Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi on his death bed asking Pragya to tell Bulbul to forgive him that he did not fulfill her wish and to ask his family to forgive him. He says like his entry used to be grand, his exit should also be grand and asks her to take care of his family after he dies. She continues trying and says nothing will happen to him. Abhi continues and tell Tanu to forgive him, etc…Pragya asks him not to tell this and says again nothing will happen to him. Abhi says he has lakhs of fans, but she is his biggest fan, he wants to apologize him, etc……etc…. He is not afraid of dying now as he knows she is there to looking after his family. He falls unconscious..

Puneet calls Aaliya and scolds her for trying to be oversmart. She asks why did he call Bulbul. He says he has pictures in which she is helping kidnappers kidnap Pragya and says he will give it to police. She asks him what she should do. He asks her to bring 10 lakhs to his said spot. She thinks she should do something to this blackmailer now.

Pragya thinks nobody can take her husband away from her and like savitri she will save her husband. She thinks she will remove bullet and save Abhi, so she picks knife , lantern, matchbox, lights lantern, and heats knife. She then tears Abhi’s t-shirt, checks bullet wound. She once again heats knife and tries to remove bullet. Abhi writhes in pain. She stops.

Aaliya from her car thinks she whould check if Bulbul is involved with kidnapper and calls her. Bulbul says she is at home and asks where is she. Aaliya says she has come to her friend’s house. Bulbul says she wants to see who helped kidnapper, so she took money from Purab to give it to blackmailer. Aaliya says even she wants to know and cuts call. Bulbul thinks Aaliya is under her trap and is going to Puneet’s sid spot, soon she will agree that she is behind Pragya and Abhi’s kidnap.

Pragya removes bullet with knife (surprise…surgeons needs x-rays, CT scans, surgical equipments, etc.., but Pragya does not)…. She bandages Abhi wound then and says nobody can separate them now.

Bulbul tells Abhi’s family that Aaliya helped kidnappers kidnap Pragya. Purab asks her to not start again. Daadi says with her allegations, Abhi and Pragya will not come back. Bulbul says she has proof. Mitali gets tensed. Bulbul tells she took her cousin Puneet’s help and frightened her that Puneet has photographic evidence that she helped kidnapper, she got afraid and is ready to give him 10 lakhs. She will catch Aaliya red-handed. Daadi says we all will come with you and see it.

Pragya cleans Abhi body and reminisces his words. She thinks relationship make life complete…..moral gyan…..She continues crying and wiping his body and tells he cannot answer his questions as he also has same question. Saans me teri saans mili to…..song….plays in the background…She then drapes blanket over him.

Precap: Abhi says if she likes his torture, he will torture her more once they reach home. He coughs. She smiles and asks him to keep resting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hassan plz update fast

    1. Abhi thinks that he is dying BUT he STILL does not profess any feelings for his Wife!!
      You guys NOT tired of this bull YET???

      1. Got more yaa

  2. Great episode but hope abhigya goes back home soon

  3. good epi. Rockstar vil now propoz fuggi

  4. i hope aliya should be caught if not bulbul will be fooled again in front of evryone which is not at all fair….hope mithali doesnt involve ….

    1. aliya will cook up a story and blame bulbul for all the stuffs according to the spoilers :-\

      1. yes ! but according to the spoiler Abhi will tell Pragya that he knows everything about his sister and that she is involved in their kidnapping 🙂

  5. Superb episode !!!! can’t wait for tomorrow ! i think that in tomorrow episode Abhi will confess his love for Pragya ! 🙂

  6. where did that knife came from??!!!

    1. The ONLY Smart Question….Thank you!

  7. i don’t like Abhi is taking so long to confess his love, i guess there will be some grand display in front of everyone when he does it and in the same speech he will apologise to Tanu

  8. Aliya will escape 4m bulbul’s plan and blame on purvi 4 the kidnap as purvi and her boyfriend done dis 4 money she set evidence in purvi’s room with the letter as purvi wrote it 2 her BF for kidnapping abhi and pragya 4 money

  9. seriously….cant wait til tmrw…

    1. How come?

  10. sabeera sheikh

    dont be stupid admin, she has to take out bullet despite lack of medical equiment. no need to find fault when there is not

  11. I am fed up…. all the good people gets bad name and the bad person just say sorry, and thats it…

  12. Pragya well done .I think you used to watch western movies .Yes they take out bullets with their knives and the antiseptic is rum .Pragya used her brains.I read somewhere that Abhi will not die.I do hope he does not because I would like to see Abhi show Pragya the love she deserves from him.I do not have time to waste onTanu and Aaliyah, they deserve what they get.

    1. Pragya didn’t use her brain. I think that creative cast crew come up with that scene. finally they are using their brain.


  14. Omg where is the story going? Pragya was suppose to get shot but instead abhi did. Second of all abhi was to confess his feelings 2 weeks ago and he hasn’t already and lastly what the hell is wrong with Aliya and bulbul there so stupid I mean it’s just bakwaas right now when is their going to be real confessions between pragya and abhi they are making it way too suspenseful

  15. Ab mai fuggi ka sara sapna pura karunga so kkb fans jzt enjoy your abhigya romance

    1. What Romance…What story are you looking at???

  16. acha ji aur us chudail tanu ka kya

  17. I never see and hear soooooooooooooooooo much shit in this serial I never hear no one dying and talking sooooooooooooo long before he could actually die what a lot of shit this is kum kum bhagha is the worst come on writers you could do better than that it is the longest kidnapping I have ever seen so much times they got away and so much times they got held again what is really going on is this a big joke or what LOL please end this serial now

  18. Boring…i thought ds time also with help of mitali aaliya escaped n bulbul caught…al r hate bulbul ,n separate with purab…then purab marry witch alia…asusual dragging n boring…they cheat all viewers…how pragya did ds?v r not child to trust ds?anyway i like ds romance without logic…i hate bulbul,she s so dumb…he only suffer…bcoz writer extend this to 5 yrs…bull shit

  19. Nice episode…..

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