Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gives his blood to Kiara

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The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya going past each other and realizes each other presence. Dhadak song plays…They turn to look back, but couldn’t see each other because of hospital staff standing on the way. She comes to OT and sees Kiara through window glass. Sunny calls her and tells that it was his mistake that he didn’t take care of her. Pragya says it is not your mistake, and thinks that if she had gone to pick her then this wouldn’t have happen. Sunny tells Pragya that Abhi went to pray for Kiara and take his help. Pragya recalls telling Abhi that God will help him when others don’t help him. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go to hospital. Aaliya stops her and asks why she is going? Tanu says Abhi and Pragya can meet. Aaliya says they might be doing the paper work as she is

his daughter. She says if Kiara is safe then we are safe and says we have to wait for a miracle. She says I am sure nothing will happen to her. She asks her to think positive. Tanu is about to call Abhi to ask about Kiara. Aaliya takes the mobile from her hand and says Abhi will ask you how did you know about Kiara. She asks her to sit quietly and play game in mobile.

Abhi prays to God in the temple and says someone said that you help those who are in much need, and asks how she can bear surgery and treatment as she is young. He asks her to save Kiara and give him happiness. He pleads infront of God. Pragya thinks she did a mistake by hiding the truth, it will be a sin if she hides from him more and thinks he is a good father, and she shall tell him. She is about to keep her hand on his shoulder, but just then they hear announcement asking Abhi to come to meet Doctor. Abhi comes there. Doctor tells him that his daughter is a fighter and the operation is successful. She tells that Kiara has a major blood loss and tells that she needs 3 units blood. Abhi says I will bring and then realizes that even his blood is B positive. Doctor says good. Abhi goes to give blood. Pragya asks Doctor what happened? Doctor tells that Abhi went to give blood. Pragya cries. Disha asks Pragya if Kiara is Abhi and her daughter and says she knows about this, and was waiting for her to tell. She asks until when she will hide from all, and asks her to tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter. She asks why your heart have become a stone and says when I can see his love for her then why can’t you see. She asks why you don’t want to give him happiness, and says their facial similarities and behavior are same and now even blood is the proof. She says when Kiara grows up and questions you, then she will think you wrong and go away from you. She says let your family unite and asks her not to hide from Abhi. She says if Abhi comes to know about this from someone else then. Pragya says she is helpless and asks her not to tell. Disha asks her not to hide from Abhi. Pragya goes to meet Kiara.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to come out of bathroom. She says miracle didn’t happen and thinks Disha went to hospital. She calls Disha and asks where are you? Disha says I have no time to hear your nonsense. Tanu asks why you are showing attitude as you think Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya and tells that this is not going to happen because of her accident. Disha asks how did you know about her accident? Tanu says my friend called me and told that Abhi took a girl to a hospital. Disha asks what do you mean that Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya? Tanu says we know that Kiara is their daughter. Disha says so you know. Tanu says but they will not unite. Disha says their daughter will unite them and says she is in pain right now, but her pain will go when she comes to know that her superman is her own father. She says Abhi went to give blood to Kiara and tells that very soon he will come to know that he gave his blood to his own blood. Aaliya comes out and asks what happened? Tanu says even Disha knows about it. Aaliya says if Abhi had known then he would have called Dadi. Tanu asks Aaliya to call him and tell that she died or meet with an accident. Aaliya says if he returns then also he will go back, seeing you fine. Tanu says she will do something and goes out of room.

Pragya is at Kiara’s side. Kiara gains consciousness and feels pain. She asks about Superman, Dada and Sunny. Pragya says Superman went to do your work and Dada is out of Delhi, and Sunny is with his mummy. Nurse comes and gives her medicine. Pragya asks when blood transfusion will start. Nurse says in sometime. Kiara asks her to meet her Superman and says he is my superhero.

Tanu thinks what to do to call Abhi back. Suwarni Dadi is climbing down the stairs when Aaliya calls her. Dadi slips and falls down. Tanu smiles and calls Abhi. She informs him about Dadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Im done with this.Infact im trying to dislike pragya right now,i understood her at first,but now i dont or maybe she’s afraid of those two tramps.Abhi can protect her daughter.i dont even what to say about tanu,how can someone be so heartless and shameless.dont even know where this is going again.hurting an old lady and for what your selfish reasons.

