Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi takes Kiara to hospital, Pragya reaches there

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The Episode starts with Abhi taking Kiara to hospital and calling Doctor. Ward boy asks him to complete the formalities. Doctor comes and identifies Abhi as rockstar. Abhi says she is his daughter. Doctor tells that she will take Kiara to OT and asks him to fill the form. Sunny gets sad. Abhi asks him not to cry. Sunny says nothing will happen to Kiara. Nurse thinks what mom might be feeling? Pragya asks driver to drive fast, but her is stopped as the way is closed. She asks driver to take U turn. Driver says there are many cars behind and he can’t turn the car. Pragya says she can’t wait and runs out of car. Sunny calls Disha and tells about Kiara’s accident. Disha gets worried and asks him to make her talk to Abhi. Sunny says he is not here and asks her to come there. Disha says I am coming

there. She collides with Mitali. Mitali asks what happened and where are you going? Disha says Kiara met with an accident. Mitali asks what happened and recalls Nikhil telling about hitting her. She says I will also come with you and then asks her to go alone and give her news. She says shall I tell truth to her, and then asks her to go carefully. She says she shall wait for right time to do the blast and she will benefit from it.

Aaliya asks Nikhil why did he think that they will help him. Nikhil says I did this for you. Aaliya says bhai and pragya will come closer to each other now. She says you have not done this for us. Tanu asks him to hide his car and says she will enquire with Abhi. She says we will solve this problem and asks him to handle the eye witness. Nikhil says it will be done. Tanu says don’t call me, but I will call you. Nikhil leaves. Aaliya tells Tanu that she should have hugged him and made him understand. Tanu says I know how to handle him. Aaliya says you think that you are controlling him, but it is otherwise. She asks her to realize the situation they are in and says Bhai must be thinking and if he concludes that Kiara is his and Pragya’s daughter then. Tanu slaps her hard and says if your words come true then I will take your life. Aaliya slaps her back and says you are my brother’s wife, but not my boss. She says it is a practical thing that they are together in the hospital. Aaliya says if they unite then it will be impossible to separate them.

Abhi sees Kiara unconscious and asks her to talk to him. He says whoever has done this, I will find him and will kill him. Doctor asks Abhi to go out as they can’t do surgery infront of him. Abhi asks her to take care of her. Abhi says get well soon Kiara, and says your daddy loves you. Naina song plays…..He recalls his moments with Kiara.

Pragya asks Nurse about Kiara. Nurse says she is Abhishek Mehra’s daughter and tells that even we are shocked to know that he has a daughter and he loves her so much. Pragya asks about the OT and goes. Sunny asks what is he searching? Abhi tells that he has lost his strength and needs someone support. Sunny asks can we keep Kiara in our house with her mom and dad, says she is like my sister. Pragya is coming near OT and recalls Nurse telling that Abhishek brought her. She thinks my daughter needs me and I shall go, even if Abhi comes to know about her.

Sunny tells Abhi that Kiara will be fine soon as he prayed to God. Pragya asks Abhi to come to the temple area. A fb is shown. Pragya asks him to close his eyes and pray for peace. Abhi prays and says I asked God to give whatever you asked him. Pragya says I asked God to help you when others can’t help you. Abhi asks Sunny to stay there and says he will go and talk to God. Pragya asks wardboy about the OT and is coming there. Abhi is going out from there. They cross each other, but don’t see each other. Pragya says I will tell everyone that Kiara is his daughter and we are with her.

