Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea tries to instigate Ranbir against Prachi

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The Episode starts with Mitali asking Aaliya what happened, why her mood is spoiled. Aaliya says nothing, you do your work. Mitali thinks nobody can hide anything from me. She thinks when I hear you in your room, then I won’t feel good. Rhea comes to Sid’s cabin and thinks to search some proofs. She thinks they might have gone to some business trips and might have some photos together. She doesn’t get anything. Peon comes there. Rhea asks where is Sid? Peon says he is in canteen. Prachi asks Sid to read carefully and asked not to eat slowly. Sid says what to do, when I am nervous. Prachi says that’s why I asked you to eat properly. She says she will go and check for Ranbir. Sid asks her to sit with him for sometime and holds her hand. Rhea thinks I was making stories and here they are writing romantic stories. She clicks their picks. Sid tells Prachi that he wants her to read the file, says I know that you can’t stay without Ranbir. Prachi tells about Ranbir’s dream of having a start up and says when I couldn’t give him time, then I think that my time of my life is wasted. Sid smiles and says you loves Ranbir so much and asks if such love happens between all couple. Prachi asks if Rhea and he don’t have love. Sid gets upset and recalls Rhea’s words. Rhea thinks so much will happened, and first of all, doubt will start. She comes to his cabin. Ranbir asks what’s up Rhea? Rhea asks what are you hiding and asks him to show. He forces him to show. Ranbir shows Prachi’s pics on the laptop. Rhea says you see her daily. He says I see her daily, but whenever I see her, it is like I see her for the first time. He says she doesn’t have even 4 hours for me from 24 hours. He says she works 4 hours in kitchen, 9 hours in office and nothing is left for me. Rhea says she must have given you time when coming home. He says she tells me whatever she did and I tell her whatever I did. He says we talk and sleep after having food. He says that’s why I see her pic. Rhea says she asks with whom she talks to 2 hours. Ranbir says she talks to your husband. Rhea says they talk other things too. She holds his hand and takes him outside. She says even Sid don’t give me time, and says I got the answer. She says may be even you get the time. She takes him to canteen.

Sid tells Prachi that what a person loves love and money, and says the love which you both have can’t happen between anyone. Prachi says my Maa and Papa also have the same love. Sid says I hope I would be lucky like you. He says Rhea doesn’t love me. Prachi says she likes you, she is your wife and asks him to think of his feelings. She asks him to hear his heart and says only feeling matters. Sid says Rhea is sweet or rude, and says on our honeymoon and smiles. Prachi says there is confusion than love.

She asks him to understand love and asks him to promise not to take such things in mind. Sid holds her hands and promise her. She also promise that she will be with him always whenever he needs her. Rhea and Ranbir see them doing hifive. He says when I asked Prachi to do lunch with me, then she said that she don’t have time. Rhea says she has time, but not for you.

Aaliya gets Gaurav’s call. She asks why did you call and tells that she was hearing Bhai and Pragya. She says it was normal conversation, and asked him to see the renovation work. She says what is the use of renovation and tells about the unauthorized constructions outside. Gaurav says it is in ITO. She says yes. He asks driver to take him to ITO. Mitali asks Aaliya, why are you talking to Gaurav? Aaliya asks if Abhi does as we want. Mitali says that Gaurav is not good. Aaliya asks her not to interfere in her work. Mitali thinks why I have a feeling that she will drown us due to Gaurav.

Rhea tells Ranbir that you said that Prachi don’t have time for you, but she has time, and not for you. He says you are right. Rhea thinks this is easy. Ranbir goes to them. Sid says think of a devil and devil has arrived. Prachi says I was about to come? Ranbir asks what is happening here? Prachi says work and says Sid is eating being nervous. Ranbir asks do you know about my favorite sandwich. He says you have ordered it and eating yourself. Prachi says your brother has ordered it. Ranbir asks Rhea to come. Sid tells Ranbir that Prachi named the sandwich as RANwich. Ranbir says if you want me to come, then order this sandwich. He eats it and tells Rhea that whatever she thought is not right. Prachi says what she thought? She gets a call and goes. Rhea says Sid, Prachi knows you so well, and says even I don’t know much. Prachi tells Sid that the meeting will happen in 2 mins, and asks him to come. Prachi sees Ranbir ordering coffee and looks at him and goes.

