Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Purab advices Aaliya to move on

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Pragya and asks what did she mix in the drink and says he got over the trance. He tells that she shall sell her intoxication remedy to a wine company. Pragya says it seems you got out of the trance. Abhi jokes with her. Electricity goes. Pragya says guests have come down, they might get worried and says she will go and see. Abhi holds her hand…Jab tak tujhe pyaar sa plays…..He asks if she remembers what had happened when electricity went last time and kisses on her forehead. Pragya moves back. King happens to see Pragya moving backwards and questions her. He says I saw you moving back when Abhi was coming towards you. Pragya says she was slipping so he held her. King trusts her. Abhi comes there. Pragya says thanks to him. Abhi is surprised. King thinks Abhi is on wrong track and I have to talk to him. Aaliya slips while talking on phone, but Purab holds her. She says sorry. Purab says I have seen you staring at Disha and me. Aaliya says you stay here and not anywhere else. Purab says I feel guilty for you seeing your situation. Aaliya asks what is my situation. Purab says your loneliness and says you deserve to be happy. Aaliya asks him not to act nice to her. Purab says you are Abhi’s sister and you used to love me in the past. Aaliya says in the past. She says it is her choice to love him always. Disha hears them.

Nikhil comes to the party indisguise of a waiter. Tanu gets happy and thanks God, says she can now take breath. Aaliya comes and asks if she is talking to herself. Tanu says yes and tells that she is helping herself this time. Aaliya reminds her that whenever she tried to do something without informing her, she got into problem. Tanu says I didn’t forget and tells that she has made such a plan that Abhi and Pragya will go far from each other. Aaliya asks what did you plan? Tanu says she will tell when result comes? Mitali sees Nikhil and asks if he came to work or stare at the girls. Nikhil says Madam ji called me so I thought. Mitali asks him to come to his boss. Chachi asks waiter to bring something to eat and says she is hungry. Mitali says he came to work with us and asks him to bring soft drinks. Chachi says waiter will listen to groom’s family. Mitali asks her to take it herself.. Chachi also talks to her rudely. Nikhil sees them fighting and thinks one came to trap me and other saved me. He goes.

Abhi tells Pragya that king is giving him bad vibes. King comes and holds her hand and starts walking with her. Abhi asks why are you doing this? Pragya says he thinks that we are going home and says they are not going home yet. Abhi falls on them intentionally. Pragya and King hold him.

Purab asks Disha if she is upset with him and asks why? Disha says it is strange that you don’t know why your wife is upset, but can see someone is upset. Purab says now I understand and says this didn’t happen suddenly, I am seeing her since long time and feels bad for her condition. Disha says you felt guilty and that’s why you talked to Aaliya and got relieved, but did you think how I will feel. She says she will think of his concern wrongly. Purab says she is Abhi’s sister. Disha says you didn’t know what you have done. Purab asks do you trust me? Disha says I trust you, but I am scared….They see King and Pragya bringing Abhi there. Abhi asks Pragya not to let King hold her hand again. Pragya comes to Disha and asks what happened? Disha tells that Purab saved Aaliya from falling down and advice her to move on. Pragya says this is right. Disha says a wife’s instinct can’t be wrong and says Abhi also felt guilty and accepted Tanu. Pragya is shocked. King calls her.

Chachi collides with Tai ji and says sorry. Tai ji says ok. Mitali comes and taunts Chachi. Tai ji asks Chachi not to feel bad. Mitali argues with her for colliding with her mum in law. Tarun comes there and asks his mum to end the matter. Neha asks Mitali to end the matter. Mitali says she is calling herself ladke wale since long. They insult each other. Abhi and Purab come there and see them fighting verbally. Abhi says we have to do something and comes to pragya asking her to help to save neha and tarun’s relation. King asks him to take his permission before asking Pragya’s help. Abhi says I will not ask your permission. They begin arguing. Abhi asks King to make Tarun insult them. King says Tarun is enough for you all.