  2. Do the writers have something against old people and innocent children?? Easy targets. No talent needed for that kind of script.

  3. Akituster

    What a way to start. Just throw hide and seek in…. again. It’s not just Tuna that is a one-trick pony, it is also Miss Ekta and her writers. No wonder they all like each other so much. They all come from the same creative thimble. Thimbles aren’t creative. Thimbles are tools, just like Tuna and the writers.
    You must hope that the actors understand how foolish they appear to be for keeping this job. On the other hand it’s a job with a few perks I would assume. Who cares if you have to play a fool. Self-respect is clearly not on their agendas.
    Who stands around staring into space when their child has been just hit by a car? And finally Pragya gets serious looking for her daughter and look at that, now there appears to be a limp included, in her walk. The signal to the viewer that the character is truly distressed. Tuna returns today appearing like the perfect little girl that she is. That’s not a compliment. blo*dy h*ll, she’s even wearing a pink evening gown, right from morning, just like every 3-5 year old little girl wishes to do. After all it is the duty of every 3-5 year old spoiled brat to wear evening gowns to breakfast. Tuna reminds us that the true face of evil is always a 3-5 year old girl. In this screen time, I guess to match the toddler princess dress, Tuna’s lips look more human today. Perhaps toddlers aren’t allowed to inject whatever into their faces and lips.
    Disha reminds us that kismet will not allow daughter and father to be separated. These lines are the same lines as when Munni was Pragya.
    And of course Pragya does not race to her daughter. Abhi does, but not Pragya. Finally the episode ends yet again managing to insure that viewers still get no answer. Miss Kapoor the creator of this production continues to prove her tired prowess at third quality manipulation. Gawd, if she’s gonna’ be this manipulative, you’d think she would have developed some skill at manipulating. Wasn’t the young Ekta taught to have some pride in the quality of her work? Obviously not. “Make it shiny, they’ll buy it even if it’s broken! ” she must have heard as a toddler, wearing her own princess dresses to breakfast, as she hurled her dolly’s down the stairs and stomped on them. Daddy would always buy her more dollys to destroy!

  4. I give the actors credit for doing their best with such lousy storylines and characters. I hope the writers are not getting more pay than the actors. That would be unfair considering what kind of stories and character personality flaws they have had to work with the last few years.

    1. Have the writers changed since the beginning? The plot was a little goofy in the first 200 episodes but the script was far better. If it is the same writers I would suggest that their boss is reining them in in order to satisfy other needs, certainly not any need for a plot. Recycling is Miss Ekta’s trademark I am told. I think she brings in superior talent then let’s everybody know who is in control and superior by forcing them to create limited script, roles and production. I believe at this time this is a little rich girl who is not good at much excepting controlling people and her background/money (Daddy) makes it all possible. The deviant version of personalities who show these traits are generally very mediocre people with money/power who make it their personal sport to rein in talent and show the talent that the deviant is better than everyone. think Aliyah. People like Miss Ekta who have chosen to be the deviant version of their personality have two sides, two versions of themselves. Like Tuna fish and Aliyah. People like this need to see people like Pragya as stupid victims who will never receive what they have earned and deserve. They need ‘less than mediocre’ to be the goal of everyone so that their own mediocre self will look better than everyone else. Pathetic yes, but very relevant in our world where the shysters, corrupt and the talentless rule. Notice they all wear pretty clothes as well. It makes them believe that they are superior.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Hmmmm near misses all around. It boggles my mind dat two individuals can b in d same place for d same person and yet never meet. So tanu has just admitted dat she and aliyah knows dat kiara is abhi and pragyas daughter and dat she was in an accident so I would think dat any level headed person will figure out their participation in dis ordeal. But then again fires happened, john killed and nothing sooo. As for pragya I believe its high time she tells abhi d truth. U cant b willing one minute and then not d nxt. I firmly believe once abhi knows kiara is his daughter it will b harder for d dynamic trio to harm her not impossible but harder. I wonder if d writers r gonna let kiara tell abhi and pragya dat she was run over by john’s killer and I say wonder cause as we know dey tend to just leave scenarios hanging. And after telling them and giving dem a description as we’ve realized d police never bothered to let dem see d portrait of d guy if dey would realize it is nikhail and get suspicious of tuna and d rest of serial killers. Mitalli once again keeps info to share only wen it benefits her,one day its going to cost her her life.

