Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya reminisces each other


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The Episode starts with Sushma telling Abhi that Pragya can never love you. Abhi says Pragya is staying with you since 2 years and you have kept her very well. Sushma says I am her mother. Abhi says and I am her husband. He asks him to ask someone about the meaning of husband. He asks Sushma not to interfere between husband and wife. Sushma says Pragya is very happy without wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of your name, and you shall understand that she is very happy. She walks away.

The groom Ashish and bride Pooja tell that they wanted to help Sid and Rhea. Sid says we are about to go, but Maasi ji stops us, we were about to tell, when we saw Police. Maasi ji says they got married in good mahurat and tells that now her kids will get married. Rhea says she will change her clothes. She is about to fall. Prachi holds her. Sid asks Rhea to take Prachi’s help, but Rhea refuses and goes. Sid hugs Ranbir and says he is married now. Pragya calls her business partner and talks to him. She asks him to come to office in the morning. Her business partner thinks she scolded me and I didn’t get angry, why? He says she shouts at me as my boss and I get love for her. He says I like you, Pragya.

Sid tells Ranbir that they are good people, Ashish and Pooja helped us and even their Maasi. He asks Ranbir why is he silent? He says you think that she is not right for me. Ranbir says you didn’t show Rhea on video call. Sid asks why did you leave Rhea. Ranbir asks if she forced you to marry you. Sid says no. He says he feels like Rhea is like Prachi’s reflection. Ranbir says they are sisters. Sid is shocked and tells that its ok. He says he wanted to marry Prachi’s reflection and got married to Rhea. Ranbir tells him about Pallavi’s warning that she will throw him out, if he doesn’t marry with her choice. He says I don’t want Mummy to throw you out of house, you went against her. Sid says Pallavi Chachi is sweet, but she will not forgive me. He says shall I tell her that I love Rhea. Ranbir says she knows that I love Prachi, but she didn’t forgive me. Sid says lets go home and asks Ranbir and Prachi to come with him. He requests him to come and says Prachi will handle everything.

Sushma comes home. Pragya says why you came late, as no meeting was scheduled. Sushma says she met Abhishek Mehra on road. A fb of their conversation is shown. Sushma says I felt like I should have not talked to him. Pragya says he is very stubborn, when someone tries to make him understand, then he doesn’t listen. She says Aaliya and Tanu told that they have property papers, then what is that which Gautam gave us. Pragya recalls telling Pragya that he has headache. Pragya says party is going on in the house. Abhi asks her to do head massage and feels great when she massages him. He praises her and talks romantically. Pragya says you are in romance mood. He says do the massage, we will romance later. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga..plays…Abhi says party can go on without me, but not my life, I always need you, you are my life and lifeline, and asks her not to leave him. Pragya says if I don’t see you smiling at once, then my day don’t end. He holds her closer. Fb ends.

Pragya thinks she was foolish to think that he will die without her, and was very happy now. She thinks to make him believe that she is not old Pragya. Abhi sits beside a boy and thinks of Sushma and Pragya’s words. Tum hi ho plays….as he recalls the moments, he has spent with her. Abhi asks God, when he got habitual to drink, he sent Pragya. He says Pragya was an epitome of beauty, but she shows attitude to me. He says Pragya hates me, and I don’t know why? He coughs. Pragya comes there and offers him water. He says Pragya. It turns out to be his imagination, as the lady is someone else. Abhi returns the water bottle and says he will drink water later.

Pragya is still standing at the window and recalling Abhi’s words. She cries and smiles, thinking how he used to calm down her anger. Abhi drinks and thinks about her. kyunki tum hi ho…plays…..He imagines Pragya and smiles.

Precap: Abhi beats Gautam for talking about Pragya. Pragya asks him to stop and scolds him. Abhi says this man and the place is not good. Pragya says it is her life and her wish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Finally they changed the precap

  2. Do y’all think rhea will be a good sister and she will support prachi to unite ABHIGYA? Serial will end after that- Just saying but akta won’t leave them alone lol

    1. Malavika

      perhaps she will. Her character has changed according to Pooja, let’s see what happens. Rhea and Sid got married officially and this went sooner than I thought.

    2. To be honest wit you I’m not buying her new good act right now. We all seen how obsessed she was with Ranbir and did everything in her power to keep him away from Prachi. And now that they are happily married do you think she’ll sit back and relax. Every couple has a villain in their love life; Rhea is Pranbir’s. I think we’ll get to know her real motive when they reach Kohli mansion. I do want Rhea to turn positive Pooja doesn’t suit a negative role although is portraying it well. I want to see her finally bonding with Prachi but I feel that won’t happen not till the last episode.

