Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Tanu celebrate their marriage anniversary

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The Episode starts with Purab’s son telling Abhi that he needs remote control plane. Abhi promises to get it for him. Purab’s son asks Abhi to go from back door as Chachi is doing decoration outside. Pragya is shown checking the decoration and telling Farida bi, that she wants everything to be perfect and wants him to get surprised. She says we shall talk to the caterers.

Abhi comes somewhere with Purab and guards. The ladies get mesmerized seeing Abhi and calls him hot. Mr. Chunnilal’s son Naman asks him to unveil the statue. Abhi moves the cloth and unveils the statue. He tells that his career started because of Mr….Purab says Mr. Chunnilal. Abhi says Mr. Chunnilal, today I have unveiled his statue. Naman asks Abhi to keep garland on statue. Abhi asks for 10 lakhs rs, and places garland on the statue. He says lets all give a big round of applause. Later Abhi asks Purab to take 10 lakhs from Naman. Purab says it is not a big deal, you have just placed garland on the statue. Abhi says he will buy more bungalows in greater kailash. Purab says what you will do, and tells that you will not get peace. Abhi tells him that the beggar sitting there can do big, but he is satisfied doing this. He says I have to go and place more garlands. Purab says everyone is waiting for your anniversary party. Abhi says love increases with wait.

Pragya searches for her daughter Kiara and asks where are you. She asks her not to trouble her early morning. Kiara is hiding and asks her to try her best. Pragya says if she couldn’t find her then she will lose. She sees Kiara in the cupboard and takes her out. Kiara says how did I lose, as I am Papa’s daughter. Pragya says we learn from our failure and asks her to drink milk. Kiara says I will drink after Papa comes and asks her to call her. Pragya calls him. Abhi picks the call (may be his wife’s call) and tells that he is coming. Pragya tells Kiara that her Papa will come.

Mitali tells Raj that she will wear necklace and will make mummy ji jealous. Raj says she is behind you. Tai ji says this necklace suits my dress well and asks her to bring icecream to get less jealous. Mitali asks Raj to get same necklace for her. Raj says you are naturally beautiful. Mitali gets happy, sees herself in mirror and says she is looking good without jewellery also. Tai ji comes to party hall and asks Dasi, how is she looking? Dasi says yes. Tai ji asks where is the chand ka tukda. Dasi says she is dulhan as she got married to him on this day. Mitali says she went to room and saw her doing make up. Tai ji says you would have helped her.

Mitali argues with her. Dasi asks them to click pic lovingly and call the bride. Purab and Abhi come there. Dasi blesses Abhi. Purab says I am also here. Dasi asks are you separate from him? She asks why did you take Abhi to office today. Purab says he took me to office. Abhi asks Dasi what she thinks who has taken other. Dasi says I know and asks him to call groom to Abhi, and asks him to wait. Mitali covers Abhi’s new wife’s head with pallu. Tai ji says we shall take her downstairs.

Abhi asks Purab’s son to save him from his mummy and says she is asking me to sleep. Disha comes and calls him Sunny. She asks him to do homework. Abhi says your mom is right. Sunny blackmails him and tells that he will tell Chachi that he forgot about anniversary. He tells Disha that Abhi agreed to let him stay in the party. Cake is brought. Abhi asks where is his wife. Mitali brings her with veil on her head. Taya ji asks Abhi to cut the cake with her.

Abhi says let me see her face first and confirm if she is mine. Mitali stops him. Abhi lifts the veil and sees Tanu, who is his wife post leap. Tanu smiles. He hugs her and wishes her happy anniversary. Tanu says we are one now finally. Abhi asks shall we? Aaliya comes there and says fantastic, that is called as perfect Jodi. She congratulates Tanu and Abhi. They cut the cake. Abhi feeds cake in her mouth.. Tanu also feeds cake in his mouth. Everyone claps. Dasi thinks if she had stopped Pragya then she would have cut the cake with Abhi today, and thinks where is she?

Pragya is in London with Kiara. She says we will celebrate your Dada’s birthday here. Kiara says where we will search him.

Kiara hides her specs. Pragya asks why did she hide her specs. Kiara says she wanted to see how cute she will look without specs. Pragya gets emotional and teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Disgusting, how can abhi marry that tanu,and where is that sarla is she still don,t know what happen in pragya lives, oh i see maybe sarla is busy with her so called daughter preeta.

