Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi throws Tanu out of his house

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The Episode starts with Kiara asking Pragya if she is fine and swears that she didn’t make bearings fall on the stairs, and says they were playing in the room and Neha was with them. Neha says they were playing with spinner and they didn’t do this. Pragya says I know and thinks who can do this. Tanu thinks Pragya’s black magic is on King also, and he threatened me. She thinks she will do whatever she wants and can’t see her happy for one more day. She says I want to see tears in her eyes always, I will not forgive her and will make her die with tension. When she leaves, I will accept Kiara and will become Abhi’s wife, but before that I have to kill Pragya’s baby. She puts juice in glass and says I thought to use it tomorrow, but I will use it today itself. She says it is tasteless so

Pragya will not know and says if you also die because of its overdose then nobody will be more happy than me. Dadi calls Pragya and applies black tika to her. Disha says I will be always with you. Mitali says she will keep eye on her to ward off evil eye. Pragya says there is no bad sight on me because of you all. Pragya meets king and asks how is he? King says good and asks Pragya about her. pragya says she is fine. Abhi says he was drinking wearing a night suit. Pragya asks King to search a manager. King asks her to search same like her. Abhi says she is only one. He suggests him to marry. King says marriage is not in his destiny. Pragya says surely you will find someone soon. Tanu comes to Sarita and asks her to give juice to Pragya and says I want to see her miscarriage today itself.

Pragya hears her and slaps her. She says I would have forgiven you, but you tried to kill my unborn baby. Tanu says she didn’t do this. Pragya asks her to leave. Aaliya looks at her. Pragya says you sent juice for me. Tanu says I care for you as everyone does. Pragya says you sent Papaya juice and says Sarita told me everything. Tanu looks at Sarita angrily. Sarita tells that she was scared, but she thought she will never betrayed this family and that’s why told Pragya. Tanu is about to slap Sarita, but Pragya stops her. Tanu pushes Pragya. Abhi gets angry and slaps Tanu. He asks why did you do this with me and tried to kill Pragya and our baby. Tanu says she has snatched my house and husband. Pragya says this is my house and family whom I took back. Abhi asks Mitali and Disha to pack her bags and says I won’t let her stay here. He says I will not let anything wrong happen with my family and says you have to leave the house now itself. Mitali and Disha come to room happily and tell that they were waiting for this moment. They pack her clothes. Tanu says you can’t kick me out of your life and home. Abhi says I should have done this long before. Tanu says I never thought your wrong. Abhi says you took advantage of my goodness and says you have to leave. Tanu says I am your Tanu and you used to love me. Abhi says that was not love, as Pragya taught me love. Tanu says he still loves me. Dadi and Tai ji say that even blind can see whom he loves. Tanu asks them not to interfere. Dadi says we will say and says if you say anything against Pragya then we all will say.

Tanu asks Aaliya to speak supporting her. Aaliya says I will not say as I am the daughter of this house. Tanu says atleast ask Abhi not to kick me out. Aaliya says I asked you not to think bad of the house else I will not support you. Tanu says when did you support me, calls her selfish woman and says you came to me to cry for Purab. Aaliya slaps her. She says you are my friend, and asks how dare you? She says I tried to make you understand that Pragya came back and everyone is happy, deal with it, but you didn’t understand. She says 2 months have passed, but you have still hatred for her and your hatred increased so much that you tried her. Tanu says this baby shall die and shouts, saying she will kill the baby if he is born. She says she don’t want their love baby to come in this world. Aaliya slaps her. Pragya says this is never yours and asks her to leave. Tanu says I will not go and tells that she has sacrificed much and gave so many years to Abhi. King says this family will not be yours. Tanu slaps him. King asks Abhi not to keep her in his house for a moment. Abhi says this was very difficult for me, but you made it easy for me. Mitali and Disha bring Tanu’s stuff. Abhi holds her hand and kicks her out of the house. Aaliya keeps her stuff out. Abhi closes the door. Tanu says you will repent so much and leaves from there. Pragya feels drowsy and faints. Abhi holds her. Dasi says it might be Papaya juice affect. Aaliya says I have called the doctor.

Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine. Disha asks about her pain. Doctor says it was due to the stress, she needs rest. She asks Abhi to go out. Pragya gains consciousness. Abhi says I will give her company and love and she will get worried seeing it. Pragya signs he is mad. Doctor leaves. Abhi asks Pragya why did she sign that he is mad? Pragya says he likes the mad guy. Abhi says he will take care of her very well and says you will give me best husband and best papa’s award. He says he will take care of their baby. Pragya hugs him.