  3. lol I knew it would happen,Prachi just needs to see Rhea and she has forgiven her. She has not said it but it was clear to see.
    Precap- 🤦‍♂️🙄

  4. As they edit the episode, yesterday, when Rhea and Sid were getting married, a mangalsutra suddenly appeared on Rhea, although Sid did not wear it on Rhea. And today we started not where we ended up yesterday. Apparently, everyone is already tired of it, it feels like the screenwriters write scripts in a hurry, blunder and it’s done, the editors also edit without looking at the final result. And we all have to watch it, well, how will they have high ratings with such indifference. There will be no Rhea positive, at least in the near future She has a mission to sow chaos in Pranbir’s life, and it will take more than one month. Rhea only pretends to be good, but in fact she is still the same Rhea.

    1. The editing is so so bad after the leap. Have they hired a new editor😹 I’ve noticed it a lot in Pranbir scenes and now with Abhigya also. And today’s episode didn’t start where it was left off 🤦‍♀️ The married couple saw Pranbir in the end yday and that’s it. And today they fast forwarded to them standing next to each other looking so unshocked😂 the writers aren’t even trying and we can see it !!

  5. Rhea and Sid are the younger Alyia and Purab (this is still debatable) . Prachi and Ranbir are the younger Pragya and Abhi. Once a villain, always a villain in this series.

  6. In upcoming episode please keep posting abhigya flashback moments with sunny and Kiara or Prachi rhea and please post Dishrub flashback moments also

  7. Prachi just proved 2 be Abhigaya’s daughter u can c it ugh the real ? is did ranbir forgive rhea hopefully not but let me guess Pallavi will accept rhea and she’s gonna do some act 2 get her 2 accept pranbir prachi will buy it ranbir most likely won’t and as usual prachi will buy rhea’s act and thus cause issues with ranbir plus I’m pretty sure this has gotta be an act with rhea that whole drug thing was mad suspicious she knew way too much tho hundred percent sure Prachi’s belief in rhea is gonna cause issues with ranbir since ranbir is more like pragya than abhi prachi is more like abhi tbh

  8. Y is rhea’s character getting so much importance I mean rly the real ? is if Sid will become a villian and srsly is no 1 else still wondering if Sushma will be a villian in Abhigaya’s love story cuz I’m still getting a strong vibe here

    1. I think she will be a villain 100%. I said it from the start she seems too over possessive of Pragya. At first I shrugged it off believing it to be just motherly instincts but as the episodes went on it’s clear there’s more to her. Mainly she doesn’t want pragya to leave her because she already lost her biological daughter and she is probably thinking if P goes back to A then she’ll lose her for good. So in my opinion she will try to keep them separated. So I guess we will have another villain 🤦‍♀️ Honestly the amount of villains they are is really boring me. We have Alia, Tanu, Rhea, Pallavi and now we have Gautam and maybe Sushma soon. Plus I also think Sid will turn into one too 🤦‍♀️ Welcome to Villain Bhagya 2.0

  9. Let’s call the serial….The Villains Reign……LOL…

    I’m sure someone can come up with something more clever. 😉

    1. Too much of a headache to be clever /humourous…but here are some key words for someone else to do the job…
      The blackguard forces of Ekta Kapoor and her sinfully, sincere, sociopathic soldiers ALL converged on one single female ‘Pragya’, the Warrior for Women of India and their Dignity.
      Cowards of Ekta Kapoor, Bullying women of India, turning them into obedient, stupid wretches.
      Mehra Mansion Murderers vs Pragya, Warrior of Light.
      Villians-R-US vs One Pragya the Protector
      Guess who’s winning?

  10. Riya…lol. I just saw the last sentence of your comment…. glad I’m not the only one.

    How about….”No One Here but Us Villains “

    1. No One Here but Us Villains: a story of despair and injustice.

  11. I am surprised how many people are already possessed from Rhea, and still no one knows how her character is changed. Well, hopefully they will not be disappointed should Rhea be positive instead of negative.😂😂😂

    1. Lol true yea her character changed but will she rly be positive I mean every love story has a villian and she’s the villian of pranbir’s love story somehow I rly doubt it but who knows

    2. true every love story needs a villain, but who says it’s Rhea?
      we have Pallavie and then the new entries (although I’m not sure if we will see them in the series)!

    3. @Meli Singh
      Pallavi is not a true villain , she is a misguided mother who thinks the best for her son is marrying Rhea not Prachi. If she gets to know the truth then I am sure she will apologize to Prachi and accept her


  13. I really miss pranchi and pallavi bonding,pragya and purab bonding

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