    1. U r rite.. Funny serial.. 7years leap.. Drama continues.. Sarla does not know what has happened to pragya.. 7saat ho Gaye.. Preeta still not engaged to prithvi… Kya bakwaas serials hai dono. Evil winning all the time.. And abhi a big f**ker, doubt if has the balls.. Creepy guy.. Just drama that he loved Dadi.. Married tanu who was responsible for all the pain caused to Dadi and also the woman who Dadi hated to the core

  2. One word bullshit. Abhi is the spineless hero in this serial. Also pragya must not reunite with that selfish b*****d.

  3. Just stop this serial I don’t want to see this serial abhi and tanu together he forgive tanu but not pragya stupid abhi and the writter

  4. Bull shit and crap serial.. Ekta cannot value relationships.. Can’t blame her.. It’s her upbringing that is reflecting in all her serials… So finally it’s happened abhi and tanu married… Guess they deserve each other.. But waiting for day when abhi comes to know the real reason and how tanu was involved with simonika and was responsible for Dadi death… Want abhi the spineless creature to lose Life and everyone to Leave him… Should have rotted in the blo*dy jail. Want him to get involved in another successful case and no one to help him.,and then he realizes what pragya did for him.. And the day he comes to know that Kiara is his daughter he shld rot in hell. Now again the same drama. Aliya and tanu will know abt Kiara and try to harm the child and the same drama of kidnapping and murder continues…. Stop this crap… f**ker of a serial and f**king Ekta and the writers.

  5. Telugu serials are far better than this scrap.means there is no value for love and marriage…how can one mistrust his wife and share her kumkum to some b*t*h… disgusting. Worst no 1 award goes to kumkum bhagya

  6. Disgusting writers. Cut the crap and end the show. How can one be so heartless that the hero and heroine fights with their enemies whole year or let me say the heroine our Pragya fights with the enemies whole year and at the end of the year they will solve their misunderstandings and ready to unite with one another but our writers I don’t know how their family life is going on in real they are showing their frustration on their story. Don’t know how the trp ratings for kkb were high even with this bulshit story line. Pragya should have left abhi on bulbuls death because of his sister aliya and move on in her life just like abhi who is enjoying with his wife tanu. So disgusting to think even the thought of him marrying tanu out of all the women in the world. Every one are so happy in abhi house even dasi and purab except Disha. How can a family be so selfish. Yes he deserves tanu no one in the family deserves pragya. Don’t make them meet again. Every one are cheaters in his house his sister, his wife tanu, mithai, raj. He deservs those people. I hate abhi to the core. I hate the writers of kkb. I hate ekta kapoor. I hate Kumkum Bhagya. I have stopped watching this show long back I am just reading the written updates. And I am decided I am not even reading the kkb from now on. The best worst serial award goes to Kumkum Bhagya. The best worst character goes to Tanu.
    The best dumb character goes to Abhi, taya ji, dasi. The best foolish character goes to Aliya. The best worst supportive role goes to purub. The best cheaters goes to raj, aliya and tanu (high competition). The best worst family goes to Mehra family. The best non existent members goes to Mitali and tayi ji. These are the best Kumkum Bhagya awards. All the awards goes to Mehra family

    1. I agree with u Abhi loves prayga ?? I would rather go to hell than get that love

  7. How can this idiot abhi can marry character less than, is pragya much more character less than tanu, disgusting.. ek tha Kapoor, please again never & don’t reunite pragya with abhi… Whether the Kiara is abhi-pragyas daughter never mind, However u won’t value the relationships…. Abhi is really heartless hero

  8. Indian series are just nothing to write home about, it is demoralising and beyond reasoning, there merry go round story line, how can Ahbi merry tanu of all people, with all her atrocities and he calls himself a man, he acted like a dog that goes back to his vomit,

  9. Rubbish series

  10. Cathy

    I’ll just put this out there, what if on Abhi’s part at least that this is just a dream/fantasy, we’ve all been hearing that the characters of Tanu and Purab are leaving the show so im not all that sure why they are portrayed at all. and i agree with the others here that Abhi would never have married her even hating Pragya he would have found someone else or not have remarried..I also agree that i would like to see Pragya not reunite with Abhi, i always found her a weak representation of a devoted wife, she was more like everyones “welcome mat” Granted when the writers would let them have a moment of happiness the chemistry between them was remarkable but that was to few and far between all the greed murder and mistrust. so honestly i’m curious to see how this leap goes, it can’t get any worse then the last 3 years.

  11. Even i dnt wnt abhi ad pragya to reunite again she have take alot risk with dat family it highly time for abhi to pay for his stupidity bt wat wonder me is he ask pragya to live bt he did not divorce her hw could he marry tanu dat mean tanu is his second wife bcos he didn’t divorce pragya am still surprised

  12. Finally something good happened pragya could get out of this poisonous relationship she had, from day 1 of marriage she is only crying and fighting against the evils for that dumb useless abhi. He only deserve tanu, and only tanu can live with someone like him. Pragya should live with her daughter and maybe find someone who can give respect and love she deserves.