Precap: Abhi says you will see me after waking up and will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my hand. Tanu swears to snatch Pragya’s happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow…even Aliya has a glimpse of humanity when realizes that this baby is part of Abhi, therefore in her bloodline but man o man….that Tanu. She is downright evil. That is obsession and psychopathic; not love at all. It’s scary. I hope both Pragya and Abhi keep there back bone intact and keep Tanu out of their lives. This madness has to stop. Sorry. I know it’s make belief but the fact that she wants to kill a baby effects me deeply. It’s an awful story line and I wish the writers would give her what she deserves.

  2. What is wrong with Pragya? She has to spend time to consider who is the culprit? Really? But this is one of the most satisfying episodes ever! Especially when King repeats TF’s own words back to her,from a previous episode. TF actually looked impassioned for a few moments right after she ws kicked out.

    1. Means wasnt she physcopath today just a screening I am having doubt how did they managed her these yrs mainly our abhi

    2. When Dr I didn’t see that just watching how she was screeching to

      1. Ishu, I just meant the last scene after she had been kicked out, that the expression on her face looked real, passionate. This will be the third occasion where I saw the actress actually carry the scene, very well. Three times… for a few moments, is not enough to celebrate, but it should be noted. Those three times have occurred after she began working with a coach of some type. She’s (TF) still a nut-job, sociopath/psychopath type. As is Aliyah. In real life, it would be very, very stupid to believe that someone like Aliyah has changed. I have felt sorry for the actress Leena for some of the things she’s been ‘forced’ to endure but the bottom line is, that the actress didn’t protest or quit. She played along hoping for adulation and stardom.

    3. What are the other two occasions you saw her acting I didn’t feel happy and see this epiode because I know abhi can’t do this like he did with pragya so I won’t see it then I will bash him for this type of of soft corner oft her so I won’t see did u see his face becuar eventhough he threw her out bashing stated again saying he has soft corner and delivered such a heavy dialogyes to her way it like that necuse I didn’t know amd I won’t watch also

      1. Ooooh. I would have to watch the last two months episodes again. (Not going to happen) In one she was wearing a bronze coloured outfit with at least one shoulder bare, if not both. and both times the sincerity or depth lasted just for a few seconds… but 3x I have felt ‘connected’ from her performance. I do respect anyone who creates effort to expand who they are and their skills. We do need to respect honest effort even if the desired result isn’t reached… yet.

  3. Wow,I never thought that there will come a day that I will have a smile plastered on my lips watching kumkum bhagya.

  4. Dear Jyothika, from yesterday’s comment. This doesn’t surprise me. I have mentioned a number of times that I believe that the leads were hired purposefully according to their astrological sign and their natural personalities were used against them purposefully and very malevolently. Pragya, a normal woman had to be destroyed as well as the two antagonists required needed to be humiliated and shamed. And the designer of this mess who receives some sick gratification over controlling lives is the naturally malevolent Ekta Aunty. Her type of personality hates sweetness. They hate naturally beautiful and sweet people, which is where I suspect that Leena Jumani once was. People like Ekta Aunty have to destroy all the people that they are not and never will be. Ekta Aunty knows how to play with a person’s needs and desires. She holds up the ‘candy’… promises, hope. Let’s face it, her status (unearned) has become a useful sledgehammer in order to insure that only she has power on the playing field. She only ‘screws’ around with those she has more power over. Do consider that if Purab, Bulbul and the first Tanu were able to leave, then why not the others? Aliyah somehow managed to have her role pulled back when she was being forced to become ludicrous. Could it be that Ekta Aunty, knowing their personality traits took advantage of some of the actresses innate desires and beliefs? And then twisted the actress. I think so. Ekta Aunty’s footprints and need to tell herself how much superior she is to everyone, truly shines through in this production. Classic behaviour (negative version) for her personality type. Of course, positive behaviour is always an option but Ekta Aunty repeatedly displays the negative side of the spectrum. What these types can do to their children is shameful and cruel. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this too many times.

