Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi getting happy that he will punish Pragya today. Pragya comes smiling and says he knows she wants to punish her. He thinks she reads his mind, so she guesses his plans and fails them. She says she wants to be punished for keeping him in jail for 1 more day. He asks her to stand on 1 leg. She hesitantly stands. He says he is going for a bath and will come back after 1 hour, till then she should not keep her legs down, else he will ask her to lift her both legs. She stands on 1 leg happily. He comes back and sees her standing on 1 leg and says she has a nice stamina, jokes that she should get into sports and gets medals for India. He then sees her smiling and says she must have seen him coming and stood on 1 leg back. She says she does not cheat if she is punishing herself. He keeps lamps on her hands. She asks him to keep one on her head. He asks if she is thinking of jokes. She says she is enjoying punishment today. He asks her to keep her legs down and forces her, they both fall on bed. Pragya romantically looks at him. O rabba ki kara….. song plays in the background. He gets up and asks why can’t she catch things. She says he knows but and catched things and even her. He gets irked and walks out.

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Daadi and her cousins prepare sargi for Pragya and go out to bring her. Aaliya and Tanu watch that and Tanu thinks Daadi is doing wrong, she will prove that Pragya is unfit to keep fast for Abhi. She adds chilli powder in sargi food. Aaliya asks what is she doing. Tanu says she is making Pragya’s food spicy and she will get acidity with it and will have to break her fast. Daadis come back with Pragya and ask her to finish sargi before dawn and fast till dusk, explains the reason behind karvachauth and says if she breaks fast before dusk, Abhi will be in trouble. Pragya eats food, but it is very spicy with chillies. Aaliya and Tanu come there and Aaliya says Bhabhi does not want to fast. Pragya says she will and eats spicy food with great difficulty.

Pragya sees Abhi sleeping in an awkward position. He tries to wake him up, he wakes up and asks her not to touch her. She starts feeling nauseous. Pragya says she cannot. He says he does not want her to vomit on his bed. She says she will not. Cousin daadi comes and asks him not to force Pragya as she is fasting. She gifts her red sari and jewelry and asks her to wear it in the evening. Once cousin daadi leaves, Abhi says she knew that Dasi was coming, she she did not want to have water. Dadi comes, sees her condition and says he must have got acidity and takes her with her. Daadis see her in pain and ask her to break her fast. Tanu sees that and says once Pragya breaks her fast, she will fast and get into everyone’s good books. Pragya starts vomiting. Daadi asks her to break fast and says Abhi will not feel bad, but Pragya continues her fast. Tanu sees Abhi coming and start bad mouthing Pragya, says why did Behanji ate so heavily and now she has to take medicine and break her fast. Tanu says why will she break it. Aaliya says she is making a drama. Dasi sees Pragya’s increasing nauseousness and says she must be pregnant. Pragya says there is nothinig like that and goes back to vomit. Daadi says she cannot see her condition and asks her to break fast.

Daadis think of calling their relative as she knows what to do in this condition. Aaliya sits next to Pragya and asks her to stop her drama and break fast. Pragya says she had acidity and after she puked out, she is fine now. Daadi sees Pragya fine now and praises her. Dasi asks how did she become well. She says we have 2 controls, one is body and another mind, and if we control our mind, we can control our body. Daadi asks Aaliya to learn from her. Aaliya says she and Tanu are both fasting. Dasi asks whom Tanu is fasting for. She says Abhi and then says a guy like Abhi.

Precap: Abhi says Pragya that she is a big lier and dramatic. Prgaya says she is developing a feeling for him and now wants to fast for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ouffffff….. THis story line is soon to be finished 🙂 🙂 and Abhi will know the trith 🙂
    I really don’t like this song O rabba ki kara…. Allah Warriyaa was much better

  2. Love the precap… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Since when did they cast a new Tanu? What happened to the old Tanu?

    1. The Tanu is leaving because the actress will be working along Akshay Kumar in his upcoming film ‘Baby’

  4. oh god ethu mari mokka serialam inum oodhuthu But RangRasiya goes off

  5. Even i can write the story of coming epi . Becoz it’s nt at al difficult as the sam story is repeating . . . . Uf. . .fed up . The kkb serial writers should b realy put in the dustbin . We fanz hope fr gud things bt in vain.

  6. Guys where is my purab&bulbul(rabul) i miss them a lot yar

  7. When will pragya and abhi meet?

  8. Love the precap! Great show , Pragaya you go girl show Aliyah and Tanu Who is boss :-).

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