Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla asking Pragya if Bulbul has packed her bags, and if not, she will help her. Pragya says Bubul is behind Aaliya’s marriage breakup and she cannot tolerate her mistake. Pragya says she did not do any mistake. Daadi asks backs her, but Sarla is adamant in her decision. Bulbul comes and asks Pragya to not argue with mom, says until mom calls her, she will not come back. Pragya says mom will have to forgive her and she will talk to her. She turns back and sees Abhi coming there. Sarla drags Pragya to Abhi and says she will forgive Bulbul if Abhi forgives her. Abhi reminisces Aaliya trying to get her gun to kill Bulbul for eloping with Purab and walks out of Sarla’s house. He thinks he will not forgive both sisters who troubled his family and leaves in his car. Sarla asks Pragya if she still wants to forgive Bulbul and says Abhi has not forgiven her and she does not want to break her and Abhi’s marriage. Pragya says if she thinks she is wrong, then she should give her a chance to correct herself and think where will she go and she will not forgive herself if something happens to her. She says Purab did not want to marry Aaliya as he did not love her, says Bulbul is your daughter and she will not do any mistake like that, says she used to be worried about Bulbul whenever she used to come late, now she wants to kick her out of house, asks to punish her but to keep her in. Daadi also backs Pragya. Sarla says she will forgive bulbul for her sake and says she should not come in front of her.

Pragya asks Bulbul not to take mom’s words seriously. Bulbul says nothing right will happen, she went out of house to earn money but fell in love and made mistake. She thanks her for convincing mom, she can relax seeing mom in front of her eyes and says she will try to convince mom and get her forgiveness. Pragya says she will go now, and if she needs her help to call her.

Abhi in his room thinks of writing a new song and tries new lyrics, but does not get convinced. Pragya sees papers on floor and angrily looks at Abhi. Abhi thinks he looked at Ugly Pragya’s face and now will get horror thoughts, so he will go into balcony and try. He tries to walk out, but Pragya stops him. He asks her to move away. Pragya says she knows he is angry and requests him to forgive Bulbul. He says she will have to leave his life and house forever then. She keeps silent. He says if she cannot think of that, then he cannot think of forgiving her sister. She requests to tell lie to Sarla that he forgave Bulbul. He says he will not lie and will not favor her and her sister. He spits on her by mistake while talking. She asks why did he spit her. He says he did it by mistake. She tries to wipe it. He says he does not want to insult his spit with her touch and wipes it with tissue.

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Mitali thinks how to get Raj’s signatures on her papa’s papers. Kids come and say they need her singature on their report card. She gets an idea and starts shouting at kids. Raj says he will sign report cards. she hides papers between cards and gives it to him. He signs them without seeing in a hurry. Once he leaves, she happily looks at signatured papers.

Abhi’s producer comes to meet him with his wife. Abhi introduces his family to them. Producer explains him about his advertisement. His wife asks where is Abhi’s wife. Pragya comes out just then holding her stomach. Producer’s wife says she is beautiful, looks like she is pregnant. Producer gets happy and says he will use Pragya in his ad, people will get mad seeing Abhi’s wife pregnant. Abhi says he is mistaken. Producer apologizes. Cousin daadi jokes if Abhi would have made mistake, everyone would have heard this good news. Wife asks Pragya if she felt bad about her comments. Daadi jokes she is not and says their successful ad, they want to hear successful news about Pragya and his child. Abhi asks servant to bring tea. He repeatedly tries to toture pragya by pinching her and then pouring tea on her.

Tanu gets irked and walks out with Aaliya following her and asking why she came out. Tanu says she is irked by cousin daadi’s behavior, she now wants to have baby from Pragya. Aaliya asks her to go with Abhi and enjoy while Pragya sits with Daadi.

Producer requests Abhi to bring Pragya with him. Abhi does not agree and says he does not want his wife to feel climatic wrath. Producer inisters. Abhi asks which star takes wife with him. Daadi says she saw many stars on ABP bringing their family on sets and commands him to take Pragya. Producer gets happy hearing Daadi’s comments and praises her, says even Abhi is an obedient husband and grandson.

Abhi gets irked and walks into his room with Pragya following her. He walks around Pragya and says he wants to see what magic she has that producer is also impressed with her. Pragya says she does not want to go with him and to inform daadi about it. Abhi says he will. She says he is phattu/coward and cannot tell daadi. She calls him mud tiger. She asks him to tell daadi herself then and starts fighting with him and acts as punching her. Daadi comes and asks what is he doing. He says he is teaching her self-defense as his fans are very aggressive. Daadi says she will ask producer to hire a bodyguard for Pragya and says in this trip, they are also going for honeymoon and asks him to give happiness to Pragya and a happiness of greatgrandson to her, prays god that producer’s wife’s words get true and she get a greatgrandson soon.

Precap: Cousin daadi tries to open curtains, behind which Abhi is hiding. Pragya asks her not to open them and acts as getting shy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. “He spits on her by mistake while talking. She asks why did he spit her. He says he did it by mistake. She tries to wipe it. He says he does not want to insult his spit with her touch and wipes it with tissue.”

    ahahaha laughing way too much

  2. The nonsense continues……
    Pragya had so many opportunities to tell her mother the truth. Abhi is an arrogant jackass. Sarla doesn’t even know her own daughters, it’s a shame.

  3. I have better things to do than watch this sorry show and obviously I am NOT alone. This has gone down hill!

  4. Sarla don’t knw her own daughters, and reason for health problems ,she’s obese and hs no intution abt peoples character.Pragya is educated and don’t need Abi,she should tell sarla everything.Tanu should messup in front of Dadi so she will dislike her more thn she already does.l hope Purab does’t marry Aliya no matter wht Bulbul says.

  5. Yes,d nonsense continues

  6. Exactly… I agree with sashi’s notion….

  7. nonsense…fade up with dis show…

  8. fells like it started all over again, that time it was abhi’s dadi’s health now it is pragyas moms health.

  9. The bullshit continue’s everyday without any change and the writers are not listening to us that the viewers are not illiterate housewives who will be satisfied at just watching a soap but intelligent people all over the world who wants to understand what they are watching. You need to change this track because it’s not making any sense and Abhi and his Angels actions are immoral period.

  10. Utter rubbish! Repeating the same nonsense!!

  11. how do they manage to keep the trp ratings high for this senseless show?
    having said that..i read the updates with the hope that today might be the days..it turns sensible

  12. She was not in fault..n yet she’s blamed!! Grow up Abhi!!

  13. Hope tanu will not follow them this time vamp…. Abhi shd realize tat pragya is a better person

  14. When did pragya became pregnant??

  15. He spits on her face yet she can just ask .. Haha. Her sister being blamed and chased put yet she still wants to go back and be wth the husband who don’t want her . And the stupid , self centered Pragya asking abhi to forgive bulbul instead of he is the one who must ask forgiveness !!! Wat rubbish they are showing, just read update and stop watching until the writers come up wth a good story line. Or let the show end like ek muthi asmaan.. They must know the power of audience !!!

  16. Sarla is ….. I have no words for her she is

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