Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking when he is marrying Tanu then why is he thinking about Pragya? He thinks why he is feeling bad. Aaliya comes and says she will set his brooch rightly. Abhi says no. She says pin is broken and brings another pin. Abhi thinks to share his feelings with her and thinks she might give me some solution. He asks her if she thought that she have to do something, but does something else.

Aaliya thinks Abhi is thinking about Pragya, and tells him that this happens with grooms and brides. This is called wedding jitters and asks are you okay. She asks him to relax and says you are nervous as you are marrying for the first time. She says when you performed first, you were nervous. She says you shall not marry the person you loves, but shall marry the person who loves you. She says life gets better with this. She couldn’t tie the turban right and it opens up. Abhi says I will ask someone to tie it.

Aaliya thinks to keep an eye on him. Purab, Dadi and Dasi are happy. Dadi says she is thinking about Aaliya and Tanu’s rotten faces. Pragya says I didn’t agree yet. Purab says don’t worry about the dress. Dasi asks her to thank Tanu and says we will steal her other dress. Purab says she is a model and makes 2-3 sets of the same dress. Dadi says she has made 3 wedding dresses brought by Abhi’s money.

Dasi says you will wear that dress. Pragya says who will bring that dress. Dadi says Indu. Purab says she is taking Dasi’s name. Dasi asks how I will bring the dress. Dadi gives her idea. Dasi wears her googles and goes. Dadi asks pragya not to worry and says 5th yes is of God. Dasi thinks she is on a big mission and shall steal the dress somehow. She collides with Abhi. Abhi asks if she got infection. Dasi says she was listening and singing song. Abhi asks her to tie safa. Dasi tries to tie him safa and asks him to sit infront of mirror.

Sarla is restless and calls Pragya. Pragya picks the call and assures Sarla that everything will be fine. Dadi calls Pragya. Pragya ends the call. Sarla tells Janki that Pragya said everything is fine, but…..She says may be something is happening there. Janki says we shall go there and see what is happening there. Sarla says I can’t see the marriage arrangements and gets angry on seeing Tanu. Janki asks her to think Pragya is getting married there. She asks her to come. Sarla says you are right and hopes everything is fine. Sarla says Beeji. Janki says you gave her medicine to sleep, and says we both shall go.

Dasi makes Abhi sit infront of mirror and tries to make Safa. He asks what you are doing. He imagines Pragya there. She ties the turban. Mahi Bolna plays……Abhi looks at her. She says it is done and asks shall I sit. Abhi pulls her closer and makes her sit on his lap. Dasi scolds him for teasing her. She says she will go and check Tanu, thinks if Purab got successful to steal the wedding dress.

Pragya tells Dadi that don’t know where is Purab and Dasi. Dadi teases her and says she is eager for marriage. She asks how did she agree? Pragya says when I see the mandap, I thought I shall sit there and not Tanu.

Pragya is dressed up as a bride. Purab tells Pragya that her glow is different this time as it is love marriage. Nikhil tells Tanu that she did right to call him and says they have done some planning and something wrong will happen. Tanu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Over and Over and Over

    All of you know that this story goes in circles….so now the dummy abhi will – once again believe everything that Tanu says And the dummy will turn against Pragya – once again and Dadi and the gang won’t say a word in Pragya’s defense. She will take the fall alone and start Crying – again. That is how this story goes….so predictable. The writers have NO creativity , ideas or brains… SAD.

    1. exactly.. noone is gonna say a ting and we’re back at square one with abhi hatin on pragya and d irritating tanu screechin bout how unfair it is and reputation tanish blah blah blah… and pragya left to fight battle alone again…these writers r amazin. ..first character i see gettin flashbacks yet no memory return…a rockstar has been married for 2 plus yrs yet noone remembers callin dis his first marriage. hmmm only in reel life wei. so much for fans and journalists.

      1. Ogechi teresa

        Aliya knows that this is not his first marriage she is just taking advantage of his memory loss.

    2. And you still watch it ??

  2. Good i hope pragya take tanu place n marry back abhi

  3. Over and Over and Over

    Pragya’ mom and Grandmom should come through and SLAP the devil out of Everybody…..starting with Abhi and work their way around the room and end with Pragya for acting like a mindless puppet.

  4. I want abhigya to get married and want tanu to get out of their life

    1. Sonia g how are you

  5. Rubbish,, same story over the years

  6. This serial has seriously come to a point that I can’t even find the right word to describe it.

    1. I think the word your looking for is “utter bullshit” ….Your Welcome. 🙂

  7. I hope sriti aka pragya and shabbir aka abhi can unite and fell in love again

  8. There is no reason to continue this story line over and over . The plots are ridiculous and it’s about time the story ends . How can a married man be forced to marry again while being married to someone ? Isn’t it illegal?
    Isn’t it about time the producer and script writer realize that they have to end this instead of going round in circles .
    It’s not interesting any more ! Please end the story !!!!