King sees Abhi hugging Pragya and Aaliya sees Purab hugging Disha. King tells Abhi that he saw him closer to Pragya and says she is not your wife. Abhi says not your wife either.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oh boy one put kumkum. which have no meaning. and next on paper which have ching ching, and the fish is out loosssss. repeat . light out . and the cat fish. / shark is out

    1. Hey Zo! LOL perfectly said, as usual!

  2. What was that f**king guilty that he made to marry that b*t*h shit what guilt

  3. We are immediately hit with what serves as romance. King is going to change that. Then Aliyah falls into Purab’s arms. Once again we are visually reminded that Aliyah is NOT a girl! She is a fully fledged (and fleshed out) woman psychopath. Purab shows sympathy for the Aliyah wretch who deserves to be in jail or a psyche ward. Disha recognizes Aliyah’s ploy as it effectively works on Purab. Someone remembers that Aliyah will never change even if she changes a few stripes on her coat or appearance. Nikhil… again chooses to dress up like a sardar ji. Aliyah reminds Tuna that her plans often fail. A yellow bird (Chachi) and a blue bird (Mithali) sound and behave like two brightly coloured, noisy birds fighting over a waiter’s services. The waiter is really Nikhil. Abhi, the typical 3 year old chooses to foil any relationship that might occur between King and Pragya. And viola! Within seconds, we have Abhi and King fighting. It would appear as if the energy of the Blood Moon from just a a few days ago is being used to initiate more violence, more discord in every relationship. Thank-you Miss Ekta for a peek into your addicted brain. We get to see clearly how your addiction to watching people suffer and your addiction to controlling the lives of others, actually works. You’ve limited and trained your writers well. Or, you are ending this serial forthwith and ending the employment of your cast and crew.

  4. Hey Naz, just read your reply from yesterday! Nasberries. They actually grew on a tree. Their skin was similar to a kiwi and a brownish gold colour. The flesh was golden brown and the most exquisite taste that the planet provides… according to my taste buds. I did reside in Jamaica for a number of years and likely the fruit is known by another name elsewhere. I had always assumed that it was originally imported from India, but only one Indian friend has recognised the name much less the fruit. And of course I love hearing about the ordinary things as my memories remain crystal clear …and pining away for a return to the Caribbean!
    Ha! You are so right about my feelings regarding a character like Aliyah. Her only distraction should be the chains and handcuffs holding her still. I would suspect that she is acting and trying out Tuna’s successful guilt-tripping adventure. If Abhi was stupid enough to fall for a guilt trip then he deserves Tuna fish and all of her foulness. I see Pragya remaining as the key. The whole load of stupidity rests on her able and wide shoulders. But Ekta hates women (especially) and men. Ekta needs to have all of her female heroines be incredibly stupid, sycophantic and extremely needy abuse victims. Her antagonists are the same but also willing to commit criminal acts. In other words, all females are evil and their pet men are dumb. Pretty scary world hidden away in Miss Kapoor’s addiction ridden mind. Well, not so hidden. Her mind is very concretely displayed through this production. (She didn’t need the brain-mapping) We are reminded of how powerful she is by the fact that all these adult humans (cast and crew) happily work for the destroyer of worlds. Wow! Ekta sounds like she’s working for some American globalist agency in order to destroy India and the Indian people! Gee, who would have suspected?!

    1. That nasberry fruit you’ve mentioned sounds like the fruit we call sapodilla across here, your description leads me down the road to the sapodilla tree and I’d like to think that it’s the exact fruit you spoke about.. Are there black oblong seeds inside in the middle?

      1. There are! There are! and the centre or core is a white material… if not fully ripe. Perhaps this is the same fruit! Well, that’s it. Somehow, a visit to the Caribbean must come into being. I’ll start wishing, now. : )