Abhi meets the renovation guys. The guy tells that if the wall falls down, then the kutcha houses will break and many people will lose life. The guy asks why Pragya is not buying new office instead of this renovation. Abhi says this is my old office. He says we shall rebuild the walls, and says safety is important than renovation. He asks the guy to rebuild it and not tor renovate it. Gaurav captures everything on his mobile. He smiles.

Ranbir and Rhea come home. He asks Soni about Dida and Pallavi. Soni says they haven’t come till now. He messages Prachi to come home fast, as he reached home. He is about to go to room. Rhea says you haven’t showing any reaction. Ranbir says they are colleagues and their relation is of dewar and bhabhi. Rhea says no girl and boy can be friends. Ranbir laughs and says they are good friends, colleagues. He says I made them friends and tells that Prachi started going to office, so that I don’t gets distracted. He says don’t think so much, they are just good friends and colleague. She thinks it won’t be easy to make you against Prachi, and says once I put the doubt virus in you, then you will try to make yourself understand.

Abhi comes to Pragya and gives her coffee. She asks did you make coffee? He says shagun and then tells that he made it, and says he was making coffee and something was extra so I gave to you. Pragya says I will like it if you tell that you made it for me. He says I made it for you and asks her if she sent him to the office, tells that it was his first office. Pragya says I was busy and wanted you to go. Abhi reminisces that Dadi had inaugurated the office. Pragya says X factor was missing in others. Abhi says you don’t like my songs. Pragya says you was rockstar and I was your Number 1 fan.

Precap: Rhea tries to provoke Ranbir against Prachi and tells that you are confident that Prachi can’t do this, says do one thing. Either you prove me wrong or I will prove you wrong. Ranbir says I will prove. Abhi thanks Pragya for making him meet his old memories. Pragya says I want you to meet yourself. Inspector comes there and tells Abhi that he is under arrest. Aaliya asks for what? Inspector says he is accused of 6 person’s death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ranbir believed Prachi this time but of course this won’t stop Rhea. These lil hints of Sid-Prachis closeness which is foreshadowing the future will get Ranbir to notice too. And once he’s in denial, that witch will manipulate the situation and do something big which will confirm Ranbir’s suspicions. It’s already showing what will happen in the future as when they all came back from the honeymoon the scene where Pallavi scolded Prachi and Sid defended her he touched Prachi’s shoulder and the screen enlarged at that part which is foreshadowing that something big will happen but we already know that. But on the other hand, Prachi also seems to getting suspicious of RR too. Well Rhea mostly.. she saw it today but dismissed it but in the new bts it seems her suspicions will arise. I hope she continues to suspect but Prachi is easily blackmailed and gets fooled easily. Once Rhea starts her emotional drama Prachi will drop all her suspicions on Rhea and consider her as ‘World Best Sister’. That’s why she should keep suspecting in secret and even inform Dida too as Prachi knows Dida suspected Rhea.

    1. Wait do u mean Ranbir will doubt Prachi and Sid or Rhea??

  2. Bhagya Lakshmi have already shooted Karwa Chauth and then they will celebrate Diwali. But it doesn’t seem to be the case in KKB. Abhigyas latest bts they are in their normal attire and some other drama is going on in their lives. And Pranbir actors haven’t been shooting these days. Is Karwa Chauth and Diwali not going to be celebrated this time? 🥺

  3. Sooo wait a bts came out saying Prachi doubting Ranbir but now I’m more confused on whether or not Ranbir will believe Rhea and get manipulated cuz now that she said that Rhea will definitely do something and that’s wats making me wonder if Ranbir will doubt Prachi and believe Rhea if he does then the Ranbir we all love is gone

    1. That’s wat I wanna know will Ranbir end up getting manipulated and believe Rhea and doubt Prachi is my ? or will he find out the truth of Rhea??