    1. Ogechi teresa

      Abhi and pragya are not married they are divorced but they did not divorce under normal circumstances. Remember when nikhil kidnapped pragya and

    2. Ogechi teresa

      And they forced her to sign the divorce papers.

    3. writer only do not know they divorced or not. otherwise one rock star married in public and no one know that he married and ready to attend second marriage

  9. Nikhil will kidnap one of the girls and then drama will begin again. typical…i hope he takes tanu away for good this time!

  10. How on earth is this drama still going?!!!

  11. Isaac bretwum

    What kind of story is this? So bowling

  12. Oh…this seriel is making me sick they are over acting in reality it will happen like this…they should try and act real

  13. Right now I have no interest of watching this serial because I know pragya will be blamed as,always as Abhi he is one puppet who dance for tunes of tanu and aliya u mean does he have brain of his own he like her but he doesn’t want to accept her such a boring story line which revolve around tanu and aliya such a cheats girl they are now we tired of their drama shut the show down boring

  14. worst of all india series writers did u ever watch shree priya strange then why this story zeetv pls u are loosing ur viewers nd move fast

  15. anita baijnauth

    kta are you that clueless that you cant see that first of all you are loosing fans and people
    dont want to watch this serial. enough already do the right thing and let abhi get his memory back enough of this bullshit already. this is the first serial i’ve seen that the writers
    are clueless. you are absolutely dumb for repeating this story line. expose alya and tanu and nikhil put pragya out of her misery and you should get an education on writing

  16. so stupid. Please writers get a life.


  18. I agree with you sapphire sisy
    They are only bringing the old story again and again just to drag this serial to 1000 episode
    Why can’t they just bring abhi’s memory back and unite abhigya and then they can either continue as how these two stand together and face the hurdles created by tanu,nikhil and aliya
    Y always pragya should stand alone
    Y can’t that abhi realise that he will become lifeless without pragya

  19. Really guys, if abhi ever take the blame on Pragya this time, then I’ll hate him..after realising their love and confess too but still he can’t protect his love..what’s the use of having her but never make her his.. It’s a waste..

  20. pls end up the story…otherwise don’t see again this stupid memory loss drama…In accident, if one person loss his memory,this is common but that person don’t lost his memory who is nearer his heart and deeply loving person..but this serial running stupid..

  21. Sethidisha002

    acha hoga pragya again got married to abhi

  22. Now after marriage of abi-gya there will be divorce drama & again abhigya will be seprated
    What the boring story line
    I just hate this show if they aagin get seperated

  23. Ye Kya Story Hai…. Kahin Parhaa Hai

    As per the ongoing drama, Tanu and Abhi were about to get married. But Dadi plans to get Pragya married to Abhi. Tanu gets to know of their plan and instructs Nikhil to kidnap Pragya but instead, Nikhil accidently kidnaps Tanu and Pragya gets married to Abhi.
    Abhi later realizes that he is married to Pragya. He feels cheated and also remembers that he had made a promise to Tanu’s mother that he will marry Tanu. So after their marriage, Abhi has decided to divorce Pragya. The whole scenario sounds very funny but this is not the first time something like this has happened on the show.
    As a matter of fact, the show has seen so many repetitive tracks that one can actually count the number of times Pragya has been kidnapped on the show or the number of times Abhi has jumped in front of Pragya to take a bullet for her.

  24. disgusting and nonsense serial.

    Such a disgusting and nonsense serial and abhi is always thinking about pragya and can’t he figure out that person is pragya and going to marry tanu nonsense drama
    Always dadi is making plan and pragya always rejecting all plans and how can she be with abhi
    When dasi tying the turban abhi imagines pragya there how could he and make her situation on his lap very very bad he is going to marry one and flirting with another girl disgusting hindi serial and
    I read this update only for timepass and not for knowing about kkb because I really loved it serial first but now I really hate this serial to the core
    Instead of seeing this serial I will commit suicide and die
    This abhi doesn’t even having any sense because who is his enemy he is sharing all his problem with her and she said that he is nervous and marrying for the first time.
    Really she is a such a dushman

  25. Since so many days these 5 days of marriage are not ending.. every few mins of their day is one episode..

    1. Lets guess…how long before this marriage drama is over… 3 weeks??? or even longer???

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