  6. Tanu is going too far with this. I can’t believe she will kill a small child just to prove a point that Abhi belongs to her now. I will watch to see if Pragya cares more about her daughter or keeping secrets. What the hell is wrong with Mitali too? The Mitali I know can’t keep a secret, so why is she not talking? My favourite people in this show are Purab, Disha, King and the kids. The rest needs to grow up

  7. I have a feeling that there will be a happy ending for Aaliya, she’ll probably end up with King. Does she deserve happiness after everything she’s done? As for Tuna (thanks for this Akituster), she’s got spine now. Why do evil always have to win in Indian serials?

    1. Hullo Lois! I think it was Zo who was using it first. When ‘Tanu’ began behaving in a truly slimy and fishy fashion (as in her s*xy dance effort wearing a dress that mostly looked like a bag) I asked Zo if the misspelling was a typo or on purpose. A few others were wondering as well. And because it seems to suit Tuna fish’s personal decorum…hey, why not. For all the screen time she gets I expect some laughter. And calling her Tuna helps to stop the laughter from becoming derisive, usually. : ) I am delighted a few others have adopted the habit, even though it is a sad way for a viewer to respond or comment on the production. One would hope we would have been able to discuss the finer points of plot, action. But… it is a response fitting the quality of the production and mirrors what the production is offering us. Never ending ‘fishy’ jumping all over the place in princess dresses no less, blocking the view of what could/should be a real story. There are some talented people in the rest of the team. They have shown that.

      1. I think I should call her Tuna / the shark instead. the writer is feeling to put more stories into place and is going around and around.

  8. Lolalois

    Tanu is going too far with this. I can’t believe she will kill a small child just to prove a point that Abhi belongs to her now. I will watch to see if Pragya cares more about her daughter or keeping secrets. What the hell is wrong with Mitali too? The Mitali I know can’t keep a secret, so why is she not talking? My favourite people in this show are Purab, Disha, King and the kids. The rest need to grow up.

  9. I think if Pragya knows
    who is trying to harm Kiara, She’ll not to tell Abhi the true that Kiara is his daughter, because he can’t protect his daughter in front of 2 evils in his house, Pragya will take Kiara go away from Abhi’s family unless 2 evils go to the jail.

  10. Today’s episode was the limit. kkb writers had already crossed all limits but today it took the cake. They are not even sparing the kids and the old. What is ekta upto. What is she trying to proove. The serials are watched by all age group and this is the kind of evil that is being shown is totally unacceptable.. No wonder crimes are increasing especially towards the senior citizens since this is being shown openly by social media that it feels normal and as if acceptable or it is the right to abuse children and elderly.. Is there no censor board for what is being show on TV as this media is exposed to all age group unlike the theaters as there is a censor board and people decide whether to see the movie or not. I tried raising a concern with the consumer grievance cell but thd moment I submit the request it goes in error.. Guess these crooks are controlling this also. Heard that purab is quitting the show because as per him there is notbing left in the show, however good they may try to do the evil keeps om winning and good are shown as poor victims with nothing to do except lose all the time.Pragya and abhi should also leave the show if they have any spine coz the serial is directly promoting crime and evil and by continuing to act in this they are supporting it. Guess the money is good but what is the point if such money if we are going to be promoting evil..Fans look upto you guys and you are their idol and they try in some way or the other be like you. Now if Ekta decides to end this serial suddenly all will be good within a week or two evil will punished for all their crimes, but what abt the viewers who have been loyal for the last 4 years and want to see abhigya together happy with the family and the evil being tortured and punished.. Guess now alteast when the writers have crossed all limits can’t they show good and evil being punished.. Show abhigya together let them have one more kid and let there be a leap and Kiara and sunny all grown up into a big happy family and then maybe a new track… But again wishful thinking..

  11. Lolalois

    It would be a shame if Purab leaves the show

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