Pragya asked Doctor why did she call abhi? Doctor says Kiara needed blood and Mr. Mehra and Kiara share same blood group, so he gave. Disha asks Pragya if Kiara is Abhi’s daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    If blood comes into play I hope talyiah dont change d report to negative. I prefer pragya tell abhi and not need blood to enter d scenario

    1. Leisa s morris

      Oooh just got update I saw preview for tomorrow..yay now nxt step hope abhi sees pragya in d hospital but knowing these writers dey wil somehow make dat impossible which in itself would b unreal as being d person abhi is he wont leave until he knows kiara is ok and sees her parents. Lets see wat d writers come up with to stop dis

  2. Sometimes when a parent reads their child a story the child can become upset and feel hurt because they know that the parent is not really paying attention and is not truly interested in the story and thus not even in the child. Well, we have the same thing happening here. You have a parent (Miss Kapoor and her team of writers) who is not really interested in ‘reading the story’ and really, the viewers can tell. It is truly insulting that Miss Kapoor has such arrogance and lack of interest in her job. Like the parents who parade their children around as trophies but at home treat their children to regular abuse and disregard, Miss Kapoor seems to only be able to think of others (the viewers) as commodities. At what age did Miss Kapoor lose her humanity?
    Remember, like Aliyah and Tuna fish control the Mehra family, Miss Kapoor controls the writers and crew.

    1. Cathy

      Akituster…did you get the DM i sent you?

      1. Akituster

        Hullo Cathy! I did and just now replied. That system is not really private is it? I am afraid my assumption was that it was private. Or there might be a way to make it private? But if not I do have an idea. So sorry I am being so slow moving forward. Besides the crazy health it is the effort to catch up on 18 years of administration that is blowing me away with frustration. Every task seems to require extra steps, stoppages and a demand for new choices. I really am working hard to keep this an ‘adventure’ and well… it’s hard. But it needs to be done, before I am free to put up that website.

  3. betcha, Pragya finally tells Abhi the truth but just to be sure he sends for a DNA test and then Tanu or Alyia get a hold the results and will either bribe the doctor or somehow give him the fake results. Then Abhi gets mad at Pragya for lying to him and we start the whole hate you, how could you do this to me from Abhi again…..so predictable.

    1. And the doctor is female. I have noticed that in this ‘story’ men are forced (Aliyah and the accountant who under threat of having his family murdered) or contracted to do alia/tuna crime.
      It is females who gleefully accept bribes (shopgirls, nurses, doctors, office workers) to fulfill the Alia/tuna crimes. Females are either dumb victims or criminals. Miss Kapoor is modernizing India by damning women to remain objects. So gay rights will be achieved by destroying females. Tango, I like how you, Alka, Leisa and many others know how she will do it.

  4. As I have mentioned before. I use to watch this show with my husband a couple of years ago (I think more like 3 yrs now.) He knows I read the updates only and every so often asks me what is going on. I tell him same old stupidity and I will let him know when Abhi and Pragya are together and happily married and Tanu and Alyia get what they deserve. He is still waiting for that update. it’s been a few years…..

  5. Cathy

    As i read and watch Tuna abuse a child/children i wonder if she realizes the consequences of such a character she is playing, an actress, i mean a REAL actress will consider the role she is asked to play, is it relevant to the part she’s playing is it part of the character she was asked to play…Child abuse certainly is a global issue and when writing a story line that involves abuse it shouldn’t be treated so casually…to empower a child who may be watching this show (god forbid) that you have to tell someone that can help him or her would make this a bit more palatable, Kiera is a smart little girl and should have reported such treatment to Abhi or her Mother but they let this golden oppurtunity slip by…and Tuna…you are not a good actress, if fact your very bad which is probably why your content playing such a unlikable vicious part, you have type cast yourself from never growing as an actress and will always be handed roles that are base…well whatever puts food on your table and roof over your head…Do you have children? god i hope not. You are a 1 note actress..with far more air time then you deserve.

    A talented actress will happily take a negative roll if it tells a story…there is always a reason people are and become the adults we encounter everyday..there is always a back story that tells the tale, whether it’s some trauma from their childhood that shaped their adulthood and how they see the world..nature V.S nurture if you will.

  6. This story is dragging to long. Abhi should know that Kierra is his daughter. Tanu is so fake and shout all the time. I honestly think she don’t know how to carry on a decent conversation. Etka Kapoor always drags this story.

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