    1. If ekta hates Leena then h this productiom team is obseesed with her

      1. Ishu, I see Ekta Aunty as wanting to control all that she can never be. This type of personality likely was jealous of the pretty sweet girls as a child. Ekta Aunty was troubled by a weight problem and a few other things as a child. She possibly developed some resentments for the things that she couldn’t be…even with all her money. She would have made friends by what she could offer versus her winning personality. (By the time Ekta Aunty reaches about age 48-52 these types of questions about her childhood will begin to surface in earnest.) This type of personality likes to control the lives of others. It helps this type, to feel safe and secure. They bait people. You know like, “I can make you a star”
        My suspicion is that Ekta Aunty played with Leena Jumani’s desire to become a star. I am sure she knew that Jumani may not have been perfect for the role. But what a way to punish and demoralize an actress who likely represented everything that Ekta Aunty wanted to be herself. Beautiful and sweet. You do have to wonder how desperate Leena might have been for stardom. Two years ago, I knew that the actress would become typecast. And because of the popularity of KKB, viewers would likely not welcome the sight of this actress. The ugly malevolent and relatively stupid character is imprinted thoroughly in viewers minds and hearts. If you have a role to play for some time, no problem. But after this many years it will be difficult for the actress to recover an image of sanity. I know this answer is simplistic. There is also the energetics that occur between actor and viewer. And yes, I will be discussing , explaining these kinds of issues …. on my website. I would suggest that the director and writers are either willing little servants of Ekta Aunty or also hate women as much as Ekta hates herself. Notice all her rings? Protecting herself from herself. Notice her always trying to hide her gut? There is much more to say but this is not the right place. It would appear that a hatred of women is inculcated in many Indians from their birth, onwards.

    2. One thing Aki I forgot to share this with u don’t know whether u saw it or not actually I don’t have the habit of googling any one’s personal if I don’t like them but just I recently came across interview about leena where they asked her about her recent film 8 yrs back may be that was her first film I think when she came to industry when she was been questioned about her ambition and about the film she responded that said ‘it is huge failure and loss and said that” I had been failed being a fashion designer so decided to enter into acting field ‘ so that I will be recognizable to this industry one day she said and also added that ‘i have no any good acting coacher fot me so I might have been failed in this film in presenting my role in better way .y I said this is because as u said she might have not been given proper coaching fit acting so I just recognize her statement in that interview ,so she believed ekta would make her good and fit actres and Leena might h sweet and good hearted in real life that’s beleived ekta but ekta used her to stay in this serial to totally damage her in my knowledge if that is the reason then I feel sorry for her. Egen ekta doent like sriti in real life u know

      1. Hmmm. Interesting Ishu. Why am I not surprised. And regarding Pragya? Oh yeah, it was evident very quickly that either Ekta Aunty wants to expose the hypocrisy (HA! what a laugh) so often found in the ‘sanskari’ persons, as, extremely manipulative people can be labelled ‘sanskari’… Or she wants to insure that highly educated women who’ve been taught to be obedient to their husband and family are perfect victims. The gratuitous violence towards Pragya was simply the product of a very sick mind. Some people enjoy fireworks and others enjoy watching the physical, emotional and mental torture of other humans. Just like all those games where humans spend hours ‘playing’ at killing, destroying etc. This produces killers, abusers and a viewer who becomes immune to the gratuitous violence. And of course I can accept that Ekta Aunty possibly dislikes Sriti. Sriti is a woman with natural grace and a quality of empathy that connects her magnificently with her audience. She was the actress who grounded the whole show. She would easily attract people to her because of the strong compassionate respect she seems to share with everyone, publicly. I have strong suspicion that Ekta Aunty would wonder if people ‘liked’ her because of ‘herself’ or because of what she can do for them. What a dilemna! On one hand you want to be loved and on the other hand in order to feel safe you have to be controlling.

  5. A satisfying episode for once. But why does Abhi look pained sending TF out of the house? Oh! he’s gonna miss his side chick…!!! but he has to put on a face because he can’t allow his side chick to mess up the family she can’t give him but Pragya can. Feel sorry for her my foot! what an excuse. He knows what Tanu has done in the past. He knows that TF HATES Pragya and still he has her around in his house.
    I love the look on Kings face when TF get slapped by Abhi. it’s a look that says “slap her again, well desrved”. I really hope they don’t change his character and have him side with TF for the worse.
    Aalyia hmm, what to say, is this a sign of upcoming genuine change for this woman or a farce because her friend got caught in her wrong?
    TF, serious psychological problem with this woman. She got caught but that didn’t stop her from sounding off on her future threat towards Pragya and the baby. Are they even listening to her?
    The scene where they have Aalyia putting TF bags out with her a sign of angst now between these two friends? Are we to see Aalyia and TF at odds over Pragya and her child’s safety?

