragya asks God not to make her believe that she is inauspicious for him and asks God to save him. She cries. Prachi comes there and sees Pragya praying to God and crying. She asks why you are praying for the patient and asks who is he? She asks why is he important for you. Pragya asks her to come home. Prachi says ok, don’t tell, I will find out. Prachi asks why you are stopping me and why are you crying for a stranger. Pragya says he is a stranger. Prachi says I will question you, and says I feel that I am his blood whom I have given blood, and says he is my Papa.. I am feeling this. Pragya says he is not your Papa. Prachi asks then who is he? Nurse comes and says he is out of danger now. Pragya gives her number and asks Nurse to message her when he gains consciousness. Prachi calls her and says you got life knowing he is fine, and asks why you don’t want me to question you. Pragya says if you question me then I will do the same thing which you tried to do in closed room. She says we have no work now and asks her to come. Dadi asks Meera to take her to temple and says she wants to thank the God for saving Abhi and for sending that lady to save him. Aaliya says she was not Prachi’s mum. Meera says when he gained consciousness for sometime then he said that the lady was Pragya. Aaliya says if she was Pragya then she would have come home to show her rights. Dadi asks Meera to take her to temple. Pragya and Prachi are going from there. Aaliya tells dadi that she will get Abhi discharged as the hospital is low level etc. Dadi argues with her. Aaliya says she will get the papers ready.

Sarita behen tells Shahana that she is tensed. Shahana says she is feeling drowsy seeing her walking here and there. Sarita behen asks her to give Dadi’s number so that she asks her what her made ate to give birth to headache. Shahana argues. Pragya and Prachi come home. Shahana and Sarita behen ask where did you go? Pragya says I called Prachi to hospital as her blood grouped matched. Sarita behen asks who was he? Shahana also asks. Pragya says she is tired and will make food.

Abhi is brought home from hospital. Purab says we brought you home as we are habitual to see your face day and night. Aaliya comes and asks to let him rest. Purab asks don’t you have my number. Aaliya says we were with him. Purab asks her to wait and says why I was not there. Aaliya asks if you are upset with me or if there is something else. Purab asks what do you mean? Aaliya says if you are upset as I didn’t call you or just because today is Disha’s birthday. Purab says you want me to forget Disha, but makes me remember her. Aaliya says it is you, who makes her remember always. She says she is not that kind of woman who bears husband to remember someone else, and will not bear husband frustration. She says whatever happened with you is right, neither you deserve me nor Disha. Purab gets angry and then says sorry. He asks her not to bring Disha between them. Aaliya says I promise that I will make you pay for it. She goes to Abhi’s room and says get well fast and spend much time with your friend, as not many days left for him in this house.

Sarita behen asks what happened to your mother and asks who was that guy? Prachi says she doesn’t know and says Maa didn’t let her meet him. She says she felt strange when she saw Maa praying to God asking him to make him fine and when she asks her about the man, Maa told that she will do what I did, attempt suicide. She says she feels that the man is her Papa. She says what to do, if she shall go and meet him or listen to Maa. She says I want to meet him and see him. She says I want to know if I am his blood or not. Sarita behen asks Prachi not to cry and says I will ask Pragya.

Precap: Sarita behen asks Pragya not to ignore Prachi’s questions and says if you don’t tell her then also she will find out. Abhi asks Meera where is she? Meera says Prachi’s mum saved you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So it is complete. Pragya has been turned into a typical right-wing Hindu housewife. She has finally convinced herself that she is the problem in Abhi’s life. She even emotionally blackmails her daughter. Typical Hindu housewife. Who can forget that it is not Pragya who has ever been a problem. It has always been the sl*t s*x toy Tuna fish and of course that injured beast Aliyah. Injured beast because we had to watch the woman running, today. Her acting is sooooo bad that we have been able to see how delighted she is (the actress) at her new position in the actress hierarchy. Yet still, she chooses mismatched clunky, male shoes, for her outfit. She may be a superb runner in her personal life, but on this show she was selected because she is so easy to dislike and hate. Sure, she can look beautiful in a posed photograph, but as soon as she begins to speak, well… the image of beauty simply vanishes into thin air. Her bad acting gives away her delight in having the role and watching this one ‘run’, half jog gives pause , perhaps a little awkward shame , for anyone who calls themselves female. Of all the new cast members they could have used to represent power/evil etc… they chose Aliyah who’s role had been rightfully diminished before the latest leap. Because she is a lousy actress. So the production crew brings her back. This is an Ekta/Modi nightmare come true. Ekta wanted to be Tuna fish in looks, but is really Aliyah. The twin evils of Ekta’s true personality. Ekta and Modi work well together in keeping the typical Hindu housewife in power and the poor and the deprived of India kept exactly where they are. Brutalized, guilt ridden slaves (Pragya) to be useful carcasses for the wealthy, black money holders, right-wingers of India. The right-winger who will sell your daughter for greater profit so that he can buy his daughter a fourth ‘home’.
    Ekta is insured that her filth will continue to broadcast and Modi has assured his new bosses (US and Israel) that he will jump as high as they want because he is being enriched and just like Aliyah(Ekta) he’ll do anything to keep the money rolling into his personal pocket. Way to go India! Raped, brutalized and demolished by the British and now a willing victim, so that the US/Israel can continue to use India as slaves.

    1. Didn’t wanted to comment but seriously? Hindu women ..Modi and blah blah… Jo khud s*x slave ki trah Rehti ho har relationship m vo dusro ko ni bataya krte…..

    2. My comment was about the exploitation and victimization of Indian women and India herself (Mother India) as expressed individually, within the family unit, the community, the nation and internationally. Discerned from the historical record, Ekta Kapoor’s propaganda/education empire and India’s choice of leader. My comments tend to build upon past comments. I apologise for not writing more clearly. I am a very beginner level Hindi speaker so I have employed an assumption, while trying to understand your comment. I’m not sure if you are commenting on my attitude or reducing this to a ‘pissing contest’ or a combination of both. Please clarify. I could make more assumptions and wonder why you replied in Hindi and English, to a comment written in English. That type of thinking would be so tiredly immature. A lack of information and understanding should always be rectified…no assumptions. Please do clarify.

  2. What happened to Disha??

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  4. Hello Akituster… Good reply, I’m hanging in here my friend…reading the comments…just a passing note to say that Pragya is looking younger than her younger daughter Rhea.. LMAO… Hopefully all is well with you.. I’m good on this side.. Chat soon

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