Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi gives blood to Abhi

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The Episode starts with Doctor checking Abhi and asks Nurse to inform him if pulse rate falls. Abhi thinks of Pragya in unconscious state and opens his eyes. He takes out the glucose drip etc…and comes out of ward although nurse tries to stop him. He sees Pragya talking to Doctor and recalls how she saved him covering herself on him. Nurse asks Abhi to come with her and forcibly takes him. Pragya feels his presence and looks for him. Doctor says he is in ICU and asks her to arrange blood fast. Pragya thinks to call Prachi there and calls her from reception. She calls her. Prachi apologizes to her for her doing and says I am strong and didn’t think while doing that (attempting suicide) and says she will not take this stupid step again, and asks for forgiveness. Pragya says I know that I made you strong

and says I am happy that you are courageous. She tells that she lost her phone in the construction site of Mr. Mehra’s office. She says a man met with an accident and asks her to come there and donate blood. Prachi says I will come there. Shahana says I will also come. Prachi goes in a hurry. Sarita behen asks her to let Prachi and Pragya together. Shahana says I can’t leave without them and asks her not to take her far from there.

Aaliya, Rhea and Tai ji are in the car. Aaliya gets angry on the people for jamming the traffic. Rhea worries for Abhi and says how do you know that Dad is in some hospital. Aaliya says that hospital is near. She asks Rhea to call Prachi and asks her if her mom took Abhi to hospital. Rhea says how can I call Pragya? Aaliya says our time will wasted if he is not in the hospital. Rhea calls Prachi. Prachi has left mobile at home. Shahana picks the call. Rhea asks her to give Prachi’s mum number. Shahana says I will not give. Sarita behen comes and takes the call. Rhea asks her to teach manners to Shahana. Sarita behen says she is hearing as per her karma and asks her not to call again. Shahana gets happy and hugs her, calling her heroine. Sarita behen asks her to go. Rhea tells Aaliya that they misbehaved with her. Tai ji blames Rhea for her doings and says this is happening with Abhi because of you. Aaliya asks her to stop it and says don’t know why everyone sympathizes with her.

Meera is in another car and recalls her moments with him. She thinks nothing shall happen with him. Vikram, Mitali and dadi are with her. Vikram says I wish our guess is right and Abhi is in that hospital. Dadi feels Pragya and Abhi are going to meet soon, and thinks when she comes to know about his accident, she will come running, and their family will complete.

Prachi comes to the hospital and apologizes to Pragya. She says I will not do this again. Pragya asks her not to fall weak in such situation. They come to the reception. Prachi asks who is that man? Nurse comes. Pragya says my daughter will donate her blood. Nurse says blood will match then..Prachi is clueless. Pragya says I told her that you have the same blood group. Prachi asks Pragya to come with her and says she is feeling nervous. Doctor comes and asks who is she? Pragya says she is my daughter. Doctor says he will be fine if daughter gives the blood. Nurse takes Prachi for the test. They reach the Pulse life hospital. Tai ji stops Rhea from going inside. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Rhea asks them to make tai ji understand. Meera asks her to let her go.Tai ji says this is our family matter. Vikram asks what did you say? Tai ji says you are his business partner. She scolds Rhea for hurting Prachi and says she tried to commit suicide because of you. She says everything is happening because of you, he is bearing this because of your karma. Rhea asks Dadi to make Tai ji understand. Dadi says Pummy is right.

Nurse comes to Pragya and tells that Prachi’s blood matched with Abhi and Doctor operated on Abhi and he will be fine soon. Pragya is happen. Abhi is shifted to the ward from the OT. Doctor says he is fine. Pragya tells Nurse that she wants to talk to her and tells something. She comes inside the ward and sits holding his hand. She cries..honge juda na hum plays…..Pragya says who has given you blood is Prachi..our daughter. She says she was born with your blood and today she has saved you with her blood. She says you will be fine soon.

Precap: Prachi tells Sarita behen that Maa was praying to God for that man. She says when I asked her, she said that she will commit suicide. Sarita behen asks Pragya to answer Prachi and says if you don’t answer her then also she will find out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. it will take ages before the truth is revealed hmmmmmmm. don’t worry one day at a time. a time will come when you would earnestly need us your viewers but it will be too late. treat us well and end this show very soon.

  2. Why is mini-Aliyah’s upper lip so fat? It makes her look even more ugh. Or a walking advertisement for BJ’s. Shouldn’t she have a price-list hung around her neck? Her tattoo would work well with THAT ‘job’. What is wrong with Dadi? Is she being given stupid pills. She knows damn well, that she calls Pragya and any member of Pragya’s family to death as long as Aliyah, Mithali and now Meera and mini-Aliyah are alive. Dadi should be more concerned about having Aliyah murdered alongside Mithali, Meera and mini-Aliyah. Pragya may be Abhi’s true love, but more importantly she is the Mehra family’s perfect victim alongside Abhi who wears a slave collar for Aliyah. Abhigya cannot exist while Ekta’s herd of b*tches and buffaloes exist. (The word buffalo was ‘borrowed’ from a twitter comment about KanchiKaul) Off-screen or onscreen. Why is Aliyah so very good at portraying a criminal evil b*tch? Is that acting or is she a natural? Her scenes are kept very short because she is not a great actress. What does that tell you? The expensive clothes are not enough to distract from the acting (or lack thereof).
    Where is Kiara? I want to see Kiara’s acts of revenge. Hopefully Kiara will bomb the Mehra Mansion when all of the dusri-pidhi and Aliyah are in the house. This whole show is about female terrorism, a good bombing would work. India doesn’t need a military. Just send Ekta Kapoor and her herd of b*tches, buffaloes and beasts to war. (And all the straight men that they have fitted with slave collars). They will dispose of the enemy, commit plunder and come back even richer. Keep them busy, harming innocent others and abhigya might have a chance. Gee, would that be ethical? Of course not! But this is an Ekta Kapoor project. Ethics don’t matter. Making straight people look stupid, matters. Will Sriti Jha write a poem about that? And this comes from an admirer of the very talented Sriti Jha.

  3. Abhi/Shabir has been made into a fool. On screen, he wears a slave collar for Aliyah … all under Ekta Kapoor’s direction. Off screen, it would appear that he wears a slave collar for Kanchi Kaul under Ekta Kapoor’s direction. Or is it the other way around. Does Kanchi Kaul tell Ekta what to do? Aren’t some of Kanchi’s friends and relatives now in the show?

  4. I’d rather sit on a merry go round , at least get to enjoy myself then to see this Shit go around in circles same as Ekta’s other Kundali crap.

  5. like I said before the new series motto is : Re-cycle. Re-use. Re-peat. Nothing here to see people…please move on….. even the motto is borrowed…..sheesh. LOL

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