    1. When he loved her truly these yrs why would be happy to send get these yrs fact to say fr 7 yrs there was night torture fr him simce he himself said in first episode of leap that he is happy with tanu “when he says can u judge he might be happy that she is leaving no seriy know his eyes fr 100 precebg Painful really when everyone was happy so he I’d also a physcopath abd needs her but what to do have feelings fr that no one knows

  6. why can’t they just let the police arrest Tanu and send her to jail than living her to roam around freely. Nikil will do everything possible to help Tanu knowing she would never be his. I just don’t understand these producers and characters. for I’m reading updates right from Ghana. just watching the differences

    1. We’ve all asked that question repeatedly. I’ve noticed that in some families the criminal is hidden because the family won’t bring shame onto the family by involving police. The problem of course is that the criminal never changes their behaviour. Maybe this why so many criminal relatives of political figures or wealthy people never see a courtroom in India, even after committing rape. Part of the corruption which seems to permeate Indian daily life… and increase the much sought after ‘status’. India is a statue with a clay foundation. I truly hope the good honest people in India will eventually change that, but I doubt that outcome. How else does an alleged murderer become the leader of country?

      1. S Dr we doyn know fully about actress playing pragya and also tanu and no one knows about their personal and their real life charcters but I 100 percent know Leena is been greatly supported by her team members especially by sriti her friend.yes sriti is being naturally an actress she doesn’t need any artificial or anyother technique to involve herself in acting a scene just like Leena does sure Leena puts more effort but real actors are sriti shabz and even mishel others k excepted .srtiti supported for everyone around her envirmonent she is herself since I think she is superb natural talented she can bag any role but y dint know she got fame only from kkb eventhough her perfomce in other serial very that much .she has millions of hearts her perfomce mainly but Leena needed to be that much may e ekta liked her may be she is rich beautiful and has rich BF who knows

  7. Leisa s morris

    When I saw d precap yesterday I swear tanu was dreaming but lo and behold it actually did happen and mow dat she devil is out of dat house. Yet everyone has to remain weary until dat trout is dead. I wont b surprised if dey have her kidnapping pragyas baby after it is born and raising it as hers hating pragya. Although im hearing bout leap and pragya raising twins with kiara anyting is possible and saying as dey dont/ cant get rid of tanu its a likely scenario. Aliyah aliyah aliyah if dis turn around is really true then im totally glad for it. From Pragya she can learn to b human and who knows might even get king to fall in love with her although I know some of u dont like dat prospect lol. Finally d whole mehra clan got a backbone and stood against tanu but it only happened once abhi turned his back on her. Anyways really loved todays episode.

    1. One miss Leisa, so what? You are usually right on the button! But this time, I was glad that it wasn’t a dream! With a new director perhaps we’ll see those ‘devices’ or tricks, lessen.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Glad i was wrong dis time

    2. Leisa… What the heck is happening on AKAJS? The comments!! I just posted a reply to “R”..you do know that this person is RAJI, right??? On Friday’s forum I was shocked to read her volatile thoughts, I do know that she’s passionate about whatever is happening but I can’t understand her language these days at all…your rebuttal was healthy, even I can’t believe she could not understand fully the views of more mature minds like ours… As I see it, the serial is one callaloo happening, everything is happening at the same time, I kinda seeing a crescendo taking place soon…with so much taking place, something’s gotta give, right?? She and I had a decent rapport, now I hesitate to reply to her comments.. Hopefully she sorts herself out quickly and return to the viewer I knew..

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yes naz i know its raji i really was trying hrd not to comment but its d same rhetorical everytime and its highly offensive and i just had to say something. She sees tings different ftom us and i have no problem with dat but d language and d deliberate misinterpretation of sahils actions dat others dont see makes it hrd for me to believe she is old enuff to understand wat everyone else is seeing. Wenever i see her cooments i just gloss over it as its d same since sahils role with bhoomi. I believe in healthy discussions and disagreements but dis is way overboard edpecially wen older folks r trying to show where shes wrong

  8. Am so happy that evil is finally having a hard day in Mehra house. We need to see Tanu suffer!! Please let pragya have Peace for a change. Writers nothing must happen to that baby cos I want to see ahbi in the delivery room while pragya is in labor!! 😁😁

  9. I don’t Trust Aaliya one bit. But if she has honestly changed then a match btn her and king is a great idea. It will heal the both. It will also be fun to watch that Transition from Pragya/Purab to themselves. I can already imagine the family reactions. Also this show is definitely ending. Or atlet KKB as we know it is ending

  10. So, what do you think Naz! The sadist in me thought that the slaps could have been much more violent. And what is wrong with the highly educated and confident business woman that Pragya is supposed to be? Call the police! Get rid of all the criminals, you fool! Aliyah is full of it! She had no problem hurting and wanting to destroy her brother… how many times?? She is a murderer!! She never respected Abhi’s choices. She made Abhi’s choices for him!! I think she feels threatened because Pragya will stop the abuse of Abhi’s money and Kiara/other children will be taking away from what she believes to be ‘her’ share (all of it) of Abhi’s money. Have you ever heard of an ex-psychopath? No. They don’t change.