  4. I think I understood now. When Sid first arrived he developed an interest in Prachi as we all thought. But really he felt unlucky to not have such a wife like Prachi. As Prachi has all qualities of a wife that Sid wanted in his wife as he has mentioned many dined before. I don’t think he fancied Prachi in that sense he just liked the idea of having a wife exactly like her. And he thought he found that in her sister, Rhea. But I guess the reason why they brought that ‘attraction’ for Prachi in the first place was because they wanted to foreshadow future events. Everyone thought Sid fancied Prachi and thought he would be a villain and seperate them. But really it was the opposite. It was all just to give us clues for the future. They showed Ranbir’s jealousy as he didn’t like how Sid always praised Prachi and complimenting her etc. But now Ranbir thinks Sid has let it all go because he has Rhea now. But we know Pranbir will seperate maybe soon. At first, when Rhea shows clues of Sid-Prachi, Ranbir will not believe it of course but Pranbir will have to seperate we all know that so he is bound to believe it in the end. He will remember Sids words about Prachi before Rhea came in his life and how Sid always talked about Prachi lovingly etc this will create doubts in Ranbir’s mind. So he is going to have to believe Rheas accusations either way.

    But we also have Prachi already having her suspicions too. It’s so obvious this is going to be one big epic seperation. I feel before the seperation, Prachi will find out about Rhea’s true intentions and try to expose her but it will be too late as ‘Prachi and Sid’ affair is already revealed to the family and when she tries to explain about Rhea they obviously wont believe as they’ll think she is just covering up her affair and put the blame on Rhea. But I’m assuming too much. Pranbir love is so strong! Ranbir will never doubt on Prachi, he may doubt on Sid but not Prachi. That’s why Rhea will do something massive to get Prachi to look bad in Ranbir’s eyes.

    1. Neethumol Mathews

      You are thinking ahead alot. Yes she will try to create situation to create doubt in ranbir mind against Prachi and Sid but what is yet to see is will that happen or not. One more thing about separation long separation is meant for abhigya only and short separations for pranbir as everyone knows of they separate Prnabir for leap then fans will stop watching this show and now trp is not good so they will not do anything like that for now

    2. Neethumol
      Wat do u think is gonna happen will Ranbir believe and get manipulated by Rhea?

  5. yesterday only i was happy that there was no RR sceane but today i got full of RR sceane , rhea was holding ranbir hand , still ranbir did not felt weird , just wow . In name of pranbir we are only getting RR & sid-prachi sceanes , then they expect trp lol

  6. Now Pranbir will begin to doubt each other. As they say trust but check. To be honest, I already want a Pranbir separating track, if that is of course implied. At least everyone will come to realize what is really important to them and what is not. I don’t think Rhea will ever be punished. Even if she is exposed and kicked out of the house, she will find 1000 reasons to come back, as if nothing had happened. But if Prachi leaves Ranbir, and Rhea does not receive love and respect in the Kohli family it will be the biggest punishment for her. Rhea wants Ranbir’s love and will get his hate instead. Prachi will repeat the fate of her mother. Perhaps when she loses everything she will finally start thinking with her head. But judging by ghe presap, not everything is smoothin in the Abhigya pair either. Will Prachi and Rhea help Abhi and Pragya? Now it feels like they live on 2 defferent planets, they don’t communicate at all.

    1. But who will doubt who is my ? will Ranbir doubt Prachi or will Prachi doubt Ranbir?

    2. @YY
      Rhea literally asked Alia , why are ABHIGYA together and she asked her to separate them asap , what makes you think Rhea will help them in something that’s only helping to bridge their gap ??