  13. I have watched other indian series where the hero and heroin get married again after separation but they still end up together I think abhi still loves pragya and very soon he will find out about tanu’s secret and then regret his decisions and then he will beg pragya for forgiveness but the problem is the new male lead parallel he has been with pragya when her good for nothing husband abandoned her it’s a tough choice but as for tanu the law of kalma exist.I am honestly really upset about today episode I even lost my appetite but it’s not the actors fault they are been paid for their job we just have to exercise patients and see how the story unfolds.

  14. How can Abhi forget the sacrifices of Pragya and marry the valueless crook Tanu? In all the ways she is the sole responsible person for infuriating Simonika and responsible for Dadis Death. Baseless drama!!!!!!

  15. leisa s morris

    Im speechless…i feel as if d universe has crashed and d world doesnt make sense anymore…..wait dis is an ek tha serial no wonder these chit is happennin csuse in real life no man would marry tanu after all dat she has done and abandoned d one person who has always stood by his side and fought his battles. This is just blo*dy craziness but ek tha is doin wat she does best offer her audience crap with no rhyme or reason. Thk God i dont watch dis serial no more i just read updates but even dat is takin its tole

  16. Kkb sucks….sure now that the writer is a failure in life and to hide this failure he is demeaning all the women in the serial. One more thing in Ekta’s serials one can married n times without divorce.. Abhigya they are separated, not divorced so how come he married tanu. Actually purab also has no spine, still with abhi after the way he treated pragya… Now want to wait for the day when abhi will know tanu hand in Dadi death… Want him to rot in hell… This serial only evil wins. ACTUALLY ALL SERIALS UNDER THE BALAJI BANNER SHOULD BE BANNED. And abhi says he loved Dadi, but he did exactly what his Dadi did not want.. Married the girl whom his Dadi hated from the bottom of her heart. And for tanu and Aliya still. Being around after all the murders and the kidnaps, looks like they are keeping the director warm between the sheets playing train and tunnel and hence their role is more than the leads. Wow.. blo*dy f**kers

  17. Yesterday only I saw this serial after a big gap but it hurted me a lot. Hugging tanu made me disgusting. Iyyo y the serial is like this y cant u make the abhigya happy couple with their children and end it in a happy way. I dont want this pls give us some twist

  18. All serials having same concepts right. Separation of the leads. Heroine having child and reuniting because of child( krpkab,naamkaran and kasam). And guys, sorry for comparing such a good serial krpkab with this shit. But see the storyline guys. And i have no words to describe the marriage of abhi and tanu. Just wanna break the tv when i see this.??????

    1. If you break tv its loss for you stop watching this.

    2. Really I don’t care about Abhi because for me hr has dead when he started hating her even dadi was very selfish when compared to Abhi I really hate Mehta mansion now i dislike shabir sriti and leena due to Abhi character I hated shabir and I awl admire sriti as pragya that it amd leena from first I think shabir is more interested in acting with leena than sriti since Tisha friends broken now it’s Nisha so he started admiring her very much I think soke did purposely for dadi exit from Mehta hosue I hate shabir leena vin ruchi an everyone for what purpose he mase her drink o. His birthday and mad when confesssthat is janu y y y Abhi Abhi can’t see u with tanu everyone look nows that may be sriti or ekta dislike each other sue to irriespectness may be sriti as pragya ah been given this much suffer mess dont know I think someone personal is there may be

  19. Its going like other shows of ekta ,7 yrs leap ,couple separated ,one of the,parent has their child but truth is hided , other persons in couples life , misunderstandings, custody case , I am pretty sure that kiara will have traits of abhi . I watch kkb ,kb and kasam only from daily soaps and both are little similar , even the sets . Plz ekta don’t make the story worst

    1. What more worst can become of this serial.. Abhi the spineless and impotent guy married to a crook and a murderer. Did not value what his wife did for his family for 4 years since that how long the crap in the serial is going on and pragya crying from day 1. And now if at a later stage as it happens in Ekta’s serial the lead come together becos of some connection, Pragya should blo*dy well kick abhi in the balls , that is if he has any ND leave him. Post which he should lose all his fame ND name and be lonely.. f**king writer, director and f**king abhi.

  20. Janta ki Awaaj

    I wanna break Ekta kapoor’s head. She deserves it, blo*dy hell womn , such a creepy serial it becomes now.

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