    2. Ekta the Daayan probably is working for a globalist organization, I have long suspected governments of working together for globalists and corporations, the citizens of countries like Zimbabwe and the DRC are being massacred on a daily basis. the Military is going into peoples homes and killing and maiming people for life. Look at what is happening to the Rohingya… Leaders have the power to help people but they choose not to. It is then up to civil society to rally and try to drum up support, the UN is a puppet organization so is the AU… We are at the mercy of our respective governments… we need a miracle to break the chain of oppression and abuse. India and the US have been brainwashing their citizens for years, most young people in the US can’t even spell the name of their own states or identify countries on a map, their minds have been deliberately dulled to keep them easy to control and manipulate. People see such dastardly acts on TV like women trying to kill their husbands offspring with other women and they actually go out and do this! Ekta Kapoor should be made to hang at the Hague if the ICC actually meant something, she is just as bad as a war criminal. If I could go back in time I would go back to when Jeetendra was born and make sure the doc gives him a vasectomy; one kid is evil and the other is an idiot – the world does not need this. Yes there would be some other globalist puppeteer to take Ekta’s place but I doubt anyone can be as bad as she is.

  5. Where is Abhi’s guilt over what he and his s*x girls (aliyah and Tuna) did to pragya and her family?
    Like marrying her in order to destroy her? Like constantly believing his s*x toys lies and stories on a daily basis in order to torture Pragya for amusement? And even after knowing that his s*x toys were criminals, still like a beaten puppy granting every wish they had. Wishing happiness to criminals becomes an act of violence and an agreement to the criminality. It’s excusable, right? Because the criminal looked sad for a moment. Don’t fall for Ekta’s trap. It’s the reason that criminals stay in power and continue to make lives worse for everyone else. Proven, career criminals deserve no sympathy whatsoever, not in real life or in reel life.

    1. Ah ha… Now that you’ve zeroed down to the real thing, it’s called a caimate..with the pulp very sweet and jelly like and white with the seeds… I use a spoon to dig in… The Caribbean is your next vacation destination.. ????

  6. This isn’t even funny anymore… it’s actually painful to even read the update (I just read one or 2 lines here and there, that is all you need to get the gist of this show). How are people STILL watching this crap…. Like if I could summon ghosts I would get them to haunt the actors until they resign from these horrendous roles in this coma inducing serial. This serial is the embodiment of crap, none of these actors have any self respect. They should really look at themselves in the mirror and evaluate the meaning of life. Ekta is a daayan everyone knows that, I am sure she is sacrificing children somewhere as I type.

    1. Remember Kalika, Ekta is replaceable. There are Ekta’s in every country, if not with the gov’t knowledge or permission, definitely creating a climate where ‘entertainment’ becomes an insidious ‘entrainment’ into base behaviours. Creating willing, excited, involved consumers that are obedient to subtle instruction. You know the drill. And using romance/s*xual energy to accomplish tis. As people learn more about the one world gov’t’s goals, movements are beginning. Let’s face it, if humanity doesn’t fix this gangrene that has infected it’s body, then Earth herself will fix the problem by destroying the gangrene fully, so that the organism that is Earth is not hurt. Many of today’s power brokers are blind to what they have become. Nor do they likely care. All that power, you know. Clay feet and toppling statues and that whole scenario, comes with the story as well. Let’s hope it comes sooner than later.

    2. honestly the reason fr which thus crap show is been is only because of that two fool actors shabir and sritii that it still watching viewers are waytching i m just reading tweet updates not episode i stopped watching on the irremarkable and unforgetable day 23rd april when b*t*h was introduce as his wife and their dialogues that day

  7. There are! There are! and the centre or core is a white material… if not fully ripe. Perhaps this is the same fruit! Well, that’s it. Somehow, a visit to the Caribbean must come into being. I’ll start wishing, now. : )