  7. Hope Pranbir won’t separate

    1. They will not seperate

    2. Thanks a lot you always giving me hope thanks for everything actually it may be a little thing for you but it’s a big thing for me because I always used to wish someone will always say something to which make my mind stable and you are doing it thanks

  8. If I gotta be honest here I’d rather have Prachi doubt Ranbir rather than Ranbir doubt Prachi as if it Ranbir doubting Prachi then Kohli Family will brutally humilate her and not even say anything 2 Sid ofc at least this way she can realize her sister’s true colors and not take her husband 4 granted

  9. When will everything b all right in kkb
    In yhc when fans demand something the makers listen to them but nothing happen
    Same story all the time
    I wish kiara returns as kiara the singing star to bring twist in kkb
    What was a need for leap the is stil the same
    Rhea drama will never end
    It’s better they bring 3third Ge… 👏👏👏well done ekta kappor 👐👐

  10. I won’t mind PRANBIR separation tbh.

    BUT one thing that should NEVER happen is Rhea getting Ranbir’s love, even forced/ unwillingly given like Purab and Alia

  11. Can anyone tell me why purab married alia and what happened to disha?

    1. There was some misunderstanding between disha and purab created by ofc Alia to separate them

    2. @Noshin
      They separated shortly after when Abhigya seperated (when the 20 year leap happened). Alia made sure Disha caught her and Purab in an ‘intimate situation’ and Disha misunderstood and left Purab. Purab had to marry Alia to save her reputation as the media found out or something like that. Disha appeared after the 20 year leap for a while but the makers couldn’t write a story for her and she didn’t fit in the current storyline so they ended her role. I don’t know if she’ll be back I hope she does in the future. And the same happened with Purab I guess.

  12. @Colin Rhea is not obligated to help Abhigya in anything, but she is obligated to help her father. She shouts “my father” at every corner, can she really leave him in a difficult moment and let people she hates help him. If of course she finds out about it. Pragya will definitely help him, Prachi will help if he finds out, maybe even on the sly from him. What will Rhea do? If Rhea cannot accept Pragya and Prachi as her family, then Abhigya will once again have to part. But, here Abhi will not be able to blame all the blame for the breakup on Pragya or Prachi, because he will know for sure that it is because of Rhea. He will see the selfish face of his daughter, who does not want her own parents to be happy. Will Pranbir doubt each other? It is possible that yes, especially Ranbir, if he sees Sid and Prachi together and if Sid shows signs of attention to Prachi, perhaps he will begin to have doubts. Prachi seems to have started to get nervous when she sees Rhea and Ranbir together, perhaps she noticed that Rhea looks at Ranbir in a special way. I think they will do it quietly from each other hiding their suspicions, for the time being. If Rhea is going to prove an extramarital affair between Sid and Prachi, then she must have irrefutable evidence of their relationship, not just a photo. Prachi and Sid have more chances to prove about the extramarital affair of Rhea and Ranbir. Although Ranbir doesn’t remember what happened during the honeymoon, and there was nothing between him and Rhea, but Prachi and Sid saw them together, and if they start digging deeper, Rhea will fall into her own trap. It will also come up that Rhea could have put something in the drink, Ranbir, and that Aliya rented another room for Rhea. Will Prachi or Sid remember about this, or will she once again look with her big eyes and listen to the next insults in her address?

  13. Jyoti Srivastava

    Can anyone tell me why this guy Gaurav is creating problems for Abhi n Pragya?

    1. @Jyoti Srivastava
      His family is Pragya’s business partner who used to handle their Indian Branch. They were doing a lot of fraud and getting away with it because Pragya and Sushma didn’t come to India before now , and now Gaurav and his family have been caught red handed and insulted by Pragya and Sushma so Gaurav wants to take revenge by destroying Pragya in turn

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