Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya waiting for Abhi. Abhi comes in tired. He removes his sherwani when he gets a call and informs that he had a couple of drinks and says he can drive but, but says will come with driver and leaves. Pragya sadly sees him going and waits whole night worrying for Abhi. She remembers Abhi telling someone of having drinks and then going out, thinks if he has driven himself. She comes down and does not see anyone there. She thinks of calling him, but does not have his phone number. She finds driver’s number and calls him, asks where is Abhi. Driver informs apartment address where Abhi is. She catches auto and reaches there. She asks driver where is Abhi who says he is in flat #1803. Pragya reaches flat #1803 and sees Tanu Mehta’s name on it. She rings bell and is shocked to see Tanu out. She hears Abhi’s voice asking who is there and sees Abhi drinking on a sofa. Abhi asks Tanu to shoo away whoever is out there. Pragya surprisingly says why is Abhi here. Tanu asks why is she asking her, it is because of her sins that is happening. Abhi asks Tanu to close the door as he has to go back to behanji/Pragya back and says he hates her a lot. Tanu asks her go now if she has heard Abhi now. Pragya gets devastated hearing that and starts walking on the road remembering Daadi’s words that Abhi is very nice guy and then Abhi telling he believes his daadi’s choice. She then remembers Abhi telling he hates her and then Sarla falling ill after she rejected Abhi’s proposal. Jag suna suna laage…. song plays in the background. She remembers Sarla telling her dream and Pragya’s wish has come true. She hears a radio news that Abhi got married on his daadi’s insistence and the girl is lucky to marry Abhi and congratulating all.

Tanu calls Aaliya who informs that behanji had come there. Aaliya ashtonishingl wakes up hearing that. Tanu says Pragya heard everyting and looked devastated. Aaliya thanks her for the information and says she will tell her rest of the news tomorrow.

Pragya comes back home and falls asleeop on ground crying. She hears door knock and opens it. Daadi comes in and greets her goodmorning. She turns back and sees Abhi standing there who says he brought tea for her and says he did not disturb Pragya seeing sleeping and asks Pragya if she is fine now. Daadi asks them to come down for breakfast after getting ready. Pragya shockingly watches everyting silently. Abhi informs Aaliya about the incident and says Pragya was in shock after seeing that.

Pragya is on breakfast table with daadi. Sarla calls daadi asks her let her speak to Pragya. Once Pragya takes phone, Sarla asks if she is fine and asks she must be having so many servants to take care of her. Abhi takes phone from Pragya and says Sarla that Pragya is absolutely fine and gives back Pragya phone asking her to speak to her mother. Pragya says Sarla that she will speak to her later. Pragya drags Abhi to their room and says she saw him in Tanu’s house and asks him to tell the truth. Abhi says I will call your boyfriend who will tell the truth. She asks what problem he has. Abhi says she trapped Purab and wanted to marry him, but once she saw him, she got greedy and trapped his daadi to marry him. Aaliya comes there and asks Abhi how can he talk to bhabhi like that. He asks Pragya not to worry and says she will make her life a hell and asks how can she think of snatching her Purab and says now she is in deep hell and where will she go. Abhi says she snatched Purab from her sister dreaming about Abhi’s money and says now Purab will come back to them. He says this marriage is a big punishment for her and she deserves it.

Pragya thinks how can they betray her like that just for a revenge. She then remembers Sarla and Purbi praising Abhi.

Bulbul and Purbi get angry on Sarla for not letting them speak to Pragya. Sarla says Pragya is with her in-laws and cannot speak, they can speak to her at the reception tonight. Daadi asks how is Pragya. Sarla says she is happy with Abhi and praises Abhi.

Abhi asks Aaliya now that we revealed our plan to Pragya, what will we do next. Aaliya says we will make Pragya’s life a hell for her betrayal and mistakes.

Precap: Purab calls Abhi, says he did not make any mistake and to trust him. Abhi says he got married. Purab shockingly asks how and to whom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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