  8. Hello there,
    The Naseberries ARE available here in India, Akituster. In India up north they r known as chikoo & down south as sapota, same as Naz’s mention of sapodilla in d Caribbean. Having sd tht, I see a lot of us in thz forum havng same observations & similarity in thoughts. Itz jus d way we express ourselves thtz different. I noticed Tanu’s carousel ear drops, so did u Akituster. I thought d script wz like blocked bowels & Naz wrote it more picturesquely. Am thinking therz perhaps more to thz serial thn meets d eye & I guess Kalika does so too. Thr r more women of substance in thz forum thn in d entire serial. Yes, I know we all hav d choice to eithr stop watching it or shift to something else, which z simpler. But whtz alarming to us z thz trivialising & normalising of endless malevolence which is horrifying. Has d production bcom such a bygone case, tht they hv nt encountrd intelligent, educated, sharp minded, well informed ppl like us, who still retain our human values & not only know d right from d wrong, but also whtz bizarre & dangerous. I wonder if the TV industry is in desperate need of a censor board as in d case of movies. I fully understand like all of u here, tht thz constant unrestrained seepage of sewage, that all is right & fair, can infiltrate into impressionable minds & create a catastrophic circumstance, coz TV enters our homes without d perfunctory knock or calling bell. Thr show of opulence once awhile dsn’t make d portrayal of evil & criminality thtz never caught or punished, readily acceptable to us. Crap covered by tapestry is still crap, nothing less. Isn’t thr a way tht these marauders of d mind can be restrained if not stopped altogether? Dsn’t it seem as if d channels & d production are working in tandem with one another for their own self serving end ?

    1. Glad I caught you, before running off to sleep! Aaaah! So delighted to hear about the nazeberries in India! I am looking forward to them! And Viji, you are correct about the fact that many would see the manipulations. Not so much those that are unaware of the purpose of such programming. Thus, the idea is to keep the conversation going. Hopefully, the conversation will get bigger and bigger. Then change may come. No one likes to be made into a fool. And as individuals understand how they are being used many will resent the intrusion and stop allowing it. I believe that many people understand. More people will begin talking about it eventually.

    2. @Viji, I think that the people who are ‘addicted’ to this kind of sensory abuse far outweigh those of us who have the ability to call a spade a spade and see through these subliminal messages they try to root in your mind. There is a lot of collusion that goes into dulling and manipulating a weak mind. Probably the only possible good serial I watched was Punar Vivaah, Leena Jumani was part of it and she was not bad in her role, since she’s taken the role of Tanu I wonder if the actress has been body snatched or cloned at times… So many theories regarding the dark side of showbiz, you can be sure where there’s smoke there is fire. Also the media supports this crock of crap, tellychakkar is a prime suspect, they are ALWAYS praising Ekta Daayan and her shit shows.

    3. Viji…certainly you are 100% correct that the women on this forum are of greater substance than the manipulative crony at the helm. Coming back to the fruit… The caimate across here is usually green on the outside, not sure if it’s brown elsewhere, it’s pulp is jelly like and has the oblong black seeds, there’s a hint of milky substance in it and it’s more noticeable if the fruit is fully ripe …on the other hand, the sapodilla is smoothly brown on the outside, a heavenly sweet somewhat sandy brown pulp…now that I think of it, don’t ask me where my brain was earlier…the seeds are almost oblong, not as quite as the caimate …so in deduction, I’m going with the caimate, after looking at the evidence!! Lol… Anyways, just like you, I also think that this is a clone of Leena Jumani…lol… It’s ah-mazing what a writer’s pen can do, there’s power in the pen and it can make or break according to the whims of the oligarchy. So, they fashioned Tanu out of blood, grime, fire, brimstone and the muck of womanhood… There’s no help for this character, I hope this character dies after all the dust is settled there’s no room for redemption and forgiveness for her…plus,to a high degree, Sriti and Shabbir ought to take some blame for this cult called KKB…if they has ditched the fricking serial, nobody would have supported their replacements and Ekta would have been forced to end her pet addiction called kkb… These two actors think that they are beholden to their employer, they don’t know that to succeed, one oftentimes fail, they are talented actors and would have done well outside Ekta’s world…but they are afraid to venture out.. Sriti has aged a lot doing this role because of the stress which unconsciously seeped into her psyche without her being aware of it… This is going down as a maelstrom, it’s become unavoidable to not see some casualties on its path… Tanu and Nikhil should be destroyed in the end and it seems like Aliya is being given a reprieve, a man to the rescue! If I had a say, I’d line up the 3 of them and do away with them in public…

  9. @Kalika, u r right. I strongly felt tht sm of these websites cater to more falsity. I think they often indulge in holding d carrot before d gullible viewers on behalf of the production, giving misleading & untrue information as upcoming stories. The nexus seems to be dark, distorted, ominous & more wide spread malaise than ppl wd realise or like to believe.

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