    1. Aliya… The devil’s advocate! That’s what she is!! How do one trust her? I’m happy if she’s changed but her change is bred from her needs! She’s been a mortal enemy of Pragya from day one, remember it’s not only Tanu who activated grandiose murder schemes, Aliya has been her willing accomplice all the way, for her to grow a conscience now is writers way of redeeming this character and I think that she’s getting away too easily, she isn’t paying for her crimes like she ought to. For the entire serial, she’s waited for Purab, her love is limitless for him and now that King is a part of the happenings, writers suddenly is thinking of bringing them close as a couple? Then this act will defeat the purpose of her wait!! Just some days ago, she was hoping Disha would drink the poisonous juice and die and Purab will be hers!! Now I’m LMFAO… Aliya is a piece of work alright!! How it hangs, let it swing!! What an opportunist!! I must say that the sweetest thing so far in light years here is Tanu’s slap and subsequent thrown on the pavement as punishment…i thought that Tanu would have spilled her guts concerning Aliya’s involvement during the years even though she was reprimanded by Aliya but that reprimand was Aliya’s method of telling her to shut her ass up! Then Abhi wouldn’t have believed Tanu anyway, however, that would have been the only truth to ever pass Tanu’s blackcurrant puffed up lips…this the part where logic is absent, in the normal thinking writer’s brain, a woman in this position would have cussed her way through, recalling everything she and her cohort did to make the life of the main character a living hell!! Who knows where Tanu the b*t*h goes from here, maybe she’ll kidnap one twin and raise her up to be just like her and the cycle would just perpetuate. Akituster, I still would have loved to see Tanu dragged and lynched and fed to the crows.. No punishment is too much for this little wretch!!

  11. Love-equals-abhigya

    I missed some episode guys,so I am asking because I don’t know,how is pragya pregnant?

    1. Abhi knocked her up, immediately after their marriage (same day of Neha and Tarun’s marriage)
      with the Tuna fish sleeping in a next door bedroom. Abhigya may exist in Pragya’s heart, but in Abhi’s heart there is only Ta’Abhi and he likes Pragya close to him. He has the TunaFish in his heart. She can’t make babies so he needs Pragya to make the babies for him. Pragya’s abuse has never stopped nor the murder attempts. She did receive a small ornament for getting pregnant. Nothing at all like the suitcases filled with diamonds and gold that the Tunafish, continues to receive. Aliyah has become concerned about her financial future as she now has competition from Kiara and the unborn child of Pragya. So, she has decided all of a sudden that ‘family’ is important to her Likely she has decided that Tuna Fish is now inconvenient. Because we all know that it is Aliyah who actually directs everything in the Murder Mansion.

  12. Just read the update the entire situation is laughable… Abhi and Pragya must be the most virile telly couple, just one time and boom; she’s pregnant. I don’t think Kiara is going to make it post leap, what better way for Ekta Daayan to split them than to kill an innocent child. I see Tellychakkar is raving about that sick family again, I saw the Daayan’s father looks like he took inspiration from Nicki MInaj, wonder how many botox injections he took… There is something wrong with that entire family…. maybe they’re vampires. Hope you all aren’t taking too much stress with this BS show. Even Tanu getting kicked out was like ‘Meh’. All the characters just switched now everyone is pro Pragya… it’s ludicrous. Anyway back to streaming alligator, if you’re into kpop please stream alligator, we’re trying to get 100million views before May

    1. Omigawd.. Kalika, I was watching Super Dancers..i think it was that..and Ekta’s dad was on it and my goodness, I was shocked by the fricking way this man was looking, he looks like a zombie, all botoxed up, his face doesn’t smile, neither does his eyes, only his lips sneer and he looks frightening and that’s no understatement, he can’t even talk properly and any fool can see how pumped up he is with those injections.. I can’t understand Bollywood obsession with outer beauty, whatever happened to growing old gracefully??? It’s the vanity and pride is their psyche….what a sickening fantasy world these ppl exist in!! Something is definitely wrong with Bollywood celebrities!!

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