Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir’s big sacrifice makes Prachi emotional

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The Episode starts with Ranbir getting locked in the lock up. He asks Constable to send some small time thief in the lock up so that he can talk or give a football. Constable scolds him and says you are not ashamed after doing this crime. Ranbir says I have confessed and proud of it. He says I surrendered myself. He thinks Abhi will be happy to see Prachi out and Vikram will scold him. Prachi asks Constable if she meet the guy. He comes there and sees Ranbir. Ranbir says I am afraid and that’s why kept drugs in your bag. Prachi says you are Casanova and flirt, but can’t have the drugs with you. Ranbir says if you are making me feel good or bad. She says she will talk to the inspector and says if you had mind then you wouldn’t have confessed and must have thought about your parents. She says you

wants to become hero. Ranbir calls Constable and asks her to take Prachi away else he will file mental harassment case. He thinks how Police was bearing her since 2 days. Inspector congratulates Prachi and asks her to sign. Prachi asks congratulations for what, says she was locked her since 2 days even though she is innocent. Inspector asks her to thank him. Prachi says why shall I thank you, I am innocent. Inspector says whatever I was doing is my duty. Prachi says you did the same mistake again by arresting Ranbir, he is not the real culprit. Inspector asks then who is the real culprit, tell me.

Abhi and Vikram come there. Abhi asks if she is bailed. Prachi says sir. Inspector says the culprit confessed to his crime and surrendered himself. Abhi asks who is he? Inspector says Ranbir Kohli. Vikram goes inside angrily and calls Ranbir. He asks what did you do? Ranbir says you scared me, he says I confessed it. Vikram asks Constable to let him go inside. Ranbir tells that he will take his life and asks him to think of mom and don’t be hyper. Abhi says let me talk. Vikram asks him to make him understand. Ranbir asks Vikram to go to side till he talks. Ranbir asks Abhi if he is angry with him. Abhi says why, I will be angry and says Prachi is out. Vikram says she came out, but my son is inside. Abhi asks him to be quiet. Ranbir says I surrendered for keeping the drugs. Vikram gets angry and says I thought that my son has grown up and handle business. Abhi says he don’t take drugs or sells it. Ranbir says you thought right. Vikram gets angry. Abhi says let me talk. Ranbir says who loves you very much. Abhi says my wife used to love me more. Ranbir says now. Abhi says Rhea and Prachi. Ranbir looks at him. Abhi says even you. He says I heard you crying and talking to Meera, feeling helpless. He says I know that Prachi is very important for you and I trust you that you will catch the culprit.

Vikram gets emotional hearing he did this for Abhi. He kisses Ranbir. Prachi gets emotional hearing Ranbir’s big sacrifice. Vikram thanks god for giving him son like him. Abhi assures Ranbir that he will find the real culprit. Ranbir says I trust you fully. Vikram says we will save you and says sorry. Ranbir says I love you. He asks them to take care. Prachi gets teary eyes.

Pragya comes home. Shahana tells her that Principal rusticated Prachi and told me that if I get against his decision then he will rusticate me too. Sarita behen asks them to think about taking her out first. Prachi comes there. Sarita behen gets happy. Prachi hugs Pragya. Pragya apologizes to God and lights the diya. She thanks God and says you sent Prachi to me before I ask help from him (Abhi). Prachi says you didn’t ask me how I came out from lock up. Pragya says you are innocent, Mr. Mehra must have helped you, tomorrow we will go and thank him. Prachi cries and says Police arrested Ranbir. He says Ranbir confessed that he took the blame on himself as he couldn’t see Mehra sir crying. Shahana says he is very nice guy and shall not be in the lock up. Sarita behen says his parents must be proud of him. Pallavi comes to know this and she panics. She says nobody will believe that he is innocent and did this to save someone. She asks Vikram if he didn’t speak to him and says he didn’t think about us. She says his birthday was 2 days back and today..says his life will be ruined.

Rhea thinks how can Ranbir get himself arrested for Prachi and thinks how can he do that.

Pragya says it is my responsibility to free him. She asks them if they know about Nishant. Prachi says he studies in college and asks what did he say? Pragya says I have a doubt on him and asks her to rest and asks Shahana to come with her. Prachi asks what are you doing? Pragya says she will meet Principal.

Precap: Abhi asks the security guard about Nishant seeing his pic. Security guard runs out. Nishant comes to Principal’s office. Pragya sees him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i wanna see pragya and abhi together do it quickly as i have my meetings to attend !!!! in the upcoming years

    1. With IMRan Khan😏😏😏😏😏😏😚😚😚😚😚or with Donald trump THE BASTARDS

  2. I Thought that they will drag the kidnapping scene like the previous 2 seasons…firstly alia wanted bulbul to get kidnapped and it all happened with pragya and then abhi also….then Kiara got kidnapped..now all this…ekta can drag any scene so perfectly that will get tired blaming her but she won’t listen…how come people r so hooked to this show….I just read update and finish here only. So boring, no wonder will sleep with snores while watching all this….only ranbir looks like a Clg boy…Rhea and prachi r just from other generation….I don’t have any name for this relation of Rhea and prachi which they share with abhi

    #yehrishtakyakehlata….this would have been a perfect name for this show…. wrongly named it kumkum bhagya 😂😂😂💩💩💩

    So many shows I have seen and trust me I feel so blessed to watch them as they r not showing females like this…if a female can become a centric role she can be a vamp…but vamps like alia, tanu, Rhea r made so that we can just hate them in reel as well as in real life also.

