Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya takes injured Abhi to hospital

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The Episode starts with Prachi calling Pragya, but her phone is out of coverage. Sarita behen asks her to switch off and on the phone. Shahana says Maasi’s phone is having no network. Pragya tries to take injured Abhi out on the cart. The workers see her and say someone was inside, we shall help them. Pragya asks them to get taxi. She takes him to hospital. Doctor asks what happened to him. Pragya says they were at the construction side and the roof fell down on his head. Doctor asks are you sure and says they can’t treat him until FIR is done. Pragya says it is an accident and asks him to treat him. Doctor says I am not refusing for treatment and asks her to get FIR. Pragya says I will file FIR and asks him to treat him. She says if anything happens to him then she will file negligence case against

him. Doctor gets worried and asks Nurse to take him to OT. Pragya cries standing outside OT. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks where is she? Aaliya says I have reached and asks her what happened? Rhea asks her to save her from Dad. Aaliya asks her to tell what happened. Rhea tells everything. Aaliya says fantastic and says you got Prachi suspended from college and says I am so proud of you. She says I am very happy that Prachi is out and you will be happy. Rhea says Dad reached college and he will scold me. Aaliya says he will not scold you and asks her to relax. She says you are looking tired and weak and asks if she didn’t eat anything. Rhea says she was so tensed, and didn’t eat anything. Aaliya asks why there is silence at home. Bahadur Kaka tells her about Abhi meeting with an accident as the construction site collapsed on him. Aaliya and Rhea get worried and leave from home.

Pragya thinks about Abhi and recalls stones falling on him. She cries. The receptionist comes and asks her not to worry, and says he will fine. She asks her to fill admission form. Pragya wipes her tears and goes to reception. She writes the form. The receptionist asks her to write relationship with patient. Pragya writes her relation as his “wife”. Receptionist asks are you his wife. Pragya looks on. She comes near the ICU and sees Doctor making Abhi wear oxygen mask. A fb is shown, Pragya asks him if he is applying ointment intentionally. Abhi says I will apply it on your face and says you get in trouble intentionally so that I apply ointment. Pragya says you was helpless to save me. Abhi pulls her closer and says my life is related with you and that’s why comes to save you always. He says we are two bodies and one soul, and if something happens to you then I…Pragya keeps hand on his mouth and says her breath is related with his. Abhi asks her to kiss him a kiss. She hugs him. Abhi gets happy and asks for a kiss. Pragya says let me go…fb ends..

She thinks whenever we met, some accident or something happens. She sees Nurse going in a hurry. Doctor asks her to get ‘B’ positive blood. Pragya hears her. Abhi’s family and Vikram are getting restless and worried at the front side of the building. They shout. The rescue team comes there and tells that Abhi sir is not here. One of the man asks Rhea if she is his daughter and tells that Abhi was inside, but a lady saved him and took him with her. Everyone asks who is she? The nurse tells that there is no B positive blood in the blood bank. The doctor asks her to talk to hospital authorities. Pragya hears them and comes inside the ICU. Nurse asks her to go out. Pragya requests her to let her stay there for a few mins. Nurse agrees and goes. Pragya comes to Abhi and cries looking at him. Allah wariyan plays…..Pragya says I told you that I will not come again, but I came, and met you. I didn’t think that I have to see this. She says we didn’t meet for 20 years and when we meet this happened?

She says I told Nurse that you agree to my sayings, and says if you don’t agree then I will get upset with you. She asks him to open his eyes and says you didn’t see Prachi yet, and I didn’t see our younger daughter. She says if you don’t open your eyes then I can’t forgive myself. I was with you, but couldn’t save you . She says you used to save me and asks him to get up for her happiness. Doctor comes and asks her to come out. Pragya comes out.

The rescue team guy tells that the lady took out Abhi with much difficulty and says he had a head injury, and much blood was flowing out. He says when that lady took him out and shouted for help. When we help her, she took him to hospital. Dadi thanks God. Everyone ask about the lady. The guy gives Pragya’s description and says she has such grace on her face that one can feel that nothing will happen to him until she is with him. Rhea says he is describing about Prachi’s mum, and says she has the grace on her face. They all leave for the hospital. Aaliya asks contractor to get ready for the consequences.

The Doctor scolds Nurse for letting Pragya inside. Pragya asks how is he? Doctor asks her to ask Nurse and tells that hospital authorities don’t have blood and asks her to do something if she wants him to be fine and use her sources to arrange blood for him, and says his blood group is B positive.

Precap: Pragya calls Prachi and tells that someone meet with an accident and needs blood. Prachi comes to the hospital to give blood and asks who is that man?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I laughed when I saw all the Mehra women cackling like a crew of ravenous, well-dressed and dangerous crows. Perfect. The shot of the ‘full’-on star tattoo was unnecessary. Still tacky. The very usual hospital scenes occur. Pragya performs wonderfully for a very short time. Abhi’s face is left out a lot, because he is being relegated to the past… only in flashbacks. Too many FB’s. Too much cheating by the new writer/director/producer. They have had plenty of time to find their feet and settle in. So, where is the ironical use of sound and image? Where is the slow placement of colour to enhance the experience? Where is the editing that used to punish an actor, sometimes? Those were always fun! This crew is good. And boring. They are using the overabundance of female actresses on set. The Pragya scenes (Abhi’s face was left out) were refreshing. Aliyah becoming a litigious queen is par for the course. I did have several thoughts about Aliyah/mini-aliyah, control freak satanic rituals and the way they touch each other as the criminal congratulates the new criminal initiate. Pragya’s, “whenever we meet” thought, is a strong reminder that Ekta aunty wants viewers to let go of KKB/abhigya. The pace remains painfully and purposefully slow. Blood drama, again? Why can’t this new team move beyond Ekta’s directions and find their creativity in spite of their limits? Change their limits? Sigh. (not, the good kind)

  2. Stupid serial. Keeps repeating same story line. Aaliyah looks so ugly with her short short dresses. Her thighs are so big. Please stop the serial. Too long already

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