  3. U can love them, u can hate them but u cannot ignore them.

    But here we can neither love alia and Rhea nor we can bear them..we can just think I’ll about them and that’s what they deserve ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  4. Arrest whole family I would like to suggest to hang them death, but make sure that ekta leads the way of execution….for crimes like:

    1) Being in competition with YRKKH
    2) Ruining it’s plotline so much that we feel like why the f**k this show ever begun🖕🖕
    3) Making a joke out of children…parents will keep a strict check on their children after watching all this that kids start blackmailing parents, take advantage of their love especially girls…every show shows that girls hate their mothers, get support from Dad, becomes reason of their separation blah blah blah
    4) Showing that alia like people always win and their is no aging 🤣🤣😭😭they think that making pragya wear glasses and saree she will look old..why this ewww makeup is done on pragya Everytime..with age everyone’s eyesight gets blured…what this abhi eats and what the f**k this alia eats or do that she is looks like Rhea’s sister..more than prachi🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    1. RV, thanks for the reply yesterday!

  5. In Turkey, the episodes in which Pragya announces her pregnancy, and Tanu are thrown out of the house, made the final and stopped showing. I think this is the right decision. Here it all ended in a positive. Abhi, Pragya, Kiara – dad, mom, beloved daughter. No death, no pain, no separation. Instead, lots and lots of happiness. Even Aliya has become a bit positive. I think in India also should have stopped on these episodes. If this happened, they would give Abhigya fans a lot of joy. And what is being shown lately is one disappointment !!! 20 years in separation with his beloved is a curse

    1. SHANKI

      Yes Naaz, I liked Aliyah for once when she was kind to Kiara.. she fought against her best friend Tanushri to protect Kiara.. she even slapped her.. it looked like she even excepted disha purab relationship.. they could have ended the show by showing Aliyah and King’s marriage.. this show should have ended 100 ep ago on a happy note.. at least it wouldn’t repeat the story again

    2. Thank-you Naaz, for that bit of information! Aaah, a country which cares about it’s citizens more than the Indian gov’t cares about it’s own citizens! Ekta Kapoor sells evil and pure, undiluted stupidity… and is given prime time to do it. But India has that reputation for being the Queen of Ultimate Corruption favouring the elites and robbing majority India blind. All the while teaching it’s men and women that heteros*xual males are stupid and heteros*xual females are evil, lying status seekers and greed monsters. The elite females are no longer human. They are filled with botox, fake boobs, surgeries to change their face and an unending cruel arrogance. No amount of jewellry and designer clothes can hide the putrid stink. That’s right… a reflection of ‘Mother’ India. Or is that a reflection of Ekta Kapoor? Isn’t there an Ayurvedic remedy that kills parasites? India is in need of her own purging medicine. You have to wonder what Ekta Kapoor will become in her next life. At least we know what she honestly thinks about her own father and mother, in this life. I’m sure her astrologer or her therapist has explained how that works, to her.

    3. Very happy your country really deserve to be good nice they shouldn’t again telecast the episodes after 20 yrs lepa it’s borimg I think your country won’t do that mistake again.

    4. Didn’t they stopped after 7 yrs leap it would have been again fantastic desciison na if they stopped their

  6. Pragya and Abhi Relationship gets toxic each time they get together. Why do people call that relationship LOVE? Its more like distrust, hate, Sick and annoying to see Abhi blaming Pragya for everything including murdering his grandmother. The hate and garbage is too much clear out to bring in love.

    1. Because the dumbest lead Eve seen him abhi only because he won’t do anythimh but blames wvryon mainly pragya for eveyting but says he loved her it’s all his lies


    Rhea rhea rhea.. soon your wish of faking love will be turned opposite.. Ranbir will love Prachi.. you will have the fate of Tanushri.. Ranbir will lose his memory.. disgusting show will have tons more leaps

    1. No kidding, regarding the leaps. Every time Ekta Kapoor’s brain has a burp we get more horsesh*t because of the woman is troubled by actual creative thought. I have to keep reminding myself that the writers are following that pathetic woman’s orders. If she had any functioning brains she would have fired the writers for such a gutter plot …a non-plot. But she can’t. She’s telling them what to write. Modi has his large br*asted assistants with him and Ekta has a bevy of nutjobs following her around dreaming up ways to destroy normal couples.

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